“Mamma Bear”

I had a visit to the most amazing chiropractor yesterday. He has attended some of our seminars and workshops, so he is familiar with our “goofiness.” Wow, what a good man, what a great chiropractor. Why? Because he listens to the Spirit. I won’t tell you his name here because his peers, and probably his licensing board wouldn’t like the fact that he is in tune with the Lord Jesus Christ. I suppose that wasn’t taught in chiropractic school. My back was out from top to bottom. After he was done with me, he said that like what we have written about here about when people have spiritual things removed and done to them, sometimes they will experience pain. He warned me that I would be in physical pain and to take care of myself. He was quite right about that one. Boy, those cold packs feel real good. I’m tired, but feel better for the experience and having my back straightened, toned, and adjusted in a way I have only experienced once before. He also did some other kinds of clearing on me, all of which have made me very tired.

In the last post titled, “This recovery hurts so bad it could kill me!” we talked about this very thing and shared the experience a gifted woman that had come here for a clearing and what happened to her on the way home. She cracked me up with her story.

We have experienced this on many occasions, as I feel most that do energy clearings have. I have learned to have a box of tissues handy when we do generational healings. Emotions will come up and clear quite often. What a great thing. Changes happen in the soul of the person, real changes made because of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let me share more of what our gifted friend has experienced in her own psyche or self since we wrote about her in that last post.

“Anyway, I’m writing to give you an update on a partial clearing. (40% of what was on her was removed.) I dunno if it’s different for ‘gifted’ people? BECAUSE….I’m a bit of a whack job!!!…..

In everyday living I’ve experienced love for my children… the compassion, sensitive, patient, educational kind, as opposed to my ‘mamma bear’ kind before.”

Let me interrupt her story to express here the importance of what she is saying! She went from a “mamma bear” love for her children to expressing her love with compassion, sensitivity, and patience. I bet her children wondered for a moment or two who stole their mother and gave them this replacement. But then, what wonderment they must have felt with this kind of Christ like love being given to them.

If you remember in the last book the Lord Jesus Christ had us do we talked about a woman that had experienced similar things after having many dark evil entities removed from her. She is my friend and even to this day when I see her I have to resist hugging the stuffing out of her. I admire her so because she went through and still goes through so much. On page 231-231 “I See….Arise!” she explained how her life changed after a clearing at her home:

“Let me just say, on my first day of being able to choose to be ‘me’ again, that it’s so nice to be able to love my kids. To see them playing and not hate them. It’s nice to see their lego house on the counter and love what they have created instead of feeling like I want to ‘beat the crap out of them’ because they left it there. It’s new and nice to be able to touch my son without feeling like I have to smash through a concrete wall to even reach my hand out. It’s nice to be able to play with them and joke with them instead of fighting thoughts about how to get them away from me and force them to do this or that. It’s nice to have them hug me and me not cringe and try to hide that it’s causing me horrible pain to have them touch me. It’s nice to be able to say, ‘I love you,’ to my husband, or apologize to someone for something. It’s nice to be able to ‘reprimand’ my children calmly without any hint of anger or having to keep back awful impulses. Thank you Lord! (I don’t hate the dog anymore either.)

“Today when I woke up, I laid there for a long time while smiling and smiling and laughing—which I haven’t done in a super long time. Maybe years and years. I felt so much better and joy inside—much more light! I felt so happy inside that my face doesn’t even have the capacity to express it…and I’m pretty sure it looks really weird.”

Isn’t the Savior incredible with what He can do for us if we will repent and turn to Him, allowing Him to take our problems, pains, and demons away? Thereby allowing us to become a new person in Him.

This past Sunday we did a portalcism and clearing where a twenty-year-old young man told us these things may exist but they can’t exert any influence or power of us. He laughed and mocked us for quite a while. All the while he was full of evil entities and had a high level General on his back completely controlling him. We knew it wasn’t him laughing and mocking, it was what was on and in him. It took about 45 minutes of conversation with this young man before he gained enough strength and asked to have them removed. He was so full of entities it took Z’s guardian, mine and the Savior to remove them all. From Z:

“The instant the command the cords be cut whereby any and all evil was attached to **** was voiced, my guardian sliced through so fast I couldn’t even see it. He had the evil General sliced and diced so quickly all I saw was a blur of activity. My guardian was a tad angry and took it all out on the general’s body. Every last dark entity was removed from ****’s body including the tiny one that was trying to hide within the heart. There were quite a few implements that were, also, removed and destroyed. Our Lord and Savior, Yeshua the Christ, was there to assist with the rapid clearing and cleansing of the young man’s body from the intense evil. Although He did not touch the evil beings, He did flash into white dust the implements then promptly healed the wounds. Between the two guardians and our Lord and Savior, the work was done quite rapidly. When everything was complete it was observed **** was very tired and near exhaustion.”

As stated before, this work will tire out the physical body. Plus this young man’s mother reported that later he gave her a hug, something he just didn’t do.

Anyway, let’s get back to our first story and her comments:

“I don’t generally hate people anymore. That’s new. I have feelings of kindness but I’m not altogether familiar with what to do with them so I find myself staring at people instead as I draw a blank, wishing I knew what to say or do. Thank heavens I’m not awkward about it.

Being able to do cleaning or paperwork without feeling like a total failure is new. I definitely appreciate that one!

But when I do anything spiritual, like study the gospel or have ANY degree of a spiritual discussion, I have to work hard to decipher what’s normal, or good vs evil, and end up just shutting down and zoning out. I’d say it’s a nice vacation but it’s hardly luxurious.

It’s certainly difficult living in limbo.”

It is my belief we are seeing in these people a new woman or man being born as a child of Christ. It is important to get that which is evil off of us. Though I feel many are so integrated with the entities on them, they think that the hatred they feel, the intolerance, resentment, the impatience with others, and other negative feelings and emotions are just part of this life. Many are proud of their great wisdom and feel it is all justified, while not knowing their internal standards of good and evil, what is real and not, and how evil operates, have been skewed by those entities. Once that is cleared by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we can emerge as new beings, bathed in His light and goodness, becoming like Him in how we feel and treat others, and ourselves. It does require we change our old habits and create new ones. Suffering is also a requirement, as the Lord submitted and suffered to all things required by the Father. But hey, that is another story.

I hope as we work to become clear of evil, we all can experience this mighty change of heart. Can the process be painful? Absolutely. Is it worth the price? Yes, when done in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Take care all.



“This recovery hurts so bad it could kill me!”

People come here for clearings and we often tell them they may experience pain or other symptoms associated with what was taken off of them. Though I honestly don’t know if they believe us or not. Sometimes I wonder if they think we are nuts. (Hey, I did write post about being nuts once.) Below is the experience of a gifted woman that came for help with what was on her. She had tried and tried to get it removed without much success. As I laid hands on her head I knew that all of what was on her would not be able to be removed in one clearing, there was too much there.

On that particular day we did clearings, there were several that would need to come back to have the job finished. This isn’t because we want them to come back so we can make more of the big bucks. I remember as a child the doctor telling my mother that she needed to bring me back in a week to make sure I was well. Cha ching goes the cash register. (We don’t charge for what we do, so there are no bucks, period.) It is because their physical body would not be able to handle all of what the Lord Jesus Christ needs to take off of them spiritually.

