Doug Tales 61: Auras, Part One

Shortly after his ten-year-old daughter Denise came home from her coma-induced hospital stay in late 1999, Doug Mendenhall learned that she had acquired the ability to see auras around people. The first person whose aura she described was Doug’s, when he got mad (with a red aura color) trying to give Denise an insulin shot. Doug would refine and expand his understanding of the energy fields around people later, but his preliminary learning is described in My Peace I Give Unto You (2001) on pages 90-92.

“NO! You no get me!” Denise squealed and ran just past my reach.

Still with some frequency, Denise showed a little incoherence when she talked; she also had problems coming up with the correct word for the situation. The effects of the stroke continued to linger on.

“Denise, you get back here!” I gritted my teeth and grabbed her. “You need this shot and you’re getting it!”

“NO! You get it.” She squirmed just enough to prevent me from sticking her with the needle. She knew I wouldn’t stick her unless she held still because of the fear I had of what might happen. I hated giving her shots and not just because she usually made it a twenty-minute production. I hated causing her pain even if it was necessary.

I reached over to grab the syringe and she slipped out of my grasp and headed into the kitchen at a run.

“DENISE!” My frustration was about to boil over.

If she would just let Dianne give her the shot. But she wouldn’t, she would only allow me to give it. It always ended up being a long, drawn out production.


I charged out of the bedroom into the kitchen and cornered her. “You will sit still, and you will get this shot!” I demanded between clenched teeth.

“Wow, now you’re really red!” She pointed above my head and started to laugh.

I figured that she had confused the words red and mad. “Huh, what are you talking about?” My frustration still fed my anger.

“You’re red now, you’re really mad.” She said it with such delight that it caught me off guard.

There was a tickle in the back of my memory. Something about auras, you know, the lights they say that extend out from each of us. I had seen a few people using special film or cameras or something like that to photograph them. I had always wanted to get mine photographed but never had the twenty-five dollars on me that they always seemed to charge.

“You can see . . . colors . . . around me?” Astonishment replaced my frustration and the anger melted.

Did I really understand what she said?

“You can really see colors around me?” I asked again. I was dumbfounded.

“Uh huh, now you’re not so red,” she replied, as if commenting about the weather.

She acted as if it was natural, so natural that it must be as obvious to me as it was to her.

“How long have you been able to see colors?” Frustration turned to fascination.

“Since I woke up.”

“Do you see colors around everybody?”

“Duh,” she stated as a matter of fact.

“Daddy, my shot.”

“Yeah, okay, let’s give it to you.”

My mind filled with questions. She quietly sat next to me while I gave her the shot.

“I’ll be in the bedroom.” I announced to no one in particular. Denise followed me down the hall.

“Daddy, where are you going?”

“My bedroom. I want to be alone. Why don’t you go watch television or something?” I waved her off.

I closed the bedroom door and sat on the bed. My daughter could see auras.

Doug Tales 60: Red Elk, Part Two

Doug Mendenhall sent a follow-up email to many about a June 2011 seminar he sponsored with the medicine man Red Elk (1942-2015). In this unpublished June 29, 2011 email, Doug reports a few things he experienced and learned at Red Elk’s seminar, showing—among other things—Doug’s openness to learning from all kinds of individuals:

We were able to secure 50 Fools Crow: Wisdom and Power books from the publisher. They only have 80 left and let us have fifty of them. They are selling them for about $35 on the internet they told me. People at the workshop took half of the 50. So we have 25 left and they are only $15 plus five to ship. Call if you want one. This book is beyond incredible with what it teaches. Just the concept of becoming a “hollow bone” in order to do the Lord’s work is worth reading it. The publisher doubts they will ever print more of them. Sad….

WORKSHOP REPORT: I have had more than a few people ask me to write about the workshop with Red Elk, Kitten, and Denise. Most of the seminars and workshops we have done in the past are pretty straight forward. The presenters know in advance what they will teach and do so. This one was so different! None of the presenters or me was allowed to know in advance what was to be taught. I talked to Red Elk two days before and he was a little frustrated and realized that he needed to “follow the creator” and speak His words. Kitten and Denise were told the same thing…. Nothing was allowed to be prepared; they were to follow the Spirit. It was awesome.

Saturday [June 25, 2011] was divided into workshops where you went to work with Red Elk, Denise or Kitten and then rotate to the others. What they taught was different for each class. Yet after talking to them I was amazed that the same concepts were taught yet individualized according to who was in the class. Interesting what the Spirit will do. Most people are so lacking in spiritual power or at such a low frequency they can’t so much in the Spirit. In several classes the women worked on getting our  “frequency “ or  “vibration “ up higher and keeping it up. I know one guy reported that he didn’t come back down spiritually for several days. Pretty cool. Some people seemed to be able to do things pretty easily and others not so. They did work some on seeing and feeling auras. Most was pretty basic because that is where many people are….

