Doug Tales 86: Dogs and Angels

Many people shared with Doug Mendenhall their personal experiences with the spiritual coming into the physical. In Possibilities: Lesson From the Spirit (2001), pp. 53-55, a woman who cares for dogs talks about what happened when guardian angels became involved in her work:

A good friend of ours is a dog groomer. One day she was having trouble with a dog. Finally out of desperation, she asked that her guardian angels help her with this problem dog. The dog started to behave instantly. Now she regularly asks for help and receives it.

We received this e-mail from her:

“I have a small dog grooming shop in my home. Every day I ask for my angels’ help and things seem to go better. If a cut is particularly hard I ask for a grooming angel. A cut can turn from bad to great and I can never describe exactly how it happened. But mostly I just ask my guardian angels for help and comfort, especially when the dogs are nervous, scared or mean.

“One day I had a huge, very overweight dog and I was there alone. The bathtub is waist level and I use a lawn chair for them to climb on and then jump into the tub. This dog sat down and wouldn’t budge, not even an inch. I pulled, pushed, begged and pleaded. Nothing. Finally I asked my angels to give him a boost. He immediately got up and jumped on the chair and into the tub. That was so exciting it took me about ten minutes to quit laughing and start washing the dog. This has happened on several occasions since but it only seems to work when I am alone. If my husband is within calling distance to give me help then my angels don’t seem to make the dogs move. Maybe they think he needs the exercise! Or maybe they only help when you can’t help yourself.

“One day was more stressful than most. I was doing four poodles, all belonging to the same lady in my ward. They were her little darlings, like her children. The last one was old and blind and could fit in the palms of my hands. It was the mother to the other three. I took her off her noose to shave around her neck and at that time my husband walked in and I turned to say hi and I heard a thud. Somehow the little dog jumped off my four foot tall table, went flying through the air and landed on the hard floor.

“I knew I was in trouble. There was no way she could have survived without at least a broken leg. I instantly pictured everyone in the ward finding out that I had killed this sweet elderly lady’s dog. I gently picked it up and set it back on the table and no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find a thing wrong with it. It wasn’t even bruised or shook up. I had a definite feeling that my angel had put his hand under the dog as she landed to cushion her and keep her from harm. There was no other explanation.

“I’m sure that they do things for me throughout the day that I don’t even know about but it was fun to be aware of this time and how much trouble I was saved from.”

The one thing I have always appreciated about this friend is her faith. She will hear something and ask if it’s true or not. After she gets a confirmation that it is, she will then implement the concept into her life. She has tremendous faith in our Savior.