Month: April 2022

Doug Tales 63: Auras, Part Three

What happens spiritually when you interact with someone who the world defines as handicapped or disabled? Can you energetically be impacted by the aura or energy field that is around and associated with such a person? Can you… Read More

Doug Tales 62: Auras, Part Two

One dictionary definition of the term, “aura” is “an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being.” Doug Mendenhall learned from his youngest daughter Denise in 1999 that different colors of auras exist around people,… Read More

Doug Tales 61: Auras, Part One

Shortly after his ten-year-old daughter Denise came home from her coma-induced hospital stay in late 1999, Doug Mendenhall learned that she had acquired the ability to see auras around people. The first person whose aura she described was… Read More

Doug Tales 60: Red Elk, Part Two

Doug Mendenhall sent a follow-up email to many about a June 2011 seminar he sponsored with the medicine man Red Elk (1942-2015). In this unpublished June 29, 2011 email, Doug reports a few things he experienced and learned… Read More