A few people said they were envious of me being in the presence of these women all the time and learning. But we didn’t spend much time on these things. It is an individual journey with the Spirit. I would get a witness from them from time to time. Just the other night Kitten asked for a blessing so I went over to voice it. Afterwards she said that the Spirit wanted her to tell me a few things. After she was done I told her it was just a witness to what I had been taught the past few days. So the Lord sent me there to get a witness. The teaching should come from the Spirit. It was like she taught in her class—get your spiritual frequency up and then read the scriptures. It will amaze you what new insights are there to be learned.

It was a wonderful seminar. Red Elk was amazing. Some did judge him and therefore probably didn’t learn much. Some of my favorites were the healing that was done. Also he understands agency and respects it. Someone asked for a healing and he immediately went to pray and see what “Papa” said. If he got permission he then did it. I loved his comment, “You never seek out others to heal, you let them come to you.” It was great seeing a crusty, older, smoking, cussing, half-breed medicine man know the Lord better than most of the attendees at the seminar. Yes, God is no respecter of persons. Red Elk knows his creator and talks with Him.

That’s all I’m going to report about it. You needed to be there to understand the power of what happened and what was taught. Now to do what Red Elk said, we need to get off our butts and get to work and DO!

Doug Tales 59: Red Elk, Part One

Ten years ago, the Metis medicine man Red Elk (1942-2015) spoke in Sandy, Utah, with two others at a seminar sponsored by Doug Mendenhall. Doug encouraged attenders in emails sent to many people. Here is the one of those unpublished emails dated June 15, 2011, which shares Doug’s motivation and reasons for spending so much time and effort hosting seminars and workshops for others:

For a long time I have asked the Lord why I seem to be required to do these seminar and workshops. I do enjoy seeing my friends but some days it is hard dealing with what goes with doing a workshop; the aggravation, testing, complaints, etc. can be trying sometimes.

Today I had a very gifted friend that none of you have met send me what the Lord had given her for me to read. I will quote a small part of it: “(These seminar and workshops) are to bring the children of light to an understanding of what THEY have been given and how to use it. I’ll tell you why! In the last days these children of light will be able to use the powers they have and fight against evil by developing the gifts they have been given. (The seminars and workshops) will teach them how to develop these gifts and allow other people with gifts to tell them how also.”

She is EXACTLY right! I have tried to convey this for years now. I would love to share the emails and phone calls from people up to their eyeballs in spiritual problems asking what to do. These seminars have taught so much of this stuff. I admit that I do become somewhat discouraged when people make a decision not to attend without asking our Father if they should come. If it was something I was doing to just do it or to make money I really wouldn’t care. After all is said and done we don’t make much doing these and as I said they are more of a hassle than not for my family, except we get to see our incredible friends and I do learn many amazing things from them.

The other part that is sad is after someone gets a witness to attend and then they don’t. I remember at one of the Ezekiel seminars I did years ago, three gifted people that had received a witness to attend and speak backed out because of the long trip. Later, I asked a couple of them if they had been reprimanded by the Lord and they confirmed that they had been.

I love the fact that we have our agency and God allows us to “self-select.” It has always been that way. The people in 3 Nephi that witnessed the Lord in the Americas some eleven months after His death and resurrection in Jerusalem “self-selected” themselves. They traveled to the Land of Bountiful and were marveling at the changes there when He appeared. What if they had said the journey was too far to make or it was too hot or they didn’t have the funds, etc. Then they would have also “self-selected” out of the experience. Though they would have never have known. But would their progression have been stopped or slowed down? I hope to shout it would have! Look what they would have missed. How many times in my life has the Spirit prompted me to do something and I didn’t because it was hard or out of my box—I self-selected out of the experience He wanted me to have. The young rich man that asked the Lord what he lacked and the Lord gave him a list of things to do and he said he had done them all. So the Lord then told him to sell all he had and come and follow Him. He declined (self-selected) and walked away, missing the last two weeks of the Lord’s life. He missed being an eyewitness to the greatest events of our planet.

We had the good fortune to have Red Elk do a healing over the phone with several of my friends for two people. Some of us agreed that it was similar to many other modalities and not really new information. But was that just on the surface? Could it have been we “self-selected” ourselves out of having incredible information given to us from the Spirit by thinking or saying such things. Absolutely. How come we can read the Scriptures with the Spirit and then declare that someone must have written them anew during the night because we learned so many new concepts and ideas that “just weren’t there before.”

Red Elk will be coming to the SLCC Larry Miller campus on the 22nd of this month [June 2011]… I have had people say that he will say nothing new that they don’t already know. Really? If the Spirit told you to attend then and you don’t go then you have just “self-selected” from some vital things the Spirit might want to teach you. The only question I can ask of those is did they get a confirmation on their knees that He does not want them there. Then that is wonderful. It is really sad if we have been seeking light and wanting to know and because of pride or whatever, we don’t ask our Father what He wants us to do. Is it far to go, or cost too much. If He says to go, does it matter?  Then if we do go and ask Him to teach us even greater things, such as they learned in 3 Nephi because they went, would it be worth the effort….

