Had quite the interesting conversation the other day with a very close “sighted” relative.

We were discussing the “anti-vax” rhetoric on the news the past week or so. I know where I’m at on this supposed issue and what I did with it. I let my children decide what is “best” for their own children, my grandchildren. Though, I must admit there are times I’d like to “open” their minds to some things. But I pretty much keep things to myself unless asked. You know, the agency thing…..

In the middle of our conversation she stated that her husband will come home from work with “illness” attached to him, like the cold and flu variety. We’ve discussed in the past about how some people come home with dark entities attached to them. Only in this case it is what is described as illness. Are there entities attached to illness? You bet there is. Just like with disease.

Remember in one of our books we wrote about the young sighted woman that works at summer camps for children with cancer. She saw that all of them had “cancer” demons attached. Eventually, they would get so sick that there wasn’t enough life energy to suck out and the demons would leave. Many times the child would then go into remission. In other words, what she saw was when the children were in “remission” the cancer demons were gone. Then, if the child got well enough, the cancer demons would come back to feed on them again and then many times the child would transition as the rest of their life energy was sucked out by the entities.

I know, pretty sad.

This sighted relative’s first husband had their first child, a girl, vaccinated up until the age of five or so before they divorced. She remarried a man with two boys, neither of which had been vaccinated. Over time they had another boy together, which they did not vaccinate. I observed, without any comments, that the girl was always sick and the three boys hardly ever got sick.

This post is NOT about whether to vaccinate or to not vaccinate. It is about what I heard, observed, and asked the Lord about.

During our conversation, this sighted relative made the comment that her husband will come home and have “illness” attached to him. She watches as the illness will consciously go to her daughter that has been vaccinated as it is quite easy for the “illness” to get into her. It typically won’t go after the three that have not been vaccinated. She observed that for the most part it can’t get into them. I hope that makes sense.

So I asked her because I honestly wanted to understand, “So, there are times when your husband comes home from work, and evidently sometimes he has been around others who are sick and contagious. Sometimes the illness will jump to him and ride to your home. Once there, it looks for others to attach to in order to inflict them with the illness. The conscious part of the illness (intelligence) will hardly bother with the boys, who have not been immunized. Rather, it seeks out the daughter who has been vaccinated. Is that right?

“Yes,” she responded.

“Do you feel she is more susceptible to illness because she has been vaccinated?” I asked.

She answered in the affirmative telling me she can see it.

I have several children. Some vaccinate and some do not. I don’t enter into that discussion unless asked because it is not my business. No, I do not want to “send them to an island” nor do I believe in “herds” having immunity.

What I have noticed are those grandchildren that have been vaccinated are often sick when they have come to visit. The ones that have not been vaccinated are not usually sick. I’m not saying they don’t get sick, I am saying it is MUCH less than the others.

Today, another sighted friend called and I ran this conversation by her to see what she had experienced or seen.

She pretty much agreed with the other sighted person. Also added that there are microscopic demons that are put into vaccinations. These provide something like markers or keys that allow the illness in. Now that was fascinating and maybe ought to be explored further someday.

I’m not trying to enter into the vaccine fray. Though I would always consider what the Lord Jesus Christ’s will was before a man or woman wearing a white coat with ties to big pharma. After reading many comments from vaccine advocates, I feel quite a few have made the medical establishment their God. Their judgment towards those that have carefully considered, studied, maybe and hopefully prayed, about this subject and have chosen to pass on this part of what the medical establishment offers is quite hateful, not just judgmental.

As usual, my interest lies in what happens on a spiritual level and how does or can evil influence us. We have mentioned many times the importance of blessing medications or anything they want to put into your body. For that reason is was quite fascinating to hear these two sighted people confirm what I had suspected all along.

Wow, something else to take to the Savior. Please do so with NO preconceived ideas. That reminds of the friend that asked the Savior for permission to do something and was told no. So my friend kept asking and finally got a yes. He will give you what YOU want, even to your own condemnation. Just ask Satan if you don’t believe me.

