Pretty cool, I’d say

We did a generational healing yesterday. I was told to share some things with you. Since there are only ten of you, I’m okay with that.

Before we do any work for the Lord Jesus Christ we will normally fast. Typically it is a 24 hour fast. This is before any clearings, blessings, portalcisms or other things we do for Him in behalf of others.

I admit that in the past it was kind of a pain in the posterior, but it has happened so often it seems to have become part of the work. You just know the fast is part of what happens and you do it.

Maybe I have become so complacent that He decided to teach me something new.

The generational healing was scheduled for Sunday at 10 AM. So my fast would go from after lunch Saturday to lunch Sunday which was scheduled for 2 or 3 PM. We encountered a problem when the day got away from us and the family arrived on Saturday to visit and my sweetheart and I had not had time to eat lunch together. They left that evening after a wonderful visit and we reminded each other that we forgot lunch. She asked if I was going to eat dinner with her. I reminded her that I needed to fast, but said I would go ask.

I came out of my room and told her that I had permission to have dinner with her. This really surprised me. We went and bought a great dinner and came home and ate it together. I love being with her.

The next morning I’m getting ready for the generational healing and during my prayers I ask why I was allowed to eat dinner the night before. Was skipping breakfast enough of a sacrifice for my part in the work we would do that day?

He told me that no, my missing breakfast wasn’t enough of a sacrifice, but that my sweethearts sacrifice was. What? She did miss lunch yesterday, but what sacrifice other than that?

There are the moments that I really enjoy, especially when the Lord Jesus Christ sits you down and presents a new concept that maybe you haven’t considered before. I was told her sacrifice that was acceptable to Him was all the hours she sits home alone while I am out doing His work. For instance we went to another State two weeks ago for three days while she stayed here. She doesn’t go because when we go out to help people, my work is to take care of the logistics of the trip, help our sighted friend, and make sure it all works out. If she was there, I wouldn’t be able to be with her much anyway, let alone focus any time on her. (Which you husbands know is not a good thing.)

You see, her job in this is to keep me going. She works, tirelessly, behind this work doing everything to keep me going. I can’t tell you how lost I would be without her doing what she does. I also can’t tell you how many thousands and thousands of meals she has cooked for others.

I also can’t tell you what it means to me that “heaven took notice” and allowed the thousands of hours of her sacrifice to be acknowledged. I told her what He had said and she did tear up. She has a very tender heart, like her Mother in Heaven. It is so wonderful when Heaven does acknowledge what you do, especially when you might feel that never in a thousand years they would notice anything you have done. I believe they see all. They saw and acknowledged her. Praise Father, Mother and our Lord Christ.

I have a journal of many of the clearings, blessings, portalcisms, and generational healings we have done. Not much but the names and places. There are thousands of clearings and blessings. Also hundreds of portalcisms from Nevada, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona and Utah. It also includes hundreds of generational healings. We have never charged for one of them. Much has been out of our own pocket or the pockets of our friends that we have trained and taken with us. A ton has been from donations of others to the work, which we appreciate hugely.

My sweetheart has stayed home and kept the house and family going these past twenty years, since our daughter did the diabetic coma. Am I grateful for her sacrifice? Absolutely. I missed her all those many times we took off for a week or two, for a day or two, or even for a few hours. She hasn’t had the nice home, cars, or “things” of this world like so many others. Yes, we always are provided sufficient for our needs. Our vacations have only been when others have been kind enough to give us one. We are so grateful for them. I always hoped she would forgive me for not being able to give her more than I have.

I need to add something else to this. Ever since this started twenty years ago, there have been many hundreds that have bad-mouth me, our sighted daughter, and this work we have done. I have been called Satan, a cult leader and worse. There are so many false stories and accusations, rumors and other bunk that it would take a book to talk about all of them. It all is false.

During all of this there has been a few constants in my life. First is the Lord Jesus Christ. He has never left and is my guide in all of this. We have done His work and still do. The other rock in my life is my sweetheart. I have been able to do this only because of her help and steadiness. My other is my family. I can’t tell you how many times they had to be quiet or play elsewhere because dad had some people over. The rule was the people could stay until they were “done.” Many times that was after midnight. So yes, our children also didn’t have a father around much of the time. I guess it takes time to do all this weirdness. I can guarantee it does when you are working or helping others, even just listening.

All of the crap that has been sent my way has also affected my sweetheart. I know that many of those that have sent it this way will one day answer to the Lord Jesus Christ for what it did to my sweetheart’s heart. You see, your rudeness, Satanism, false accusations and just plain crap just doesn’t affect this work, it affects my sweetheart’s heart and I know one day that will be shown to you when you stand in His presence and there will be a price paid, and it won’t be by her. Nevertheless, in the middle of it all she keeps loving me, because she knows the truth and guess what, now she knows that heaven took notice of all that she has given and still gives.

That is pretty cool.

May one day you be so blessed. And my God have mercy on you who have stressed or hurt her heart.

I praise the Gods of Light for her, her absolute kindness and love. You will not meet a kinder more loving person.

I thank my sighted friend for a witness to all of the above.