If you think I am blowing smoke please understand I have never been more serious. Some of us do not realize what is being unleashed upon the earth at this time. I wish you could hear the phone calls and read the emails we get from people asking for help.  If you are not prepared, you will perish. Your bishop and church may not be able to help you. They are good people, true. But it is like the paper I gave out years ago from a leadership meeting where Elder Scott spoke and said: “IF we don’t have a personal relationship with Christ we will not survive what is coming.” That says it all.

Doug Tales 58: Tendrils Up From Hell

What do curses look like spiritually, the kind of curses that come on a person who trusts in people over trusting in God? The scriptural term is “trusting in the arm of flesh.” Doug Mendenhall shared how such curses appear as twisting, slender tendrils which twine around and climb up a person’s body while growing up from hell onto the person. (Such dark spiritual tendrils can become the beginnings of “Cords and Bonds” mentioned in last week’s Doug Tales 57 blog post, March 14, 2022.)

Doug’s remarks about tendrils up from hell are recorded and can be listened to on this blog at “Talks” (August 19, 2019). This excerpt is from a transcript printed at the end of Conquering Spiritual Evil Blog Posts 2017-2019 (2020), on pages 336-338:

When our kids reach 21, our stewardship is over and they belong to the Lord. They’re always His kids. We only have stewardship for a while. Women have stewardship over their sons and daughters, and the boys until they turn 12. Then it reverts to the father. When they all turn 21, they’re the Lord’s. They are no longer your children – they belong to Him. Have we been in their life? Are we trying to control their lives? If you are, then you have a problem. It’s called taking their agency away, then you get cursed.

That’s one of the things Denise wanted me to talk about. Holy cow, there you go. We’ll start out with that. She said, “Dad, do you know what curses look like?” I go, “What are you talking about?” She goes, “Curses – that’s when you trust in the arm of flesh.”

  • Jeremiah 17:5: “Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.”
  • D&C 1:19: “The weak things of the world shall come forth and break down the mighty and strong ones, that man should not counsel his fellow man, neither trust in the arm of flesh.”
  • 2 Nephi 28:31: “Cursed is he that putteth his trust in man, or maketh flesh his arm, or shall hearken unto the precepts of men, save their precepts shall be given by the power of the Holy Ghost.”

I said, “So what does that look like?” You see, we did the book Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One, and these other books, and they’re experiential books. We aren’t allowed to write stuff unless we experience it. People come up to me and ask, “When is the next book going to be out?” I go, “We’re about twenty-two, twenty-three chapters into it, and it depends on when the next awful experiences happen.”

What does that curse look like? Denise said, “Dark tendrils come up from hell, and attach to the person. They’re not strong at first. They start at the feet and go up the body. They are not strong at first, meaning it’s like you take a piece of yarn, and you break it easily. Then you take and attach another and another strand, and you can break it still. You get forty or fifty strands, and you can’t break it. The tendrils come out of hell and attach to your feet, and they’re going up your body the more you keep trusting in the arm of flesh. They become very strong, so they can’t be broken. Your aura changes and becomes a darker color. A dark mist will surround you. The sighted will look at you and your aura will be darker. Eventually, the darkness will be around you and they can hardly see through it.”

That’s what the curse looks like when you trust in the arm of flesh. That’s what Denise sees, and she sees it a lot. Not just with LDS, but with Catholics, all different religions, all different government entities. Kitten talked about it, it doesn’t have to be just a religion. If you’re putting your trust and faith in a government entity, or a government, an institution, then you’re not trusting in God. If you’re putting your trust in fifteen guys in downtown Salt Lake, you’re not trusting in God.

What would that look like right now? I talked to Denise about this. My friend Kitten over here, she’s seen it all the time. A guy from my ward, a not very bright guy, he let me teach the elders quorum. I was falling asleep. One time, the elders quorum president, a good man that I really loved, he got up at the end of class and started talking about sacred cows. He said, “We need to follow the prophet, no matter what we do, we need to do what the man says, and we will be fine.” Wait, wait, these scriptures we just read “Cursed is he that putteth his trust in man.” Last time I checked, the LDS leaders were men.

Who do you put your trust in? She said, “only the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, nobody else.” You don’t trust what is said here today. You go to the Lord and you get verification on everything. (Don’t drive to 151 South State just to check that out. Ask the Lord. Maybe He doesn’t want you to check it out.)

Later, my friend came over that night to my house for some reason. (Nobody comes to my house after church.) We got talking about the lesson. He mentioned what he said. I said, “You know that was wrong. You testified in front of those men that they should trust in flesh.” And he said, “Yes, I know, I shouldn’t have done that.” He knew what he said was wrong. So what does that do to you? Does it make the curse immediate and even worse? Absolutely.

