Being awake in the Spirit

In our workshops we have discussed breathing and meditation.

The idea is to raise your frequency and also your spirituality, which we have also discussed here.

The next step up is to breathe and meditate while walking down the street. In other words, to keep the frequency and spirituality up all the time. This takes time and practice. Learn to breathe that way all the time and to be in a meditative state as much as possible. Could this be called being awake in the Spirit? Or walking in the Spirit?

I remember days from my youth playing basketball where I was in what we called the zone. You were at a higher level and everything slowed down for you, the shots came easy and nearly always went in. It was like you were in a different world.

Maybe what we are talking about is similar to that or maybe it is just a metaphor for it. I know when I first started visiting my sighted friend at her home, my head would start to buzz after a few minutes and I’d get a headache. After a few visits I realized I had a hard time driving home, as I felt light headed and was floating. My sighted friend’s home office was “vibrating” at such a high frequency compared to me that it really raised me up. It was truly a natural high. Over time I got used to it and worked at keeping myself up in frequency and spirituality.

It helped and my gifts started to open up.

But it took continual work!

My sighted friend taught if we connect to the Spirit like this all the time, we will be able to see what will happen before it occurs. Did you get that? We will see the future before it happens. I’m not talking about huge worldwide events here, but events in our own lives. Though, the worldwide events can also be seen.

I’m talking about seeing a large truck pulling in front of you on the freeway before it happens type of thing. Seeing it beforehand so you can take corrective action and not be harmed. Being so connected you really know what is going on.

Such a thing happened on the vacation my wife and I were invited to join a few weeks ago with one of our daughters, her husband, and girls.

We were at a restaurant in Page, Arizona. Four of us were around one table and the others were across the aisle seated at another table.

In my mind’s eye I saw a future event. The server was going trip and dump a large tray of hot food on top of the 6 month old baby sitting in the high chair in the aisle. The heavy plates were also going to hit her. I quickly asked that it not happen where the baby was sitting, that it might happen elsewhere. Mind you, all of this was in a split second. Well, on this side of the veil anyway. It might have been longer on the other side where time isn’t quite the same as here.

Within a minute or so, in real time, I watched the server “trip” and dump several large trays of food right behind where they were sitting. It was in the open where no one was hurt. The plates shattered and pieces went everywhere. Hot pancakes and other hot food went all over the place.

The baby was fine.

This is what my sighted friend was talking about.

Later I asked her about it and she laughed as the event was revisited in vision and she saw my guardian put out his foot and trip the server so it wouldn’t happen on top of our little granddaughter. Seems the many evil spirits there in the restaurant wanted to cause some mischief and try to hurt her and any of the other children they could.

Now there’s something to think about!

All praise and glory be to God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ for our safety on that vacation and the fact that we can learn to be sighted in the Spirit.


Went to see the movie Unplanned the other night. It should be required viewing for every adult and teenager in America. The movie is based on Abby Johnson’s story.

It was my second viewing. A friend paid for our tickets, and I sure appreciated it. The second time was better.

Some that went with us didn’t like it so much. They offered that they didn’t want to know the details. My question is, is it important to know the details?

I asked my friend that bought the tickets and he quoted Joseph Smith:

“The things of God are of deep import and time and experience and careful and ponderous and solemn thought can only find them out. Thy mind O man if thou wilt lead a soul unto salvation must search into and contemplate the darkest abyss and the broad expanse of eternity, thou must commune with God.” (DHC 3:295)

One of the things Joseph said we must do is search into and contemplate the darkest abyss. I did that last night. We were shown and told what happens in an abortion. I never knew. Of course I knew they killed a baby. No it is not a mass of tissue or a glob of cells. I don’t care what some liberal leftist social justice warrior calls it. It is a baby and is life. What they are doing is murder.

I have never been vocal about abortion. I didn’t know the details, so I couldn’t speak. I wasn’t going to spout some conservative talking point, pretending to knowledge. I had no idea that after the baby is either suctioned out or pulled apart in pieces, it must be reconstructed, usually in a pan, to make sure they got all its pieces out of the woman. (I can’t say mother, she doesn’t qualify.) Does that sound like a mass of cells or tissue to you? They put the baby back together to make sure all its parts have been ripped out and none are left in the mother. I had no idea.

