Doug Tales 5: God Versus Evil

What happens when someone has experiences that cannot be explained by their prior life events? Doug Mendenhall ran into that repeatedly during the last two decades of his life. On pages 8-12 of his book Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012), Doug encouraged others to look directly to God for answers when evil comes calling:

Demons are of many different shapes, sizes, and can assume many different forms. They come in all sizes, strengths, experience, and evil. These have the ability to change shapes and become the most hideous evil ever experienced. They are here to destroy, inflict pain, and cause mortals all the problems they can. Satan’s name truly is the Destroyer.

Many don’t believe that these things exist, or if they do, they really don’t cause us much of a problem now because they were dealt with anciently or that they are just problems of the mind, or psychological issues which are controlled by drugs or counseling. If you are having “hallucinations,” “psychological disorders,” or “tricks of the mind,” there is a drug to take care of them and make them go away. Are you hearing voices? There is a drug and counseling for that one, too. My daughter ended up in their program. When the counselor found out that she could “see” and “hear” things, they wanted to give her a chemical lobotomy to “make her normal,” to make the voices and hallucinations go away. Never once would they entertain the idea that she just might be gifted and was really able to see through the veil. That was not even in their realm of possibilities. She did take their drugs for a week and became a “zombie” and immediately stopped taking them. She said it did take away her ability to see through the veil and more importantly to feel the Spirit.

It is a sad situation that most of the church leaders that I have encountered and many members don’t believe these things exist either. I have been told to my face more than once that I have made these things up, that my wife and I are liars, that I embellished our experiences in order to get rich off of books, and that my daughter just makes these things up.

Recently I had a call from a mother whose eighteen-year-old daughter was taken to a neuropsychologist for treatment of her hallucinations—seeing spirits and auras. They put her on several psychotropic drugs to take them away. It changed her personality. She is so depressed as a result of what they have tried on her, she would like to exit this life. It is a really sad situation. If we could just open our minds to the possibility that these things exist and are very real and do cause problems, many more people could be helped.…

A friend waited several years to see the department head of the Family Therapy program at a major LDS Church university. After being ushered into her office, he finally had the opportunity to ask the question that he had waited two years for.

He asked, “Why don’t we ask for or bring the Spirit into this work?”

The department head got up, walked around her desk and closed the door. Pointing to all her degrees and awards on the wall, she told him that if he wanted any of those degrees in order to be recognized or accredited and to be able to work and help people in this field, he could not bring the Spirit into the work.

My friend was floored. He felt that he could be so much more productive in helping others if he brought God into the work. To him it felt that even the field of family therapy had been bought off by Satan. It was as if they were saying that “if we ignore it, it isn’t real.” The truth might be that our desire for Babylon’s accreditation is so intense that we have chosen to keep God out of the classroom. A good friend once said that you won’t find God in the library, finding God requires getting on your knees.