Now it’s three years later and after I don’t know how many rounds of chemotherapy. They opened him up, he was full of cancer. They bagged him, whatever that’s called, when you get a colostrum bag. He went through chemo, and made sure it was all done. But when they reattached the intestines to the bag, in order to do that, they found he’s full of cancer again. I saw him on the Fourth of July, and at first I didn’t recognize him. I didn’t know what to say. He happened to be outside on the street with his wife, and I happened to have my friend Kitten in the car. She looked at him and said, “Wow, if he would just repent of what he said.”

Do you get how important not trusting flesh is? That’s in your scriptures folks. He put it in the Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and the Old Testament. There’s no excuse. No excuse. My friend admitted it. He knew it was wrong when he said it. All he needs to do is go back to that quorum and say, I was wrong, do not trust in the arm of flesh. I don’t care what the songs say. I don’t care what they testify. God says you don’t. That’s what my daughter wanted to get across today, one of the main things. Because she sees in everybody how many of us have tendrils because we trust flesh. If you trust her, you’re going to get tendrils coming out of hell because she’s flesh.

Can we go now? You should not take blindly anything that’s said here today. These precepts were given by the power of the Holy Ghost. You should get on your knees and ask in all humility without any preconceived notions or ideas if it’s true or not, of Him, the Lord Jesus Christ, or not. That goes for anywhere, any organization, with any human being. Hopefully you only came here today because He told you to. Not because you’re curious and you want to see a freak show (me being the freak). You asked, and He said yes. Otherwise, why are you here? You don’t go to something like this, you don’t go to any seminar or workshop unless you get down on your knees and you ask Him, “Is this something You desire me to go to today, that will benefit me and my life today?”

We used to have long conversations about blind trust when people would show up at our house for years for the “oracle of the week show.” People would show up and they’d just want to talk to the oracle. They wanted to ask about their life questions. Back in the early days, Denise was scared of all of you. She would say what the Lord told her to say, and many times He’d have her say, “Yes, yes, yes,” to whatever you asked. Then, they would leave, and she’d say, “Why don’t they go to Christ?” I’d say, “Why don’t you tell them that?” She said, “Because He didn’t want me to. He wanted them to do it wrong until they figure it out.”

Time is short. You’re being told now.

– – –

Postscript: Doug Mendenhall started this blog exactly five years ago, on March 21, 2017. In his first blog entry, called “Since This Is My First Post…”, Doug emphasizes turning to our Savior to combat whatever problems we have. Whether it’s trusting in flesh or anything else, the way to overcome and conquer the spiritual evil in our lives is repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. The following excerpt from that blog post is reprinted in Conquering Spiritual Evil Blog Posts 2017-2019 (2020) on page 3:

How many of us suffer from ailments that might be caused by such things?  Did not the Lord Jesus Christ cast off entities and people were healed?  Why would it be any different now days?  Sometimes it just requires the strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, fasting, and proper authority.  Those are key elements any time we are facing darkness or evil.

Doug Tales 57: Cords and Bonds

Freedom from negative/dark cords and bonds is offered by our Savior Jesus Christ through our repentance and our forgiveness of others. Such freedom from negative connections to and from others is one of the many topics which Doug Mendenhall discusses in his book, Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020) on pages 63-67:

A concept was shared by the Lord Jesus Christ that has caused many of us to reconsider our own lives and what we need to do to repent. If we have expressed with emotion our regret, hatred, or other negative thoughts towards another person over what they have done, we have created a dark bond or cord to that person. Even if that person doesn’t know about this, it doesn’t matter. The entities on them will know about it and will effectuate problems and drain your energy. They can also send you nice little packages through that channel to your body. It goes both ways.

Years ago I went and stayed in a sheepherder trailer for three days, fasting, reading scriptures and praying. I was waiting to hear from God. As I was preparing to head home after three glorious days, I knelt and prayed. I seriously wanted a vision or some sign that what I had done was acceptable. So in my prayer I asked and asked for it but didn’t receive anything. Finally I asked what He wanted me to do. I was told to go to my LDS Bishop’s house and ask for forgiveness for anything I had done to offend him or his family and to let him know that I had forgiven him of anything that I felt was an offense.

When I was told to do this by God, I felt I had heard wrong. I said something like, “After all this man has done to my family, my wife, my young son, you want me to do this??!!” The answer was a quiet, “Yes.” When I stood on my bishop’s doorstep about thirty minutes later, I was still confused. Nevertheless I did it. Now I know why. Now I know why I felt free afterward. I was free. Free of those bonds that we had between us that were so unsettling and hard, really hard and bitter. Later, he became the Gospel doctrine teacher and I’d sit on the front row raising my hand quite often. I quite enjoyed his classes.

There are many people that have come by our home or we have gone to theirs and done a clearing on them. One of the first things done in a clearing is to cut the negative bonds and cords the person being cleared has with other mortals, entities, and such.

Let me share part of a generational healing where this was realized. The man being cleared had an evil Lieutenant General assigned to him that had a set of lines or cords going to each chakra point: “The greatest problem affecting [the man] was a large Lieutenant General standing directly behind him with a set of lines (cords) attached to the human victim. The ‘lieutenant’ portion of the rank is of being the person who takes over in the place of the General when he is not present, or, more specifically, the man who carries orders for the General to places he cannot be personally. The Lieutenant General was literally controlling a number of emotions as well as thoughts.

