Doug Tales 74: Spoon Bending, Part One

Conquering spiritual evil involves focusing one’s mental, emotional and physical energy to bring the spiritual into the physical. Doug Mendenhall learned of a tool to focus one’s energy (with silverware), and sponsored a seminar in 2006 to teach others about bending knives, forks, and spoons. He writes about those experiences in I See…Arise! (2016) on pages 29-31 and 34-37:

About ten years ago the Spirit had me listen to a national late night radio show where the host had a guest who was going to teach all the listeners how to bend a spoon or fork with “energy.” This intrigued me because of my many friends who said they did energy work.

Since I was unable to get the radio station in my home I found myself outside in the driveway, in my car, listening to the show. They finally got around to discussing spoon bending at about 1:30 a.m. The guest had told everyone to get a spoon or fork ready and she would teach us how to bend it. I anxiously sat there waiting to experience spoon bending.

She then spoke of energy and how to feel it and then to “run” it between your hands. I did all she explained and actually felt a “ball” of energy between the palms of my hands. We were then told to place the fork between our thumb and index finger and then to run the energy between our hands. She had us shout at the fork, “Bend!!” which I felt foolish about, but since it was very late and I was outside in a car with the windows rolled up, I did it.

People started calling in saying they had bent their spoon or fork. After twenty minutes I still had not seen any positive results with my fork, but I kept running energy while listening to the woman on the radio. At the twenty-five minute mark I felt something different about the fork. I stopped running the energy. With my left hand I touched the fork and it easily bent in half. To say I was elated is an understatement; I was ecstatic! Nevertheless, I then went to bed with my prized fork on my nightstand.

My family was not that impressed with my late night results. “Dad, anyone can bend a fork in half, especially a cheap one like that.” I had not wanted to ruin one of my wife’s good forks so I had gone the cheap fork route. I was happy with my “energy work” experiment nonetheless.

Soon I was told by the Spirit to call this woman, who taught energy work, and have her come to our town and do a one day seminar. It took some doing to commit her to come here to our little out of the way town, but she agreed to do it.

She came the middle of July. We held the event at the Senior Center in Mount Pleasant, Utah, which held 200 people. 225 showed up and the air conditioner really couldn’t handle the outside heat combined with all of those bodies. Then when you “do energy” it creates more heat. Some people did leave at noon. But the good news is about 80% of the room bent their spoon or fork. One woman had hers in knots within five minutes of the presenter starting the explanation. Another woman soon held up her bent plastic fork. Now that is hard to do, bend a plastic fork without it breaking.

I really focused and was able to twist and bend a heavy fork I had pilfered from my wife’s good stuff. It was great fun to feel the metal somehow change and to then be able to twist it with my hands. Below is a picture of my fork that I have shown to many hundreds of people since.

Please take out any fork you have and try to squish it together with your hands like this one was!

After this workshop I began to understand the value of focused energy work. The woman also taught us meditation which is even more valuable. She told us of Robert Bruce and his book Energy Work so I bought that and devoured it. It was after these experiences and constant practice that I began to feel the energy as it came out of my hands. I would sit and meditate after prayer and even during prayer while running energy up and down my seven chakras. This was to make sure they were spinning in the right direction and there were no stoppages of energy. Chakras are the seven energy centers in our body that are most often talked about. Spiritually sighted people see them and can see if there are problems there. I developed the gift of being able to feel them with my hand and can feel the blockages….

While visiting with Kitten at her home, I would make an energy ball, fill it with whatever I wanted and send it at her. She could “see” all that I was doing and would tell me that it splattered on her shield. I would make energy balls, fill them with love, and send them to people just to see their reaction. It was amazing at times to see how people felt it. In other words, I played….

“For behold, thus saith the Lord God: I will give unto the children of men line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little; and blessed are those who hearken unto my precepts, and lend an ear unto my counsel, for they shall learn wisdom; for unto him that receiveth I will give more; and from them that shall say, We have enough, from them shall be taken away even that which they have.” (2 Nephi 28:30)

The Lord gives us line upon line. As we step forward with belief and action, He will give us more and thereby we will gain wisdom. Knowledge is not understanding, and understanding is not wisdom. A definition of knowledge is “something learned and kept in the mind” which could also be called an amassed familiarity with facts. These facts can be any number of things from scientific findings, history, mathematical principles, politics, etc. Or even energy work. All it tells us is that a person has the ability to remember a great deal of information or facts.

Understanding, or intelligence, is the knowledge and ability to judge or the ability to understand facts and their inter-dependent relationships to each other. Just knowing facts does not allow someone to make the connection between them. That takes intelligence or understanding. Unfortunately, this is where the majority of people stop with their progression. They believe that intelligence is the end of knowing, and it isn’t. That might be one reason we have so many “knowledgeable and intelligent” people that don’t know squat. You might know a lot and know how that knowledge or those facts inter-relate to each other, but that is it.

Knowledge and understanding requires wisdom for it to be harmonious and beneficial. The problem people have is wisdom can’t be learned through science, reason or logic. When all desires to achieve personal profit, prestige and power have been eliminated then true wisdom can be gained through experience. We can also gain wisdom through self-sacrifice and suffering. Wisdom is gained through action, or when we “hearken unto [His] precepts, and lend an ear unto [His] counsel.” It is when action is applied to knowledge and understanding that we then gain wisdom.

The woman who taught spoon bending gave me knowledge about energy work, how to create energy and apply it. I gained understanding by listening to the facts and how energy relates to us, our bodies and our spirits. It was great knowledge to have but did it do me any good? Not really. Then I listened to the Lord Jesus Christ and He told me to act and apply this knowledge and understanding for the benefit of my good friend. It wasn’t about me or “look what I can do” or did. It was about serving another. There was nothing about personal profit, prestige or power. It was about humbly doing what the Lord asked and having the faith to step off the proverbial cliff to do it.

By doing all of this, some wisdom was gained, though there would still be much to learn. But along with that wisdom I have found He also gives us a quiet confidence in Him. This is why the Lord stated, “For with God all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27) You know it is not you doing the “healing” on someone else, it is the true Healer, our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have met many “healers” that say “I did this” or “I did that.” I, I, I, and I again. Always about themselves or they claim they tapped into the Universe or my personal favorite, “Source.” My point being that their ego has them claiming credit when we have been told to thank God for all things; all things are possible because of HIM. We are puny creatures that came down here to learn how the Gods of Light operate and to become like they are. Of course they will allow us to take their laws, apply evil to them and do many amazing things. The magicians of Pharaoh copied what Moses did, did they not? The Adversary has much power you can tap into if you are of a dark evil nature or even a misguided mortal.

We learn to become enlightened and like our Parents line upon line. We “practice” whenever we are allowed to by our Lord, always with His permission. This is His creation. We should honor everyone’s agency and don’t give ours away except to our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ who will give it back. As we gain knowledge and understandings we can then convert that to wisdom by obeying the Lord Jesus Christ in all things and then we become like Him. This is the program He employed to become like His Father, is it not?