Doug Tales 80: Following Him

Doug Mendenhall talks in his writings in many ways about our following the Savior. The following is an excerpt from his blog post, “Encounters, Part Two,” originally posted on May 22, 2020, and later printed in Conquering Spiritual Evil Blog Posts 2020 (2021) on pages 443-444:

Are you honestly a disciple? In word only? You can’t be, that won’t fly. It requires work, testimony, fasting, much prayer, more fasting, scriptures and wearying Him out asking and asking again. So get messy, launch yourself into His world, the world of spirits, connecting with Him….

Let Him fill your heart with His peace and love. The mess can be cleaned up, taken care of. If you don’t try, then there is no mess. You can be an orderly little mind controlled robot and go with the flow, the mainstream where it is “safe” and secure. Chances are you will not encounter Christ there. Though you will have men tell you they will give you His word and direction, so you needn’t worry as they pat you on the head.

Or you can follow Him, on the so called fringe, where they will ridicule you and call you out. Just like they did to all of His true disciples in times past. Things don’t change, so why believe you will find Him in the flow of the mainstream. Shake off those shackles that bind you down. Take a chance on Him and do what He says. Will it inconvenience you? Absolutely. Is it worth any price? Again, absolutely….

I hope you know where you stand with Him. May all of us have many encounters with Light. Don’t worry, it probably will be messy at the start trying to figure out who you are encountering, light or dark. That is just the way it is and it isn’t wrong to make mistakes. When He asked if I’d do His work, I told Him that I had heard He didn’t pay very well. I think about that comment now and want to hide. He forgave me. He always will forgive. All of us.

God bless.