Taking a break

“Thus will I bless thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in thy name.” (Ps. 63:4)

Some days the subject matter here gets a little bit heavy. I wanted to take a small break and cover something of a lighter nature.

Last Sunday all of our children except the one that is out of State came over for Sunday “lupper”. (We didn’t get up early enough to do brunch.) That meant five children plus spouses and 15 grandchildren. Yes, it was chaos, noise, and a bunch of love.

When the food was ready I asked our youngest son if he would offer the prayer on the food. He gladly complied.

I watched our middle daughters’ five young girls, ages from 3 to 11. Each one of them promptly put their arms out and turned their palms up. The rest of the grandchildren that I could see or that were old enough, folded their arms and bowed their heads. We don’t preach this stuff to any of our children unless they ask us. And then we will just share. In fact, I believe only half of them even know we do this blasted blog.

Immediately after the blessing on the food, one of the other granddaughters asked her seven-year-old cousin why she had put her palms up during the prayer.

“If you put your palms up you can feel the energy come down into them. You can even see colors going into them,” she replied.

Yes, my fat tummy is always trying to bust the buttons on my shirt, but this little granddaughter nearly popped them all when she made that comment. What was also incredible was after her cousin got the answer she said, “Oh, okay.” Don’t you just love little children? So pure and accepting. I guess it made sense to her. Our daughter’s girls have been taught to not draw attention to themselves. So when they attended Primary they would discreetly put their hands in their laps, palms up.

Their parents have taught them to pray as the scriptures tell us all to pray. Praise God.

Check out a few if you so desire: D&C 88:120, 132, 135; D&C 109:9; Psalms 63:4; Psalms 119:48; Psalms 134:2. There are others, but I will let you enjoy finding them.

It was just over one month ago when this same granddaughter went up to her mother and said that when she prayed with her palms up she could see “colors” going into her palms. That reminded me of what Z once taught. She was praying with her palms up and felt several people of a spiritual nature enter the room. She glanced over to her hands and saw two angels putting gifts from her Father into her palms. If she had been praying in the “normal” manner, those gifts could not have been given. She said she then put the gifts into her heart after the prayer was over.

To know I have a few grandchildren that actually feel the Spirit, see and feel light energy while they pray is a huge blessing, is it not?

Do you know how they pray in the church of Satan? I can tell you what a former satanic priest has taught. They pray with their arms folded over their chest and head bowed. Why in the world would they do this? They bow their heads so they can focus their attention and look towards their God, you know, the one down under, in Hell. They fold their arms to keep their heart closed to Light. Where in the scriptures does it tell us to pray with folded arms and heads looking down?

And what about feeling energy in your palms?

Several years ago I went to Montana and took a friend along for the trip. While we were there we attended a religious service of a different denomination than ours. When we walked in I noticed drums and guitars up front and thought that this ought to be pretty cool. During the service some musicians went up front and started playing and singing “songs of praise.”

It certainly wasn’t what we were used to. No MoTab here. As the music started I watched my buddy promptly fold his arms across his chest. (For years I have watched this during workshops when people get judgmental with what is being taught.) This is a sign in body language of “non-agreement.” I knew he was not agreeing with what was going on. Guitars? Really? And drums?

I leaned over and suggested he unfold his arms and put his hands palms up, hoping that he just might feel the Lord Jesus Christ there as I was. He did so.

A look of amazement covered his face as he proclaimed that the Savior’s influence or Spirit was indeed there in the room as these wonderful Christ centered people sang praises to Him. Many worshipers stood and sang with uplifted hands.

All I can suggest is, try it, you might like it, Mikey.

Are we not all beggars? Is it just about getting a gift from our Heavenly Parents? Or are we openly petitioning Them as a beggar would for help, with our hands stretched out with our palms up? Just a thought.