In one of our books I wrote about a woman that had the gift of looking into the future.  She was diagnosed with cancer and “looked” into the future to find a cure. She found one, brought it back and used it.  She called me asking for help.  Seems she had opened up portals from hell into her body and was being filled with and attacked by demons daily.  No I’m not going to talk about portals going into a person’s being in this post, though that does happen.  Some will put “calling cards” for hell on their bodies while calling it “art.”

In the past I have presented this concept with others and received pushback until they understood that the God’s of Light operate by law.  Some felt that his woman should not have been “punished” for looking into the future and bringing something back that helped her. I asked them if the one-year-old should be punished for falling off the cliff when his family decided to go on a picnic where there were drop offs with no fence to keep curious one-year-olds away from the cliffs edge?  Shouldn’t our Father in Heaven or our Lord Jesus Christ have suspended the law of gravity and have the child float there until one of his parents could get to him?  Good Heavens, what’s wrong with Them?

Let’s transition to the concept that if we “claim” a level of accomplishment within the true gospel of Jesus Christ but really haven’t obtained said level, how will He judge us?  Or what laws will apply to us?  If someone claims to have received the Second Comforter but has not, will that person be judged as if he had?  When those that are truly redeemed, like the two friends I have written about in emails and books, sin, does the atonement apply to them?  Or do they then have to pay the price for those sins.  They are at a level that they are “voluntolds.”  The Lord Jesus Christ tells them what to do and they obey.  They laid their agency on the altar long ago, endured the fires of affliction and testing and came out true and faithful to all things.  But what if I claim that level?  Will the atonement still apply to me?  Those two go before the council of the Gods of Light for instruction.  Do I?

What if you are a male holding true priesthood and someone comes requesting baptism.  Should you automatically “dunk” them?  Or should you first inquire of the Lord Jesus Christ what He would have you do?  Shouldn’t you do this ALL the time?  Or just because they asked you to do it you will.  If they are a conscious being and really haven’t repented or fulfilled the requirements of baptism (And I don’t mean an interview with an ecclesiastical authority) and you baptize them, will it be as if you had just baptized a bag of sand?

What if you go to a man and ask him to baptize you, in or out of any church or fellowship, and that man really holds no authority?  Did you just get baptized by a bag of sand?  Is it valid?  “He said he had received authority from God,” you say.  What did the Lord Jesus Christ say?  Did you ask Him?  Is the Lord Jesus Christ required to operate by laws?  Or can He just make them up as He goes along?

When dealing with the realms of darkness there are also laws that apply.  (Yes, I know that the adversary and his minions do all they can to bend those laws.)  When starting out on the Lord’s path the level of evil entity that is allowed to “attack” you, will be commensurate with your level of understanding or consciousness.  As you progress the level of dark entity allowed to bother you will also increase in size or power.  Before you receive the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Comforter, you will be required to encounter one of the really bad ones.  Just ask Joseph Smith about his experience with Cain and what isn’t in the account he gave us.  His comment that he thought he would die covers a lot of ground.

So if I’m on a second grade level, but declare that I’m the cat’s meow, and have received the Lord in the ordinance of the Second Comforter, will that level of evil entity commensurate with what I have declared, or led others to believe to be so, now be allowed to be entertained by me?  Even though I have not been tried and found worthy, but because I declared it to be so, I get that level of entity playing with me.  And I do say “playing” because that is what they will be doing with me—playing, having fun and games on their end, not so much so fun for me.  I will not have had the experience, understanding, or level of consciousness required to handle those kind of entities.  I will be like the woman that went into the future without permission, brought back a cure also without permission, thereby violating our God’s laws and now must pay the price herself.  By the way, I called to inform her, the portals she had allowed to enter her body by not seeking permission and disobeying eternal laws will only be closed when she has paid the price in full herself.  The atonement will not apply to her.  She agreed with what I told her, saying the Spirit had confirmed it before I called.  If you want to play in the game, it might be good to find out what the rules are first.  Is that why we are commanded to ask the Lord Jesus Christ in all things?

