We did a clearing/exorcism a while back that taught me quite a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, we have done many clearings where the person actually received an exorcism. Not that we really tell the person that.

In our society there is quite the stigma about being possessed. Well, I’m here to tell you that most all of us run around with entities on and in us, from a few to many hundreds. That seems to be part of living in this Telestial hell, unless a person really understands this and works to be free from them. Christians have the belief that if you are Christian you can’t become possessed. An evil entity simply can’t get inside of you because you are a Christian and are saved in Christ. They say a Christian can only become “oppressed”, meaning the entity is on the outside affecting you.

Then I read in a book about spiritual warfare written by a Christian who has spent his life fighting demons and such. He quietly mentions in his book that he has had many Christian ministers and missionaries come to him and they are fully possessed, which he says can’t happen, but it seems to be happening and he doesn’t know what to say about it. Quite the conundrum for those poor Christians.

Then there is this idea I’ve heard from New Agers and LDS people that if you don’t pay attention to something, you don’t give power to it. I’ve had several people that others believe are quite brilliant in the Restoration Movement also tell me this. We’ve written about this in the past. “If you don’t give evil attention, it can’t or won’t bother you.” Please tell me where that planet is because I want to reside there someday! One of Satan’s greatest victories over us mortals is the idea that he and Hell don’t exist, that those ideas are constructs of the religious institutions that want to control us. Granted, religious institutions do many things that are designed to control us, our minds, and extract money from us, but Satan and his kingdom are quite real.

This is called being ignorant of something or how about just plain stupid, if you wish.

Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is death and slavery. I would tell you to ask those members of the many varied religious institutions around the world, but most of them have no idea they are enslaved and mind controlled. Satan is brilliant in his devices to deceive.

If we have no idea that evil can enter us and control us, we are ignorant and condemned to a life of death and slavery. Over time the Lord Jesus Christ has opened my spiritual sight so that when I lay hands on someone I am able to see into them. I laid hands on a person and saw this creature inside of him. It “mirrored” him. By that I mean it was as if a smaller version of the man was inside of him. Only the creature was quite black, slimy, icky, smelly, stinky, etc. It had tentacles that went from it to the person it was inside of. The tentacles went to all of his organs, all of his parts, from his brain down to his toes.

This is called full INTEGRATION. The entity has complete control over the person. This person had received many priesthood blessings and many sessions with energy workers. None of it helped, he said. He was never told he had a possession issue. Not just a possession issue, but also the entity had integrated with him.

We asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come and excise the entity out of him, to cut all the tentacles and anything else that was there to control. Actually the entity had a protrusion on the back of its head that kind of went up to a point. This was connected to two tube like devices that went down the persons back. This was similar to a control device or panel. The Savior removed it first. He then put what looked like a bag made of what we might call ectoplasm around the entity and extracted it out of the mortal body. It was then handed to the Warrior guardians to take care of. I won’t describe this except to say they could have used those guys for the old Ginsu knives commercial, with all the slicing and dicing going on…..

Even though this is believed to be the most effective manner of possession, it isn’t. Though it is stronger when there are many entities in the mortal body rather than just one. But this is what really cracks me up. The most effective manner of possession is what was mentioned the Christians call “oppression” where the entity is on the outside of the body.

Several years ago we were asked to help a young man up in Provo, Utah. He had called and said he felt he had an entity that had the rank of a General on him. At that time we hadn’t dealt much with “Generals.” We went up to his apartment and found that indeed, he did have a General standing behind him. Only the General had what looked like a large rope in his hand. The rope went towards the young man and split into seven sections, with each section going to each of his seven main Chakras. By controlling the seven main Chakras the entity was in complete control over the man, even more so than if the entity had entered him and attached tentacles.

A spiritual knife/sword was used to cut the cords and the entity had a conversation with my sighted friends Warrior guardian. It didn’t end well for the General. A General is much more powerful than multiple entities, but it is not going to enter the body, it will stand behind the person and can control the individual much better with the cords going or attached to the Chakras. They can accomplish integration quite well with this method. (But don’t tell the Christians!)

We had a young woman we mentioned briefly in the “Worth the Trip” blog, with a very power entity that had attached to the back of her head. We have seen this many times where the entity will attach to the mortals head. Most of the time the entity will look like a half human, half snake or some other creature. They are really nasty looking and will usually be attached to the side of the head. This one was attached to the back of the young girls head causing major problems. At that attachment point it can much more easily integrate into the brain where the Autonomic Nervous System, the ANS, is. This kind of integration is also very effective because not only can the entity integrate into the ANS, it can also get into the subconscious mind at that point and really exercise control over the individual.

This young girl was completely out of control. She had always been a loving, kind young girl. Now she would tear her room apart and scream how much she hated her mother for hours at a time. This was completely unlike her. By entering into her ANS and also her subconscious mind, the entity had total control over her thoughts, words, and actions. It was quite sad. Nevertheless, the Savior released her and had the entity destroyed by the Warrior guardians. You can read in that particular post what the mother said about getting her little girl back.

It isn’t just a matter of laying hands on and casting out. It does require knowledge and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is by Him and because of Him these things are done. He is the Healer and Master. We do need to get out of ignorance and acquire the knowledge necessary to do our part in His work. If we don’t have the required knowledge and understanding, the entities will just laugh as we declare they are to leave or as we rebuke them. There are times that after a while they will get tired of our efforts and just go into hiding to rest, only to come back to work in a while. And we wonder why that blessing, casting out, or energy work didn’t do much.

Ignorance is not bliss, as stated before it is death and slavery.

Mini Seminar

We actually don’t want any part of this.