“The man had no idea some of the thoughts, within his mind, were not his own at all. An amazing amount of pain, the gentleman was experiencing, had nothing to do with physical ailments. The evil being was literally inflicting pain generating impulses through one of the cords into the man’s body.

“There were also many cords attached to the man, coming from many different directions. Those cords were, slowly, draining him of life energy.”

There are various reasons or causes that allow an entity to attach itself to a mortal. One of them is if we fail to forgive others of what they have done to us and we rail against them, applying much emotion to our cause that will allow entities to come and place cords or bonds on us. As with this gentleman, the evil then can control us, cause pain and other problems with our bodies. The main thing they do is to slowly drain the life energy from us. Evil can’t create energy or light, so it must take it from us—mortal, walking, talking, “Duracell batteries.”

Also from the report: “The many cord attachments leading to other people the man had met over the years were also severed. Many people are totally unaware they are placing emotional attachments to many other people around them. This is why we have been taught to be personally shielded to prevent such occurrences. Those cords feed into other people as well as feed back again causing considerable problems for everyone around.”

We have met several people in the past who had what I call “love bonds” attached to them. These are people who are married and have children. Yet, they can’t seem to forget a “love” from their distant past. This “love” will come up in their minds quite often. Then those thoughts will go down to their hearts where problems start to fester. Entities can attach to those bonds and ideas will be implanted in their minds about “connecting” with the person from their past. Thought and feelings will focus on that person and they will treat their spouse and family less than they should because they now feel they are stuck in a life they don’t want, feeling it would have been a “Camelot” experience with the other person.

The problem is when you become close to a person you develop a bond between you and that person. When the relationship ends, especially one where love or emotions are involved and you don’t dissolve that bond with them then it remains attached to you. This can cause problems, especially if we end up with entities on us because these entities can use that bond to implant impure thoughts and ideas of just one special rendezvous. Of course it will be short and simple and nothing will come of it. Right.

What’s worse is, if the person on the other end of that bond had entities or knows how evil works and is of evil themselves, they can use that bond to then drain the life energy out of you. So not only will you have “feelings” for them, you will be constantly tired and will not do well physically.

Single people can have the same issues with bonds they have developed with former boy/girlfriends that can keep them from moving on and developing relationships with others. I know of a young sighted woman who talked about a cord she had with a former boyfriend that she didn’t want to cut even though she knew it wasn’t good. Also, a bond can be formed with someone you meet after you are married with the same dire consequences—it doesn’t have to be someone you had a relationship with before.

What does one do about this? The person will need to repent, turn to Christ Jesus, and get the entities cast off and the bonds/cords cut. And don’t forget to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the experience and finally, forgive the other person and yourself.

Please understand, there are also proper bonds. Especially between a husband and wife, between parents and their children and other family members. There are friendship bonds that are proper, all done within the Lord Jesus Christ’s bounds. These are bonds of Light and don’t perform like the dark evil bonds…

More from the generational healing report: “There are some cords we should have and maintain. These are with loving family members and more especially between spouses and their young children. It would be especially well to have an attachment to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Once our children are of age and living on their own we need to weaken the attachments allowing them to continue learning and living under the guidance and directions of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

“Our children are under our stewardship up until they depart for their own living circumstances. It is true we should continue to pray for them, however, our stewardship ends and we no longer have the right to control them in any way when they have matured enough to become actual adults mentally, emotionally and physically. If we have a child who is mentally incompetent then that stewardship extends beyond the normal age of majority.

“Husbands and wives should court each other, as was done before marrying, for the rest of their lives and thereby maintaining a good cord attachment that will feed love and strengthen both the marriage and each other.”

Let’s get back to the main topic. Right now in the news is a story about a young girl that is missing. The person of interest is her uncle, who has been arrested and is very uncooperative. If this ends badly, there will be many people sending in their negative, even hateful comments about the man and what they would like to have done with him. The little girl is quite adorable and it is an awful circumstance. If these people express their hate with a lot of emotion, even in social media, do you not think they just might attach a bond to the perpetrator? Does evil know what it’s doing? Just take a look at the comments section on any social media site. And it won’t matter if a fake name is used, evil knows who they are.

Think of a serial killer like Ted Bundy and the horrific things he did. How many have expressed their undiluted hatred towards him? How much emotion keeps being put on that fire with every movie or article that comes out about him and his crimes against all those young women? How many new cords/bonds are being created? Even if he has transitioned and is in hell, the bonds can and will still be created and sent to where he is.

What about us? Are we guilty of not forgiving everyone? No matter what? I know I have some work to do. If we don’t forgive all, we will not stand in a good place at the judgment, as we will “stand condemned before the Lord.” Not to mention the fact that since we haven’t forgiven others, He can’t forgive us. In the meantime, it won’t bode well for us with the bonds we have to those we need to forgive.

And Satan laughs.