Several people came asking about their baptisms, if they were valid.  I inquired and found that they were not valid.  Upon further inquiry, I was told the person performing the baptisms had valid authority, but the people that had been baptized had not fully repented so it was not valid for that reason.  They had enough consciousness to understand about entities, possession, oppression, and such but had not cleared themselves of such entities and therefore it was if the man had baptized bags of sand. If the Holy Ghost had been given by one with Patriarchal authority that wouldn’t have “taken” either.

If a man claims Patriarchal priesthood, yet holds only Aaronic or no priesthood, and proceeds to do things associated only with the Patriarchal priesthood, will he then be judged to that standard?  Absolutely he will. Will all he has done hold the same authority as a bag of sand?  You tell me. Will entities that are normally only allowed to afflict those of a Patriarchal order now be allowed to afflict that man?  Absolutely.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is not playing games.  All of what is going on is so very serious.  Do we get caught up in the moment of excitement and want to be baptized because we turned eight, or because all of those others are doing so?  Are we part of “group think”?  Heck, twenty others are there at the reservoir getting dunked, Freddy the Baptist is doing the dunking, we’re all so excited to be part of, of, of this movement!!!  Yea! I’m in! Dunk me, dunk me!  I’m saved.

Or were you just a bag of sand?

“Therefore wo be unto the Gentiles if it so be that they harden their hearts against the Lamb of God. For the time cometh, saith the Lamb of God, that I will work a great and marvelous work among the children of men, a work which shall be everlasting, either on the one hand or on the other; either to the convincing of them unto peace and life eternal or unto the deliverance of them to the hardness of their hearts and the blindness of their minds unto their being brought down into captivity and also unto destruction, both temporally and spiritually, according to the captivity of the devil of which I have spoken.” (Book of Mormon)

Will our hearts be so hard and our mind so blind that we will be brought down into captivity temporally and spiritually by the devil?  If so, that captivity can destroy us.

The requirement is upon us individually to also ask the Lord Jesus Christ if the one performing an ordinance has the required authority to act in His name, in or outside of any church or organization.  It is also upon us to know if we have done all that is required before we seek any ordinances.  Getting caught up in the movement or moment is no excuse.  I used to think that ignorance was bliss.  But not if you want to become like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The game is afoot and it’s time to get in.  Though, me thinks the demons do play with us……sandbags…….

“Shields Up, Scotty”

Yes, my friend Bob came over and through the Lord Jesus Christ cast the entity out that was the dark ball of energy. Z was here and kind of grimaced as she looked on making the comment it was a nasty one. The area under my arm is healing quite nicely, thank you God.

There are several things addressed in the last post that I wanted to bring up. One is the concept of entities jumping from one person to the other. I have heard some people tell me that this can’t happen. I don’t know what planet they reside on, but on this one it sure can and does happen. There is an event in LDS church history where it happened. I’ll let you think about where, we’ve written about it I do believe. I’ve had people tell me their stories about it happening in their families.

A month or so ago another friend in our preparedness group asked for a blessing to have something cast off of him. Bob was there so I asked him to assist me. I have this problem that Z pointed out to me this past week. I assume that people come with understanding and are prepared to do things. That is not always the case, and you know what it makes “u” and “me” when we ASSume something.

Anyway, we laid hands on Bob and as the voice for the blessing, I cast off the offending entity and voiced whatever the Spirit said to say. Immediately after, they departed my home. Bob was staying at his brother’s house some ten to fifteen minutes away. By the time he arrived there he was really in a bad way. I was going to say that it seems he hadn’t quite shielded himself and the entity jumped to him. But that is not true. The entity had been destroyed by my guardian and sent back to hell. I felt that he hadn’t properly shielded himself so I went to pray and ask. After asking I knew there were several other things involved in what happened to my friend besides lack of shielding.