It also shows and talks about other ways of aborting a baby. Chemicals in pill form or being injected through the abdomen into the baby’s heart are other ways. In my opinion, none of them are safe for the mother and especially for the baby they are trying to kill.

Evil does love the death of innocence.


I have decided that details, contemplation, and searching are all important. Into Heaven? Yes. Into the darkest abyss? Absolutely. You can’t fight what you don’t know and understand.

It is the same with evil. Is that why the Lord Jesus Christ stated in D&C 123:

“For there are many yet on the earth among all sects, parties, and denominations, who are blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, (things like it’s not a baby, it’s a mass of cells, etc.?) whereby they lie in wait to deceive, and who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it –Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven—These things should be attended to with great earnestness.” (Vs. 12-14)

Should we share the details? I mean the truth? Absolutely. Darkness and evil doesn’t like the light of truth when it shines on it.

Did you know that we do the opposite of what these dark evil abortionists do? We perform what I might call abortions of light. That would be the excising of demons and other dark entities from mortals. Evil destroys innocence. The Lord has evil destroyed.

What is interesting is we have had a few people that have become upset when we tell them about the “abortions” that we help perform. Yes, it’s true. They don’t want the evil entities harmed.

When we do a clearing on someone, we will ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come and take out, remove, excise, abort, or whatever you want to call it, the demons or dark entities in or on that person. We ask Him to give those dark, evil, nasty entities to our warrior guardians to take care of.

If it is a small little entity, they will usually do what our sighted friend calls, “flaming Warrior shish-kabob.” That will involve one of their flaming swords. This will turn the hapless evil entity into fine ash. The ash is dumped back into Hell or will be thrown out onto a nice lawn for fertilizer.

The larger, nastier entities will get cut up into pieces and thrown down a portal to Hell. Why do they get cut up? Because if you just “rebuke” them, they will come back to bother you or others. Rebuking just sends them away. If the dark entity has been doing its evil work on children or innocence, the Warrior guardians will make extra effort to make sure they are cut into little pieces as doing evil to innocence really makes them upset. I wonder what those Warrior Guardians would do with abortionists who cut and suck innocent little babies into pieces.

Cutting them into pieces and throwing them into Hell is of greater benefit to this mortality. Hell is a very large place with many levels that are quite wide. The “pieces” of demon will land on many different levels in many different places. Demons don’t die. So this means it will take them a real long time to put themselves back together or “reconstitute” themselves. Many times another dark entity will come strolling along and will see a part of another evil entity on the ground. Since there is so much love in Hell, it will pick up that part and throw or punt it elsewhere, just for the fun of it. There is no love-loss in Hell….

Why would some people become upset over the destruction of evil? Why is nearly half this nation not upset about killing innocence—babies? Do those shedding tears for the evil entities shed as much for the innocent babies?

Good question. Maybe something to search into and contemplate.

So why do many love abortion of mortal babies?

Denver Snuffer quoted from Proverbs 8, mentioning how this was Heavenly Mother that was speaking:

“Now therefore hearken unto me, O ye children, for blessed are they that keep my ways. Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not. Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. For whoso findeth me findeth life and shall obtain favor of the Lord. But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul, and all they that hate me love death.” (vs. 33-36)

“All they that hate me love death.”

Now you have some understanding about them, they hate God, and especially our Mother, and they love death.

No wonder He is done with this nation. And many of us.

If you want your eyes opened, go see the movie. God loving people need the support of other God loving people. This movie gives you details or understanding. It has been suggested to me that anyone who is with child be advised to stay away from the movie unless they are contemplating abortion. The stress of viewing such a movie could cause strong contractions which could end in unintended aborting. There, you have my disclaimer offered by someone else. Yes,this movie is very disturbing because it shows truth. Nevertheless, it is quite important to support the showing of truth.

Take care.

It’s just for fun

My sweetheart and I were invited to go with our middle daughter, her hubby, and children to Arizona for a family vacation several weeks ago.

It was a lot of fun and full of activities. We two “old” people had a good time and the girls were great.