In past emails sent to my email list I’ve recounted several times when this has happened. One young man in particular up north needed five visits to cast off all that was on him. Did I want to go back up there five times over a six month period? No. Though it was fascinating to see the process. I wish I’d had a before and after picture of him as his countenance was night and day different. The first visit included Z, my daughter, and myself. When I laid hands on him the first time he thrashed about and did dry heaves, though Z mentioned he was spewing out spiritual vomit all over the floor and she was grossed out over it. It was interesting watching her walk around that vomit trying not to step in it on our way out of his apartment. I was glad the Lord Jesus Christ “locked” my hands on his head as he physically moved about quite violently as he “spiritually” vomited. If I remember right he had 20% of what was on him removed the first time, all that he would be physically and spiritually able to handle.

He emailed me later to tell me he hadn’t been able to move his legs for several hours after we had left and it took days for him to feel better. He said it felt like a train had hit him and wondered why he felt that way with only 20% removed. I wondered what the other 80% would bring. It brought relief to him as he looked great the last time we met, which was for lunch before he moved back east to his home State.

Another time I found myself casting some rather powerful demons out of a woman when she started to yell because of the pain they were causing in her lungs. The integration was pretty far along and she had little energy to help expel them. Suddenly Z stood up and placed a hand on her chest and one on her back to feed her energy to help her out.

We do tell people after they leave to drink plenty of water to help with the physical cleansing and that they may experience some pain or be quite tired. Below is what the one woman shared with us. A few of the things she had on her were a massive ships bolt through her chest with the attached nut on the back, a rather impressive caul on her head that had tentacles going deep into her brain, and a swirling mass of dark energy in her stomach with barbed wire thrown in to help increase damage and pain.

“First I’d like to express my gratitude. The progress thus far has been tremendous and I know it’s only a small part. I have been much more stable and capable. Although it’s been painful, the ‘post-surgical’ pain was NOTHING compared to living with that garbage.

I’d like to share the recovery process though, as I find it amusing:

As I left your home with **** alongside, I told him all I could about our experience before I left your property, knowing that once I crossed your double boulders at the gate I was gonna hurt like hell!!! And sure enough, I did. I was beyond grateful he was driving.

I cycled through chest pain (literal spiritual pain in my chest from the ship bolt removal), to dizziness and headache (caul removal) to wanting to curl up under a blanket to hide so no one could see me, to mild moments of peace at my newfound, albeit partial, freedom, then back to pain again. This cycle repeated several times! (It was humorous, because I was talking to **** the entire time and during the headache moments I spoke as though I was drunk and he’d tease me.)

At one time during the drive home though, I hurt SO BAD that tears fell due to pain and the agony of remembering the evil, then the strangest thing happened… I went incredibly Loopy, and kinda loud, and I asked ****, ‘Have you ever had surgery?!’


‘You know, ‘I slurred, searching for words, ‘when you come out of anesthesia and you know you’re dying of pain but they’ve got you on morphine so you just don’t care? You know that feeling when EVERYTHING is good… I mean, you KNOW that you hurt but you can’t even feel it.’


‘I feel like that,’ I said. ‘I hurt to the point of wanting to die but…..’ and then it dawned on me, ‘I think I’m on spiritual morphine!!! This recovery hurts so bad it could kill me! WOOOOW, this is good stuff!’

That lasted several miles before I cycled again. Most incredible. Definitely amusing. Incredibly humbling. Angels have now attended my every activity, allowing me to be mom when needed and crash otherwise.

My soul is desperately longing for the rest to be cleared and healed. I have slept much, eaten well, hydrated, read most of the Book of Mormon, and fasted 25 hours. I’ll let you decide, but I feel ready!”

Let me repeat again that this precious woman is quite gifted. She feels, sees, and hears more than the average person. Most people don’t feel it this intensely. Some might feel that could be a good thing. She will be back in a month or so to have the rest removed and receive a generational healing. It should prove to be interesting. Maybe she will give another report.

Spiritual removal of entities, devices, implants, etc. can be painful, but it is so worthwhile to be relieved of such dark evil. Of course it is all done by the Lord Jesus Christ, He is the true and only Healer. The rest of us are just observers and the required mortals with sufficient faith and/or authority to lay on hands or say the required words.

I hope God blesses all of you in your travels and travails.

It a Wacky World

It’s a wacky world out there. And an even wackier spirit world.

We were able to have a mini vacation during July and when we came back it’s as if hell showed up. (As if it wasn’t here already.) Since today seems to be a serious “covenant” day for many people, I thought I’d lighten it up from my end of things and share some of what we’ve seen the past month.

Since my daughter’s coma and becoming spiritually sighted, I’ve noticed many people seem to look for validations of what is seen or talked about in the spiritual realms. I remember when Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped in 2002 and we had many people tell us if Denise was really sighted, she would be able to tell the police where the Smart girl was located. “God wouldn’t want her kidnapped, so I know He would tell Denise if she really was gifted.” Personally I loved the fact that these people actually felt they knew what God wanted and what He would do in such a situation. Over the years I’ve dealt with TLS on many occasions. What is “TLS” you ask? Tired Leg Syndrome. It comes from jumping to conclusions all the time. Have you ever experienced such a thing? Probably.

So we were in Southern Utah clearing a home and property of nearly 300 portals. Z was quite exhausted from the work and also because the Savior makes her watch what went on anciently in each location that caused the portals to be there. This location was particularly nasty and loathsome. It had been a training center for dark high priests and evil lords in their “craft.” Their craft being Satanism with all it accouterments. Z mentioned to me that in the back yard they had slowly murdered toddlers and youths as part of their rituals. I won’t tell you the details except the last part was placing large boulders on them to slowly crush them to death.

After we had finished the home and property we were chatting with the new home owner and mentioned a few things to him about what had happened there. When we do this we never know if they will believe us or not. But this the young man said he had dug a deep, 9 foot hole in the back yard a while back. He encountered some boulders and moved them. Under the boulders he found some ancient artifacts and children’s bones. He quickly covered it all up and determined to never dig out there again.

We had validation of what Z had been shown. Though it still didn’t feel very good based on what happened there. Southern Utah was a Gadianton stronghold during Book of Mormon times. Some places down there carry some pretty bad vibes or bad juju if you prefer.

The master bedroom area had been where they had a baptismal font filled with putrid water. They would “baptize” the infants there by drowning them. The new home owners couldn’t hardly enter that room until the dark energy was cleared. This location had many earthbound toddlers and infants that were taken up to Heavenly hospitals by the requested angels.

This week we found ourselves in Idaho on a beautiful piece of property. The problem was anciently it had been an estate of a high end satanic high priest. Where these people had built their home was where anciently this high priest had located his orchards. Now in evil they don’t have orchards to just produce fruit. Some of you will be familiar with the Cedars of Lebanon or the Bohemian Grove. One of the bedrooms in the home was where the ancient altar had been located where many innocents had been sacrificed. And we wonder why we have problems in some of our homes. That is the energy they were sleeping in.

Yesterday we were doing clearings for people at my home. Every time we do these we experience things we have never thought of before. I asked Z if in hell they sit around and dream these things up. She said that actually they do. One of the women that came had a mass of swirling dark energy in her stomach also had barbed wire swirling in it. That would cause immense spiritual pain which then could translate to the physical. It takes some pretty evil, nasty, people to dream up that kind of stuff. (Must be where the CIA learned their stuff.)

As I laid hands on one person I saw him encrusted in “crud” from head to toe. He was encased in it. When things like this occur, I have learned the Lord Jesus Christ will just wait for instructions. Kind of like when the Brother of Jared had a lighting problem and the Savior asked the Brother of Jared what he wanted Him to do. Sometimes it requires a smidgeon of creativity. This time though He showed me His healing waters being poured over the man’s head to loosen the crud up. But it must be voiced in the mortal realm so I asked Him to pour His healing waters over the man’s head to loosen up the crud. Then I was told to ask for angels with hoses to power wash the crud off of him. I saw hoses coming in and angels grabbing them. Z later said the hoses were pretty cool because they came by themselves, like snakes and were different colors. Actually they were colors of the Chakras. (Now that should be interesting to many of you.) The angels then hosed him off. I should mention that much of what was on him was not his fault. He has been a whipping boy for many people and also takes peoples stuff to himself.