Above is a true statement. We have been told to do a mini seminar on July 27. The hope is that everyone will be out of town and unable to come. Wahoo!!!!

My sighted friend and also my daughter have been shown what is upcoming in our area, country, and more. I recently spent several hours with my daughter with her sharing what she has been shown.

They have been told to share, which neither wants to do. But since it is His will, they will.

I don’t know if my daughter will actually be there in person right now. If not, someone will read what she has been shown.

This invitation is for those that are registered on this blog, as the space is limited. We don’t want you telling your friends or others about it please.

In the past, these kind of things have been shut down by the judgment of “new” people that don’t know how strange we are or have never been around us.

They go into judgement and condemnation and then the sighted presenter has been told by the Savior to stop presenting. We don’t want that this time, there is too much that needs to be shared. So please keep this event quiet.

Space is limited, so only those that have reserved a seat will be allowed in. That can be REQUESTED by emailing me at:

If there is room I will send you a confirmation. If you are not part of this blog, most likely you will not get a confirmation back from us.

Children are not invited to this event due to the serious content. Also, it will NOT be recorded and we ask that you not record either. Notes are great. If we see you recording, we will immediately shut down the event. That will make several hundred people not very happy with that person.

It will start at 8:30 AM and end by noon. If there is time, there will be a small Q&A at the end.

The location will be sent to you with your confirmation, but it is in Salt Lake Valley.

Have a great week.


Do you see?

I received another call with help being requested. This isn’t a problem, because we are always glad to help others. Though sometimes it just won’t work.

I have known the caller for nearly 18 years. Most that would meet her would agree that she is a real good person. I would also agree with that assessment.

This person has gifts. Though I wonder some days if having gifts is a good thing or not. It can be such a stumbling block, especially if pride enters the equation.

The attacks she is receiving from the adversary are off the charts, according to her it has never been this bad. For this reason I asked her what she has been doing about it.

She indicated she had been to every energy worker she could find and also had received many priesthood blessings. She then said the most curious thing, “None of them have helped or worked. In fact it gets worse after each blessing or energy session.”

I asked why she continued to do things that don’t seem to work. She said she didn’t know what else to do. “One of the energy workers has incredible scripts.”

“If they are so incredible,” I asked, “why don’t they work.” (I am not disparaging the energy worker. I have no doubt she/he has done much good.)

“I mean they are beautiful,” she responded.

So she has been to many energy workers that haven’t helped, even one with incredible scripts, plus many priesthood blessings, all of which haven’t worked.

I decided to go to the priesthood angle because she had told me that all those that had given her priesthood blessings were returned missionaries or held church callings.

“Have you asked the Lord Jesus Christ if any of these priesthood holders even have priesthood?” I asked her. I knew there was the possibility of hitting a sacred cow with this question.

It was a direct hit. The cow, went “Moooooooooooooooooo.” I then asked why she would allow anyone to lay hands on her to do energy work or even voice a priesthood blessing without first getting permission from God. I received the same reply, that they were all returned missionaries. I didn’t tell her that even though I had served some 40 years ago, there were half of those that I served with that I would never allow to voice a priesthood blessing on my head. Those that have served a mission will understand that statement.

Nevertheless, I ventured in further. I asked her what if someone came to me and said that her father was inactive, abusive, and an alcoholic. The bishop had wanted to active him and decided to have him, the father, baptize her when she turned eight-years-old. He did the baptism. I asked if she felt this woman’s father had any priesthood and she said, “No.” So, if he didn’t have any priesthood, was the baptism valid, I asked again. There was a long pause and she finally said, “Probably not.”

Okay, I then asked her about when I did 20 Ezekiel seminars over a two year period. After the first few seminars, my stake president called me in and told me that if I did another seminar he would take my temple recommend away. According to D&C 121, if a priesthood holder uses compulsion, coercion, or unrighteous dominion, the Lord Jesus Christ declares “Amen” to his priesthood. I then asked her if she felt my stake president had any priesthood at that point. Another pause and then, “I guess not.”

I continued. What if that stake president lays hands on some eighteen-year-old to give him the Melchizedek priesthood and ordains him to be an Elder. Can that stake president give what he doesn’t have? She said, “No.” So the young man would have no priesthood I asked her. She agreed. In the background I could envision another “Mooooooooo.”

We talked for a while longer and she went back to asking why those priesthood blessings weren’t effective. In fact, she stated that the problems seemed to grow ten-fold after the blessings. She even mentioned her dear father who had fasted twice for three days and afterwards voiced a blessing on her. Nothing happened.

Do you see it? The problem?

Could she be so tied to an institution that the Savior Jesus Christ can’t help her? Is her trust so much in the arm of flesh with energy workers and supposed priesthood holders, that He, the True Healer, is tied up and can do nothing for her?

Don’t the scriptures tell us to not put our trust in the arm of flesh? So why wouldn’t we pray to get permission for someone, anyone, of flesh to work on us or voice a blessing on us? Is it because we have put our trust in man or an institution and are therefore condemned for it?

“O Lord, I have trusted in thee, and I will trust in thee forever. I will not put my trust in the arm of flesh; for I know that cursed is he that putteth his trust in the arm of flesh. Yea, cursed is he that putteth his trust in man or maketh flesh his arm.” (2 Nephi 4:34)

Do you see the problem?

I sure hope so.

Cursed is he that putteth his trust in the arm of flesh. Yea, cursed is he that putteth his trust in man or maketh flesh his arm.” He repeated it twice so we wouldn’t miss it. Have you missed it in the past?

The problem isn’t just that we trust in the arm of flesh, the problem becomes larger from the cursing that comes with trusting in men and institutions.