Doug Tales 56: Negotiation

Doug Mendenhall was born on March 8, 1957, and would have celebrated his sixty-fifth birthday tomorrow, March 8, 2022. As a way of remembering him, today we’re re-posting Doug’s final post on this blog. “Negotiation” was originally posted November 27, 2020, and then printed on pages 507-508 of Conquering Spiritual Evil Blog Posts 2020 (2021):

We have written about working a restaurant in Fairview, Utah from July 2006 to July 2008 before in our books and on this blog. No one was paid, it was all labor given to Him.

There were many lessons learned from this experience, hard and also wonderful lessons.

The one thing we didn’t know about was that there had been a “negotiation” with the Savior about opening the restaurant and working it before we came to this mortality.

Maybe I should say a covenant was made. We obeyed the covenant and the Lord Jesus Christ came to the restaurant with His wife, Mary.

It makes me wonder how many of us made similar covenants with Him before coming here. It could have been something as simple as giving money to a beggar, which He was playing the part of.

Wow, it could be thousands of different things. Are we open to this kind of opportunity? Would we actually believe if it did happen? No, how about when it happens?

I know that for months after, people would eat their meal in that booth and then not leave. They’d just sit there. For hours sometimes. We’ve discussed “morphic resonance” in one of our books. Is that what it was? Is that why people are drawn to the Sacred Grove? To Johnson’s Farm in Kirtland? Interesting questions.

My question is, if the Lord Jesus Christ came and told one of something He wanted done, and you didn’t know if He had made a covenant with you before mortality, would you be allowed to negotiate?

I mean, is it okay to negotiate with Him? I know my friend Snuffer does. There are times he even gets what he negotiated for. But he is an attorney and is well versed in negotiations.

Should that person call the Snuff and ask him to negotiate with the Savior for them? Or just ride it out and see what happens. Because obviously nothing will happen unless they accomplish the “mission.”

It is the time of year when we would be preparing to feed fifty families a free meal at that restaurant. After the meal the children could go upstairs to the Christmas room and pick out a present for someone else. Then their parents went up there and picked out presents for their children and themselves.

It was very hard work. We wouldn’t get home until about 1 AM and then do it all over again the next day. We also did a live Nativity outside where a manger scene had been built. Friends and workers from the restaurant had sewed costumes for people to play the parts of Mary, Joseph, Angels, Wise Men, and Shepherds. It was beyond cool. One couple even put their own baby in the manger for a few minutes.

The following Thanksgiving was when They came to the restaurant.

So if one was to receive a “download” from the Lord Jesus Christ about doing a project, and that person understands that He would make it no small project, would it be okay to negotiate with Him about certain things that you might desire if the project was actually done. Based on the Snuffer example He is open to this.

I wonder what this person should negotiate for. Are there some “rewards” that are better than others. Or is that according to the individual. For example the three Nephites thought the reward of staying and doing His work as translated beings was better than what the other nine wanted, to be with Him in His Kingdom immediately upon transitioning.

I know what I would tell this person. Just wondering if you would have similar ideas.

Really interesting proposition, isn’t it.

God bless.

Doug Tales 55: Fallen Angel

To conquer spiritual evil requires knowing correctly who and what our enemy truly is, as well as who and what our God is. Doug Mendenhall diligently sought to understand and overcome the opposition we face here, and shares some of his observations in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020) on pages 38-39:

There is an ancient document called the “Discourse on Abbaton”… It talks about this fallen god and what the Father had done to him. I’m going to quote part of it here. There are several translations, but this has been my favorite:

“And when My Father saw his great pride, and that his wickedness and his evil-doing were complete, He commanded all the armies of heaven, saying, ‘Remove the writing [which is] in the hand of the proud one, strip ye off his armour, and cast ye him down upon the earth, for his time hath come. For he is the greatest of them all, he is the head over them, and is like a king, and he commandeth them as the general of an army [commandeth his] soldiers; he is the head over them, and their names are written in his hand.’ Thus is it with this cunning one, and the [names of the] angels were written in his hand. And all the angels gathered to him, and they did not wish to remove the writing from his hand. And My Father commanded them to bring a sharp reaping-knife, and to stab him therewith on this side and on that, right through his body to the vertebrae of his shoulders, and he was unable to hold himself up. And straightway My Father commanded a mighty Cherubim, and he smote him, and cast him down from heaven upon the earth, because of pride, and he broke his wings and his ribs and made him helpless, and those whom he had brought with him became devils with him.”

This is part of a letter by Timothy, Archbishop of Alexandria copied around 380 A.D. It describes some of the penalties which were done to Satan. In the past we would find three of these in the LDS temple endowment, but they were taken out of the endowment in 1990. I was shown this by one of the two individuals I know that are redeemed. It was pointed out to me that that before the changes were “dropped,” there were three penalties shown in the endowment. The fourth one was not given. I was told that Satan would have received all four penalties. When I asked what the fourth one was, I was told to go ask our Father.