One person we did had some other surprises. When I lay hands on them I will start at the head and work my way down. As I got to this person’s waist I saw something there. Now I’m not even close to being as sighted as Z is and I heard the words “satanic apron” so I asked Z if there was an apron there. She said there was and it was satanic. I saw the apron with all its symbols. This woman had many ancestral curses and this was one of them. It was not her fault it was there, nonetheless, it was there. I saw that it was anchored on the sides into her body. I used my knife to cut at the anchor points and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to burn the apron and its symbols and send it to hell. He did. I then asked Him to gently remove the anchors, etc. Then we found “brands” in her back. It was the symbol you’d find on the corresponding area on the front of the LDS temple garment, only reversed. What we didn’t tell the person was yes they had been branded into her back, but the branding iron had been shoved into her and then cut off leaving the branding piece inside. It was still there with the scar tissue covering it. The Lord Jesus Christ had to perform surgery on her to remove it. There was some more done for her but this should give you an idea of the wild and wacky spiritual world out there. We warned her that she would be sore for a few days. Later as we were sitting there talking she exclaimed that she was already sore.

This woman came here to mortality during this time to stop the familial curses. These things on her were not her fault! She will be coming back for more work and the curses and other darkness within her family line will be destroyed. That will be accomplished through our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. None of us here are healers, He is the healer. Though in mortality it does require mortals to voice and exercise faith for these things to happen.

It would be easily possible for me to go on for many pages about what we’ve encountered on people, in their homes and on their property. It can be a wacky spiritual world. What I hope to understand one day is why we are not taught any of this. We seem to go blithely along in life, with crap all over us and we don’t care. We purchase property or homes where anciently the nastiest of nasty things were done there and we seem to put our master bedroom or our child’s room over the worst portal on the property. Then our children or we have issues, our family falls apart and we can’t figure out why. We have our family member go to his bishop for a blessing and the youngster sees demons in the bishop’s office while there. The blessing accomplishes nothing and the youth goes home, telling his parents about the demons in the office. He wants to know why and they have no answers. True story. I guess the bottom line there is, if your child is spiritually sighted, perhaps it would be better to not send him to the bishops office.

Or how about the young man that tells his grandma while looking in the mirror with her that his eyes are too bright, they need to be several shades darker. Then lets her know that the demons in the home have taught him how to make them go several shades darker. He leaves for a few minutes and comes back and his eyes are noticeably darker. Would this bother any of you? He then took her around the home and showed her where the “cold spots” were. She could feel the difference. He then told her that is where they come through from hell.

Wacky, wacky world, I tell you.

Addendum from Z: If you are really hot and want to cool off, just find a level 18 portal and put your bed over it.

Things that crack me up at night…..continued

Okay, I admit it, there are other things that still crack me up at night.

There are people that believe that when you talk about entities it gives them power. When in reality what gives them the ability to have power over you or me is when we are blindly ignorant of them and their workings and the laws that they operate under. Then we go into fear or sin and voila! We instantly have new found “friends” accompanying us. It wasn’t talking about them that gave them power, it was our dark actions or dark thoughts that did so. Some have used the analogy that if you don’t know how they operate it’s like going into a fight blindfolded. I kind of liked this and do believe it has merit. Though I did know a man, that has since transitioned, that took it to a new level.

What if we know our enemy so well that we can anticipate what they might do? This man I mentioned was completely blind, no light of any kind came through. But he could traverse through a parking lot and enter the door of a building without hitting into anything. We put him in a room and had many people stand up, scattered throughout the room. He went, weaving through them, from one side of the room to the other. He could see their energy with his third eye or spiritual sight and therefore could avoid any collisions. Can we become the same with our own spiritual sight and therefore are able to know what the adversary or his minions have planned for us? This man was a black belt in several disciplines. If you were to engage him in a “fight” and you went to throw a punch at him, he would block your punch. How is that possible you ask? He could see where your energy was going to whatever part of your body you were preparing to use. If you had decided to throw a punch with your right hand he could see your energy going to that hand. He saw your INTENT and was able to block what you had planned to throw at him.

What if we were so in tune with the will of our Lord Jesus Christ that we had the same spiritual ability? Would the Savior tell us in advance what was coming? Well, maybe not so much in advance, but how about being so familiar with the tactics of their warfare upon us that when something is tried, we instantly recognize it and can thwart it. Though I do remember Z telling me about one time when she was driving and was told to stop or slow down real fast. She did so and a car whizzed in front of her at the next intersection, a car that would have T-boned her car. She was so tuned into our Savior and His servants that she had been informed of dark minions intent and avoided what they had intended for her.

We can do the same as Z does and the non-sighted man did. It just takes work, righteous, God centered work.

Speaking of Z, she had several things to add to the previous post in regards to who escorted Satan out of Heaven after he had fallen.

“Only high Gods, like our Heavenly Father and specific warrior angels of His level escorted Satan out. He was far too powerful for any ‘children’ to touch. If someone states Satan is after you due to you assisted with anything directly concerning Satan, then run away for that person is of evil. If anyone says you were a God like our heavenly parents, who assisted with handling Satan in any way, RUN for that person is either possessed or is flat out a liar! Not so much as a single mortal, living on this planet, was ever possessed with anything powerful enough to assist or have anything to do with Satan in the least degree, then or now.”

Wait, wait some will say. What about our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ? Obviously He is powerful enough to do so!!! I would ask you to remember in one of Snuffer’s talks he mentions where we are in relation to where our Heavenly Father is and then says that our Savior is halfway to where Father is compared to us. He is not where Father is as of this time. When my daughter, Denise, had her second NDE at age fourteen she was taken on a tour of Hell by our Lord Jesus Christ. I always thought it was curious that when it came time for her to “meet” Satan down there, she was turned over to our Father in Heaven for that part of the tour. The Savior didn’t even accompany them. After she had met him, she was taken back to the Savior and Father left. Does that not explain much after reading what Z wrote?

Satan operates through his declared sons, lords, generals, lieutenants, and so on. He doesn’t come up here and do the work. On the converse side, does our Father in Heaven come here that often? Didn’t He send his Son, Angels, and others to do His work?

In his book “Ten Parables” Snuffer describes how this works in the last parable. I can only paraphrase it here, so I suggest a good slow reading of it. In the parable a man and woman were being observed by whom? Angels had come to observe them and “reported to the Lord there was a young man who sought to do good, who loved his wife. The Lord said he would come and see the man and his wife for Himself.” The Lord came and “considered the young man carefully. He spoke to the angels and said, ‘We will present this matter at the council, and you will receive word.” Isn’t it interesting that He went to the council to consider them and told the angels that He would let them know, meaning the angels didn’t attend the council. There is order in heaven.

The Lord presented this information to the council and made His case for the couple. The council “determined to intervene, to preserve the young man and his wife. The Lord was to do all He saw fit to cause the preservation of this man and woman.” The Lord was told to do all he could for this couple. So the Lord called His servant and the couple was worked with for 18 years. He learned his lessons, passed the tests, and acquired the virtue he had been missing. The Lord then came, dressed him in white and introduced him into the Heavens.

We have mentioned in our books how it is the angels that hear and answer prayers. Well, heart rendered prayers anyway. When a prayer is so heart directed the Lord might hear it or be informed of it by the angels, just like in the above parable. (Which, by the way I don’t believe is a parable.)

