The saga continues…

The “rash” had gone away within a few days of the blessing. But something just didn’t feel right. It seemed to me that the entity was still in me, but there was no sign of the rash so I decided to “play it out” to see what might occur.

To my surprise about two weeks later the same kind of rash developed under my left arm. It grew quite fast and was really uncomfortable. Within days it was raw, just like the other one had become. I knew that in three days I would be traveling with Z to close some portals and do some healing work so I decided to wait.

As indicated a few days later I found myself in the car chatting with Z as we headed out to help a family. I mentioned the problem, told her that I had prayed and asked but couldn’t seem to get a clear answer as to why it had come back. She had some ideas but also seemed a bit unclear about it. I told her that we would be seeing my friend that had voiced the blessing on Monday, so we determined to ask him what he had done before the blessing and perhaps during it to see why this entity had not been cleared. It was felt that he might not have asked permission from the Lord Jesus Christ to voice the blessings. It states in D&C 46:7 “But ye are commanded in all things to ask of God…”

That thought brought me back to the time when my daughter, Denise, had gone into the hospital when she was fourteen years old with ketoacidosis and had another NDE. After she came home her blood sugars had risen to a dangerously high level and just would not come down. She’d give herself an injection of insulin and her blood sugars would stay high. We were becoming quite distraught over it and it looked like she’d have to go back into the hospital. At that point in time she’d go into the bathroom to give herself the injection. One time after she had vacated the bathroom the Spirit told me to go in there and to “smell the sink.” That was a strange request, especially considering it was the bathroom. But I complied and smelled the sink. It smelled like a Band-Aid, which is what insulin smelled like to me.

I went out into the living room and said to Denise, “You’re shooting your insulin down the sink. Aren’t you!”

She looked like a cornered cat and meekly said, “Yes.”

I told her to get to my bedroom and her mother and I would be right in. We arrived right after her. I knew that it must be something in her that was making her do this, as the Denise I knew wouldn’t try to kill herself. The scripture in the D&C came to mind where it says to talk in a firm voice, not with railing accusation to the demons in someone. At least that is what I remembered at the moment and there wasn’t any manual I had read on possible possession of your daughter and what to do about it. So I grabbed the seat of my pants and started to fly. Back in those days I hadn’t learned that a hospital is always crowded with all kinds of spirits, light and dark. The dark ones being there to go into/onto someone and possess or oppress them. Invasive procedures can cause our Aura to crack or have holes in it, allowing dark entities access to us.

Looking at her I asked in a very firm voice, “What is your name?”

To my surprise her face contorted, which I call “going Hollywood”, and she said in a demonic voice, “My name is ………” I turned to my wife and told her get our other daughter and get out of the house, if this thing in Denise was cast out I didn’t want it to “jump” into one of them. She took off.

I looked at her again and said in a firm voice, “I didn’t hear you clearly the first time. What is your name?” She went Hollywood again and repeated the same name.

Well, I thought, I have its name, but what do I do now? I had no idea and felt like a fool. What good did it do me to know the entities name at this point? So I raised my arm to the square and cast the entity out of her. It/she cackled back at me, telling me there was nothing I could do and it was not leaving. So I went forward and laid hands on her head and cast it out. Once again, it/she cackled at me and told me there was nothing I could do. Now I was at a loss. I knew its name, but that sure wasn’t doing me any good, I wasn’t there to ask it out on a date. Right then I resolved to call all the gifted people I knew and ask them for help. I started to think of them to figure out which one to call first. The Spirit said a firm, “No.” So now what? I decided to go into another room and pray. I told Denise and her entity to stay put and I’d be right back. I actually wondered if I’d see her crawling on the ceiling or wall when I came back. I had no idea what might occur.

I went to my daughter’s room and knelt down. “Heavenly Father,” I plead, “I tried to cast this thing out of my daughter but it won’t go. What do I do now?”

He responded back, “You never asked the Lord Jesus Christ for permission.” At that point in my life that was a new one for me. Nevertheless I asked for the Lord Jesus Christ to come. Light entered the room. I asked for permission to cast this demon out of my daughter and heard, “Yes, you have it.” I thanked Him for permission.

Quickly I went across the hall and laid hands on her head and cast it out. She turned around and said, “Daddy, will you shield me, it’s going to try and come back.” I told her to shield herself, she was old enough and so she did.

We are commanded to ask the Lord God in all things!

So my friend, (whom I’ll call Bob) that had “cast out” the entity causing the problem under my right arm came over and we had a most intriguing conversation.

Z was there and we asked him to relate what he did prior to the casting out. He informed us that he had asked the Father if He wanted me to have the blessing and received a yes. Then he asked for permission to voice the blessing and received what he felt was a yes. Well there went our theory. But this is where it is always fun, to figure out what was not done or perhaps not done quite right. We started to ask questions when all the sudden Z said that my guardian just informed her that the entity was never actually cast out.

Bob then informed us that during the blessing he had asked that the entity be transmuted to light. Z told him that it needed to be destroyed, that a living dark entity cannot be “sent” to the light or transmuted to light. Because it had not been cast out and destroyed, it had immediately gone into hiding inside of me and several weeks later caused the left arm to have problems. That is why I had not felt quite right about this. Bob is coming over today to set it right and cast the dark entity out and either destroy it or send it to hell. Typically when I cast out, which is always in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask my guardian to take care of it or them. He will cut them into pieces and send those pieces down to hell. There are many levels in hell and the pieces fall all over the place. The dark entity can’t die, so it then takes a real long time for it to find all of its pieces and put itself back together again. Z has mentioned she has seen other demons or such find some of those pieces in hell and kick or punt them like a football, thereby sending the offending piece of dark entity to another level.

Anyway, spirit does affect physical. Dark spiritual entities can affect our physical bodies for ill, and not just split lips. Getting rid of entities requires us to get permission from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then it is cast out in His name. It needs to be cast down to hell. Some entities are quite powerful and require someone with actual priesthood to cast them out, not just church priesthood or pretend priesthood. There are some people that actually believe they can send dark entities to the light. Not possible. Not even our Lord Jesus Christ sends ANYONE to the light. Agency is always honored and is one of the key principles here in this world. If the Lord Jesus Christ must honor that principle, what makes any of us believe we don’t have to? Yes, there are entities in hell that are redeemable. But leaving there or going anywhere involves an invitation, it must be their choice. We can’t send them anywhere except to hell where they came from.

Praise be to God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for their blessings and knowledge on how to help others and ourselves.