Doug Tales 78: Primary Portals are One, Two, Three

Doug Mendenhall emailed a group of individuals over the years on many topics. Here is one of his unpublished emails from June 19, 2016, about a woman and her young daughter’s experiences with spiritual evil at a church building.

Hey Friends,

I want you to know that I have no desire to send out this email so soon. But it seems there are lessons that Someone wants taught. So here goes.

A good friend’s daughter teaches Primary in the LDS church and had a few interesting experiences as a result. For those of you that think evil can’t get you, doesn’t affect you, you are immune, or too pure for it to have any effect, I hope you read real carefully. In the following story we will see evil attack an “innocent” four year old, in Primary. And then even the entire class of Sunbeam children. Some will say that evil can’t attach or affect a child under eight. Really? Tell this mother that. Hey remember in one our books where I mentioned talking to a grandmother who would visit her grandson in a “care” center and see huge spiders appear on his cheek and then disappear? How’s that work? Or the amazing amount of times I’ve helped people get the entities off of and out of their children after a visit to some of their relatives. Or a few emails ago when I mentioned a child’s visit to the carnival and becoming “zombified.” (Is that even a word?)

I will include most of this woman’s story. I have permission to share and I have changed the names. Emphasis has been added and some editing was done.

“Church on Sundays has been hellish for a long time, many months. I am a primary teacher. Leah, my daughter, and I, both come home grumpy, sad, and anxious. I cry after church every week! I mentioned it to my dad 2 weeks ago. The thought of portals being there came to both of us separately.

“The next Sunday, as usual, we had the same drama when we got home, so I thought I should cast out and make some lunch to help us. Maybe it was low blood sugar or something. I opened the paper where I had recorded a casting out prayer, planning on doing it quickly in the kitchen when a thought came immediate and strong …‘No, you need to be kneeling,’ so I went to kneel in the living room. Then I was told, ‘Nope, you need to sing a hymn.’ So I got up, got the hymn book, and was told to turn to Hymn 220. I turned to Hymn 220, ‘Lord, I Would Follow Thee.’ I went back into the living room and then I was told, ‘Sing it out loud.’ So I sang the first verse, left the Hymn Book open as I was impressed to do. I then repeated the Casting Out Prayer while on my knees as I was directed.

“All the while Leah was in her room screaming at the top of her lungs ‘No, Mom, no!’ After casting out I stayed on my knees and kept singing in my mind the other verses to the hymn as I remembered them. Leah is still screaming. I asked what was still there and I saw these metal 3D triangle things being pulled out of her. I asked how many there were and the answer was 100. I kept singing and adding faith. I asked, ‘How many now?’ The answer was ‘50.’ I sang and asked again, ‘15’ was the answer. Then, ‘It is done, 0.’ Immediately when the last device left, Leah was silent. She had still been screaming, ‘No, Mom, no!’ this whole time.

“I then asked God to fill her and fill any void with the true light of the Savior. I then expressed my gratitude. The phrase of the hymn, ‘To the wounded and the weary I would show a gentle heart’ popped into my head. I went into my daughter who was in her bedroom and sat down next to her. I asked her if I could hug her and she immediately climbed on my lap.

“This was an incredible experience – to be guided so clearly, simply, and exactly as to what would clear Leah and I! The enemy was something stronger that needed extra evidence of faith, like singing a hymn, leaving the hymn book open with Hymn 220 exposed, and having to be on my knees. It required a continuous show of faith.

“‘Thank you Lord!’ was my response multiple times!

“On the same day as this experience, unbeknownst to me, my Dad went for a walk around the church to see what he could sense. Coming around the back of the church where the general primary room is he felt a chilly breeze and the hair stand up on the back of his neck. This sensation intensified as he walked past my classroom, alongside the clerk’s and bishop’s office, and the chapel. He took careful note that nothing around him, neither leaves nor grasses, stirred with any breeze.

“When faced with the question of teaching the next Sunday, Dad and I talked and he felt that we had 2 personal soldier escorts for Leah and I, at all times, and 4 angels to create sacred and safe space for us in the classroom, we would be okay.

“That next Sunday Leah and I knelt down and prayed for the Lord, the escorts, and the angels to hold sacred, safe space for us and all those that would be in the primary. Before we went to church I felt no anxiety. The primary children, though still young, seemed to be more relaxed as well.

“I asked to see our protectors while there, but didn’t. I must have been too busy teaching ten 3-4 year old children.

“When we left Leah said ‘Mom, we need to pray before we go to church every time!’

“Mom says she meditated while we were there and could see and participate in the fight for our safe space.

“It is early the next Sunday morning. We will pray and I’ll try to be open to what I need to do to create safety for us amongst hell’s portal.

“The shield did not hold today. There was an instant while I was teaching that every child went crazy, it was like a light switch had just been flipped! They all began coloring on the walls! As we tried to move them away from the walls they began coloring on themselves! Leah and I left church and went straight to my Dad for a blessing. My brother helped and mom added energy. I wondered if it was my lack of faith, or how the dark would win the light. My dad had the thought of toys come to mind, I remembered that we had just introduced crayons from the library at that time. Perhaps there was something attached that entered our shield.

“After we got cleared with the blessing, Dad called Doug and Doug called Kitten for confirmation. It was confirmed that it is a very large portal and it is getting stronger. They confirmed my impression not to take my daughter back to the building. But although there were intense threats, they ‘saw the heavens rejoice, for a daughter of God, a righteous woman, did what was necessary to protect her daughter.’ My eyes teared and I said, ‘You mean I did something right?’ Dad said, ‘You have done lots right to get to where you could listen and act with the angels.’ What a blessing straight to my heart!”

What a great experience.  Especially since as was stated, a righteous daughter of God stepped up to the plate, listened to the Spirit, and did what she was told to do to clear her daughter of evil entities and 100 devices that had been placed in her. Heaven did rejoice over such a thing. Praise God!

When I talked to her father there was concern for the other 13 children that had been present and attend nearly every week where a nasty portal is. What will they be bringing home with them? Will it affect the rest of the family? What about other classes in that part of the building. It is up to their guardians or stewards to offer them protection, we can’t step on others agency.

I know, some will say that the adversary can’t do anything to children and surely can’t put portals in a church. Tell that to our friends in Arizona that bought an old LDS chapel and lived there for over twenty years with many portals there that had been created shortly before the church opened many decades ago. Evil will put portals wherever they can, even in any church.

We closed a powerful portal last week in the back yard of a home that had been there since Nephite times. (The portal, not the home. Yes, I know how some of you are.) Ever wonder why a long time ago First Nation people had the medicine man or shaman check where they wanted to build their homes or place their lodges? Now you know why. Before you move into a home it might be a good idea to know what’s there. Because it surely will affect you and your family, no matter their ages. It also might be a good idea to teach your older children how to protect themselves and to protect those young ones. After all, it is your stewardship. Those that believe evil can’t bother you or your children, no problem. Just keep them away from this particular church building……..

I sure hope we all will step up to the plate and learn what is needed to protect and clear our own families and those under our stewardship!!!

Take care and happy Father’s Day to you old and young geezers (me included),