There are other things that crack me up at night, but these ought to be enough to cause some gas pains.

Take care and God bless.

Things that crack me up at night

There are some things that just crack me up and some others that crack me while being serious at the same time.

One of those things that crack me up is the notion Christians have that a “Christian”, someone that has professed Jesus Christ, can’t be possessed. They say they can become oppressed, meaning the entity can attach to the outside of their body or spirit, but can’t get inside. A Christian can be “bothered” by demons, but not possessed. But what about those Christians that do become possessed? Well, that’s easy. If a Christian gets possessed, meaning they have an evil entity inside of them, then they say that person was never really a Christian in the first place. Bingo, problem solved! Wow, love that logic. I’m not meaning to “make fun” of this line of thought, just wonder where it comes from and why it is so easily perpetuated. I also wonder where that line of reasoning came from, I mean from light or dark.

One of my personal favorites is that the adversary or his minions can’t hear our thoughts. This probably comes from the scripture in D&C 6 where we are informed that only “God knows the thoughts and intents of our heart.” Our heart is the subject of this sentence isn’t it? Science has shown that our heart has neurons, just like our brain and therefore can and does “think.” That is why we must learn to pray from our heart. Why? Because only God and His angels hears those thoughts. That is why this scripture talks about the thoughts and intents of our heart, not our mind. In the world of spirits they don’t use their mouth to speak, they use thought, or mind to mind communication. We call it telepathy here in mortality. And hell is definitely a world of spirits.

I met a man that was trained to “read minds” while he was a kid. I didn’t realize he had this ability and we went to lunch one day. While discussing various topics I suddenly realized that he was probing my mind with his mind. What he was doing was satanic and against my agency. Because of this I put up a block so he couldn’t read my thoughts or probe my mind. A few minutes later he informed me that he could read minds and I was the first person he had encountered that could put up a block to what he was doing. (I should have let him read my thoughts once I realized he was doing this.)

How does evil try and influence us? One of the main ways is by putting thoughts into our minds. They can’t put them into our hearts though unless we become like them—evil. If, like some believe, that the thoughts of the mind can’t be read, then how can evil put their thoughts into our mind? Just wondering.

I am still amazed at how many still believe that children can’t become possessed. Though if Christians can’t, I don’t see any reason why children should…… We have written about this in our books and yes, children can and do become possessed. Whether it is because of generational curses or what goes on in the home, it does happen to them. This is why we harp so much about the father of the home being the protector and it being his stewardship to protect his wife and children. Something that is abysmally absent in most homes today. From what I’ve observed, many fathers are far more interested in sports, internet, recreational activities, and did I say sports, to bother with such trivial matters as protecting their stewardship from darkness and evil. That would actually take time and effort to study and know what to do. So much easier to turn on the TV or internet. Meanwhile their children suffer and hear from their parents, “It was just a nightmare, and it wasn’t real, go back to bed.” Right. If you don’t believe children are affected I can send you a few dozen emails. That is why I praised the father/grandfather so much in my previous post. He gets it and is proactive teaching and protecting his family.

One of my personal favorites is when someone tells me that “It was Satan himself that came and attacked me” or something along those lines about Satan being the one they had the encounter with. I’ve heard energy workers tell people that it was Satan himself that came and put that curse on them or did whatever to them. Sorry, I beg to differ. Satan sits at the top of his kingdom and seldom comes up. And let’s be real, why would he come up here for one of us? Maybe if it’s time to receive the Second Comforter and it is a requirement of our Father in Heaven. Otherwise his minions take care of everything for him, everything. He is well organized and does not engage us, no matter how important we believe our son or daughter is. “I was told that my son was one of those that escorted Satan out of Heaven. Because of this Satan really wants to destroy my son.” He wants to destroy ALL of us. Does this feel like a little pride is creeping in here? If so, where did that come from? Satan is a fallen God. If he showed up, the chances of you or your son surviving are slim to none.

There is also the idea that we can bind demons while sending them to hell. In the Christian world they cover both camps. Some believe you have the right to bind demons, while others declare that it is not scriptural and a person does not have the right to bind them.

Personally, I have witnessed more than a few “healers” or energy workers use this phrase and bind the demon or demons to hell. I admit, that recently I succumbed to the temptation and used the phrase. I have since repented and you might want to know why.

Almost every time we do a clearing something new is learned. Yesterday as I was meditating about a guy coming to our home I saw that he had a curse that went back four generations. This is not an unusual thing, though only going back four generations might be. I wondered what all of it meant and was soon to find out. He arrived and we chatted. Z came to observe and help. I laid hands on his head and in the name of our Lord Jesus the Christ cut the bonds to the entity that was attached to him. The strange thing was, after this there were still other bonds that had to be cut which were still binding to him somehow or at least needed to be severed.

Later Z mentioned that the man had a Corporal attached to him. But, attached to and controlling the Corporal were a bunch of this man’s women ancestors that had bound the Corporal to do their bidding. They were witches. They lived during Pioneer times and had been members of the LDS faith. They had become members of a secret society that still exists today in that faith. Because they were witches they knew how to do rituals to bind evil entities to them to do their bidding, making them just as evil if not more so than the entity.

We had not seen this before and the concept was quite fascinating so we discussed it even after the man left my home. That is when it occurred to me that I had heard more than a few healers/energy workers use the phrase when casting out demons, “I bind you and send you to hell.” I quietly asked our Lord Jesus Christ if what they had done was to bind themselves or attach a cord to the entity that they had sent to hell. The answer was yes. So I asked Z the same question and she also said yes. When using this phrase you attach a cord between you and the demon!!

When we “bind” a demon or dark entity we are placing a bond or cord between them and us. The evil entities of course love this because now they have a “bond” or a cord with a mortal that they can now literally suck the life energy out of. Does this make sense to you? I hope so. I made this mistake when casting out a while ago and said those words. Like I mentioned, I have since repented and cut those bonds/cords. How do I know about these things? Well, after I had said those words when doing a clearing a while back, I was able to literally hear people talking and they weren’t very nice. We had a bunch of friends over last week and I heard someone say, “These people are just a bunch of candy***es.” (If you need to know what I “edited” out here, call me.) It was last night I realized I had established a link, cord, or bond with the demons that had been sent to hell. I was able to hear their comments about me and those I was around. While interesting, it wasn’t very nice commentary and I’m quite happy to have cut those and have that gone from my thoughts.

But I need to add something else. When “they” have established a connection, even when done with our own blind ignorance, they can not only hear, but they can also see through our eyes into our world. And it gets even worse. It won’t matter at this point how many shields we have put up since they now have a direct line to us because after they are “tossed” into hell, we have left them a “life line” in the bond/cord we gave them and they can come right back to us. So they don’t actually have to stay in hell to see what we are about, they can be right next to us. Also, because of the connection, they know not only our thoughts, but our emotions as well. In other words, we become their latest toy to play with. All because words matter, words create, especially when done with emotion as you might do when “binding” a demon to send it to hell. If you have done this over and over there might possibly be many connections with demons on you. They would not only be playing with you, but taking the life out of you as so stated, causing you problems in every aspect of your life, etc. Sounds fun, eh?

If we do this, we need to realize that no matter how much we shield or how often we shield, it won’t matter. Evil will have a literal pipeline to us. If this is you, you might want to take care of that.

Anyway, those are a few of the things that crack me up at night and well, maybe not so much really.

Good luck and God bless.