They received some free items from several places that were visited. Two of these places gave them what they told us were “temporary tattoos.” They were quite excited to put them on, but their parents told them they would have to wait until they got home.

I noticed they were sporting their new “tatts”, as they’re called, a day or two after we got home. One youngster had one on each arm. I am not their parent and they are not under my stewardship so I didn’t say a thing about it.

Are some of you grandparents believing it is your right to offer your opinion about what every one your children and grandchildren do? Is that right before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Just asking.

Over the next week or so I noticed several of the tattooed girls seemed to be having a hard time with life. One was exceptionally emotional, there were unkind words, and other things out of the ordinary. I just observed.

Yesterday it seemed to escalate and there were many tears shed.

My daughter has asked me that if I observe something wrong with her children, to bring it up to her. Even though I had her permission I still just observed and didn’t say a word.

This day was different, as it had seemed to escalate and I felt whatever the problem was, it wasn’t going to go away without help. So I prayed and asked.

I was told the tattoos had become portals into their little bodies and souls. Now entities would be able to enter them. No! It’s just for fun! It’s just a temporary play tattoo for Pete’s sake. (By the way, who is “Pete”? He must be one troubled man.)

Our daughter was informed of my findings. Later she asked if her two children with the tattoos could have a clearing.

What was quite interesting is one of the girls expressed sadness that they would be gone. It had affected her to that point of playing with her emotions.

They had to use rubbing alcohol to get them off. We then did the clearings. I didn’t use rubbing alcohol on the entities that had entered them. They got what they deserved.

We got our grandkids back. Wahoo!

That night our sighted friend had come over. We shared this experience with her and she confirmed what she sees. She confirmed that tattoos can open portals into the children or adults, allowing entities to come and “play.” The portals are “activated” when the tattoos are put on the mortal body.

Today our daughter, Denise, called to chat about life. I mentioned this to her and she said the same thing. She and her hubby “won’t allow their children to put the play tattoos on because she has seen what they do.”

That is interesting, isn’t it? Two sighted people seeing the same thing. Wonder if it is really true?

Now I’m glad I didn’t put that “temporary” Captain America tatt on my arm…….

They wouldn’t do subliminal mind control, would they?

I wonder how many will see the not so subtle efforts at mind control in the following that came to my email box.





“Come, Follow Me” Is Not Just about Curriculum. It’s an Invitation to Become Like Him.

The aim of all gospel learning and teaching is to deepen our conversion and help us become more like Jesus Christ. This means allowing Christ to change our hearts, our views, our actions, and our very natures.







General Conference: You Could Change the Channel. Or You Could Let the Channel Change You.

Let’s take a quick look.

First, notice that both pictures are the same. Christ is teaching a group of people. The LDS church president is doing the same thing. Are both meant to be copies or mirror images of each other? The group of people are facing the same direction towards the teacher. Subliminally, will our untrained minds see them as the same thing? What if they add more subliminal messaging as support?

In the verbiage of the paragraph just above the “Come, Follow Him” in blue it states, “This means allowing Christ to change our hearts, our views, our actions, and our very natures.” In the paragraph below the second picture, it states, “You could change the channel. Or you could let the channel change you.” What is the commonality? Change. We could allow Christ to change our hearts, views, actions, and natures. We could allow conference to change us. Does this idea of change link the two pictures? Does it equate the LDS church president as being equal with Christ? Just wondering.

For me the real link is in the middle, in blue. Why blue? If you watch news programs and such, they like to use blue as their background color. That is because our minds equate blue with trust, confidence, truth, etc. So those giving us the so called news are more trustworthy in our minds when this color is there. Those in the mind control department of the LDS church understand all of this. Oh, I errored. I meant the publicity department. (Yes, I know it is a link and is also in blue because of that.)

So they put “Come, Follow Him” right in the middle of this little act of mind control, I mean publicity about conference. It links the two sections and will make those sheep, which keep bleating so loud I can’t hardly stand it, more controlled and more firmly believing that if they follow a mortal man, they will be saved. I also thought the saying was, “Come, Follow Me,” not “Come, Follow Him.” I wonder why that was changed?

