Doug Tales 82: Traveling, Part Two

“I’m used to it” was the statement by Doug Mendenhall’s daughter when talking about traveling in the spirit versus someone without much experience trying to do the same thing. Doug shares about his spirit flying at night in My Peace I Give Unto You (2001), pp. 107-108:

Was I awake? It didn’t feel like I had slept. I went to bed very excited at the prospect of flying with my daughter but now, the next morning, I was tired and worn out. The clock said I had slept eight hours. It felt more like two. Who had been messing with my clock?

I sat up in bed just as Denise bounded through the door. “Daddy, Daddy! Boy, did we have fun last night! You went flying all over.” Her enthusiasm was contagious and I smiled weakly.

“Did I fly most of the night? Is that why it doesn’t feel like I slept at all?” I asked.

“You did big loop-de-loops,” she made circles with her arm, “through the sky and you laughed a lot!” Her eyes twinkled and she started giggling at what must have been her memory of our time together.

“I kind of remember doing circles or something.” Fuzzy images tempted me to try to remember more. “Is that why I’m so tired?”

“Yes, but it was worth it!” she answered. I wished I could remember. Maybe then I would be convinced it was worth it, too.

“How come you’re not tired like me?” I asked.

“You don’t leave your body as much as I do. I’m used to it.”