Containment shielding revisited

On April 17, 2017 we wrote a post about containment shielding. Because of the many questions we still get and lack of understanding we are going to revisit that subject. I can’t emphasize the importance of shielding, with the exception of those energy workers that feel it’s not necessary……

Several months ago I took Z and a few others a little over three hours from here to close some portals on a property and in a home. It was a great experience and there were some pretty nasty portals. It was in Southern Utah where the Gadiantons were pretty prolific during Book of Mormon times. If you were to cue the music, we could sing the song, “Book of Mormon Stories.” But this verse or story isn’t in that song, so please don’t cue any music. Anyway we stayed the night and had a great time once the property and house were cleared of everything of a dark and evil nature.

Now a few months later the owner informed us there seems to be a problem there. Her friend has a room in the home where she stays while she works in the area once or twice a month. Her friend has said there is now something pretty nasty on the property and also something in the home. It has affected her so much that she doesn’t want to stay there.

You know me, if there is a problem after we’ve done something I will usually ask what I did wrong. I’m the first place I look at. I found out it wasn’t me. Phew! What we learned was while she was gone the adversary sent someone to place a portal on her property. This would have been a mortal of a serious dark/evil nature that knows what he/she is doing and receives revelation from the adversary or his many minions, devils, lords and such. Just someone you want coming to “play” in your yard I’m sure. It is a level 18, so it is causing problems on the property and in the home. We also found out that she either bought or was given something that she placed in the home. This item has its own little portal that came with it, free of charge of course. She can cleanse that piece by herself through the Lord Jesus Christ. The other will require a visit, which we will do next week.

Being the curious type I pondered what has happened to my friend and her property these past few days. (I would have said “ponderized” but someone, I believe an LDS GA, already copyrighted that word…….) Just tonight I called Z and said, “You leave your property and I leave my property all the time. Why hasn’t the adversary sent someone here or to your place to put portals on our properties?”

“Because we have containment shielding continually up and we have also asked for warrior angels to guard our homes and properties,” she answered. She then voiced the probability our friend down south had not done either one.

Upon hanging up my fingers hit my friend’s number on my phone and she answered. “Hey,” I said, “two questions for you.”

“Okay, shoot.”

“Have you put a containment shield around your property down south?”

“No,” she answered.

“Okay, have you ever asked for warrior angels to guard your property?”

“No,” she said again, “I didn’t know I needed to.”

Just tonight a good friend came by for a witness to what he had been told by the Spirit. I will tell the full story.

He, his wife, daughter and her really young baby were on their way north to see a family member. It was a two day journey. The daughter told him that her baby girl would just wail at night in the hotel. He told her that her baby was being bothered by the dark entities in the room, even being taken to hell at night. (Something we have talked about in our books.) She needed the dark entities cast out and the room shielded. She asked him to do it, which he did each night of the rest of the trip. The baby slept like an angel.

So he received a call today. “Dad,” his daughter said, “Can you come to our home we just moved in to and clear and shield it? Since we moved in I have felt some things that aren’t very nice here. I asked the people we had rented it to and the woman said she felt her husband always had dark spirits or demons on him.” So he will get permission from her husband and go there and in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ will clear the home and shield it. He will teach them about shielding and how to place a containment shield around their property for those that come to visit that have dark entities on them. She asked why he would need her husband’s permission. He explained the protection of the home and family is his stewardship. He is not allowed to do anything outside of his own stewardship without permission. Good man, this father and grandfather. I wish all grandbabies could have such a good father and grandfather around to help and teach. He had learned, by the Spirit, that his daughter’s home has two portals in it, level 8’s. Also that once he gets their permission he has the Lord Jesus Christ’s permission to cast out the entities. He was told to place two pyramids in the home and that would close the level 8 portals permanently and keep others from forming, as long as they lived Christ centered lives.

He is teaching his children that are open to learning how to have a safer place to live.

After my wife and I read our scriptures together at night we say our family prayer. Whomever is voice will always ask for anything of a dark or evil nature that might have come through be cast off or out of us, out of our home, and then off of our property. We then ask for us, our home, and our property be shielded. While I or she is saying this I will visualize the shielding taking place. We thank our Lord and Savior for this blessing. We also ask for a containment shield to be placed permanently around our property, so that when anyone enters our property a shield is placed completely around them. This makes it so whatever they come onto the property with will leave with them. Since we have a permanent containment shielding we will ask for it to be reinforced or made stronger. We also ask for warrior angels to come and protect our property, home and us.

Is this a bit much? Don’t know. Why don’t you ask your Father in Heaven about it? Or the woman in the bank yesterday that told me her home is having problems. Seems the TV goes on about midnight by itself. Her door is unlocked each morning, and all the pictures on the walls are tilted sideways each morning. She lives alone and is kind of freaked out about this poltergeist activity. I know, this isn’t real, she is imagining it and besides, it will never happen to you.

Good luck and God bless.



“A Sphere of Light around it”

In Conquering Spiritual Evil, chapter 13, we discussed some missionaries in Brazil from the late sixties and early 1970’s that had extreme experiences with evil spirits. (I love the fact we put this information in chapter 13, my favorite number.)

The Elder in the story related that because what happened was so bad, evil, and because no one had any answers, his mission president contacted the LDS First Presidency who put him in contact with the GA over that region, a guy named Gordon B. Hinckley. He related in his manuscript and personally told me that Elder Hinckley taught them a special ordinance that would seal off their apartment so that evil or dark entities would not be able to get through. Well, unless someone in the residence invited them in, which did happen. You can read all about it in the book if you want.

These missionaries said they “Learned that performing this ordinance to seal off a home creates a sphere of light around it, which evil cannot penetrate unless, as our Mission President warned us, someone inside the home invites them in.”

Hmmm, a “sphere of light around it” sounds suspiciously like a shield of protection around the home. And this was taught to their Mission President by a LDS Apostle. The former missionary told me privately they were told that only missionaries were allowed to know about this special ordinance and to perform it. Even all those years after the fact he wouldn’t tell me the “special” words given to them by Elder Hinckley to say over each window and doorway as they put consecrated oil on it. I don’t know about that, as it seems to me that if the Lord Jesus Christ gives us a tool, it might be good if we all employed it for the benefit of our families and selves. I also must admit that it was intriguing to me that an LDS general authority knew about shielding. Why wasn’t and isn’t this taught to missionaries before they enter the field? It should be standard fair in priesthood lessons by my way of thinking, but then I don’t know much. Oh, I forgot, we LDS are not bothered by these things unless we think about them.

Even Christian “warriors” involved in this kind of stuff know about anointing doorways and windows thereby shielding a home:


As in all things, please use discernment while reading this. I just want you to understand that many others understand and use similar things. Why? Because they have found through experience it works.

But what is wrong with us? What is the big secret? If you know how to help someone, even LDS missionaries, why are you not sharing the information? “Oh, oh, oh, Mr. Kotter, it must be too sacred!” Now I have never anointed doors or windows as the current way I shield our home and property seems to work just fine, but if I needed help, I’d sure like to be let in on the secret.

When I served my mission in Spain back in the middle 70’s we had an experience that this Elder in Brazil experienced many times that I didn’t put into the book where they were “shoved” down into their mattress at night and paralyzed. After these initial experiences the Elder in Brazil was transferred and was so busy with missionary work he didn’t “seal” his apartment. There were many nights afterward where he would experience being pushed down into his bed by evil spirits and being paralyzed. This occurred several times a night for weeks and then once in a while afterward. On my mission we had two Elders arrive at our apartment at about 2:00 AM completely out of breath. They had ran several miles from their place to ours and were incredibly frightened. The senior companion told me that he had been awakened by something laying completely on top of him. It pressed him down into the bed so he could see with his peripheral vision that his eyes and nose were even with the top of the mattress; he had been pushed into the mattress. He also found that he was paralyzed. Needless to say, this really freaked him out. He finally called on the name of Jesus Christ and was freed, but was so scared he ran to our place.