Until there is repentance for trusting in the arm of flesh and not asking permission from the Savior to have energy work or a blessing voiced upon us, His arms are tied.

If He isn’t along for the ride, then we won’t be there either. On our end, we pray for permission from Him to help someone that has asked. Unless He gives it, our efforts are worthless. We don’t and can’t heal anyone, He is the Healer. He just allows us mortals to help in the process.

When my sighted daughter came out of the hospital back in 1999, I made contact with an LDS Seventy to give her a blessing. We went to his home and before going in I asked her if the Savior was there with us. She confirmed that indeed He was. We went inside and after a while the Seventy asked if she wanted the blessing. She said, “No thanks.”

I persisted and made her get the blessing. Later, after getting in the car, I asked if the Savior had gone into the home with us for the blessing. “No Dad,” she responded.

I was cursed that day for not getting His permission, which He probably wouldn’t have given since at that time I had great trust in the LDS institution and the Seventy – meaning flesh. I was cursed for trusting in the arm of flesh. I felt it in my gut and in my heart. I felt quite ill in the car that day after leaving the Seventy’s home. Her response? “Boy are you in trouble with the Lord.” Truer words were never spoken.

Speaking from firsthand experience, trusting in flesh or institutions is a sin and causes cursing from God. Furthermore, it ties up the Lord Jesus Christ. Does it make sense why after each priesthood blessing or energy worker session the problems from the adversary seemed to increase? Cursing will allow for that.

Are priesthood blessings or going to energy workers allowed? Of course they are, after asking and WHEN the Lord Jesus Christ gives us permission. Isn’t it supposed to be about doing His will in our lives? So why do we seem to make it about our own will being done?

I hope you see the problem.

Have a great week.

Worth the Trip

So what was your home built on? I’m not talking about dirt or rock.

The Lord Jesus Christ sent a small group to Arizona for emergency clearings and portalcisms.

Why an emergency? Because children were involved. Mention children to my sighted friend and that really gets her attention. You see, as a child she was often taken to hell and tortured. Yes, I know, there are many that believe that can’t happen to a child and that God won’t allow it. “My God is a God of love. He would never allow that to happen to children.”

I don’t know what planet those people live on, but it’s certainly not this one. My God is also a God of love. But my God is required to obey the law of agency, meaning we can be as stupid as we want here in mortality and it will be allowed. People can be as immoral, evil, unjust, and demonic as they desire. Agency allows this. Agency is on both sides of the veil, not just the mortal.

In no way am I implying that children are evil, though some actually are, but not generally. Mortal children require the protection of parents. Especially for protection from evil, in all it’s forms.

So if an evil being or beings set their sights on your child, what are you going to do about it?  When my sighted friend was young, her parents knew nothing of shielding or anything of what we understand and now teach. What we teach has come about from experience, learning how to prevent such things. Much has come about because she was taken to hell as a child and tortured, as many children today are. I’ve heard from more than a few the past two decades that also have experienced this as a child.

What is a mother to do when her husband doesn’t believe she is sighted? He doesn’t ask about things that his wife can easily see. Why doesn’t he ask God, and not just for Heaven’s sake, but for that of his wife and children where he should live, what house they should buy or rent? What are they to do when he moves them into a home that was built upon the site of an ancient satanic temple, synagogue, church, or evil location?

A few years ago some people wanted me to attend an early morning “spiritual” service at the Parawon Gap where there are many petroglyphs. I asked them why I would want to attend a spiritual service where anciently they had sacrificed many women and children in their satanic services by throwing them off the top of that cliff. Why not hold it in Mexico where the Aztecs cut open living sacrifices and took their beating heart out and ate it. I’m sure there is some real good residual dark spiritual energy still in those locations. For sure there are no satanic portals to Hell in those locations, are there? “Hey, field trip!”

Along comes a man and puts his family into a home that was built on an ancient site that once sacrificed mortals by burying them alive. Because of the sacrifice of innocence, young children and women, many portals to hell were opened. And I do mean many. There are also many satanic portals in the home. “Hey, let’s put our daughter’s bed right there, that looks like two real nice level 20 portals we can put it over.” She won’t hardly stand a chance.

To add insult to injury, the children are also sighted like the mother. They see what is coming out of Hell every night and surrounding them during the daytime. What wonderful play companions those demons make.

Things get worse as the children soon become attached to and possessed. The oldest daughter which is eight-years-of-age will get an extremely nasty demon attached to the back of her head. Usually the really nasty ones will attach to the side of a person’s head. When attached to the back it is easier to get into the subconscious part of the brain and get much greater control. It means that demon-mortal integration can happen easier and faster. That will lead to full on possession and control of the mortal host. Thanks Daddy.

As integration is happening, the once sweet, kind young daughter becomes unruly and belligerent. The Mother doesn’t know what to do as her daughter will shout for hours a day how much she hates her, her mother. Things are destroyed and rooms are left a mess. The sighted mother tells her husband and he really doesn’t believe her. “It’s just a phase. She’ll get over it,” comes the replies. “Besides, we can just have the Bishop come and give her a blessing and she will be fine,” he tells her.

She knows different. She sees the Bishop has no priesthood mantel. If he comes, the entities will laugh with delight, for they have a friend in this man’s “Jesus” or do they call him Source?

Finally, at her wits end, the woman calls and asks for help.

The small group headed to Arizona. The land and home was cleared of all portals and evil entities. All that was evil was destroyed, the land cleared and healed.

Hands were laid on small children and the mother. The real Lord Jesus cleared them of all dark entities, attachments, devices and much more. It was good to know He was there and know that indeed, He is God and comes willingly when asked properly. He does come with healing in His wings. Praise God Almighty!

