Month: December 2019

Party anyone?

How were the Holidays for you seven? I hope all of it found you well. Did you attend a Christmas party? Was it with your family, friends, your church or your company/business? Were you required to attend more… Read More

Do the “Dead” Care?

Do the “dead” care about us? Do they try to communicate with us? Are we to contact them to offer help? Are we “allowed” to talk to them? From all the generational healings we have done the past… Read More

More on Sacrifice

Let’s continue on with this law of sacrifice by sharing another experience. I just love sharing my inadequacies. There is a reason the other side of the veil has called me, “The Boy.” I objected to that and… Read More

Required Sacrifice

Not one of the seven readers answered the question asked in a previous post if “truth is being negative.” Bummer. The good news is there is no longer just five of you. Two more have come on board… Read More