Now what if he had been taught to shield properly? Might that have been a protection? What if he had been taught to call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ if this did happen? I know, if we don’t think about it, it won’t happen. Oh, these Elders had never thought about such a thing before and it still happened. Wow, there goes that theory.

I have met many people, especially women, who have been taken to hell at night when they were little. Their experiences were real. When they told their parents, they were told it was just a bad dream. Our friend Z experienced this many times as a child and has the scars to prove it. She mentioned to me that she would have loved to have been taken seriously by her family and to have received the much needed protection. It never came because they didn’t know and neither did she until many years later. What are your children or grandchildren telling you? Yes, I know some of you still believe that little children can’t be bothered by evil. Good luck with that notion. Hey, next time we get a call for help with a possessed child I’ll call you and you can come with us. We will watch as YOU take care of the problem. Nothing like a little real life experience to change the old paradigm of what is and isn’t.

Several nights ago was one of the most evil nights of the year because of what satanists do on it. I won’t go into it here. There are probably more than a few of you that felt really “off”, even antsy or depressed. That might be because you weren’t shielded enough and you felt what was going on. You empaths might have felt and might still be feeling the emotions of those children and what they went through. You, most of all needed to shield yourself. If you didn’t and can feel all that went on, then you might want to give what you have taken to our Lord Jesus Christ so He can transmute it to light. It would not be healthy for you to keep it.

I don’t care if some of you believe shielding is based in fear or not. It works when done properly and is of the Lord Jesus Christ. Wow, one way to do it was even taught by an Apostle in the LDS church….. There is only one person and his minions that I know of that would not want you to use such a tool the Lord Jesus Christ has given you. I will let you guess who that is.

Wisdom based?

What if I were young again and joined the military? And then they sent me off to war and provided me with a helmet, bulletproof vest, and a gun for protection. Before going they also gave me classes and even field training on how to keep myself alive while in the battlefield. If I used all of these “tools” that were provided for my protection, would that be fear based?

When I put a fence around my yard to keep my young kids inside where I know they can play safely, is that fear based?

If I use a seat belt in my car, is that fear based? Yeah, I know that it’s “law”, but is doing so fear based?

If I put my small grandchild in a car seat, is that fear based?

If I pray and ask God for protection as we drive to our destination or that we will arrive safely, is that prayer fear based?

What if I lock up my guns in a gun safe, is doing so based in fear?

There are some pretty strong cleaning chemicals under our kitchen sink. If I put a locking device on that cabinet door to keep the little ones out, is that fear based?

We just got back from Yellowstone National Park. There were all kinds of signs telling us to stay on the paths as the ground wasn’t stable, the water was scalding, and falling down the cliff wouldn’t be good for our health. Was all of that fear based?

I’ve said this before, but what was Paul thinking when he wrote this in Ephesians:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Our “war” in this mortality is also against spiritual forces, powers, and rulers of darkness. If I use the tools that the Lord Jesus Christ has given me to help in this battle, is that fear based?

Of course all of the above can be based in fear. Heck, some people live their life in a way that could be called “fear based.” Does that mean they shouldn’t live?

Some people have told me that they live in a constant state of love and they don’t need the tools given by God to protect themselves from spiritual evil. Good for them I say. Though I do wonder what was wrong with our Savior during his mortality. I’ve talked with several of the people I know that have witnessed all of His life and they both said that He used the tools his Father gave Him to protect Himself. He even used, dare it say it, “shielding.” I was hesitant to say such a thing because many people are so stiff necked and hard hearted that things of faith are an anathema to them. Nearly everything must be based in logic and be found in the scriptures or it isn’t so. That’s not the world I have lived in the past 17 years. That wasn’t the world that Joseph Smith encountered when he found two Heavenly Beings standing before him. It became a world of faith to Joseph, where many things encountered were definitely outside his box. He became a Seer, seeing things others could not dream of, only to find that he had to keep his mouth shut because of others unbelief and fear.

Can shielding keep you safe? Ask a good friend of mine that participated in a “cleansing” of a man at my home. I never asked him if he had shielded himself and when the entity was cast out of the other man it jumped into my friend. He suffered because of it.

Now I have another good friend that used “shielding” to protect himself and his son from mosquitoes a few years ago at a Scout camp. I wonder if he did that out of fear. Or maybe he was tired of being bitten and then itching all day and night? Was it fear based when I shielded my car and the deer was scooted away from the front middle of it? Or was it something else. I have no fear of hitting a deer, ask my wife. I drive the same speed at night as I do during the day. Was it fear based when I shielded my home when the people did satanic rituals against us, directing dark/evil satanic energy at us every Wednesday night? I didn’t fear them or what they were doing. But I did want to protect my family.

Or might all of these things be “based” in wisdom? Is it not wisdom when going into a physical battle or a spiritual battle to use all the tools our Savior provides for us? It does not have to be fear based. When I shield myself, home, and property, it is not done in fear of any kind. It is done in wisdom, knowing there is a war going on, as even Paul declared, and I want to do my best to keep my family, which is my stewardship, safe as I possibly can. I prefer to keep what is fighting against us outside of my stewardship. I don’t fear them in the least. When I saw the evil god called “Source” outside my property, I looked at him with curiosity and some wonderment at how ugly he had made himself appear to be and how he was trying to intimidate me with his “stature and ugliness.” Pretty funny.

Is it not wisdom to respect your enemy by knowing them, what they can do, or are capable of? If you don’t, how will you overcome them? How will you stop them?

I know that ALL we do should be based in the Lord Jesus Christ. If we do that there is no need for fear. Using the tools He gives us is not based in fear, it is based in wisdom. Do some people do things based in fear? Probably. Is it better to do it that way rather than not do it at all? I don’t know, ask our Savior. Though I would rather my children or others use the tools of our Savior in fear than to not use them at all. Is that the ideal? Probably not. But we live in a hellish world where we seldom see the ideal. Perhaps there have been times in the past where I have used a tool, like shielding, in fear. Did God condemn me because of that, or was it just part of MY learning curve?

Does even God use words like “endless torment” and “eternal damnation” to impress upon our minds the importance of what He is saying, maybe even using “fear” to “make it more express than other scriptures“? We read the words endless and eternal and it strikes fear in our hearts and perhaps we become better because of it? But that doesn’t mean it will last forever. Check out D&C 19.

Finally, in my church we present newborn babies before our Heavenly Father giving them a name and a blessing. I have heard a great many of these in my past and most of them ask our Father to bless the child, to make her/him grow up strong in body and spirit. There are many other things asked of our God in behalf of these babies. Is this done in fear? We are asking our Father to bless and take care of them among many other things, even to keeping them safe.

Is this any different than us asking our Savior to place a shield of protection made of His love around us or our family whom we have stewardship over? I don’t believe so.

It would be great if we all learned to do all things based in the Lord Jesus Christ, with wisdom and understanding, so that we too, like Paul said, will be able to withstand the evil day, and having done all, to stand. I hope we all learn to use what He has given us, even a shield of faith. I know that angels use shields and swords when they go into battle. Might we not want to do the same?

10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;



Integration anyone?

“Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven—” (D&C 123:13)

I won’t even comment on the above scripture, I’d prefer to keep my head buried in the sand. Things look so much better down here, though it is kind of dark and hard to breathe. I know “they” won’t bother me if I don’t learn about them, don’t think about how they operate and just stay “positive.” Yes, positive, that’s me, they don’t exist, there’s no place like home, “and Toto too?” I want my mommy….. (This paragraph and the 2nd to last paragraph in this post, even though the do contain many things I’ve heard before, were written with my tongue in my cheek. I’m not trying to be “snarky” as my middle daughter said it sounds. Well, okay maybe a little snarky, though I really don’t know what snarky means.)