2 Nephi 4:34 says it quite plainly: O, Lord, I have trusted in thee, and I will trust in thee forever. I will not put my trust in the arm of flesh; for I know that cursed is he that putteth his trust in the arm of flesh. Yea, cursed is that putteth his trust in man or maketh flesh his arm.

And I didn’t have to write that with a blue background. Nephi always spoke quite frankly and plainly, though I did put the link above in 2 Nephi.

Data Points

I’m told that scientists collect or produce data points to prove their theories.

Once a theory has enough data points attached to it, it then becomes a scientific “fact.”

So what if that same concept was applied to things that are of the “metaphysical” or paranormal variety?

Personally, I keep, in my mind, a running data point tally. I believe this is a must when working against spiritual evil, while also working with beings of light. This accumulation of single observations – data points – gives confidence and changes belief to knowledge.

Once, not knowingly, I offended my sighted friend. Her warrior guardian physically manifested a hairball and made it go right into my mouth. I saw it appear in front of me and fly in. Several others saw the same thing. I was getting cat hair or whatever hair out of my mouth for the next half hour. Data point.

I’ve been paralyzed on the bed more than once by dark beings. Data point.

There have been so many data points that it would take many postings to recount them all. Some were spectacular and some were hair balls. Others were quiet reminders from the Lord Jesus Christ that He is in charge. Like years ago when rent was due and I was $400 short. That last day I could pay it without a penalty, a check came in the mail for $403. It was from a woman in Arizona that I had never met. She informed me that the Spirit had told her to mail it to me. What an odd amount I thought as I yelled out to Denise, asking if she wanted to go with me to cash the check and then get a drink because the wonderful woman had sent an extra three bucks.

“Sure,” she said.

She sat in the car as I went in to cash the check. As I went up to the teller window I noticed they had a $3 check cashing fee. Getting in the car I informed Denise there would be no drink.

“I know,” she said, “I just wanted to see your face when you found out about the check cashing fee. The Lord told me about it.”

There would be many hundreds of times the Lord Jesus Christ would tell her what was going to happen in my life. She always let it happen without telling me in advance. I think He and she got a real kick out of watching the events. More especially, watching me make a fool out of myself. Nevertheless, they were data points to me.

A while back, I watched a grandson that was quite mean, literally, become real gentle and nice after entities were cast out of him and a level 18 portal removed under his bed. Another data point.

I was reminded of my grandson’s change recently when we were doing clearings for a family. A male toddler was on his mother’s lap and kept saying something like he didn’t want his friend to go away. The “friend” was a dark entity he had probably since birth. It took some effort before he allowed me put my hand on his head and ask the Savior to cast it out. The warrior guardians made mincemeat of it and sent it to Hell in pieces. The second it was cast out, the boy’s body went calm.

His little toddler cousin had the same issue. While on her mother’s lap she also insisted she didn’t want him to go, meaning the entity she had with her. There was such a connection between her and the entity it required my sighted friend telling the mother that she needed to declare she, the mother, wanted it gone, as she had stewardship over the little girl.

The mother declared such and the entity was cast out and given to the warrior guardians to dispose of.

After I sat down the little girl wailed while sitting on her mother’s lap that she didn’t want him gone. She cried and cried over the loss of her “friend.” What was interesting was the second it was cast out, her body also went calm.

The family informed us that these two cousins couldn’t be in the same room with each other without fighting. My sighted friend’s guardian told her that those two evil entities should be named, “Nitro” and “Glycerin.”

It was pretty cool to see a visual confirmation when the entities were cast out of the children as their bodies relaxed.

Data points – giving confidence in the spiritual (metaphysical) and changing beliefs to knowledge.

I’ll keep collecting them. Some have and may yet end up here. Maybe you ought to collect your own. Good journal material.

By the scruff of its neck

I had the most amazing opportunity to travel this past week and help some people.

Now not all of what was done will turn out for the best. Remember, people have agency and choice. Some choose wisely and some not so wisely.

Nevertheless, something took place that I really want to share because it is so amazingly sweet.

