Month: October 2021

Doug Tales 37: Do We Practice Principles of Light Daily?

Doug Mendenhall often stated that spiritual currency is made up of time and attention. He constantly shared the need to “pay the price” of time and attention to gain what God has to offer each one of us…. Read More

Doug Tales 36: What Joseph Smith Said and Did

Do you believe “the greatest American mystic was Joseph Smith”? Doug Mendenhall often talked about what Joseph Smith said and did in his life to conquer spiritual evil. Since Joseph openly shared about his spiritual experiences through the… Read More

Doug Tales 35: Just as Wide

One of the principles of natural law relates to Rhythm, and that everything flows in and out in rhythm. There is opposition in all things. God allows the pendulum to swing in both directions. Doug Mendenhall discusses these… Read More

Doug Tales 34: My Ways and Your Ways

“There is much to understand about this subject [of conquering spiritual evil], much to learn and contemplate about it.” Doug Mendenhall spent a lot of time meditating, praying and studying about how to combat darkness and negativity in… Read More