On the serious side, this is a spiritual battle that has physical ramifications, even if you keep your head in the sand. It is my belief that you will no longer be able to sit on the sidelines and just be spectators. There will no longer be any gray area, it will be light or dark and will be in your face. You will have to choose sides and have to be in the battle or you will not survive.

There have been more than a few times when people have come to my home to have clearings or exorcisms or whatever your preferred verbiage is and we have to refuse to do anything for them because they are not prepared. Since this would also be the case if we were to do a generational healing for them it does have relevance here. If you are not prepared, then don’t do the generational healing or try casting your “stuff” off. Most of the time it will not work if you do try it. We have been discussing many ways on this blog to get prepared, from personal preparation to preparing your home environment. (By the way, did you know that exorcisms worldwide are at an all-time high? In some places they are standing in line to get help. Don’t worry, you won’t be left out. I said a long time ago it is coming to your doorstep.)

Yes, it is quite important to repent of our “sins.” That obviously is a key. But what about mental and spiritual preparation? You see, if you come to someone and everything is cast off and you return to your vomit, so to speak, meaning all of your old habits and problems that brought the problems to begin with, then you will really have a problem.

In the Joseph Smith translation of Matthew 12:

“And he said unto them, When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest and findeth none; but when a man speaketh against the Holy Ghost, then he saith, I will return into my home from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth him empty, swept and garnished; for the good spirit leaveth him unto himself. Then goeth he the evil spirit, and taketh with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in and dwell there; worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.” (Vs. 38-39)

If you are not prepared and your “house” is cleansed and you invite them back, they will come back with “seven” friends more powerful than they were. We have seen this happen and it can be quite sad. It is extremely serious.

A very good friend had asked me to let her know if she ever had a demon or anything dark on her. I work hard to not invade anyone’s agency, but since she had asked I told her once that she had a pretty serious entity on her that was controlling her. She immediately asked a group of us to remove it. In our exuberance to help her we immediately agreed to cast it off. I was voice for the group of us laying hands on her and it was all cast off. The problem was we really didn’t understand the concept I am trying to get across in this post. She was not counseled to change her habits, thoughts, etc. There had been no discussion of mental or spiritual preparation, nothing. She and we just wanted to get all of it off of her. Within a month or two it was back, with friends, stronger friends. We had a long conversation with her and she worked extremely hard preparing herself to get rid of these evil things and to change. After several months of work she felt ready and it was all cast off again. She is doing very well now in progressing towards the Light of our Savior. We may discuss this in depth in a later post. There is much to learn from what she and others have gone through in this regard.

Let’s get some ideas straightened out before venturing further into this. If you get a demon or devil on you and allow it to remain there for an extended period of time, it will integrate with you, meaning it will become part of you and eventually have full control over you. The question with some individuals has been where does the mortal person end and the demon begin?

When normal integration with a demon starts it looks kind of like “conjoined” twins. As the mortal keeps feeding the entity it slowly integrates more and more into the person’s body. Finally it will look like just one person is there. Typically the entity will shove the mortal’s spirit to the back of the body. I remember when my daughter went into the hospital at 14 years of age and came back possessed, which we didn’t realize at the time. She would later tell me it had shoved her to the back of her body where she would watch in horror as it did and said things she never would. We’ve repeated that story in our books, so I won’t bore you here. The point is, with total integration, they control your physical body, meaning how you act, what you say, and they will even cloud your thinking. It is hard to think clearly when that level of integration occurs. Even with partial integration there is some loss of control. Evil will work overtime to bring you under its control. The more hateful you become, the more porn you view, alcohol or drugs you ingest, arguments you have, and evil you do, the more it integrates with you. Where drugs are concerned, it isn’t just with so called illegal drugs. Pharmaceuticals can be and most are full of dark entities. (It really is a good idea to bless ALL medications.) Remember in the old temple film or better yet, the live version, where the adversary says he “Will buy up Popes, Priests, and Pharmaceutical companies and he will reign with blood and horror on this earth”? He does own Big Pharma. (Okay, I know the phrase didn’t include Big Pharma.) But their pills do have entities on them and he is reigning with blood and horror.

Several years ago I received an email from a young man, about thirty years of age, asking for help. He knew he had possession problems due to his lifestyle. We emailed back and forth several times before I decided to take a chance and go see him. He said he was unable to function and pretty much sat on his bed. I was told to take Z and my daughter with me. He lived in a studio apartment and it was a mess. Upon entering the two women didn’t want to walk anywhere. They indicated to me there were two really bad portals, one on the bed where he was, and the other in the small kitchen area. Z took the only chair in the room and my daughter stood next to the kitchen portal with a look of, well not really fear, but she wanted out of there. He did have a General attached to him among many other dark entities. This was one of our first encounters with a General from hell. This was a different type of integration. He was behind the man holding what looked like a rope. The rope went out of his hand towards the young man where it split into seven sections, each section heading into one of the man’s seven chakras. By doing this he was controlling all aspects of this young man.

This extremely dark powerful being was able to have pretty much complete control over this young man; he wouldn’t or maybe couldn’t even really look at us. We talked for a while and finally he asked for a blessing to have this thing removed from his body. I stood behind him and when I placed my hands on his head they locked on. When this happens I know it is usually going to be a wild ride. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and through priesthood the bonds were cut and the dark General was cast off and sent to hell cut up into pieces. (Our warrior guardians usually do not give any quarter to this level of evil.) The young man lunged forward and started to convulse. He spewed out all kinds of spiritual vomit that caused Z and my daughter to back away. The crazy thing was, only 20% of what was on him was cast off. It would take another four or five trips to his apartment to get everything off of him. He didn’t have enough strength to have all of it cast off at once, so it had to be done in stages. Five months later he moved away. Before he left we had lunch together. I wish I had a before and after picture. When he left he looked awesome, full of light.

My point is he was prepared to have this done. He had suffered enough, repented much, studied how evil worked, (he had even read Conquering Spiritual Evil) and prayed even more for help. And when the help came he changed how he thought, his habits, and how he lived. He became Christ centered. If he had kept all of his old thought patterns, habits and how he lived, it probably would have all come back. And because he was familiar with how evil works, what it does, how it feels when it starts to come at you, he was able to keep it away. Learning how to shield himself in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ was key.

One time we had a person come for a generational healing and after clearing him he laid down. Z mentioned that we couldn’t proceed. I asked her why not? She looked at the man and asked him why he wanted to die? She said as long as he had these feelings we couldn’t proceed with the generational healing. His desires were blocking the opportunity for his many ancestors that had come to further progress. After chatting for a while he changed his mind and we proceeded. This has actually happened with several people. Our mental attitude is really important to how much is able to be accomplished. Do we show up with a spirit of disbelief, with complete lack of faith, or a spirit of gratitude for our experiences, no matter what they are, with a belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we can be healed and these things will be taken care of or excised?

You know, this sounds like work to me. My life is pretty sweet how it is. You know the deal, all is well in Zion. All of this demon stuff just doesn’t add up. They don’t bother me. And what is the Lord thinking, that I, should waste and wear out my life bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness?!! That I need to come to know them? I don’t think so! I’ve got better, more important things to do, I’m a gospel scholar. Now, where is that sand with the hole in it? I’ve bought me a breathing apparatus.

I really pray that God our Father will bless all of us in our honest efforts to understand this and to keep it out of our lives.