In the process of clearing someone, I saw what I thought was what we call a gremlin looking out of the persons head at my sighted friend. I mentioned this to her and she indicated she could see it staring at her. This was highly unusual because when they are found out they will usually try to hide. She said something was different or unusual about this “gremlin.” I looked closer and said it looked taller than most, but had the same huge eyes. She agreed, but still said something was different.

These gremlins with the huge eyes look amazing similar to the small stuffed animals that have become so popular in the past few years with the big eyes. Gee, I wonder where that idea might have come from.

I then asked Jesus the Christ to come and cast it out and give it to our Warrior guardians to take care of. At this point my sighted friend’s guardian put his sword up next to the head of the person that was being cleared. The little critter stepped onto the end of the Warriors sword and started to cry and beg for mercy. It got on its knees and put its tiny hands together to plead for its life.

Normally the Warrior guardian will quickly dispatch such gremlins and send them back to hell. But not this time. My sighted friend said she had never seen anything like what happened next. The Warrior guardian talked to the little creature and realized it was not really an evil gremlin, rather it was a “pet” for lack of a word in our language that would describe it. It was a spirit animal that would become a small creature on a world. It had been exploring and been captured by evil. It was then forced into servitude to that evil.

The Warrior guardian showed incredible compassion towards the creature. He grabbed it by the scruff of its neck, not hurting it in the least, and took it to the upper levels of hell, next to where the light begins. There it had a choice of what to do, to stay in darkness or move back to the light.

It chose wisely. Next an Angel animal whisperer came and talked to it. The last my sighted friend saw was the little spirit creature in the Angel’s pocket being carried around and cared for. Yes, they even have Angel animal whisperers in the realms of Light. (That is not what they are really called, but we don’t have a word for it in our language, so that will have to do.) They are actually master animal care takers. They care for, train, and give guidance for the animals of the spirit realm.

And not all creatures in hell started out there. Most yes, but not all.

There are many wonderful insights just shared for those with eyes to see.

Hope you enjoy.


That is the beauty of it!

Had a wonderful friend send me the following:

“Just finished sitting through an Institute class where the instructor, a temple sealer, was explaining to us how somehow, even though the doctrine is pre-mortal to mortal to post-mortal to God-hood, Jesus Christ became a God without ever having been mortal. It was His first shot at being mortal when He arrived to be the Savior.

And then He descended below all things and understands our mortal miseries perfectly even though He lived a sinless perfect life and never experienced any of those things for Himself in mortality….and nobody seems to think this doesn’t add up but me…..”

After reading this my response was, “Huh?”

This reminded me of some dialogue that once upon a time was in the Temple endowment. Because it no longer is, I will quote it.

Adam was calling upon God when a sectarian minister approached him and said:

“I am glad to know that you were calling upon Father. Do you believe in a God who is without body, parts, and passions; who sits on the top of a topless throne; whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere; who fills the universe, and yet is so small that he can dwell in your heart; who is surrounded by myriads of beings who have been saved by grace, not for any act of theirs, but by His good pleasure? Do you believe in this great Being?”

“I do not. I cannot comprehend such a being.”

Sectarian Minister:
“That is the beauty of it….”

(Man, I sure missed that minister after they took him out of the endowment. He had some great lines.)

I can envision my friend raising her hand and asking the Institute instructor to repeat what he had just explained. He does so, and then asks if she believes in such beautiful doctrine?

My friend then says, in my little vision, “I do not, I cannot comprehend such a being.”

The Institute instructor’s response, “That is the beauty of it!”

Ah yes, the beauty of it. We all knew the sectarian minister’s doctrine was wrong and straight from hell.

I wonder where this doctrine the Institute instructor is dispensing comes from.

I read the first quote to my ten-year-old granddaughter and she laughed because she thought I was joking around, knowing it is wrong. Now she gives me hope. Institute instructors, not so much.

Spiritual Currency – Time and Attention

I have been working on Conquering Spiritual Evil, volume 2 for a while now.

The part that is being written about now is generational healing. In the past I have mentioned how years ago two people came to our town and gave us a paper. We were told to put that paper on our belly button and repeat the prayer/words on it. If we did this we’d heal all of our generations back to Adam. It would be that easy, you know one of those wham, bam, thank you Bonzo deals. Kind of like the fairy dust that the Savior doesn’t use.

