Doug Tales 26: Liberty Sky

A lot can happen in two years. What’s the same and different in your life now compared to the summer of 2019?

Around fifty years ago, one of Doug Mendenhall’s sighted friends was shown a potential still-future event in Salt Lake City, Utah. Then in early 2019, she shared with Doug how, within her vision of the future, she was standing inside a destroyed high-rise apartment building, a specific building that was not yet planned or constructed when she told Doug.

Later, on July 27, 2019, the friend spoke about the building at a mini-seminar on “What is Upcoming in Our Area, Country, and More.” At the same seminar (held in Sandy, Utah), Doug shared how he confirmed which building she had seen.

Audio recordings of Doug’s friend and him at the seminar are online at “Talks” (August 19, 2019). In addition, Doug’s comments are printed on pages 334-335 of Conquering Spiritual Evil Blog Posts 2017-2019 (2020).

An update on the building’s current construction status follows Doug’s July 2019 comments:

Doug: Kitten, do you want the address of that building to be given out?

Kitten: Fine.

Doug: I don’t know what night it was – what’s today? Thursday?

Person in audience: Saturday.

Doug: About three or four days ago, because she shared her talk with me before then, I got woken up around three. The being says, go get on the Internet and look up the online article you read back in April. I was like, take a hike, and rolled back over. At four, he wakes me up again. I say, Take a hike. We’re having this conversation, and I’m telling him, Just get lost. And I finally realized, it was her guardian. I knew it was Seth.

Finally, I got up at seven o’clock. I turned the computer on, looked up the article, and there it was. It shows all the new high-rise buildings that have been approved for downtown Salt Lake. So I called Kitten up and asked her who was it that came and woke me up. She confirmed it was him.

(One time I did some things that were wrong, and he threw an actual hairball in my mouth. I don’t know how exactly, well, he’s a translated being, he can do whatever he wants.)

Liberty Sky Apartments: Artist Preconstruction Drawings

Anyway, I looked up the maps. I knew the buildings. I knew which one it was. I sent her a picture of the article, and she confirmed that was the building she’d gone up inside [in her vision of the future]. It’s a 24 story high-rise. It’s right next to the Maverick building on 151 South State. There’s been no construction started yet. So you got at least five months. How long does it take to build a 24 story high-rise? Well, it’s been approved to be built. There, you have the address and all. Now you can all drive downtown later in Salt Lake today and take a look at the lot. It’s between Maverick and the federal building. So, there you go.

We’ll do it on the blog, updates.

Person in audience: Get a live camera.

August 2021 update: The planned 24 story high-rise was modified to 21 stories when construction began in 2020. See “It’s Being Built” (June 14, 2020). The almost completed building is now called Liberty Sky Apartments, and is the first skyscraper in Salt Lake City to be only apartments. (It does not have offices, a mix of offices and apartments, or condominiums.) Liberty Sky has over 250 apartments on its 21 floors. Rental applications began in June 2021, and the first tenants can start living there before the end of 2021, according to Liberty Sky Apartments.

Here’s what the apartment building’s construction looks like now, including a crane over the top floors. This photo was taken August 5, 2021:

Liberty Sky Apartments under construction (August 5, 2021)