An hour later as the small group headed north in a van, a text message was received:

“My little girl is back. Thank you so much. She is my sweet little girl again and it’s so amazing.”

Now that is worth a trip to Arizona, wouldn’t you say? Many thanks to all those that help in every way.

ALL praise be given to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our Mother and Father in Heaven!!!

Paradigms or “Pair-of-nickels”? Part two

What about the man that volunteered to come here to mortality and violate those who would become family members?

First let’s go over a couple of things. I’ve have had both positive and negative feedback with the previous post about paradigms. There were two of the six readers of this blog that “unsubscribed.” I have a feeling that there might have been some judgment involved in that, but it’s really okay. I’m fine with just four readers. Really.

Second, the story that was told might represent about one-tenth of one percent of those that come to mortality. It isn’t many people, it doesn’t happen that often.

This in no way makes those of evil that come here “shining stars.” People like Hitler and Cain were murderers before they came here. They were evil before they came here. I am talking about a very small percentage of people that had missions like this man who was of great light. But that IS NOT the point. The point is judgment and jumping to conclusions. That is why this was divided into two parts, in order to let any and all judgments sink in before attempting to answer the first part.

Did those that judged the story then take the emotion out of it, the judgement out of it and go to the Lord Jesus Christ to get further understanding? I don’t know. I would certainly hope so. Did He give you any?

In order to understand this fully it might take reading our books and even attending the workshops we did to see the bigger picture of what this world is about and what is going on here. It is not your Junior or Senior Sunday School lesson. (I know, two of you four readers have no idea what Junior Sunday School is.)

Does he not deserve to go to Hell to pay for his crimes, even if he volunteered to come and do them? What did the Lord Jesus Christ tell you? Why are you believing what is written here or anywhere from anyone? Why are you not going to Him to get the truth of all things? That is what we each must do! Especially about things that are hard and might be out of our box.

Then we have a man that came to mortality and attained mid-level church positions. He was one of the biggest employers in my area with a very successful company. He helped many people, including myself. Granted he is the one who disfellowshipped me because a higher level of church authority told him to do so. Well, actually he was told to excommunicate me, but couldn’t bring himself to do so. Why? Because, as he later told me, which I recorded, that he knew I had done nothing wrong.

I forgave him and quite liked him. We wrote about that experience in I See…..Arise! It is the chapter titled, “Courts of Love”? Because he and some on the High Council knew the accused, me, was innocent and refused to stand for righteousness, their priesthood mantel was cut completely off and they were cursed by the angel of our Lord Jesus Christ. (He, our Savior, takes these things VERY seriously.) The man later transitioned after suffering for several years. This is quite a serious chapter and really should be re-considered.

After the man transitioned, I was discussing him with my sighted friend. I knew that fetters to Hell had been placed on him, but really didn’t want to believe it because of “all the good he had done.” I was sure he had gone to Paradise in the spirit world. Remember, there are two places a mortal can go after transitioning, to Paradise or Hell. Paradise is NOT Heaven. It is a transitional place with many levels of light. We go there to await our resurrection, heal, serve if possible or allowed, repent, and eventually have our judgment after we are resurrected. Hell is hell. There are also many levels there.

I assuredly told my sighted friend that this man had gone to the light side of things. She asked if I was sure. I really wasn’t, I just pretended to be sure, which my sighted friend could easily see.

“Have you looked at his heart,” she asked.

“No,” I answered. I looked. It wasn’t pretty.

“Four angels from his god came and took him down to hell,” she responded.

IF, you look on paper and know nothing of this wrongful court or other courts this church leader may have presided over, he appears to be a pretty good man. I know many that loved him. I’m sure he had a huge funeral.

Then, look on paper at the man that violated family and friends.

Who should have gone to hell? Why, when the violator transitions will he be met with angels from our Lord Jesus Christ and be taken to the lowest level of Paradise? Isn’t he EVIL??? Wasn’t he evil? Or did he have his light taken away by Father so he could do those “evil” things, as requested by others that desired to understand them, and learn how any individual could go through such horrendous experiences and be able to come out of them and grow from all of it?

Did you get the difference between what he did and what an evil being like Hitler (who is in Hell) did? He agreed to come here and perform a mission so those people could have the experience they wanted. As per his stipulation, he will have angels to help him back up to where he was, filled with much light. Then he will be rewarded with even greater light for having accomplished such a hard mission.

I will say this again. This in no way implies that someone like a Hitler comes here with the same mission. An individual like Hitler was already dark and evil before he came here. The Gods of Light knew where to put him to accomplish what was needed to be done. (That reason has been briefly mentioned in this blog for those with eyes to see.)

My paradigm changed to a pair-of-half-dollars because I have always tended to jump to conclusions and harshly judge those I assumed to be evil. I was going to insert a picture of what my knees look like after jumping to so many conclusions for so many years, but didn’t want to scare the younger readers. Very painful stuff, I assure you.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t stay away from this man and that I wouldn’t turn him in if I knew about what he had done. Yes, he did evil things. Yes, he had his light taken away so he would do those things. No, there are not many that come here to do this, just specialized missions that the Gods of Light agree with. This is a lab. Remember chemistry lab from the University? Great stuff. Remember earth? You will one day say that and maybe even declare it to have been “great stuff.” To be put into positions and circumstances that will make us grow, give us understanding and wisdom is sometimes a real bummer while going through them. Afterward, some of us will joke around and declare how easy that experience was. Ha!