In the book, I’m writing about how the Savior comes to a generational healing to work on the master gene helix that is in each of our hearts. He will pull the helix out to work on it, no fairy dust involved. It is hoped all know what a gene helix looks like.

In the many generational healing reports we have there is one I want to quote. Many times he would have Joseph Smith come to help Him:

The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, reached down into the heart area and extracted the master gene helix. After it was pulled out it didn’t look like a helix at all. It looked like a bar of sickening, black, tar like substance. The entire helix was covered by this substance. Once the helix was totally outside of the body and suspended in midair, the Savior proceeded to remove the crud by the double handfuls which was flung, with considerable force, up through the ceiling and out of sight. The look on the Savior’s face was that of near anger toward the black goo. His love and peace was very strong, yet there was a passion against that black cruddy stuff. It is serenely difficult to describe what was felt.

Joseph Smith was standing beside the Savior observing the process. Joseph had a bucket of soft blue and silver water in his hand. The bucket was made of a rather bright metallic, silver colored, substance. It was brighter and far finer material than what we have on earth. When the black goo had been scraped off, the Savior untwisted the helix and asked Joseph to begin, slowly, pouring the water directly over the exposed helix. As the water was slowly poured the Savior rubbed the helix between His hands, thereby scrubbing off the rest of the goo. It took two buckets full of water to completely clean the helix. (Man, this does sound like work.)

After a quick inspection to make sure every particle of goo had been removed, three gray and black speckled balls were revealed stuck to one rail, one rung, and one in a junction area between the rail and a rung. Beginning with the top ball, the Savior picked apart the tiny balls. They had tiny needles on them and looked very much like a Christmas ball that we made in the past by sticking pins into either Styrofoam or a round fruit. The din head is visible, but the needle is not. Therefore it looks like you have a large ball of nothing but pinheads.

The big problem with the balls the Savior was taking apart is these are curses which are living elements that are attached to the gene helix with the express purpose of interfering with the person’s life through the health, mind, emotions, and, above all, spiritual well-being.

Between the black goo and the curse balls the way is open for far easier possession or control by evil of that person so afflicted. With such removed, the person has a far better chance of advancement and actual God-given choice, not to mention it is vastly more difficult for the forces of evil to take control of a person so cleaned.

As the little needlelike balls were removed the Savior flicked them out and away at a pretty high speed.

I will stop here with what was done next and repeat that it is work to do generational healings. Even our Savior must work at it. I wonder if even He hoped that piece of paper with the prayer on it would have worked? I doubt it. He knows that time and attention are required in this work. Time and attention is sometimes called spiritual currency.

When rungs are broken, genes smashed, missing or broken, curse balls or little snakes are attached, (just a very few of the things we have seen), it takes effort and work to remove them, clean off the helix and repair it. It then takes time for the human body to adjust to the changes and repairs done to the genes by the Savior. The body can and will make actual physical changes according to the gene matrix which is also a living blueprint or template. The changes can take months to complete for some people. If He did extensive work on the body and the master gene helix, there must be a waiting period to keep the person from stressing both the physical and spiritual bodies.

As you can see from a small glimpse into what the Savior does, a piece of paper on the belly button will not do much. It takes our Lord Jesus Christ to do this work. Why some believe that a spirit guide or some low level angel or high level demon is going to do much is beyond me.

I think it is awesome that He brings others in to train them. Isn’t that what this is all about, learning to become like Them.

Also, I did find a good use for the belly button or navel prayer paper. I was short of newspaper to start a fire this morning……..

Take care.


The past several weeks we have been quite busy with clearings, blessings, portalcisms, and generational healings.

One thing has come up over and over while discussing with others what we do and that is exactly what a clearing is. When someone asks for a clearing, what does that look like in their mind? What does it look like in your mind? I’ve come to realize that in most cases we are not speaking about the same thing. Do you think it is semantics?