Fire in the Middle

The term “the etymology (of a word)” means the origin of a particular word. The etymology of the word pyramid is derived from the Greek words PYRAMIS and PYRAMIDOS. The meaning of the word Pryamis is obscure and may relate to the shape of a pyramid. The word Pyramidos has been translated as “Fire in the Middle.” The “fire” is the energy they create and put out for the benefit of man.

We did a daylong seminar which included pyramids. Before putting it on I did many hours of research about pyramids. Before that research I thought they were “cool structures” built by the Egyptians and those ancients in Mesoamerica. While doing the extensive research I realized they were built anciently, most before the Egyptians ever showed up. Most are pre-flood structures. Why did the ancients build these structures? They were never intended for burial, as most Egyptologists claim. They were built all over the world, and I do mean ALL over the world. Most were built on the ley lines or energy lines that surround this planet. All of them send out energy when properly aligned. If misaligned they still send out energy, but it is skewed and there are not many benefits of a positive nature.

Before the seminar I called the three people I know that had visited the City of Enoch, two of which I mention as the only two I know that are fully redeemed, and asked them if while visiting the City of Enoch did they see any pyramids? All three gave the same response, “Yes!”

Why in the world did Enoch have pyramids built and why do they still have them there? Is it something that might be important? What have you been taught about them? Just that they are ancient structures built to house dead Pharaoh’s bodies in Egypt or to sacrifice young virgins in Mesoamerica? All things get perverted by the Adversary, even this. Opposition is required in all things.

Research was done by Russian scientists with proper scientific protocols with astonishing results about what the energy pyramids generate can do. Have you seen it published in any scientific journals? How many of you even read scientific journals? I know, if it was important to know the Brethren or the Pope would have told us. (Sorry, couldn’t help that one.) No one would publish these scientists’ results because it would cause strife here in the land of the muddle-minded, home of us dumbed down robotic slaves. Like their studies proving that if you gave premature babies with little chance of survival a 40% glucose solution that had been placed for several days in a 144 ft. tall, 72 degree slope pyramid, all of them survived. Yes, all of them. They repeated it many times until they finally just gave the premature babies water that had been stored in the pyramid. And guess what, they also survived. All of them, whereas before they had little chance of survival. Now why isn’t this being used in the West? Is it because western medicine is about money and profits? If you don’t realize this by now, I doubt you will ever get that one.

You can read all of their papers and others that have written about what pyramids do by searching on the internet. David Wilcock in his book, Source Field Investigations, has some twenty pages about pyramids and what they can do. Here, I just want to focus on one and maybe two items.

But first from Wilcock’s book:

“Many different experiments were done using these pyramids that include studies in medicine, ecology, agriculture, physics, and other areas. What is significant about this work is that it has been carried out by top scientists in Russia and Ukraine, and scientifically documents the changes that occur in these pyramids.” (P. 144)

Recently Z and I did several “portalcisms” in Idaho. One home had a husband that wasn’t very keen about us or what we do. The woman of the house had attended the pyramid seminar and had gone home with some ideas. Since her hubby didn’t understand, it was simply easier to have her and the kids make some art projects and place them around the house. They made paper or cardboard pyramids and decorated them, placing several in nearly every room in the home. Now what father would throw away his little children’s art projects? I sit here looking at some of my grandkids creations adorning my walls and they make me smile.

The amazing thing is as we went through the house to close all the portals, there were no portals from a level one to a level four to be found. The energy from these paper pyramids had caused those lower level portals to go away. We’ve done homes where they have wooden ones built either by themselves or by my son-in-law and all portals from a level eight down are gone in the rooms where they have placed one or two pyramids. I remember one house where we were trucking along closing portals and we opened a door, looked into the bedroom sized room and there were zero portals. Z looked around and smiled while pointing to a two foot pyramid the man of the house had constructed and placed in that room. Zero portals, what a concept.

Most homes, probably over 90%, have portals that are of a level one up to a level eight. Now if simply putting pyramids into the rooms will get rid of these portals and evidently keep them away, why aren’t there two pyramids in every room where we go to close higher end portals? We have joked about making this a requirement as it makes our work so much easier when the homeowner takes his responsibility seriously and takes care of his family. Why isn’t there one or two pyramids in everyone room in your home?

Oh, oh, oh, I know Mr. Kotter!!! If we put something like a pyramid in our homes and on our property, the neighbors or even worse, our extended family, will think we are weird and strange. I know one family where members of their “fellowship” saw pyramids in their home and started to bad mouth the pyramids and me. Makes me wonder why people attend such a fellowship with so called Christians of this nature? Are you scared of what the neighbors will think? What will your mother-in-law say? Cool, keep your portals. Let your family suffer from what comes up from hell through them. Oh, I didn’t mention that? We’ve taught it before, hell requires mortal made portals to get into this reality. If your home has them, as nearly all homes do, then hell can come and greet you, play with you, and harass you. We’ve given examples of this in this blog and in my emails to my list.

One more thing I need to mention. I have been told that if a priesthood holder dedicates the home then it is covered, that these things cease to exist. IF that man has true Melchizedek priesthood that would be true for the lower end portals if he addresses them in the dedication. The problem is there isn’t much true Melchizedek priesthood around. I’ve mentioned before that after my daughter came out of her coma without a veil and we’d attend different ward sacrament meetings. I’d ask her how many priesthood mantels she could see on the men in the chapel. There were anywhere from five or six per ward and most of those were Aaronic. As I stated, not much out there. The higher end portals require higher priesthood and knowledge of the proper cadence in specific ancient language chants and such that created them. That is what our guardians do when we close the higher end ones, they have that knowledge.

There is a home on the outskirts of our city where years ago people would do a weekly dark ritual against my family and me. (I was told this by one of the attendees, a former returned sister missionary.) We know there are some nasty higher end portals in that place as it keeps having the “For Rent” sign go up every several months. Want to rent it out? What about people that move into a home and it has ancient portals on the property? What are they to do? You can ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come and remove them, but if they were created by mortals, it requires mortals using His true Priesthood, using His name, with proper understanding as mentioned before, to get rid of them.

The other problem is once a place is cleared, people live in it. Our sins can cause new portals to form and if we don’t repent they will increase in size and power as they use our negative or dark energies to grow. We actually feed them and the entities that come out of them by our dark actions, thoughts, emotions, and deeds. Do you or your children ever argue in your home? How about porn or those sexy romance novels that bring portals with them? What’s wrong with a good “R” rated movie or a TV show with a little sex and a lot of violence in it? You can handle it, you’re an adult. Right? May as well put out the welcome mat. Oh, you just did. Alcohol anyone? Ditto. Why do you think people keep calling and emailing telling us their home is a living hell and asking for help? Then they tell us they don’t know why all of this is going on?

The bottom line with pyramids is we live in a sea of energy. It presses against us. It causes inertia. This energy spins inside a pyramid, like a vortex. Imagine your bathtub draining with that little “tornado” above the drain. Turn it upside down and now you have a visual of what a pyramid does to the energy all around us. This energy comes into the bottom and swirls, as it gets closer to the top it swirls faster, just like in your bathtub. It will leave the top of a pyramid in a beam and also will extend out the sides of the pyramid for several feet depending on the size of the pyramid and what it is made of. If constructed with proper intent and light, it can be of great benefit for a home or wherever it is located. Of course, the opposite is also true, as in all things. You know the drill, all things have an opposite. If you are of light and you work to keep your home that way, the pyramids will send that light energy out and evil won’t like being around it or can’t be around it.

Are we using all things the Lord Jesus Christ has provided to help protect our families and ourselves from evil? If not, good luck.