Doug Tales 91: Natural Law, Part One

The terms divine law, hermetic law, and natural law all refer to a series of concepts foundational to understanding our world. In order to conquer spiritual evil, natural law must be comprehended and even more importantly, experienced and made part of one’s conscious life. Doug Mendenhall summarizes the eight principles of natural law in I See…Awake! (2015) with the first one on pages 41-42. In addition, here’s a related excerpt from Doug’s May 31, 2017 blog post, “It’s Your Choice” about literally changing our thoughts as part of true repentance. The blog post excerpt is reprinted in Conquering Spiritual Evil Blog Posts 2017-2019 (2020), on page 51.

“And unto every kingdom is given a law; and unto every law there are certain bounds also and conditions. All beings who abide not in those conditions are not justified.” (D&C 88:38-39)

 These principles of Natural Law have been taught in our books and especially at our workshops, but here they are described in one place:

Natural Law Principle 1: Everything is created first by thought. Everything is a manifestation of the mind or thought. Thoughts create conditions, what happens in the physical world, our state of existence, and our experience here on this mortal world. As we think and feel internally, that is the kind of world we will get. In other words, it is the way that God does His work. Everything is thought out and planned in the mind of God before anything else is done.

“For I, the Lord God, created all things, of which I have spoken, spiritually, before they were naturally upon the face of the earth. For I, the Lord God, had not caused it to rain upon the face of the earth. And I, the Lord God, had created all the children of men; and not yet a man to till the ground; for in heaven created I them; and there was not yet flesh upon the earth, neither in the water, neither in the air…nevertheless, all things were before created; but spiritually were they created and made according to my word.” (Moses 3:5, 7)

The Lord God said they were spiritually created and made according to His word. Before the “word” comes out of the mouth, the mind has to have the thought. Is this why He also declared in Alma 12:14 that “our words will condemn us, yea, all our works will condemn us; we shall not be found spotless; and our thoughts will also condemn us.”

If we desire to change reality, we must change our thoughts and emotions. God tells us to cast away our idle thoughts and at the end times all things will be revealed, even the “thoughts and intents of their hearts.” Negative thoughts create negative things, and we will be judged for that. Positive thoughts create positive things. My friend Kitten told me years ago that I will not progress until I have control of my thoughts and emotions. Thought is where creation starts.


Last year we did a portalcism for a family of two. Afterwards I laid hands on the woman of the house to cast off what was on her. As I cut the cords I heard a huge swoosh sound. I looked at my sighted friend and asked what in the world that “great flush” had been. “You heard all of the entities being sent to hell once the cords were cut,” she responded. I asked how many had been on her and the answer was 40,000. Now, I don’t type that well, but that is not a typo. She had been on medication for many years and had never heard of blessing her meds and casting off any dark entities that might be attached. Apparently there have been many. Afterwards many other things of a dark nature were also cast off this woman. She was warned and taught that she needed to change her very thoughts, her habits and negative patterns and become Christ centered in all her ways. I guess she didn’t listen as she is back to the way she was before the blessing/casting off. Actually she is probably worse off since the Lord God declared in Matthew that when the house is swept clean and the entities are invited back they come with friends. Usually what happens is stronger entities come back the second time and yes, they do bring friends. Dark, evil friends.

This is why in the last post and again in this one we are addressing the changes needed in ourselves before and after having work done on us. If we don’t “repent” and change our thought patterns, create new neural networks that are of a positive Christ-like nature, our negative habits and such, then what was cleared, changed, or even healed will in all probability come back. We have discussed previously why the Lord Jesus Christ didn’t heal in His own town due lack of faith and belief in Him. He most likely knew them and knew they wouldn’t change even if they saw a miracle. Miracles don’t convert, seeing angels doesn’t convert. Just ask Laman and Lemuel among others.

When the Lord Jesus Christ healed my L-4 in my lower back it required a changed mindset, a new set of beliefs that wouldn’t let in any negative thoughts about it not working or not being healed. The several times those thoughts started to come in I could actually feel that spot start to revert back to the injured status. I consciously stopped my thought process, accepted and believed what the Lord Jesus Christ had done and it stayed healed. It is still healed to this day.