By the way, I believe the herd would have told Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to fall down and workshop that false god/idol, otherwise the King would put them into the fire and they would die! (Could this be considered herd immunity from the fire?) Wonder how that worked out? What would have happened if they had worshipped the false god? No fire until they get to hell? Mooooo?

I am grateful to my Savior for His teachings and the chance to grow within, to work at being balanced to become like Him while working at doing His will in all things.

Belief and Protection

Simply believing you are protected and actually BEING protected are two entirely different things.

What? My belief won’t protect me? There is more to it?

When we go out and do portalcisms, those that help us are taught the proper way to shield (to be protected while clearing portals.) If they don’t put their shields up properly before they start, they won’t have the protection they believe they have. We have seen it happen. If one is not properly shielded they will usually come back with entities that have jumped to them. Wait a minute! They are doing the Lord’s work so why do entities attach to them, even if they aren’t shielded properly? Won’t the Lord simply protect them?

I can’t tell you how many people have told me they don’t need to shield or get educated by reading a book like Conquering Spiritual Evil because “I’ll just ask the Lord and He will protect me.”

If we were like newborn babies, under the protection of our parents, maybe we would be protected. The problem I see is we are not “new-born” babies here. If you read the scriptures, you understand you have been through many cycles of creation, have done this many times—come to a mortal world for education. We do our class work in the world of spirits and come here for the lab work in order to put our lessons into practice. The only true way things can be learned is by experience, that way comprehension is gained. Two of my favorite quotes from Snuffer about this concept are, “You cannot simply learn. If mysteries are given to you, you are going to have to fight in the war.” This goes along with, “Light and knowledge are not gained in abstract reflection, but gained in battle in the trenches.”

How can you become like your Heavenly Parents if you don’t know about evil and how to protect yourselves? They surely do. Most of those here in mortality, especially the “religious”, are under the spell of evil and do not know it. Many willingly do what they are told, even when agency is taken away. This is what is being under a satanic influence is. Really powerful evil doesn’t even have to bother with these kinds of people, they already own them. Church leaders taking agency away and people willingly giving up their agency is probably one of the biggest “sins” we are guilty of.

What happens if really powerful evil becomes aware of you? Soon after moving to where we now live there were some people who really disliked what we are about and would hold a weekly satanic ritual with others sending evil against us. This highly affected our family as we really didn’t have a great understanding of shielding. I know I was of the belief that we were doing the Lord Jesus Christ’s work and so we were protected. Yes, I know…….Tired Leg Syndrome. (Blog post, Sept 2, 2017, It’s a Wacky World)

That belief didn’t hold up. We are here to learn how to take care of ourselves. Of course we prayed for help, even asked our guardian angels to help us and did all we knew to do. It only stopped after much prayer and then the Savior sent someone to help. She did so by giving us knowledge to combat the evil being sent at us.

I was asked to help a woman whose ex was extremely evil and powerful. She told him about me and he started messing with my life. I tried everything to stop what he was sending at me, all to no avail. I had been warned how to prepare for such attacks by the enemy, but hadn’t done what was suggested. I asked for help and the answer was I had been told what to do and didn’t prepare, now I would experience the consequences of my non-actions. After another month he got bored with me and stopped.

He had more knowledge and understanding than I did. He was evil in what he did. Because I was warned and didn’t prepare, I lacked. That lack allowed him to attack me endlessly for several months. I also lacked sufficient knowledge to even engage this man at that time. What was it Joseph Smith said?

“A man is saved no faster than he gets knowledge, for it he does not get knowledge, he will be brought into captivity by some evil power in the other world, as evil spirits will have more knowledge and consequently more power than many men who are on earth. Hence it needs revelation to assist us, and give us knowledge of the things of God.” (DHC 4:588)

I know first-hand what this means, as it has happened to me. It will most likely happen to you; a prophet of God has so stated. Do I know this is true? Yes, you should read my emails asking for help. Typically, we are the last resort for many people, as they have tried other resources and none has given them relief. Many have been and are being “brought into captivity by some evil power [from] the other world.”

