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Please don’t offer me your expertise, I won’t understand it anyway, let alone be able to do anything about it.

Maybe I can appease you with an experience from the past few months.

I received an email from someone asking for help. They had put their nearly two-year-old to bed one night. After a little more than an hour the mother went in to put her daughter to bed. She noticed her son was not in his bed, nor on the floor.

As it would any of us, this greatly concerned her. She looked around and couldn’t find him. The Spirit whispered to look in the toy box.

She looked and there he was, locked in. This toy box can only be locked from the outside. There was no one in the house to lock him in the toy box, yet there he was. She got him out and he was all hot and sweaty.

We looked with spiritual sight and a very dark translated being had entered their home which had some ancient high level portals in it. He had done the deed. We left a day-and-a-half later on the nearly four hour drive to get there. Because of the abuse my sighted friend received as a young child from the dark side of the veil, she is very quick wanting us to respond when a child is in need. This child was in definite need, as was the family with that large critter roaming around. The entity was starting to attach to the back on the child’s head to integrate with him.

We asked several of our trained friends to come and help us. They showed up and the property and home were cleared of all portals and dark beings because of our Savior Jesus Christ.

After this we did clearings on the family members.

It was a glorious day, as more than a few dark beings were cut to pieces and sent back to Hell. Praise our Lord and God, Jesus Christ for His help and concern for this family.

As we drove home we had a chance for several long chats about what actually went on at that house and why this dark translated being did what he did. We laughed as we realized that most people on this planet would never believe what went on that day. Especially those members of my particular denomination and well, Christians in general.

We’ll discuss more about these things tomorrow.

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