Is that why, when our daughter was up in Primary Children’s Hospital dying, the Lord Jesus Christ told me to be grateful? How in the H E double toothpick (family blog, two young readers left) are you supposed to be grateful your daughter is going to die from a stroke to the brain and all that came with it? Really Lord!??? Later I would find that she agreed to come and do that, to sacrifice the ability to walk right, to use her right hand properly, the constant pain she endures, taking insulin, and so much that is not talked about that she goes through. It was planned out, just as what this man went through was planned out.

It was painful jumping to conclusions like I have in the past. Maybe we should take each instance we are confronted with and ask our Savior what is really going on and what He thinks and knows. Would that change our perspective? It might be important to remember what the Savior said in Isaiah 55:8:

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.”

A man that I and others perceived to be of pure evil came here on a mission from our Savior that he volunteered for out of love for his fellow sisters and brothers. It was an extremely hard mission. Many have and will judge him harshly and call him evil. Is he?

Another man came to mortality and had many opportunities to grow and progress. Because of pride and ego he did many things that because of the law of cause and effect he is paying a hefty price in hell for. Many called him wonderful and of our God? Was he?

This post was completely about judging, condemning, and jumping to conclusions. The judgment we give out is what our Lord Jesus Christ is required to give us. Whew, some of us are not going to fair very well. The conclusions we jump to seem to mess us up and do cause judgment. I have resolved to keep my knees and spirit healthy and not jump to conclusions and to not judge.

Do you really believe the Lord Jesus Christ won’t give us the same judgement we give others? Wow, are we in trouble or what.

One final thought. It might be important to look at things from a spiritual point of view, a heavenly point of view if you will, and not from a world or flesh point of view. That changes things considerably.

Also it might be good to be open to new ideas from the Lord God. Remember, Joseph Smith couldn’t teach the Saints many new things because as he said, they flew apart like glass. Since His ways are not our ways and our thoughts are not His, we might be surprised how things actually work. But, as I said this post was not about that, it was about not judging, not condemning, and stopping our jumping to conclusions.

Now where is that knee ointment? Must be in that jar labeled “Repentance.”

What I learned on the farm yesterday and other places

Ha! You thought this was part two.

Went north yesterday and learned some things I didn’t know before and was told to share. If you don’t want to be shared with, then exit stage right now.

Yes, we were on a horse farm. It was great, except horses don’t stink so much in the movies.

Before we went there we cleared an apartment, surrounding land and three people.

I learned one was an empath. I feel really happy for the person, and kind of sad. Being an empath is hard stuff unless you learn how to release the other people’s stuff that you take. Especially when you shouldn’t take it. What a great person though.

I learned that portals can be attached to people. We had our hands on this person clearing them when my sighted friend mentioned that I might want to get rid of that counter clockwise swirling portal made of barbed wire that was attached to her. She then said that I may not want to look down at it.

Well, what would you do? “Hey, don’t look at that elephant that just walked into the room!!!” Yea, many of you would look too, wouldn’t you? That is why the other side of the veil calls me the Padawan.

Of course I looked! I won’t look again when I’m told not to. It wasn’t pleasant.

I learned that some people are horse whisperers. There was a horse that we were told to stay away from as it is mean to everyone and everything. It kicked a cat a few weeks ago. (Is that a bad thing?) They thought it had died (the cat) and after two hours it got up and walked away. (Is that a good thing?)

One of our helpers went up to the horse and it came over to him and they were instant buds. I don’t know if this should worry me about my friend or not since the mean horse and he got along so well. The worker at the farm was kind of shocked.

If we can call him a horse whisperer, can we call my sighted friend a portal whisperer? Just don’t look at them….

I saw a pig in the mud and sang the Green Acres song. You three young readers will have to look that one up. You other three are probably old enough to get it.

I’m grateful for Warrior Guardians, very much so. Praise God for Warrior Guardians!

I learned you can clear a horse. We did five clearings yesterday and yes, one was a horse. NO, don’t call me about your pet. I’m not a pet whisperer.

I learned that horses can have dark evil spiritual horses with red eyes, with an evil demon riding it, attached to them. Good grief, are the cartoons right?

I didn’t give the horse a hug or shake his hoof when we were done. Should I have? My LDS ministry training makes me want to. Can I check off the box for ministering?

I learned it might be a good idea to wear boots at a horse/manure farm. It wasn’t really a manure farm, just horses seem to produce a lot of it.

The fifth clearing yesterday was an emergency clearing. From it I learned that some people come here to this mortality with crowns. Yes, crowns, like royalty wears. He is royalty, only he doesn’t know it. Yet.

Now isn’t that interesting. Something we haven’t seen much of.

Yes, it was an educational day yesterday. On the farm and off.

Lastly, I learned that after a 24 hour fast, eating at Up-Chuck-A-Rama still doesn’t settle well with my stomach. Love the place, well most of me does.

Hope you all had a great day yesterday.

“Green Acres is the place to be. Farm livin’ is the life………”

I did want to name the pig “Arnold.”

We’ll get serious tomorrow. Though I did learn many serious things yesterday, some very serious things.

Paradigms or “Pair-of-nickels”?

Warning: Graphic paradigm changing content below. When finished reading both parts of this blog your paradigm may have changed to a pair-of-nickels or a pair-of-quarters.

Mine changed to a pair-of-half-dollars.

