“You Bet Your Bippy”

I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful young man yesterday.

If I had to guess I’d say he is around 15 years old, maybe a year less. He is playing sophomore football for a high school. He is a solid, well-built young man.

I asked how they did this week, knowing the varsity team had won its game. He informed me he played sophomore ball and the team they played that week didn’t have many players on it. He then said the most amazing thing, “The kid I played against was probably the smallest kid on their team.”

He had to “go against” this smaller kid the entire game. At one point I guess he had knocked this kid on his butt and this young man leaned over to his “opponent” on the ground and asked him if he was all right. He told me that his own coach was irritated with him for doing such an act. (“There will be NO compassion on this football field!”)

You see, in war, the idea is to annihilate the other side. My older brother played football in the late 1960’s for a school up in the Salt Lake City area. I remember him telling us how the coaches were teaching them where and how to hit an opposing player to take him out of the game, even permanently. You know, what bone to break to make sure he doesn’t come back on the field. This would be the modern day gladiators, not to mention Mixed Martial Arts and such.

Another older brother told me that he played football because it legally allowed him to go out and try to kill people or at least maim them. (Yea, I know, nice guy.) This anger and aggression made him a real good football player. He eventually got over it and is a good man now days.

Anyway, we put our hands on this young man to clear him and he was unbelievably loaded with weapons of war, of all types.

I looked over at Z and asked how he got these weapons all over him. “Playing sports,” she replied.

Since he has only played organized football for three weeks, I asked her if all of what was on him was a result of the past three weeks of football.

“Oh no, it’s also from his video games,” she answered. “There are all kinds of entities and such in the video games that will come out and attach.”

Such things as weapons, I guess. It reminded me how our subconscious mind takes all things for being “real.” That is why visioneering or envisioning with goal setting works so well. If we “see” it in our mind over and over with emotion, it is or will become our reality. It is best to pray and gain permission for what is desired is also what our Savior Jesus Christ desires for us. With the approval of the Heavens what is visioneered will come to pass much easier. It will benefit you and others. Of course He will give you what you want so bad your heart and mind are swallowed up in the desire, even if it is wrong to your everlasting condemnation. Therefore, be very careful what you envision for yourself and others.

I don’t play video games, but I would assume our subconscious mind actually can’t tell the difference and accepts the content that we’ve just experienced as being part of our actual world. I wonder if all the mind chemicals of an actual physical real world event would also come to play in a video game where we have the same emotions as someone actually performing these events in real life. I don’t know, just wondering. Some have told me that when they “accomplish a mission” on a video game they get the same satisfaction as if they had accomplished a similar thing in this mortal reality.

I wonder if this incredible young man will succumb to his coaches training and learn how NOT to have compassion for that young man he just dominated and put on his rear. We are told in the scriptures to become like the Lord Jesus Christ. I wonder what that looks like on a sports field. Something like this young man, making sure the person on the other side is okay?

What about the video games? What is that putting on people now days?

I asked Z if she would shield herself if she played a video game.

“You bet your bippy,” she replied.

Interesting concepts. Shielding ourselves playing video games, playing sports, and hey, how about living life?

Did you know that when a man and a woman have an “encounter” of a sexual nature it establishes a bond or connection between them, married or not? So these so called famous male athletes that brag about sleeping with a thousand women would have that many connections to them. A woman of the night would have a bond or connection for every person she has slept with. No wonder our God asks us to be faithful.

Does the same thing happen when you play a video game and your “avatar” or whatever it’s called does what men do in real life and sleep with a woman? Is there a bond established between that mortal man and the “electronic” woman?

What about that one Z?

Her answer, “Yes there is.”

It actually opens an evil portal to your very soul. A conduit that evil can now traverse into you.

And you thought weapons were bad.

You bet your bippy indeed.