When I was young my parents took our family to MGM studios in California for a tour. Because I was so young at the time, the most fascinating thing I discovered on the tour was that many of the buildings were “fake.” They were just the front of buildings, or what is called a façade. We discussed how “cool” it was because they appeared so “real” in the movies. We the saw inside a sound stage and the kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms where they acted had no ceilings. It really astounded us.

Only later in life did I come to realize that the actors were also a “façade” or were employing learned acting techniques that were coupled with things like lighting and music to bring out our emotions and draw us into the fakery, I mean “story.” The ones that are really good at this are given awards for their abilities to draw us in, in all categories.

My favorite meaning of façade comes from Hindi:

  1. The face of a building.
  2. A showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant.

Or a regular dictionary:

1.      The front of a building; also any face of a building given special architectural treatment

2.     A false, superficial, or artificial appearance or effect


We are not going to discuss Hollywood and its fakery, facades, and evil parts. We are going to explore the second meaning.

An antonym of façade is “a display of emotion or behavior that is insincere or intended to deceive.”

In the past few months we have encountered more than a few people that have a “façade demon” attached to them. In the name of Jesus the Christ we have cast off many thousands of demons the past years and some have been differentiated by specific names. I remember casting out demons of fear, pride, anxiety, hatred, scorn, low esteem, self-loathing, misunderstanding, and many others. But I had never considered or encountered a “façade demon” until Z mentioned it one day.

We had met a man that I really like that had been a child actor in Hollywood. Z and I had just spent one hour working with his wife and at the conclusion of her work he asked us to work on him. We had a full load of people scheduled for the day so there wasn’t any time to do anything for him, plus the fact was we had not prepared for him, just his wife. Right after he had asked and I had told him we wouldn’t be able to do anything that day, Z leaned over and whispered that he had a façade demon on him. This was the first time I had heard of such a thing. I suppose we will be working with him in the future if he chooses to rid himself of said entity. I have a feeling there are many in the acting profession that carry such entities. In the past we have discussed people like musical performer Beyonce who has declared that when she goes on stage something other than her takes over. She has called the entity Sasha Fierce in the past, though a few years ago she declared she had “killed Sasha Fierce.” Hmm, wonder if the integration was complete?

Some of the many synonyms for façade are:

Appearance, playacting, window-dressing, cloak, disguise, front, semblance, coloring, cover, guise, face, show, mask, masquerade, put-on, veneer, pretense, and veil.

Do any of these describe us? If so, might it be we have a façade demon or two helping us out? Why would this be important?

I have a theory that many individuals, like many of those with pride demons, have no idea they are buds with a façade demon. Two weeks ago I found myself driving to Arizona to do some portalcisms with Z. Since she was a “captive” audience I asked her a few questions about these kinds of demons.

D – “I have a theory that most of those with a façade demon have no idea it is with them.”

Z – “A person can take on a pride demon at a very young age. This kind of demon can come and go for a time when the person is a small child. It would be adopted fully sometime later, and by choice, it will become fully integrated. The person becomes very comfortable with the demon and they are symbiotic. Because typically it starts at a very young age they have no idea what is motivating and controlling them, even into adulthood.”

Symbiotic – involving interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association or denoting a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.

D – “Why would someone with a façade demon want to get rid of it if the relationship is so beneficial?”

Z – “Because the façade demon inhibits and prevents the person from doing the things he wanted and even covenanted to do before coming here. It also keeps the person from the Light.”

D – “If someone wanted to be cleared of a façade demon, how would that be done?”

Z – “It is difficult. It would take acknowledging they have a problem, then repentance and determination. Integration in this case means the façade demon is within the mortal body, side by side with the owner but not meshed together. A façade demon has its own minions. Usually there are other demons such as pride along with them.”

Hey, it’s a party!

In the past I had considered integration to be only one way, like the “Borg” assimilating someone in Star Trek. It’s quite interesting to see here that this is a “joint venture” in many cases, where the person or “host” shares space with the demonic entity because they are amenable and share the same goals.

We’ve shown in our books situations where someone experienced trauma and a demonic entity entered the person, shoving the owner aside and taking over complete control. This happened to our daughter Denise when she was fourteen-years-old. It took her over during a short hospital stay where she was again in a coma type experience. Shortly after being home she was trying to “off” herself by shooting her insulin down the sink. Only it wasn’t her doing it, it was the demon that had taken over her body and actions. I’ve shared that experience elsewhere. Some will recognize they have been taken over and fight an all-out war with the entities.

Too often the owner recognizes and invites the entity in order to get what they want, then end up following the entity. We’ve seen people get “power” from an entity and they don’t want to give it up. They will experience what they call visions, seeing into people, knowing things, and such. These are things which can and do come from God, but unfortunately the demonic realm can mimic all of them.

Wow, do you think discernment is important.

There are also those that appear to be façade demon possessed but are actually that way themselves. They are here to work on changing that aspect of their personality. Once again, mighty prayer and discernment is advised.

We may also discuss this concept more in the future.