Let’s all participate in the same vision: In the pre-mortal world for this earth or this mortal existence, we are witnessing a group of people standing around talking. They are discussing previous mortalities on other earths, other cycles of creation, and what they had learned. As you know the scriptures talk about how we have done this, worlds without number. We discussed this in detail in the “Understandings” chapter in I See….Arise! It discusses a critical piece of understanding that we have been doing this for many cycles of creation. We even quoted Snuffer in it:

“God has been at this a long time. Christ has been involved in many repeated cycles of creation. Moses was told: ‘by the word of my power have I created them, which is mine Only Begotten Son, who is full of grace and truth. And worlds without number have I created; and I also create them for mine own purpose; and by the Son I created them, which is mine Only Begotten.’ (Moses 1:32-33) It is endless and it is cyclical. ‘For behold, there are many worlds that have passed away by the world of my power. And there are many that now stand, and innumerable are they unto man but all things are numbered unto me, for they are mine and I know them.'” (Moses 1:35)

Snuffer put it this way: ‘This round of creation is only part of the cycle. We are part of endless cycles. This is God’s great work. It has been going through cycles of creation, fall, redemption, judgment and recreation forever. It is endless. Many unnumbered worlds have been, now are, and will yet be.’ Continuing with what Denver wrote: ‘Before this world was organized from an already existing and previously used creation, the condition was ‘spiritual.’ But it fell and became the temporal place as present; though patterned after the earlier world where we used to live in a spiritual state. Its present condition will be destroyed and it will return again to a spiritual state. It will be ‘quickened’ and no longer the cold, lone and dreary place of today.’ We do this over and over, cycles without end until we become redeemed and then keep ascending the ladder until we attain the resurrection ourselves. In order to progress and become like the gods, it requires us to descend into a ‘mortal’ state, take upon us flesh in order to perfect ourselves, to learn our lessons we were taught from the spiritual realms. We then transition and do it all over again.” (P. 183-184) (Snuffer’s words are in italics.)

Roy Mills in his book, The Soul’s Remembrance: Earth is Not Our Home, talks about how he doesn’t have a veil of the premortal world. He mentions that before coming here we spent time with what he describes as counselors, guides or what we call angels that talk about what we might want to learn about here in this mortality. His counselor showed him a list of all kinds of experiences Roy could choose from. He chose all of them. His guide suggested that might be a bit much and suggested he temper it down a bit. He did. One of the things he chose was to come here and be abandoned by his mother. He wanted to know what that was like. Later, while in mortality, his mother actually took him door to door trying to sell him.

The concept is we choose much of what we desire to experience in this and other mortalities in order to learn and gain understanding. Or if we lack a trait like patience, we can ask to be put into circumstances in mortality where we will learn such. It will then be arranged in mortality for us to have experiences where we learn patience. We come to mortalities, yes mortalities—plural—to learn to overcome our weaknesses and become stronger for it.

What if this group of people that I mentioned at first desired to learn a very hard concept? Let’s say that they just couldn’t understand how someone that had been violated could get through the experience and be okay. Or even forgive the perpetrator. They just couldn’t understand or conceive how people could go through this and come out okay on the other side of it. They desired to learn more about compassion. As good as some classrooms are, there is nothing like being in the lab.

After discussing it for quite a length of time, such as it exists there, they decided they wanted to come to this mortality and experience being violated and learn to overcome the feelings and all that goes along with it, learning forgiveness and like concepts. They knew they would come out stronger for the experience and learn much. But they wondered just how it could be accomplished. They didn’t quite know how the Gods of Light could execute such an idea. They took their idea to the Council of the Gods. After hearing what they desired, the Gods of Light put out a call for those that might be interested in helping out.

A meeting was held to explain what these women and men desired to learn and how a “perpetrator” was needed for this mission. Those desiring to help or even just the curious attended the meeting.

After hearing what was needed, a man stepped forward, volunteering to help. He did have the stipulation that after the mission was completed, he would have help in returning to the level of light he had obtained. It was granted and provisions made for that to happen. When it was time to go to mortality for this mission, Father took away the man’s light, enabling him to become dark and evil in order to fulfill the mission. This man was of great light, much more than those he had offered to help to gain understanding and knowledge of being a victim and coming out of it, thereby obtaining compassion and wisdom.

The man came to morality. He married and had children. He violated many family members. He was finally exposed and faces many felony counts against him. He will most likely go away for the rest of his mortal time here.

So, is he evil, wicked and deserves his prison time?

What about after he transitions? Will he go directly to Hell and not collect two hundred dollars? But seriously, don’t you think he deserves time in Hell? He has fallen quite a long ways from where he was in the premortal life and carries much darkness.

Next we’ll discuss a man that was the pillar of his community, a former bishop, stake president, and business owner that helped many people.

Now where are those pair of dimes?

Part two is next……

Heaven Calling

Our sighted daughter called yesterday.

She gave me permission to share her experience. And by the way, it is pretty cool.

I have a feeling that many of you have had experiences where you encounter someone that is “different” and they say or do something that is a little odd. We have recounted more than a few of these in our books. Some are tests, others are just wonderful encounters. Though I do have a feeling they always have intent or an objective associated with them.

Our daughter and her husband went shopping for food at the local grocery store. While in the store they kept running into the same woman. She was about fifty years of age.

They even encountered her at the checkout. She was always very gracious to them.

Once they got to their car and had put the groceries inside, our daughter’s husband left to take the cart back.

She noticed that this same woman came out and their cars were parked next to each other.

While her husband was gone, the woman came up to our daughter and told her that God wanted her to know that He loves her. He knows what she is doing and she is okay and on track. Then she told her that God is aware of their struggles and then gave her a hundred dollar gift card.

The she got in her car and drove away.

After our daughter told me this experience, I asked her if the woman was mortal or not.

“No, Dad,” she answered, “she wasn’t mortal.”

I told her it is pretty cool that Heaven would take the time to send a translated being to give her the message that God is aware of her and loves her. She agreed that, indeed, it was pretty cool.

Heaven just doesn’t do this kind of thing at the whim of an angel or really anyone.