I asked my friend Z to tell me what she “sees” when she looks at the event:

“The darkness draws life energy from any nearby body to strengthen against being thrown out.  There are some nasty germs and assorted small bugs, we like to call viruses, tossed into the mix all to weaken the non-shielded. It can and will cause loss of physical strength or energy, a feeling of illness and assorted mortal troubles.  Hence, those who insist on working to address the stronger evil beings will pay dearly if they refuse to protect themselves.  So why are the “elders” of various religions seeming to be protected?  HAH… they often end up completely unaware with some, not so, cute entities in them and loss of life energy not to mention the fact the one, they were dumb enough to try to destroy, simply hid.  They may believe they are protected by simply believing they have some type of priesthood (no matter the source) or have a belief Christ will protect, when in fact they are not.  They end up as nice food for the darkness.”

If you want to “play” in this arena, you need to learn to shield yourself continually. Especially if you are going up against any kind of dark energy or evil. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will get burned. There are evil beings on the earth that you will not want to go against if you don’t have the required knowledge, understanding, and priesthood. Just because someone laid hands on you in a church or you feel you “received His anointing” doesn’t mean you have the authority to take care of the situation. When my daughter Denise came out of her coma without a veil we’d sit in church and I’d ask her how many men in the congregation had a priesthood mantel? She’d look around and reply, “Five or six.” And that was usually just Aaronic in many cases. We did this in many congregations we’d visit and it was always the same. Is that why Joseph Smith said that it is knowledge that will save us?

“Knowledge saves a man; and in the world of spirits no man can be exalted but by knowledge.” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 357)

Before we venture to do anything we need to know if the Lord Jesus Christ wants us involved and get His permission. We’d better know how to shield properly, if we really have priesthood, or how about the needed faith? At least a rudimentary understanding of how evil works is surely required, the more knowledge the better. Is fasting required? For how many days? The Law of Sacrifice always enters into the equation. Or as I would often say, “What!!! Fasting?!”

It doesn’t matter on which side of the veil we find ourselves, we should always be in a learning mode and apply what we have learned.

A few years ago my wife and I attended a funeral of a friend that had attended some of the workshops we have done the past many years. Z was also there. After the service Z came up to me and said that our friend that had transitioned the veil had just told her to tell me that the first classes he had attended on that side of the veil after his mortal death were what had been taught to him in the “jedi” classes we held. He said it gave him a jump on the others. (Now that is funny.) We need knowledge, understanding and comprehension. The best place to get it is here and the reason we came into mortality is to gain a comprehension of these things. We are here to learn just as we do on the other side of the veil.

The largest chapter in the book Conquering Spiritual Evil is on shielding. I would suggest a review and even more important is to learn how to shield and do it. We live in hell here and the battles rages on. Though I know there are some men that believe they are so tough they would go into battle with just a loin cloth on.

Shielding can be used for many things in our lives. My middle daughter, Debi, came over the other day. She and her husband were cleaning out a huge clothes closet in her in-laws home. The dust had overcome her and she was miserable. She was worried because she had to go back the next day.

She showed up the next evening after having been at the in-laws cleaning for hours and exhibited none of the previous day’s problems. I asked her what she had done to not have the respiratory problems.

“I shielded myself against the dust. I also put a ‘hepa-filter’ shield over my face.” Now that was a smart woman. (Must be the genes, from her mother) She had zero effects from the dust. Pretty cool.

My friend Dave had gone with the Scouts in his ward up near Yellowstone a few years ago. The mosquitoes had just hatched and they were being eaten alive, even needed netting to be able to sleep. A few nights later the bishop mentioned that the mosquitoes seemed to be gone or at least were leaving the campers alone. Dave’s son quipped up and told the bishop it was his dad’s fault. The bishop inquired what he meant by saying it was his dad’s fault. He told everyone there that his dad had put up a shield against the mosquitoes and it was keeping them away. Now that’s effective use of a shield!

There are hundreds of stories about shielding, like when the deer was right in front of my car as I was going about 55 mph. I watched as the shield I had placed around the car swept the deer away and it ran off. They are fun to read about, but the bottom line is do we take advantage of a tool the Lord Jesus Christ has given us for protection? Not just for us, but as fathers and mothers with stewardship over our homes and young ones, it gives us the ability to help protect them from evil and darkness.

