Doug Tales 76: Ways to Sin

Who is running the show at your house? That is, are you living according to truth or fear, according to love or lies, according to light or darkness? Doug Mendenhall found in his many encounters with all kinds of people that there are many ways to sin. And such sin (going against the truth one has from God) can open the door for negativity and darkness to enter in. He talks about a few common welcome mats for dark entities in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020), pages 72-74:

Can those of us who are really trying to live the gospel of Jesus Christ end up with entities and possession? Many Christians believe that a “true” Christian can’t become possessed. And what happens if a “true” Christian becomes possessed? They will tell you that that person wasn’t a true Christian. How convenient.

Why is all of this important?

In the Joseph Smith translation of 1 Corinthians, chapter 5, Paul is talking about someone that committed fornication with “his father’s wife.” Apparently the man is not repentant and Paul tells them: “In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when ye are gathered together, and have the Spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.” (vs. 4–5)

Paul later lumps in all kinds of sinners into this mix, not just fornicators. Sin allows bonds of attachment between us and those entities that want us destroyed. The longer and more often the sin is committed, the stronger the bond becomes. In other words, the bonds strengthen a little more each time the sin is committed until they are impossible to break.

What are “sins” that can cause such integration? The biggie is pride; things like pride in our work. Making statements that we are the best or better than anyone else doing such and such. Pride that my religion is better than yours or the best in the world. Pride that you have all the truth, and therefore are more knowledgeable than anyone else. Pride in your current religious affiliation to the point you disparage your former religious affiliation, making constant negative comments about them. In my neck of the woods, many that leave the LDS faith can’t quite quit making nasty comments about it. This kind of pride will bring attachments. The greater the pride, the greater the attachments.

There is pride of family. This can be bloodline or financial. It can be pride of where you live. In most cities, the rich seem to like to live “higher up.” A good example is Salt Lake City where you have the east side and the west side. The perception is the rich live up east and the higher up the mountain the more prestige or pride there is. I have met many that would never live west of State Street in Salt Lake City. This is incredible pride which brings entities. What ever happened to living where the Savior tells you to live? Is it the pride of family, of knowing better than Him?

One of my favorites is religious pride. This can be maintaining the “bloodline.” What does this mean? In D. Michael Quinn’s book, Mormon Hierarchy: Extensions of Power, he showed the close interrelationships of all 101 general authorities and their wives in 1996. (pp. 731–745) It seems to be about keeping the bloodline within the group.

Religious pride can also be about callings. I know of families where you aren’t anything in the LDS Church if you don’t have a Stake President in the family. At the minimum you need to have several bishops. Of course the best is a General Authority. This kind of pride brings entities into your life and body. Some with this kind of pride enjoy calling others on their sins of lying, judgmentalism, and feeling their way is better than your way, all the while not seeing the beam in their own eye.

Another kind of pride is the “direct line to the Pope.” We become prideful over who we know. Wow, really? This will also bring those dark evil friends.

Comparing yourself with others. This can work both ways. When you think or feel you are better than others, you open yourself to evil. When we use self-degradation we also open ourselves to evil.

There is a strange one, people with disabilities can become prideful of their impairment. I once asked my daughter if the Savior would heal her of her diabetes. She told me that He had said she can’t be healed because she gets too much mileage out of her disability. People feel sorry for her and she can get them to do things they wouldn’t do otherwise. She has also found that people can be manipulated because she sees through the veil. Not a good thing, manipulation in any form that is.

There are people going around claiming they are the reincarnation of famous people. We have met more than one person that has claimed to be Solomon, Virgin Mary, Joseph Smith and others. This causes horrible pride and brings in entities.

Some people desire to control their spouse or put them in their place. This is disgusting and not of the Lord Jesus Christ. Control, unrighteous dominion, compulsion, manipulation, and such are never to be used on others, especially with our spouses and family members.

I once had a church leader tell me that I had better obey him because he was my “priesthood leader.” Manipulation—it comes from Satan….

The reality is that we will get slime (evil) on us by just living life. Most empaths need a “cutting” or “mowing” every month or so because they take on others’ stuff. It is a good idea for them to get a clearing or mowing several times a year. We also have people that we work with who help others that have spiritual problems, need clearings, possessions and so much more. When one is assigned to help in these things, they will sometimes get “slimed” and have things attach to them. We have always maintained that people doing this work need to be “de-slimed” every couple of months.