If this kind of event happens, there is planning involved. It must be passed before the Council of the Gods of Light and approved. Of course, our Father and Mother would know about it, as would the Savior. All of which would put their stamp of approval on such an experience.

She, the immortal, would have to lower her frequency to become mortal so we not so sighted mortals could see her. She had to choose the age she will appear as, and take care of many other things before she accomplished her assignment.

How cool, Heaven does notice us. Sometimes enough that when life gets tough, they will stop by and say hello, that God loves you and give you something.

It is my witness that God and Heaven does notice us and our trials. I would dare to say that many of you six readers have had similar experiences from heaven. Many probably didn’t know it.

As I think about our sighted daughter and how life has changed for her with a husband and three children, I wonder if she misses being in the middle of His work? Her work for the time being is her family, which as you women understand, is more than a full time job. I do believe it was nice for her to know she is where she should be at this time. Even nicer to receive a witness from Heaven.

Have a great week rest of the week.

Wir werden dich kontrollieren!

“We will control you, Br. Mendenhall!”

To say I was in shock would be an understatement. This comment had come along with his fist pounding on the Stake President’s desk. It was the 2nd counselor that had threatened such, but he was backed up by the Stake President and the other counselor. I told them that “control” was the other guys program, you know, Old Scratch (Satan). Our Lord Jesus Christ doesn’t do control. If you are a Priesthood leader or a Religious leader and don’t understand this concept, please read real slowly Section 121 of the D&C. You know, where it mentions control, compulsion, and unrighteous dominion along with the dire consequences of exercising them. Two weeks later these men would deny ever saying such a thing, even calling my wife and me liars. Though as I now think about it, the counselor was most likely possessed and actually didn’t realize what he was demanding. Demons will do that to you.

Later I would be told that if I didn’t do what they told me they’d take my temple recommend away. More control. I gave it back to them, realizing that when I did, they had lost their “supposed” power over me, other than my membership in the club which was becoming less desirable by the day.

Why do men and women love to control others?

I mentioned in the last blog about the returned Sister missionary and the controls that had been placed on her. It is quite interesting to see what they did to her, so let’s take a look.

This is all spiritual weaponry, but it does cause problems with the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies.

When I first laid hands on her head I didn’t know what it was I was seeing, it was so strange. My sighted friend said it was a habit, like some nuns wear. She was right, it did look like that, only different somehow. Below is a photo from the TV series The Flying Nun with the ladies wearing a habit similar to what I saw:

The difference was the “wings” on the side went downward, made of metal, and were rusty. I asked my sighted friend and she confirmed it “was a habit, only the ‘wings’ went downward and it was indeed rusty metal.” Why would this have been put on her?

Could it be because the doctrine she was to teach is watered down? Was it that what was going to be taught wasn’t worth much and it helped the sister missionary to think certain ways? It was removed. After, my sighted friend’s warrior guardian suggested the doctrine had rusted and that is why the habit was misshapen and rusted.

She had a caul which has been discussed on this blog before. That is to prevent revelation from coming down from the Light and entering into her crown chakra. It is like a filter. Typically a caul will have tentacles coming down off it into the brain with tendrils coming off of the tentacles. This is also about control.

Many individuals will have software in the brain area along with an entity that has been taught how to operate it in order to control the mortal.

There was a collar around her neck that was dainty and went down the front of her chest. This is where a leash can be attached, you know like a dog, in order to control it. It was made to look pretty so it will be accepted easier by the slave, I mean person.

She had a yoke on her shoulders. This is to make her burden heavy, unlike the Savior whose yoke is easy and burden is light. You get it, there is the opposite in all things. The yoke was connected to mesh that went down her arms to her fingers. This was also meant to control her and her actions.

On her hips down to her toes was chicken wire. This was to prevent her from doing her own walk. She was to go where they told her to go, only in certain areas and wasn’t allowed to go outside that boundary.

Of course there were other things on her, but this will give you a real good idea of what a Religion that seeks to control its members can put on or in one of them. After all, she did sign a contract, well, several of them if you think about it. One accepting the call and all its stipulations and a temple recommend with all its stipulations and who knows what else.

There are probably many that think all of this control is a good thing.

None of this is meant to disparage missionaries. I was one once, as were my three boys. I’m grateful they went out and grew as men. Though I never thought what might have been put on them by a Religion that knows how to control its members. This is isn’t just about my church. I believe ALL Religions seek to control. The Lord Jesus Christ does not.

By the way, the title is in German and says, “We will control you!”

Satan came to visit

You know it’s going to be a good day when Satan shows up.

Do I mean Satan? The real guy? No. He seldom comes out of hell. But as Snuffer has written about, if you are an accuser, you are Satan. He is the great accuser and he has billions of followers – small accusers.

“In the work you have performed there are those who have been Satan, accusing one another, wounding hearts and causing jarring, contention, and strife by their accusations. Rather than loving one another, even among you who desire a good thing, some have dealt unkindly as if they were the opponents, accusers, and adversaries. In this they were wrong.” (TC Section 157:9)

Satan showed up this morning in the form of an accuser. It was declared to me that I am evil and of darkness. I have been told that we do satanic worship here in my home and send out curses and such. I was accused of focusing only on evil and “what you focus on grows.” This has come up from others, that if you focus on evil you will become dark. I know I don’t focus on evil. Our entire focus has been on how to conquer spiritual evil, to destroy it, to keep it out of our lives and to turn to Jesus Christ. We even wrote a book about that called Conquering Spiritual Evil.

There was much more but that is sufficient to get an understanding of how evil I was told I have become. (Though I actually thought the saying was, “Energy flows where focus goes.”) Oh well.

