Mini Seminar

We actually don’t want any part of this.

Above is a true statement. We have been told to do a mini seminar on July 27. The hope is that everyone will be out of town and unable to come. Wahoo!!!!

My sighted friend and also my daughter have been shown what is upcoming in our area, country, and more. I recently spent several hours with my daughter with her sharing what she has been shown.

They have been told to share, which neither wants to do. But since it is His will, they will.

I don’t know if my daughter will actually be there in person right now. If not, someone will read what she has been shown.

This invitation is for those that are registered on this blog, as the space is limited. We don’t want you telling your friends or others about it please.

In the past, these kind of things have been shut down by the judgment of “new” people that don’t know how strange we are or have never been around us.

They go into judgement and condemnation and then the sighted presenter has been told by the Savior to stop presenting. We don’t want that this time, there is too much that needs to be shared. So please keep this event quiet.

Space is limited, so only those that have reserved a seat will be allowed in. That can be REQUESTED by emailing me at:

If there is room I will send you a confirmation. If you are not part of this blog, most likely you will not get a confirmation back from us.

Children are not invited to this event due to the serious content. Also, it will NOT be recorded and we ask that you not record either. Notes are great. If we see you recording, we will immediately shut down the event. That will make several hundred people not very happy with that person.

It will start at 8:30 AM and end by noon. If there is time, there will be a small Q&A at the end.

The location will be sent to you with your confirmation, but it is in Salt Lake Valley.

Have a great week.