I asked several people who had their home “cleared” or themselves cleared how it was done. Several said smudging was used to clear them and their home. That made me think of the old LDS chapel/home our friends had in another state. When I first went there, I smudged the entire place. I’m sure they were quite amused with me lighting sage and using feathers to spread the smoke around. And it worked, those demons fled! For a few minutes. I do love the smell of sage and other plants used in smudging.

I looked on the internet to finds ways to clear a home or a person and found:

Take a shower; take a cleansing bath with salts; walk in the rain; sunlight; visualize the aura of others; make sounds (my stomach does this for me); shake your body; stretch; dance; journal; be alone; listen to guided meditation; ask your spirit guides to help; give yourself Reiki; sign up for a Reiki healing session; have a plant in each room (I know what plant those is Colorado and now California would use); claim your space; put salt on the carpet and then vacuum; burn white sage; room spray; high frequency music; and black tourmaline stones.


I asked one person what her energy healer did and she just smudged the house and commanded all negative spirits to leave.

I believe some of these things may be helpful. Okay, I’m trying to be nice.

None of these “clearings” I read or heard about involved the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. None call upon Him. Therefore, I don’t believe any will truly “clear” much of anything, except vacuuming and drinking Epson salt water. Dark entities are quite good at going into hiding for a while to make one think they have gone away or have been cleared. They love to mess with our minds.

You can take a shower in the rain, while visualizing the aura of others, making all kinds of sounds while shaking and stretching your body, dancing alone while simultaneously listening to a wonderful guided meditation, smoking a stick of sage and not much will happen. I think the dark entities attached to you or in your home will get a kick out of it. Now don’t get me wrong. I also enjoy many of these things and participate in them. But in our experience, we have not seen them “clear” a person of entities, devices, shunts, curses, hexes, weapons, and all the other dark evil negative things that we get slimmed with just by living life. Many of these things will help to keep things off of you once truly cleared, and some, like stones, can keep you balanced.

The only true healer is the Lord Jesus Christ, I don’t care what any spiritual guru tells you. And no, He isn’t a “spirit guide”, or an “Ascended Master”, Source, or anything else except our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the true Master Healer. I don’t care what some Shaman has told you.

There is much to help us in the world, but when the Savior is left out of the equation, there isn’t much that can help us in this world. I mean truly help us. Oh there are band-aids and cream everywhere to cover up the problem, help a little, and make us feel better like we truly did something. True healing and true clearing involves Him, all else is fakery. (Is that a word?)

Several years ago we were told to formulate a product for people to use to help with their health. We had been involved in a similar product before but those people decided to not manufacture it any more. We knew it needed to come from Him, the Savior. Since I had the availability of two people who could see and hear through the veil I asked for their help.

I gave each one a long list of ingredients and asked them to mark off each one the Lord Jesus Christ wanted in the product. They did so, separately of each other. When I got the two lists back, they had each marked of the same ingredients. That was pretty cool, I thought. Then we had them help with the amounts of each ingredient that went into the product. That took a while and several formulations. I remember walking into my sighted friends home with a freshly formulated bottle and she said, “It has too much [of this] and not enough of [that] in it.” She had been told instantly by Him what it lacked or had too much of. That was just as cool.

Finally we got it right. The former product we worked with had sold for $100 per quart. I had always felt it should be $50 and told them so but they didn’t agree. We were told to offer this for the $50 per quart. It has been that for years now. Unfortunately it now has to go up as the ingredient costs of risen.

I have many dozens of testimonials of what this does for people. For me, I don’t get sick. If I feel something coming on, I will take extra for a day or two. I take a maintenance dosage in the morning and at night. My favorite quote is from a friend in Idaho, “I sure enjoy my good health!”

This stuff works. It is called Ascend. You can only get it from me. We’ve had stores and health professionals want to sell it in their stores and offices but have told them no. Contact me if you want more information. I only bring it up here because I realized that many here are not on my normal email list that I sent this message out to. We are doing one last run for the $50 per quart price, then it goes up to $55.

Have a great week!


Had quite the interesting conversation the other day with a very close “sighted” relative.

We were discussing the “anti-vax” rhetoric on the news the past week or so. I know where I’m at on this supposed issue and what I did with it. I let my children decide what is “best” for their own children, my grandchildren. Though, I must admit there are times I’d like to “open” their minds to some things. But I pretty much keep things to myself unless asked. You know, the agency thing…..