I did as I have been instructed and “gave this junior Satan no heed.”

The day progressed and my sighted friend and I went to a home to finish clearing it of portals. Below is part of that family’s response to how their house felt/became afterward:

“About 3 years ago ________ saw ‘hooded beings’ in their room. There was some fasting done and praying done and she didn’t see anything like that again in their room. All of us would also have nightmares if we ever forgot to shield from thoughts, emotions, and desires of the adversary. Also _____ and _______ would not go upstairs without _______. I would also have a feeling of being watched. It’s gone now. And I mentioned that there was no bickering yesterday after we came home. You don’t fully realize how uncomfortable and heavy it is until it’s gone.”

We went to this home focused on the family and helping them. We didn’t focus on the evil there in the home. Though we did have to recognize where it was and then focus on destroying it, which was done. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for helping this wonderful family!

Next we went to a good friend who is a Chiropractor. He had found out he had a really strong, evil, demon in his office and had asked for help. He had purchased a healing modality that came with software to help apply it to patients. What he didn’t know is the software had come with a powerful dark entity attached. The entity also had a keyboard and when this wonderful man worked on someone with this healing modality, the evil entity was allowed to “key” in his directives for that client’s body and spirit. What an ingenious way to cause health issues! We might have to blog about this concept in the future, it really is amazing and quite interesting. Nevertheless, the Chiropractor’s office was cleared of the entity and his minions. (And they weren’t yellow and so called “cute.”)

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for helping this man and clearing his office of evil. Oops, once again we didn’t focus on the evil, we were focused on doing what the Lord Jesus Christ directed us to do to help this man. The evil was destroyed and sent to hell.

Then we headed farther north to help another man with his business. That took some time as it wasn’t that small, but all evil was sent to hell and all portals destroyed and the land healed. Once again, the focus was on helping others, not the evil that had been there for many centuries. That was also destroyed and sent to hell.

While there, we were asked to do a clearing on a young returned missionary. She was incredible. What was really amazing was the dark “control” devices that were on her from head to toe. I asked my sighted friend if they had been attached in the MTC and she witnessed that it was so, as did the returned missionary. She was very glad to have all that had been put on her removed. We didn’t focus on the evil that was upon her except to ask the Savior to remove and have it destroyed. I did mention how cool it would be if her Stake President when he released her, had laid hands upon her head and cleared her of all the devices that had been put on and in her……..

From there we visited with a man who needed some help. He had a large entity that was attached to his computer. Every time he was on that computer it would try to influence him. Nasty critters, they are. Okay, I admit, there was some focus on the entity as it was cut into pieces and sent back to hell. It took all of five seconds, so not much to focus on actually. We spent about 90 minutes discussing the gospel and Christ with him. That is where our focus is, on Him and His work.

Some have told me that if you focus on evil it comes to you, otherwise it stays away. If you find out what planet these people live on where this actually happens, can you let me know? I would love to move there.

Evil is all around us, it permeates our planet, it is everywhere. One does not have to focus on it to have it come to you. The chiropractor had no idea that software he bought for that particular healing modality had a real nasty evil Sargent attached to it. By buying and using it he allowed it into his office and allowed it to influence his patients. Like I said, he had no idea. We were told of another person in the central part of Utah that bought the same software and is quite excited about using it. As we were being told this I glanced over at my sighted friend and she mouthed that that particular software she bought has a General attached to it. I later joked that she had purchased an “upgraded” model, but not many there thought it was funny. Actually it’s not. Sad fact is she has no idea either. And I have no right to impinge on her agency and tell her. How many of her clients will be influenced or even harmed by that extremely dark entity? As I said, it is all round us, influencing us, whether we realize it or not.

There have been many children we have laid hands on and the Savior has cleared. They were possessed with many demons. The relief they received was absolutely incredible after the Savior relieved them of their burden. Did they cause these entities to come upon them? They are innocent children and were not focusing on evil. Many were acting that way because of what was in them, but they had not asked for it. Nevertheless, they were suffering because of it.

Snuffer has said many times in his blog and talks that there is a war on and it’s time to get in the fight. Hiding your head in the sand is not getting involved in the fight. If you don’t know your enemy, how in the world will you even know if you are under its influence or are being attacked? You won’t. Most of these parents didn’t in regards to their children. They thought they were just blessed with unruly young’uns. What a blessing the Savior gave them, their real child, after the entities were taken care of. Praise Him!

We left yesterday at 2:30 PM and arrived back here in our town at 11:00 PM. It took half a tank of gas to do the Lord’s work. We never asked for a penny. The last person fed us as it was quite late. Wonderful food. I have been accused of priestcraft. BS, I mean baloney. We have done over one thousand clearings on people and over one hundred properties and homes, from Idaho to Arizona, and have never asked for a dime from any of them.

Our focus is on Him and doing His work helping others. Doing that involves dealing with and destroying evil. What are you doing about it? Are you in the fight? If not, why not?

Yes, yesterday was a very good day. If the Adversary shows up you know you’re in for a fight. But once you get through it, you just know the real blessings are coming. Years ago when we did the Ezekiel seminars, the week before was called “Hell week.” Why? Because it was. But we knew the harder it was beforehand, the better the seminar was going to be. There must be opposition in all things as our Lord has stated.

Four families were helped because of our Savior. We take no credit and accept no praise. Praise be to our Heavenly Parents and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I have been told by more than a few sighted folks that Satan and his minions hate us. Praise God for that. Though I do feel sorry for those mortals that insist on being one of his minions, spreading darkness, accusations, and such. Though even they are fulfilling a necessary role, providing opposition. Even then, they will eventually still pay one hell of a price. Pun intended.