Doug Tales 99: What’s Coming

Doug Mendenhall’s daughter could see spiritually things happening now and in the future. Doug quotes her in an email on June 11, 2016 about the future—our potential future:

I recently re-read some interesting comments that Denise made several years ago:

“I went into a depression because I saw what was coming and how people will react to it, and the way that families will turn on each other. The way that friends will turn on each other. It wasn’t a pretty sight so I went into this depression. Many will turn on each other. We think we are friends, at the moment, but honestly, what will happen when your stress level goes sky high and your kids are starving? Some will have a gun up to their head and they will tell the person, ‘No, no, go get them! They believe in God, they believe in God more than I do.’

“Last night I cried for about 3 hours. I know what’s coming and it’s not going to be pretty. I know that people are dependent on each other. If you think people are mean now, just wait. It won’t be with just their words, it will be getting physical with each other. With all the darkness on people, when the stress hits, evil will tell you to do something and you’ll be so stressed out you won’t know what to do so you’ll actually listen to them and do it.”

So take a look at the little social justice warriors (SJW) in their skinny pants and see how they act. They declare they are about love and peace and free speech as they will deny you the right to exercise yours. Take a look at a Trump rally to see this in action as they have now become physical with those that support Trump. These people are full of evil. It is as Denise saw, but it is in all aspects of our society, just look at the news. From gun shots at others over “road rage” to killing your dad and putting him in a freezer. It is going to get much worse when they openly come after the “Christians.”