Doug Tales 70: Earthbound Spirits, Part Six

Each of us as human beings is a creator, someone who creates through our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Doug Mendenhall spent a fair amount of time understanding the impact we each can have on others as we create bonds and cords. He continues in I See…Arise! (2016) on pages 26-28 to talk about people who have passed away becoming literally earth-bound by friends’ and relatives’ creative energy. Fortunately, the Gods of Light have also provided means to overcome such negative spiritual creations. What are we creating, and whose lives are we impacting through our creations?

I was driving with Kitten the other day and I asked if she ever had the opportunity to “assist” others that were earthbound. She paused for a bit, apparently deciding if she wanted to answer. Finally she said that it seems word has gotten around in the spirit world about what had been done. “As I drive down the road and pass an earthbound person, they will look at me and ask if I’m going to help them or not. I tell them that help is coming and send my guardian to take care of it.”

Seems Kitten has become quite popular amongst the former earthbound spirits. She mentioned she has seen some that look like their feet are encased in concrete and can’t move. They are very grateful for the help given. The interesting thing to me is they can tell that she is able to see them. I guess they have become used to mortals from whom they have constantly petitioned help and the mortals have been oblivious to their pleas. Then one comes along that actually sees their plight and word spreads quite rapidly.

This is one of the reasons we have talked about becoming aware of all that is around us. Even the sighted don’t see or look many times. Kitten had passed that spot on many occasions and it wasn’t until she was asked if someone was there and she put her focus or attention on the earthbound woman spirit that she was noticed by her.

It can’t be stressed enough that we need to wake up and arise, to become those Saviors on Mount Zion that is written about. Many on both sides of the veil need help and most of the time it requires the hand of a mortal to set things in motion. If our noses are in our electronic devices or elsewhere, how can we ever “hear” or “see” the needs of others? Have we not only been dumbed down with our modern devices, but also been put to sleep? Who desires that? Why are they called “devices”? The etymology of the noun “device” means “division, separation, to divide.” Isn’t that appropriate, as they can divide and separate us from that which is important—God and the Spirit. It is time to wake up and become aware of what is around us, on us, and in us.

Addendum: A while ago I passed the location where the heart and cross were placed next to the highway. [The roadside memorials are mentioned in “Doug Tales 53: Earthbound Spirits, Part Five,” posted on February 14, 2022.] I noticed that there were now three crosses instead of just one. There had been three people pass away at this spot and now the other two people also had crosses put up with their names on them.

A few weeks later I happened to have Kitten in my car while traveling to close some portals up north. I pointed out the new crosses to her and asked if she was going take care of the new person that was now “stuck” there, literally bound to the earth?

“I already am,” she declared. “She saw me and asked, so my guardian went and released her.”

“This accident happened a long time ago, why did she get earth bound there so long after her passing?” I asked.

“They had a ceremony to place the cross where there was crying and much emotion,” she replied. “That bound her there in chains.”

My, look at what we sometimes unintentionally do to our loved ones after they have transitioned in our attempt to honor and remember them; we cause them to be bound here, and therefore, they cannot move on.