Please remember we are not allowed to shield others that we do not have stewardship over. That would require their permission. When our children reach understanding (yes, I know, some never seem to), they need to be taught how to shield and do it themselves. That is why I told Denise after that entity was cast off that she needed to shield herself, which she did.

If you feel the need to go up against evil, please get educated and know what you are doing. As Z and I have gone around and I have had the opportunity to lay hands on those that work in energy or healing, I have been amazed how many of them are full of all kinds of weapons, curses, entities, and so much more. I know that some of it because of the work they do. In fact, I haven’t laid hands on one energy worker or healer that has not had this problem and been clear.

That leads me to my last statement. Remember to cast out and clear yourself before shielding. If you don’t you will keep those nasty critters with you inside that shield. Now that sounds like a bunch of fun……



The saga continues…

The “rash” had gone away within a few days of the blessing. But something just didn’t feel right. It seemed to me that the entity was still in me, but there was no sign of the rash so I decided to “play it out” to see what might occur.

To my surprise about two weeks later the same kind of rash developed under my left arm. It grew quite fast and was really uncomfortable. Within days it was raw, just like the other one had become. I knew that in three days I would be traveling with Z to close some portals and do some healing work so I decided to wait.

As indicated a few days later I found myself in the car chatting with Z as we headed out to help a family. I mentioned the problem, told her that I had prayed and asked but couldn’t seem to get a clear answer as to why it had come back. She had some ideas but also seemed a bit unclear about it. I told her that we would be seeing my friend that had voiced the blessing on Monday, so we determined to ask him what he had done before the blessing and perhaps during it to see why this entity had not been cleared. It was felt that he might not have asked permission from the Lord Jesus Christ to voice the blessings. It states in D&C 46:7 “But ye are commanded in all things to ask of God…”

That thought brought me back to the time when my daughter, Denise, had gone into the hospital when she was fourteen years old with ketoacidosis and had another NDE. After she came home her blood sugars had risen to a dangerously high level and just would not come down. She’d give herself an injection of insulin and her blood sugars would stay high. We were becoming quite distraught over it and it looked like she’d have to go back into the hospital. At that point in time she’d go into the bathroom to give herself the injection. One time after she had vacated the bathroom the Spirit told me to go in there and to “smell the sink.” That was a strange request, especially considering it was the bathroom. But I complied and smelled the sink. It smelled like a Band-Aid, which is what insulin smelled like to me.

I went out into the living room and said to Denise, “You’re shooting your insulin down the sink. Aren’t you!”

She looked like a cornered cat and meekly said, “Yes.”

I told her to get to my bedroom and her mother and I would be right in. We arrived right after her. I knew that it must be something in her that was making her do this, as the Denise I knew wouldn’t try to kill herself. The scripture in the D&C came to mind where it says to talk in a firm voice, not with railing accusation to the demons in someone. At least that is what I remembered at the moment and there wasn’t any manual I had read on possible possession of your daughter and what to do about it. So I grabbed the seat of my pants and started to fly. Back in those days I hadn’t learned that a hospital is always crowded with all kinds of spirits, light and dark. The dark ones being there to go into/onto someone and possess or oppress them. Invasive procedures can cause our Aura to crack or have holes in it, allowing dark entities access to us.

Looking at her I asked in a very firm voice, “What is your name?”

To my surprise her face contorted, which I call “going Hollywood”, and she said in a demonic voice, “My name is ………” I turned to my wife and told her get our other daughter and get out of the house, if this thing in Denise was cast out I didn’t want it to “jump” into one of them. She took off.

I looked at her again and said in a firm voice, “I didn’t hear you clearly the first time. What is your name?” She went Hollywood again and repeated the same name.

