Doug Tales 111: Can I Be a Minion? Part One

Doug Mendenhall writes about minions on pages 6-7 of I See…Awake! (2015). He says that if sinners “don’t repent then eventually they are taken to the bottom of hell, and if they choose to do evil are made into minions themselves.” He also expands on these concepts in an email on January 2, 2017 with the subject line, “Can I be a minion when I grow up Mommy?”

Minions—When we break commandments and don’t repent, minions are sent to put a chain around our ankles. They make sure it is very tight, and then they go back to hell to the generals and tell them what they did. If the general does not like something they did or they did it wrong, then they have to be tortured. Other minions get to come up and try. Then people walk around with that chain and when they die they don’t have the option to go to the good side because they will be pulled straight to hell where the little minions beat them up. They are taken to a room that is very, very cold. Minions won’t give them anything. They are made to sit in that room chained up to the wall. If they cry out, they are beaten. These people get tortured and finally are taken deeper into hell unless they repent of what they did—really repent. The Lord can then go into hell and get them back. If they don’t repent then eventually they are taken to the bottom of hell, and if they choose to do evil are made into minions themselves. The Lord said, “For behold, I God, have suffered these things for all, that they might not suffer if they would repent; But if they would not repent they must suffer even as I.” (D&C 19:16-17)


There seems to be many “famous” people leaving this physical world to join the world of spirits. A singer that I really had never heard of passed away a few days ago. Seems he sold over 100 million albums or whatever they call them now days. That’s a lot of quid. I looked at his life a little on the internet. Many pictures of people “worshiping” him while he was on stage, pictures of him kissing other so called men, pictures of his boyfriends and I guess “husband.” (Yea, figure that one out….) What a life!!!

So when I saw Kitten the same day I mentioned this singer had passed and said his name. I do that because I know that her innate curiosity makes her “look” at where he is now. I then asked how he was doing in the world of spirits. “He’s already a minion,” she responded.

Now let’s review how we can become a minion. We disobey God, we follow men or a man, we worship at Babylon’s altar via our thoughts and actions, and so much more. Then when we transition (die) we are met by “angels.” These angels take us down towards our god’s kingdom. As we go further down into the many levels of hell our memory of who and what we were becomes foggy and goes away. We arrive in the kingdom of our god and we are like a newborn baby, just like when we come into mortality. We are then given to a master who teaches and trains us in what we are now going to do for the next millennia or until we are able to extricate ourselves from hell.

In the past I mentioned my former Stake President that passed away and how I had asked Kitten what happened to him upon his passing. She said he had been met by four angels who slapped him on the back and congratulated him on the fine work done for their and his god. They then took him to hell to continue working for his god. He is still a minion now several years later. This really bothered me, as I had felt him to be a “good man” that had been caught between a rock and a hard place. I even told Kitten that he had helped many people. Her response: “Yes, but what was his motive for helping them?” The Spirit whispered it had been self-aggrandizement, self-adulation, to be seen of men. I admit, things I didn’t want to hear, hard things. It’s easier not knowing the former “rock star” who is now residing in hell versus the man you had many interactions with. Finally, all I could say was that I pity those accepting a calling to any position of leadership with any kind of ego, or a huge lack of courage to not do the right thing, bowing to the pressures of “higher authorities” and their edicts. Though, I’m pretty sure those men also have a “position” waiting for them in their god’s kingdom. Hard stuff? It will be for all of us unless we repent now and get the heck out of Babylon. Though I agree, extrication can be hard, yet I’m sure we’ll all feel good once the surgery is over. Being in the Lord’s kingdom would beat the heck out of being a minion or even a general in the other direction.

I, like many was saddened when the woman that played the part of the Princess in Star Wars passed away yesterday. The world seems to be mourning the loss of such a wonderful and great woman–read the articles if you disbelieve me. Kitten happened to call today and I told her who had passed away. I knew she wouldn’t know as she doesn’t follow much of what happens in the world and I was right, she had no idea. So I asked her if I should now call this woman “Princess Minion”? “Probably,” was her reply. You see, she was in the middle of her world tour extolling her new book where she talks about her drug use, etc. and when she went to the set to film the first Star Wars movie she had determined to bed one of the cast. She snagged Harrison Ford. (Hope he doesn’t pass before repenting……) So then I thought about the following quotes from some men who were actually quite gifted with spiritual sight:

Wicked compelled to act as evil spirits act.

“All the wicked who are entirely overcome by these malicious spirits will have the heavenly principle of love wholly Eradicated from their minds, and they will become angels to these infernal fiends, being captivated by them, and compelled to act as they act. They cannot extricate themselves from their power, nor ward off the fiery darts of their malicious tormentors.” Orson Pratt, The Seer, Vol. 1, October 1853, pg. 156

Becoming an Unclean Spirit

Departed Spirits Continue With the Dispositions They Possessed on Earth

“God says, ‘My house is a house of order, and not of confusion.’ The Holy Ghost will not dwell where there is confusion. I do not ask you whether you know this or not, because everyone knows that confusion does not come from the Father, nor from the Son. Does it come from the Holy Ghost? Every one of you will answer, ‘No.’ Where does it come from? It comes from the author of confusion, and is produced by those who rebel against God and against His authority. There were many who did this formerly, and they form part of that hell which brother Wells was talking about. Although those men and women are dead, they have a good deal of power; their spirits have power over us when we render ourselves subject to them; their spirits are busy at work. They are diligent in performing the work of destruction and confusion; they go at that work the very moment their spirits leave their bodies. On the other hand, when righteous persons die, their spirits also go into the spirit world, but they go to work with the servants of God to help to do good, and to bring about the purposes of the Almighty pertaining to this earth; while wicked spirits, those who have been wicked in this probation, take the opposite course, just the same as they did here. I have said, a great many times, that that spirit which possesses us here will possess us when our spirits leave our bodies, and we shall there be very much the same as we are here.

“If you are subject to rebellious spirits, or to a spirit of apostasy here, will you not have the same spirit beyond the veil that you had on this side? You will, and it will have power over you to lead you to do wrong, and it will control your spirits. If, then, you are opposed to the truth while you are here, you will be occupied in that opposition hereafter, for the spirit that is opposed to the work of God here, will be opposed to that work when beyond the veil.” President Heber C. Kimball, Journal of Discourses 4:273

Wow. Had enough yet? Is it time to get our lives in order? Do we want to pass the veil not knowing Him, the Lord Jesus Christ? Do we want to be met by angels, dark angels and become minions? Not a proposition I want to contemplate. Or how about just being taken to hell for a while for some fun and games? Now is the time to prepare. What are we doing about it? This is real, it is not something I lay awake at night making up. Are we going to tell the Lord that we didn’t know, we were ignorant? Then let’s put the emphasis on the “ignore” part of ignorant. That won’t cut it with Him. Ignorance is not an excuse. There are books a plenty, scriptures and many testimonies about what goes on with evil and in hell. I read where that singer that died left a huge estate. Are we to be impressed with that? With all his wealth, his worldliness, his singing? I wonder if his masters in hell are having him sing now to entertain the troops there? Are they impressed with his wealth and fame? Is Heaven? Please understand, I am not condemning this man. We just need to understand the importance of why we are here, and I don’t think it involves money, fame, and worldly glory. Hey, if you give me a few million bucks I’ll place your name on the side of my building! Everyone that drives by or comes to see a game will see how magnanimous you are!