Since this is my first post…

Since this is my first post I need to explain a few things.  First, most of these posts will come as a result of us going out and helping people.  “Us” meaning a woman friend of mine, and myself.  She was born without a veil as are all the rest of us.  The only difference is her veil never came, unlike most of the rest of us.  To cut to the chase, she sees through the veil and the Lord Jesus Christ allows her to help a few people with that gift, which she considers a curse (seeing through the veil, not helping others).  No, she will not be your or my private “oracle” and tell us what she sees or what God wants you to know.  That is not how gifts are to be used.  They are to be used to bless others lives when and only when the Lord Jesus Christ says so.  If that makes you angry or disappointed, please quit reading now and “unblog” yourself.  I will refer to her as “Z” throughout these writings.

Below is an example of what you might expect from these writings.  Hopefully it may help you to understand how this world of flesh interacts with the world of spirits, with an emphasis on evil as this is something we all must overcome.

We were asked to help a family some four hours from our location and left early in the AM to travel to their home.  Upon arriving we cleared all the portals (this will be covered in a different post or many posts) and then sat down with the mother and her son.  He had asked for a blessing and to be cleared of anything of a negative or evil nature that was upon or in him.  He mentioned that for most of his life he had a crack on his lip that would not heal.  They had literally tried everything they could think of for many years, all to no avail.

After I was done voicing the blessing and casting off a really nasty entity and a bunch of other things he asked Z if the entity had a crack on its lip where his was, the one that would not heal for over 12 years.

“Yes,” she answered.

Three days after returning home from helping this family I had a chance to contact the mother.  This is her quote:

“The crack in (my son’s) lip is healing very rapidly now that the entity is gone.  Amazing!  It has been there since he was a young boy.”

I would venture to say that the crack on his lip appeared because the entity attached itself to the young boy.  Dark beings have the ability to cause us physical problems.  For those of you that don’t believe such a thing can happen, then explain to me why this young man tried for over twelve or more years, as did his parents, to heal this crack on his lip and nothing worked.  Well, at least nothing worked until the Lord Jesus Christ got involved and cleared the really nasty entity.  Now the crack is healing.  You can call me at 1-800-please-explain-how-that-works.

How many of us suffer from ailments that might be caused by such things?  Did not the Lord Jesus Christ cast off entities and people were healed?  Why would it be any different now days?  Sometimes it just requires the strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, fasting, and proper authority.  Those are key elements any time we are facing darkness or evil.

Another time I had expressed some anger and had a dark entity attach itself to me as a result.  I felt it come on and asked for permission to remove it.  I was told that I was not allowed to, that I needed to ask someone else to do so.  I asked the Spirit who I should approach and was told to ask a close relative that I quite like.  That really excited me, because the Lord Jesus Christ usually has lessons for me, the other person or both when these things happen.

I approached him and asked him if he would cast this thing off of me.  He agreed and came over.  Z happened to be at my home at the time.  (Funny how the Lord arranges things).  My close relative laid hands on me and said something to the effect that if the Lord wanted this entity off that it would come off.  After he was done, I glanced over at Z and said that nothing had happened, he had not been bold and done the casting out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, sent the offending entity to hell or anything of the sort.  She agreed that it was still there.

So I grabbed my “knife” and cut the bond the entity had on me with an upward motion and cast the entity to hell.  (In another post I will explain what a “knife” is, just be patient, or read the books).  As I went upward with my right arm and cut, the entity threw a ball of dark light into my arm pit.  I never felt it and Z was told by the Lord Jesus Christ to be silent, as an important lesson was about to be learned — over the next few weeks.  I was happy the entity was gone and thanked my close relative.

The next day I realized that I had a large sore growing on my right armpit.  I am extremely sensitive to chemicals and such, so I am very careful about what I get around.  I knew that I had not put anything there that would cause this “problem” to occur.

Over the next few days it grew to the size of a baseball and was red and quite sore.  I put some healing salve on it that a good friend of our makes that heals about everything.  It didn’t touch it and the pain intensified, the wound became worse.  Over the next week I tried everything.  Finally I prayed about it and was told to approach Z because she saw what had happened.  She told me what she had seen, that the dark entity had thrown a ball of dark light at me and that was causing the problem.

I knew it would not heal without a priesthood blessing.  I sought a priesthood blessing from a friend I know has priesthood and guess what?  It went away the next day.

Yes, dark entities can cause physical pain, suffering, damage and such.

Praise the Father and His Son Jesus Christ for all things, all blessings, trials, and lessons.

Doug Mendenhall