I did and was told to do an internet search for “drawn and quartered.” After reading about what this involved I understood what the four penalties were. The reader is invited to do their own research…

This fact makes this planet extremely hard, yet we all chose to come here. Because it is hard, we knew the growth here could be exponential in our progression to become like our Heavenly Parents. Even a short time here is worth the effort since the opposition here is unlike any we have experienced anywhere else. Being within the extreme evil on this planet even for a short time—even five minutes—will influence and teach our mind, spirit and body more than an eternal round on any other planet. The opportunity for growth here really is exponential.

Doug Tales 54: Paradisiacal Glory

What is the true destiny of our planet and those who live here? What is the true history of our experience here? Would you be surprised if our society’s science and religions have answers different from those found in the scriptures? Doug Mendenhall explores these topics in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020), pp. 28-30:

Planets are created and have a spirit. They are alive as much as you and I. Remember in the last chapter my sighted friend stated, “The earth is a true mother who is a living being with thoughts and feelings.” Enoch heard our Earth mourn, talking. (Moses 7:48) The planets also go through their progressions and can become exalted.

Snuffer talked a little about this in Preserving the Restoration: “Before this world was organized, from an already existing and previously used creation, the condition was ‘spiritual.’ But it fell and became the temporal place as present; though patterned after the earlier world where we used to live in a spiritual state. Its present condition will be destroyed and it will return again to a spiritual state. It will be ‘quickened’ and no longer the cold, lone and dreary place of today.” (p. 323)

Joseph Smith wrote the Wentworth letter which states the “earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory.” The LDS website says this means the earth will be changed to the Garden of Eden state of being. In other words, it will return to its former state of being in the Terrestrial realm, while on its way to where it started in the Celestial kingdom. (Wouldn’t it be interesting to be in another state of existence on this planet Earth in the Terrestrial realms or when the Earth returns to the Celestial realms?) Like Snuffer states above, it already existed. Mother Earth responded to the call from the Gods of Light for a planet that would be willing to have “severe malevolency” upon her. She was already a Celestial, glorified planet and yet, willingly condescended to have a fallen god upon her along with the unbelievable malignancy of evil that would come with him.

My sighted friend said it quite well in our previous book I See…Arise!: “This planet is the ONLY planet with such brutal opposition! It is very unique for it is endowed with exceptional strength and has others inhabiting her who possess the supernumerary power to resist the great evil of a fallen god. No other planet has nor will be required to harbor such severe malevolency. A fallen god is so exceedingly rare not even our Heavenly Parents nor the Heavenly multi-Grand-parents have any such living memory of one. The colossal evil of our mortal realm is confined to this planet and none other. Satan may be able to wander many areas of darkness, but is well confined, being unable to advance beyond what the innumerable Gods of Light allow. “We chose to be born on this planet to greatly accelerate our learning and experience.” (pp. 193–194)

Some days can be quite painful with the required “remembering.” But this is why Snuffer made the statement that five minutes here is worth an eternal round elsewhere. As stated above, our learning and experience is greatly accelerated here!

We have a planet that is joined to others that agreed to condescend (because that’s what Gods do, isn’t it?) and have a fallen god come here along with his children. She left the Celestial realms and has traversed this path through that kingdom, through the Terrestrial to the lowest level of the Telestial and is now heading back. The “colossal evil” and brutal opposition my sighted friend mentioned caused the companionship of the other planets to break apart.

Doug Tales 53: Earthbound Spirits, Part Five

Doug Mendenhall, with the help of his sighted friend Kitten, continues talking about the impact of one person’s strong emotions literally holding another person bound to this Earth in I See…Arise! (2016) on pages 23-26:

On a highway heading up north from where we live there was a car accident where a woman had been killed. A short while later we noticed that there was a huge heart made out of colored rocks with a cross at the top of it that had been placed where the accident had occurred. Her name is on the cross.

I had often felt that the woman’s spirit is still on that spot. A few months later I would have my chance to see if my feelings were valid or not.

Further knowledge from our friend Kitten: “Due to a call of the highly spiritual kind, I was in accompaniment with Doug Mendenhall. We were on our way to a place called Eagle Mountain, Utah. We arrived at the junction of two highways in Spanish Fork Canyon. The date is unknown when a woman had died in a car accident at this junction. Her family built a surprisingly large heart-shaped memorial out of colored rocks on the side of the south-facing mountain. A memorial cross was placed just at the top of the ‘heart.’ It appeared to be of a dark type of wood. Her name was on a plaque which was attached to the cross. As a result of these strong emotions of the family, the woman ended up bound to that spot. How do I know this?

“As Doug drove up to and stopped at the stop sign, I could see her standing just slightly uphill of the cross. She was dressed in pastel colors of browns, yellows, and pinks. Her hair was dark. Surprisingly thick, dark, rope-like strands literally bound her to that spot. It was strange seeing the dark strands of an unknown material attached to her. There were multiple lines attached to her wrists that splayed out forming a kind of semicircle around her. Each strand was attached to the ground, a good yard away from her feet. Seeing her, I asked, telepathically, why she stayed there. Surprised, she said it was because she was bound there. In kindness, I gave her information she could leave, if so desired. She did not know how.

