Belief and Protection

Simply believing you are protected and actually BEING protected are two entirely different things.

What? My belief won’t protect me? There is more to it?

When we go out and do portalcisms, those that help us are taught the proper way to shield (to be protected while clearing portals.) If they don’t put their shields up properly before they start, they won’t have the protection they believe they have. We have seen it happen. If one is not properly shielded they will usually come back with entities that have jumped to them. Wait a minute! They are doing the Lord’s work so why do entities attach to them, even if they aren’t shielded properly? Won’t the Lord simply protect them?

I can’t tell you how many people have told me they don’t need to shield or get educated by reading a book like Conquering Spiritual Evil because “I’ll just ask the Lord and He will protect me.”

If we were like newborn babies, under the protection of our parents, maybe we would be protected. The problem I see is we are not “new-born” babies here. If you read the scriptures, you understand you have been through many cycles of creation, have done this many times—come to a mortal world for education. We do our class work in the world of spirits and come here for the lab work in order to put our lessons into practice. The only true way things can be learned is by experience, that way comprehension is gained. Two of my favorite quotes from Snuffer about this concept are, “You cannot simply learn. If mysteries are given to you, you are going to have to fight in the war.” This goes along with, “Light and knowledge are not gained in abstract reflection, but gained in battle in the trenches.”

How can you become like your Heavenly Parents if you don’t know about evil and how to protect yourselves? They surely do. Most of those here in mortality, especially the “religious”, are under the spell of evil and do not know it. Many willingly do what they are told, even when agency is taken away. This is what is being under a satanic influence is. Really powerful evil doesn’t even have to bother with these kinds of people, they already own them. Church leaders taking agency away and people willingly giving up their agency is probably one of the biggest “sins” we are guilty of.

What happens if really powerful evil becomes aware of you? Soon after moving to where we now live there were some people who really disliked what we are about and would hold a weekly satanic ritual with others sending evil against us. This highly affected our family as we really didn’t have a great understanding of shielding. I know I was of the belief that we were doing the Lord Jesus Christ’s work and so we were protected. Yes, I know…….Tired Leg Syndrome. (Blog post, Sept 2, 2017, It’s a Wacky World)

That belief didn’t hold up. We are here to learn how to take care of ourselves. Of course we prayed for help, even asked our guardian angels to help us and did all we knew to do. It only stopped after much prayer and then the Savior sent someone to help. She did so by giving us knowledge to combat the evil being sent at us.

I was asked to help a woman whose ex was extremely evil and powerful. She told him about me and he started messing with my life. I tried everything to stop what he was sending at me, all to no avail. I had been warned how to prepare for such attacks by the enemy, but hadn’t done what was suggested. I asked for help and the answer was I had been told what to do and didn’t prepare, now I would experience the consequences of my non-actions. After another month he got bored with me and stopped.

He had more knowledge and understanding than I did. He was evil in what he did. Because I was warned and didn’t prepare, I lacked. That lack allowed him to attack me endlessly for several months. I also lacked sufficient knowledge to even engage this man at that time. What was it Joseph Smith said?

“A man is saved no faster than he gets knowledge, for it he does not get knowledge, he will be brought into captivity by some evil power in the other world, as evil spirits will have more knowledge and consequently more power than many men who are on earth. Hence it needs revelation to assist us, and give us knowledge of the things of God.” (DHC 4:588)

I know first-hand what this means, as it has happened to me. It will most likely happen to you; a prophet of God has so stated. Do I know this is true? Yes, you should read my emails asking for help. Typically, we are the last resort for many people, as they have tried other resources and none has given them relief. Many have been and are being “brought into captivity by some evil power [from] the other world.”

Believing you are protected and actually being protected are two different things.

Something to think about and even more important, act upon.