Doug Tales 25: All Things Will Come Full Circle

Doug Mendenhall spent much of his life seeking to know the truth of the past, present and the future through his personal experiences and following the Savior Jesus Christ. He constantly gave gratitude for what was shown to him, and he marveled at the differences between the world’s lies and God’s truth. Doug also was fond of repeating, “Don’t believe a word I say. Go and ask God yourself.”

The first seven pages of Doug’s final book, Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020) focus on truth, based in the past and our beginnings. Doug’s observations parallel Christ’s prophecy that, “as it was in the days of Noah, so also shall it be at the time of the coming of the Son of Man” (JST-Matthew 1:41). All things from the ancient past will come full circle now and in the future, and our choice is whether we want to understand, prepare for, and participate fully in that revolution:

“And truth is a knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come.” (D&C 93:24)

The first four chapters of this book provide a view of our ancient history—even before we as a species came here—plus a look at while we are here and also where our world is going. It is important to know your history. Why? Because if you don’t know your history, you don’t know truth.

In Denver Snuffer’s talk from 2019 titled, “Civilization,” he is talking about Zion: “The Lord has every intention of keeping His promise to Enoch. There will be those who are gathered. There must be a people gathered to a place, a holy city that meets the description and fulfills the promises God made. The people must gird up their loins, or in other words must be living the godly religion that declares things as they really are. A religion founded on truth. Truth requires us to know things as they were, as they are, and as they are to come. Many past things that are hidden from the world must be revealed. God’s people must know ancient truths so their hearts can turn to the fathers. But it will be to covenant people, not individuals, to whom this outpouring will be given.” (p. 6)

When an evil force takes over a nation they will change that nation’s history or even delete it. We have seen that happen here in the United States. History is being changed, deleted, and perverted. As stated above, if you don’t know your history you can’t know the truth. It is impossible.

In our world of today they don’t give you the real news on television. Why? Because they are liars and don’t want you to know truth. If you don’t know how things are today, then you don’t know truth.

The real tricky one for me is the last part. If you don’t know the future, then you don’t know truth either. Truth requires all three, the past, present and the future. Is that one reason scripture is so important? It will give you the past, teaches you to be in the present, and reveals the future—truth.

If we don’t know our true premortal past, we can’t know the truth in our present mortal situation and how to deal with life here. Slaves are cut off from their true origins. Because they are cut off from their origins they can be enslaved and controlled.

It is bad enough that our government, schools, and universities dumb us down, change our past history, and keep us ignorant. The saddest thing of all is when our religions participate in this satanic practice. They will change their past history to provide a “better” or nicer narrative. Therefore they are not working in truth. Evil doesn’t want us to know our history and seeks to change, destroy, and distort it in every way possible.

These first chapters will give you understandings or truth that you may never have thought of before. Our hope is you will be open and take all things to your Father in Heaven and ask Him about all of this work. It might be wise to include the Savior in your searching. Please don’t let others control your search for knowledge and understanding. Recognize that there are many that use the lack of knowledge to control. Odds are you will be mocked, made fun of, and called names for daring to look into knowledge of how evil works. You see, if you don’t know you will not be able to defend yourself, your family or be able to overcome their fiery darts and what they will throw at you.

Knowledge and truth are required to overcome evil and to defend ourselves and family. All that being said, enjoy this first section about our history.

I have always felt the previous two books, I See…Awake! and I See…Arise! were extensions of the book, Conquering Spiritual Evil [Volume One]. All three books discuss evil and offer concepts on how to overcome it, though some may not see how some chapters are pertinent to “evil.” A good example of this might be the chapter about becoming a fully conscious human being. What does that have to do with overcoming evil? A lot. This book will take those concepts and expand on them.

In my mind it is all a huge tapestry that the Gods of Light are weaving for our benefit, so we can become like them. I don’t see any of these concepts as being compartmentalized. Learning how to overcome evil is as important as learning who our Lord Jesus Christ is. It is all part of one whole. It is something the Lord Jesus Christ Himself learned, is it not? If a person can stand back and see what the Gods of Light are about, on any level, it becomes this beautiful tapestry I mentioned. They work with this creation on all levels. Truly, their goal is as our Father stated: “For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” (Moses 1:39) His work encompasses many things, on all ends of the spectrum and involves all of His creation in doing that work.

The two previous books lay a foundation for what will be discussed in this volume. If they have not been read, I would highly recommend doing so first. To be honest, it might be good to review Conquering Spiritual Evil while you’re at it! With that being said, let’s get going!

Chapter 23 of I See…Arise! addresses “Celestial Mechanics,” another term for our Solar System, and why it was created, and what it is doing. Understanding these things will help us understand why we are here on this globe we call Earth and how spiritual evil plays into it. (If you haven’t read that chapter, it would benefit you greatly to read it, well the entire book actually.)

That chapter includes the drawing Joseph Smith did for Philo Dibble (p. 359). It shows the planets lined up similar to a shish kebab. This arrangement was created in the Celestial realms as our Solar System.

Furthermore, in this same chapter is information from Lynn M. Hilton concerning how the Milky Way Galaxy—our Father’s Kingdom—is set up. (Ibid. pp. 376–377) The hub or center is the Celestial Kingdom. The first donut-shaped ring is the Terrestrial Kingdom; the outer ring that surrounds the Terrestrial Kingdom is what God calls the Telestial Kingdom. Outer darkness would be beyond the Telestial Kingdom.

To add to this information is a thought provoking question of Denver Snuffer: “Ever notice how the pre-earth and the Millennium seem alike?” (Preserving the Restoration, p. 323)…

The heavens are fully involved and are an active participant in the evolution of our consciousness. The energy or energies coming down from heaven are quite important in the development of that consciousness or understanding.

Some of the most exciting events of our time were discussed relating to how the days of Noah will again play out in our day. All things will come full circle, pun intended, and the Solar System will return to the way it was, as will the Earth. Therefore, the quote by Snuffer. He also wrote in Preserving the Restoration: “…There is [a] body of knowledge God plans to give back to mankind in this dispensation. It includes a plan to restore things we have hardly yet considered.” (p. 41)