In the middle of our conversation she stated that her husband will come home from work with “illness” attached to him, like the cold and flu variety. We’ve discussed in the past about how some people come home with dark entities attached to them. Only in this case it is what is described as illness. Are there entities attached to illness? You bet there is. Just like with disease.

Remember in one of our books we wrote about the young sighted woman that works at summer camps for children with cancer. She saw that all of them had “cancer” demons attached. Eventually, they would get so sick that there wasn’t enough life energy to suck out and the demons would leave. Many times the child would then go into remission. In other words, what she saw was when the children were in “remission” the cancer demons were gone. Then, if the child got well enough, the cancer demons would come back to feed on them again and then many times the child would transition as the rest of their life energy was sucked out by the entities.

I know, pretty sad.

This sighted relative’s first husband had their first child, a girl, vaccinated up until the age of five or so before they divorced. She remarried a man with two boys, neither of which had been vaccinated. Over time they had another boy together, which they did not vaccinate. I observed, without any comments, that the girl was always sick and the three boys hardly ever got sick.

This post is NOT about whether to vaccinate or to not vaccinate. It is about what I heard, observed, and asked the Lord about.

During our conversation, this sighted relative made the comment that her husband will come home and have “illness” attached to him. She watches as the illness will consciously go to her daughter that has been vaccinated as it is quite easy for the “illness” to get into her. It typically won’t go after the three that have not been vaccinated. She observed that for the most part it can’t get into them. I hope that makes sense.

So I asked her because I honestly wanted to understand, “So, there are times when your husband comes home from work, and evidently sometimes he has been around others who are sick and contagious. Sometimes the illness will jump to him and ride to your home. Once there, it looks for others to attach to in order to inflict them with the illness. The conscious part of the illness (intelligence) will hardly bother with the boys, who have not been immunized. Rather, it seeks out the daughter who has been vaccinated. Is that right?

“Yes,” she responded.

“Do you feel she is more susceptible to illness because she has been vaccinated?” I asked.

She answered in the affirmative telling me she can see it.

I have several children. Some vaccinate and some do not. I don’t enter into that discussion unless asked because it is not my business. No, I do not want to “send them to an island” nor do I believe in “herds” having immunity.

What I have noticed are those grandchildren that have been vaccinated are often sick when they have come to visit. The ones that have not been vaccinated are not usually sick. I’m not saying they don’t get sick, I am saying it is MUCH less than the others.

Today, another sighted friend called and I ran this conversation by her to see what she had experienced or seen.

She pretty much agreed with the other sighted person. Also added that there are microscopic demons that are put into vaccinations. These provide something like markers or keys that allow the illness in. Now that was fascinating and maybe ought to be explored further someday.

I’m not trying to enter into the vaccine fray. Though I would always consider what the Lord Jesus Christ’s will was before a man or woman wearing a white coat with ties to big pharma. After reading many comments from vaccine advocates, I feel quite a few have made the medical establishment their God. Their judgment towards those that have carefully considered, studied, maybe and hopefully prayed, about this subject and have chosen to pass on this part of what the medical establishment offers is quite hateful, not just judgmental.

As usual, my interest lies in what happens on a spiritual level and how does or can evil influence us. We have mentioned many times the importance of blessing medications or anything they want to put into your body. For that reason is was quite fascinating to hear these two sighted people confirm what I had suspected all along.

Wow, something else to take to the Savior. Please do so with NO preconceived ideas. That reminds of the friend that asked the Savior for permission to do something and was told no. So my friend kept asking and finally got a yes. He will give you what YOU want, even to your own condemnation. Just ask Satan if you don’t believe me.

By the way, I believe the herd would have told Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to fall down and workshop that false god/idol, otherwise the King would put them into the fire and they would die! (Could this be considered herd immunity from the fire?) Wonder how that worked out? What would have happened if they had worshipped the false god? No fire until they get to hell? Mooooo?

I am grateful to my Savior for His teachings and the chance to grow within, to work at being balanced to become like Him while working at doing His will in all things.