Well, I thought, I have its name, but what do I do now? I had no idea and felt like a fool. What good did it do me to know the entities name at this point? So I raised my arm to the square and cast the entity out of her. It/she cackled back at me, telling me there was nothing I could do and it was not leaving. So I went forward and laid hands on her head and cast it out. Once again, it/she cackled at me and told me there was nothing I could do. Now I was at a loss. I knew its name, but that sure wasn’t doing me any good, I wasn’t there to ask it out on a date. Right then I resolved to call all the gifted people I knew and ask them for help. I started to think of them to figure out which one to call first. The Spirit said a firm, “No.” So now what? I decided to go into another room and pray. I told Denise and her entity to stay put and I’d be right back. I actually wondered if I’d see her crawling on the ceiling or wall when I came back. I had no idea what might occur.

I went to my daughter’s room and knelt down. “Heavenly Father,” I plead, “I tried to cast this thing out of my daughter but it won’t go. What do I do now?”

He responded back, “You never asked the Lord Jesus Christ for permission.” At that point in my life that was a new one for me. Nevertheless I asked for the Lord Jesus Christ to come. Light entered the room. I asked for permission to cast this demon out of my daughter and heard, “Yes, you have it.” I thanked Him for permission.

Quickly I went across the hall and laid hands on her head and cast it out. She turned around and said, “Daddy, will you shield me, it’s going to try and come back.” I told her to shield herself, she was old enough and so she did.

We are commanded to ask the Lord God in all things!

So my friend, (whom I’ll call Bob) that had “cast out” the entity causing the problem under my right arm came over and we had a most intriguing conversation.

Z was there and we asked him to relate what he did prior to the casting out. He informed us that he had asked the Father if He wanted me to have the blessing and received a yes. Then he asked for permission to voice the blessing and received what he felt was a yes. Well there went our theory. But this is where it is always fun, to figure out what was not done or perhaps not done quite right. We started to ask questions when all the sudden Z said that my guardian just informed her that the entity was never actually cast out.

Bob then informed us that during the blessing he had asked that the entity be transmuted to light. Z told him that it needed to be destroyed, that a living dark entity cannot be “sent” to the light or transmuted to light. Because it had not been cast out and destroyed, it had immediately gone into hiding inside of me and several weeks later caused the left arm to have problems. That is why I had not felt quite right about this. Bob is coming over today to set it right and cast the dark entity out and either destroy it or send it to hell. Typically when I cast out, which is always in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask my guardian to take care of it or them. He will cut them into pieces and send those pieces down to hell. There are many levels in hell and the pieces fall all over the place. The dark entity can’t die, so it then takes a real long time for it to find all of its pieces and put itself back together again. Z has mentioned she has seen other demons or such find some of those pieces in hell and kick or punt them like a football, thereby sending the offending piece of dark entity to another level.

Anyway, spirit does affect physical. Dark spiritual entities can affect our physical bodies for ill, and not just split lips. Getting rid of entities requires us to get permission from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then it is cast out in His name. It needs to be cast down to hell. Some entities are quite powerful and require someone with actual priesthood to cast them out, not just church priesthood or pretend priesthood. There are some people that actually believe they can send dark entities to the light. Not possible. Not even our Lord Jesus Christ sends ANYONE to the light. Agency is always honored and is one of the key principles here in this world. If the Lord Jesus Christ must honor that principle, what makes any of us believe we don’t have to? Yes, there are entities in hell that are redeemable. But leaving there or going anywhere involves an invitation, it must be their choice. We can’t send them anywhere except to hell where they came from.

Praise be to God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for their blessings and knowledge on how to help others and ourselves.

Since this is my first post…

Since this is my first post I need to explain a few things.  First, most of these posts will come as a result of us going out and helping people.  “Us” meaning a woman friend of mine, and myself.  She was born without a veil as are all the rest of us.  The only difference is her veil never came, unlike most of the rest of us.  To cut to the chase, she sees through the veil and the Lord Jesus Christ allows her to help a few people with that gift, which she considers a curse (seeing through the veil, not helping others).  No, she will not be your or my private “oracle” and tell us what she sees or what God wants you to know.  That is not how gifts are to be used.  They are to be used to bless others lives when and only when the Lord Jesus Christ says so.  If that makes you angry or disappointed, please quit reading now and “unblog” yourself.  I will refer to her as “Z” throughout these writings.

