Received the following from a very good friend:

“When I ask Yeshua to remove unclean and earthbound people from me, do I ask that they be sent to hell, or do I just ask they be gone – removed?

I believe I am instructed just to have them sent away because they haven’t come from hell in the first place. Am I learning correctly?”

I think the world of this friend because she truly wants to learn and is never afraid to ask and ask again. She isn’t afraid to get it wrong and learn from any errors in judgment. A gift I’ve tried hard to acquire during my struggles to learn from all of this.

It is impossible to pigeon-hole earthbound spirits into just a couple of categories.

We have done generational healings where earthbound spirits were brought up from hell in chains. They were in the lower areas of hell, closest to the plain of repentance.

Others have been encountered in clearings that are just confused, not even sure they are transitioned.

Some of the saddest ones are those that actually have become “earth bounded” because of family and traditions. We have written about these. A good example is the woman whose family built a shrine to her on Hwy 6. It is a heart made of colored rocks. She was chained to the ground until she was cut loose. We have passed many others like her, bound to the family shrine made for them.

There are earthbounds that stay here because of addictions, anything from alcohol, drugs, to all kinds of things. They will find someone with their particular addiction to attach to.

During a generational healing, the Lord Jesus Christ will come and work with each earthbound on an individual basis. The earthbound will inform Him where they desire to go after their conversation. Sometimes it is to a hospital, other times to the plane of repentance. There have been a few that have declared they aren’t ready to repent and want to be sent back down to hell. The Warrior guardians then escort them back down.

I voiced a blessing for a woman once where I felt an earthbound in the chair in the corner of the room. After being told she was most likely the woman that had lived in the apartment before the current resident and had committed suicide in that corner in a chair, we said a prayer where we addressed her and gave her several choices, none of which involved staying in that apartment. She moved on.

We just recently mentioned an earthbound that had been murdered and had attached to a wonderful young man. He was confused and didn’t know what to do. Also the woman that had one attached to the bottom of her back. He had caused much spiritual damage which transferred into physical back pain.

From our experience, earthbound spirits come in all shapes, sizes, and reasons for remaining here. Many are just confused, especially if the death was sudden or dramatic. Those sometimes have a hard time believing they are “dead” and could require some convincing or talking to.

Others that are belligerent might require a stern demeanor. These have been told that the home they are in isn’t theirs anymore and they have no stewardship. They were told they had a choice, to move on to the light above or be barred from ever entering the home again since someone else now has stewardship over it.

Some will respond to kindness when told to “look up” and see the light. You might ask them who is in the light or tell them their family is there waiting for them. If they will look up, most likely they will see them and move on.

As was stated, it is hard to pigeon-hole earthbound spirits into just a few categories. With the Lord Jesus Christ’s help, it is possible to have them move on, be removed, or barred from the area or person.

All praise be given to our Lord Jesus Christ for any and all understandings regarding earthbound spirits. He is the Master and Healer.