“At the stop sign Doug asked if I could see anyone near the stone ‘heart’ on the side of the mountain. I acknowledged I did. He wondered if I could discover anything about the person. I told him I was in conversation with her.

“As Doug carefully guided the car up onto the highway and merged with the traffic, I continued to give information to the trapped woman to look to the light and she may be able to leave. She said she was bound to the area and could not move. There was a distinct sadness in her voice. She said she was tired of being an earthbound. She wanted to leave but honestly could not.

“That’s when I asked her if she had prayed for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for help. She had not thought of that. I prayed to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, if He would go to her. He answered He was already in conversation with her. Praying to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I asked Him to go back to the woman and cut the lines that were holding her to the place her family had bound her. Several seconds later I saw her cruising along with us at the window on my right. With a smile she thanked me for the information. She was flying along horizontally with the car. I simply said, ‘God bless you.’

“Then my guardian popped back in behind me. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, had asked him to cut the strands holding the woman bound to the earth. Rising straight up, the woman disappeared to parts unknown. I gave a sincere prayer of praise, honor, and thanksgiving to God the Father, and a heartfelt thank you to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for hearing the prayer and releasing someone who had sincerely desired to vacate this planet.

“As we continued down the highway toward Spanish Fork, Doug asked if there were any others along the way. (Several others had died in that location.) Looking on both sides of the highway I saw no one else. There were no memorials either. It was understood, the only reason the one was still at the place of transition was because of the very strong emotions of her family. They were unwilling to let her go. As a result she ended up as an earthbound. It was gratifying to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, released her from the situation. Blessing, honor, glory, and power be to our Heavenly Father and His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Further Understanding: Because of the intense thoughts and emotions of this woman’s family she was literally “bound” to the earth with multiple cords attached to her wrist and going to the ground near her. She could not move from that spot. Denise’s intense thoughts and emotions towards the young man that had transitioned kept him “bound” from moving on in his progression.

How often do our emotions affect others? Are we conscious of doing this to others? Ourselves? Do we really understand the power behind our thoughts? Behind our emotions? For good and evil? Can our own thoughts and emotions keep us “bound” in a state of unconsciousness? Is that one reason that God has told us to “awake and arise?” To throw off those chains that bind us?

Doug Tales 52: Earthbound Spirits, Part Four

If your emotions can hold you back from moving forward in your life, could those same emotions also block another person’s progress? What connection do you have to those around you? Is that connection positive or negative? Doug Mendenhall and his daughter Denise share a few experiences with emotions and their impact on others in I See…Arise! (2016) on pages 21-22:

We know that our emotions can and do have a tremendous effect on our own selves—spiritual, mental, and physical. But can OUR emotions affect others to the point that we can cause THEM distress or problems? Obviously the answer is yes. Let’s take a look at several examples.

My daughter Denise had a friend transition a year or so ago. It caused her much distress, as it does many people. She met with the family often for a while and would talk to their son through the veil. It was mainly to give them solace, but also because she didn’t want him to go; he was young, near her age.

From Denise: “One of my friends died, and I had a hard time letting him go. He was always on my mind, and I didn’t find it fair that he had to go. I would cry over this a lot. Another of my friends came over to visit for a week. I was told to go up to the place where James was buried. I didn’t want to go, and I put up a fight, but the friend that came for the week said we should go. We got some flowers and drove 2 hours.

“When we got there, I got out of the car and ran up to his grave. I wanted to start crying, but I made myself not cry. My friend felt my guilt, my sadness, and my need to cry. So he started crying and turned to me and said, ‘You’ve got to forgive yourself, say goodbye to him, and let him go.’ He went back to the car, and I sat there finally crying and saying goodbye. When I was done I felt his happiness and he even thanked me. I felt happy to finally let him go. Now I can be happy for letting him go and not holding him here.”

She realized that she was keeping him from moving on because of her focused thoughts about him and her intense emotions about his transition. After she went to his grave and made peace with him, he was allowed to move on in his progression in the world of spirits.

The location of the grave of my father is among many Polynesian families graves. We have noticed over the years the great care they give to their family grave plots, which has been nice because they will also mow over my father’s grave. I have often wondered if many of their deceased ancestors remain “stuck” at their grave sites. One time Denise was with us decorating graves. I asked her if there were many of them there. The answer was, “Yes.”

Most of us have no idea that we might possibly be keeping a loved one, friend, or anyone for that matter here on the mortal plane—earthbound. Some spirits that are earthbound stay here because they actually don’t understand that their body has died. Others that suffered a violent death seem to get stuck in that particular spot. We have written about this in our other books, but people keep doing this to others—they need to be allowed to move on. It is important to understand the power of our thoughts and emotions and the effect they have on others. Actually not just others; our thoughts and emotions have the most powerful effect on us and what we manifest into our existence.