Below is an example of what you might expect from these writings.  Hopefully it may help you to understand how this world of flesh interacts with the world of spirits, with an emphasis on evil as this is something we all must overcome.

We were asked to help a family some four hours from our location and left early in the AM to travel to their home.  Upon arriving we cleared all the portals (this will be covered in a different post or many posts) and then sat down with the mother and her son.  He had asked for a blessing and to be cleared of anything of a negative or evil nature that was upon or in him.  He mentioned that for most of his life he had a crack on his lip that would not heal.  They had literally tried everything they could think of for many years, all to no avail.

After I was done voicing the blessing and casting off a really nasty entity and a bunch of other things he asked Z if the entity had a crack on its lip where his was, the one that would not heal for over 12 years.

“Yes,” she answered.

Three days after returning home from helping this family I had a chance to contact the mother.  This is her quote:

“The crack in (my son’s) lip is healing very rapidly now that the entity is gone.  Amazing!  It has been there since he was a young boy.”

I would venture to say that the crack on his lip appeared because the entity attached itself to the young boy.  Dark beings have the ability to cause us physical problems.  For those of you that don’t believe such a thing can happen, then explain to me why this young man tried for over twelve or more years, as did his parents, to heal this crack on his lip and nothing worked.  Well, at least nothing worked until the Lord Jesus Christ got involved and cleared the really nasty entity.  Now the crack is healing.  You can call me at 1-800-please-explain-how-that-works.

How many of us suffer from ailments that might be caused by such things?  Did not the Lord Jesus Christ cast off entities and people were healed?  Why would it be any different now days?  Sometimes it just requires the strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, fasting, and proper authority.  Those are key elements any time we are facing darkness or evil.

Another time I had expressed some anger and had a dark entity attach itself to me as a result.  I felt it come on and asked for permission to remove it.  I was told that I was not allowed to, that I needed to ask someone else to do so.  I asked the Spirit who I should approach and was told to ask a close relative that I quite like.  That really excited me, because the Lord Jesus Christ usually has lessons for me, the other person or both when these things happen.

I approached him and asked him if he would cast this thing off of me.  He agreed and came over.  Z happened to be at my home at the time.  (Funny how the Lord arranges things).  My close relative laid hands on me and said something to the effect that if the Lord wanted this entity off that it would come off.  After he was done, I glanced over at Z and said that nothing had happened, he had not been bold and done the casting out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, sent the offending entity to hell or anything of the sort.  She agreed that it was still there.

So I grabbed my “knife” and cut the bond the entity had on me with an upward motion and cast the entity to hell.  (In another post I will explain what a “knife” is, just be patient, or read the books).  As I went upward with my right arm and cut, the entity threw a ball of dark light into my arm pit.  I never felt it and Z was told by the Lord Jesus Christ to be silent, as an important lesson was about to be learned — over the next few weeks.  I was happy the entity was gone and thanked my close relative.

The next day I realized that I had a large sore growing on my right armpit.  I am extremely sensitive to chemicals and such, so I am very careful about what I get around.  I knew that I had not put anything there that would cause this “problem” to occur.

Over the next few days it grew to the size of a baseball and was red and quite sore.  I put some healing salve on it that a good friend of our makes that heals about everything.  It didn’t touch it and the pain intensified, the wound became worse.  Over the next week I tried everything.  Finally I prayed about it and was told to approach Z because she saw what had happened.  She told me what she had seen, that the dark entity had thrown a ball of dark light at me and that was causing the problem.

I knew it would not heal without a priesthood blessing.  I sought a priesthood blessing from a friend I know has priesthood and guess what?  It went away the next day.

Yes, dark entities can cause physical pain, suffering, damage and such.

Praise the Father and His Son Jesus Christ for all things, all blessings, trials, and lessons.

Doug Mendenhall