Data Points

I’m told that scientists collect or produce data points to prove their theories.

Once a theory has enough data points attached to it, it then becomes a scientific “fact.”

So what if that same concept was applied to things that are of the “metaphysical” or paranormal variety?

Personally, I keep, in my mind, a running data point tally. I believe this is a must when working against spiritual evil, while also working with beings of light. This accumulation of single observations – data points – gives confidence and changes belief to knowledge.

Once, not knowingly, I offended my sighted friend. Her warrior guardian physically manifested a hairball and made it go right into my mouth. I saw it appear in front of me and fly in. Several others saw the same thing. I was getting cat hair or whatever hair out of my mouth for the next half hour. Data point.

I’ve been paralyzed on the bed more than once by dark beings. Data point.

There have been so many data points that it would take many postings to recount them all. Some were spectacular and some were hair balls. Others were quiet reminders from the Lord Jesus Christ that He is in charge. Like years ago when rent was due and I was $400 short. That last day I could pay it without a penalty, a check came in the mail for $403. It was from a woman in Arizona that I had never met. She informed me that the Spirit had told her to mail it to me. What an odd amount I thought as I yelled out to Denise, asking if she wanted to go with me to cash the check and then get a drink because the wonderful woman had sent an extra three bucks.

“Sure,” she said.

She sat in the car as I went in to cash the check. As I went up to the teller window I noticed they had a $3 check cashing fee. Getting in the car I informed Denise there would be no drink.

“I know,” she said, “I just wanted to see your face when you found out about the check cashing fee. The Lord told me about it.”

There would be many hundreds of times the Lord Jesus Christ would tell her what was going to happen in my life. She always let it happen without telling me in advance. I think He and she got a real kick out of watching the events. More especially, watching me make a fool out of myself. Nevertheless, they were data points to me.

A while back, I watched a grandson that was quite mean, literally, become real gentle and nice after entities were cast out of him and a level 18 portal removed under his bed. Another data point.

I was reminded of my grandson’s change recently when we were doing clearings for a family. A male toddler was on his mother’s lap and kept saying something like he didn’t want his friend to go away. The “friend” was a dark entity he had probably since birth. It took some effort before he allowed me put my hand on his head and ask the Savior to cast it out. The warrior guardians made mincemeat of it and sent it to Hell in pieces. The second it was cast out, the boy’s body went calm.

His little toddler cousin had the same issue. While on her mother’s lap she also insisted she didn’t want him to go, meaning the entity she had with her. There was such a connection between her and the entity it required my sighted friend telling the mother that she needed to declare she, the mother, wanted it gone, as she had stewardship over the little girl.

The mother declared such and the entity was cast out and given to the warrior guardians to dispose of.

After I sat down the little girl wailed while sitting on her mother’s lap that she didn’t want him gone. She cried and cried over the loss of her “friend.” What was interesting was the second it was cast out, her body also went calm.

The family informed us that these two cousins couldn’t be in the same room with each other without fighting. My sighted friend’s guardian told her that those two evil entities should be named, “Nitro” and “Glycerin.”

It was pretty cool to see a visual confirmation when the entities were cast out of the children as their bodies relaxed.

Data points – giving confidence in the spiritual (metaphysical) and changing beliefs to knowledge.

I’ll keep collecting them. Some have and may yet end up here. Maybe you ought to collect your own. Good journal material.