Believing you are protected and actually being protected are two different things.

Something to think about and even more important, act upon.

I need more water

The following story is true. How do I know that? Because I lived it.

Around four months ago we went to a home and cleared it of all the portals. The family had asked for clearings so we did those after the portals. It wasn’t your standard family, most were quite gifted.

I placed my hands on the ten-year-old and started the clearing. When we got down to her pancreas I saw that it was borderline diabetic, it wasn’t functioning as it should and soon the ten year old would become diabetic. I looked at Z and stated something to that effect, which she then confirmed. I felt something come at me and chose to ignore it, asking the Savior to work on her pancreas.

We finished up and went home.

Over the next months I developed a real thirst for liquids, mainly water. I couldn’t get enough. The thirst wasn’t a normal thirst, no matter how much I drank, the thirst would not go away. My mouth was ALWAYS dry.

We won’t even talk about the bathroom issues that developed from consuming gallons of water each day. Let’s just say I expected a call from the city water department about checking for a leaky pipe. This I did have, just not the kind they were thinking of. All the water I was drinking went right through me, hardly any went to the cells.

My toes went numb and continued past the balls of my feet. Neuropathy, it really sucks.

Because my cells were not getting water, my organs suffered. This created magnificent problems with the bowels. I’ll just leave it at that.

About three months into it I realized I couldn’t read the street signs anymore. If I tried to watch television, I couldn’t unless I got real close, it was all blurry. My vision was getting real bad.

My head became cloudy and it was hard to concentrate or think.

Some days required several naps to just get by.

There were sharp shooting pains at random spots all over by body.

I would be going along pretty good during the day and all the sudden just feel awful. It would not go away unless I had a nap.

My hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) was exacerbated by all of these symptoms. There were times when the shaking was pretty severe and I would feel really rotten.

A little over two months into this I kind of realized I’d taken this little girl’s diabetes she was going to get. I mentioned that my head was kind of cloudy. Well, I decided to see what would happen if I kept this for a while. What you read above was the result.

One day after the symptoms were really quite bad I was praying and asked if there would be a tipping point where I would not be able to get rid of this. The answer was a strong, “Yes.” I was also told I’d better act on it real fast because that tipping point was days away.

I called Z and she witnessed all of this. She did ask what was wrong with me that I like taking other people’s diseases. I was reminded of my taking a friend’s congestive heart failure years ago. Then taking another friend’s really nasty lung issues a year ago. We’ve written about these before. There have been others.

That night I called a friend with the right priesthood and asked him to come do a clearing on me. After he had fasted a day he came over and did the clearing with another friend.

I felt it switch and now nearly a month later it is still going away. The best thing is the awful, unending thirst is pretty much gone. I still drink a lot of water though, it became a habit.

This is something I will never do again, take someone’s diabetes, well unless the Lord Jesus Christ tells me otherwise. I’ve had several conversations with our daughter, Denise. She seems quite happy that I now understand some of what she has gone through with her diabetes. Boy, do I ever, on a completely new level.

It has been suggested to me by the Lord Jesus Christ that I refrain from taking anything from anyone unless He tells me to do so. That seems like great advice. This is advice we have given to many others with this same gift.

I have been told that this ability to take others “stuff” is a gift. It is often called the gift of empathy.

I am so glad we are doing the seminar about Empathic gifts. I plan on learning much there.

Did you know the Lord Jesus Christ is an empath?

Did you know all of this ties into generational healing?

Great stuff, isn’t it.


In our books we have mentioned SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and that it is real and is very wide spread. In the last post several of the satanic holy days were mentioned.

Do you know that in Britain a MP (Member of Parliament) decades ago brought this subject up and was mocked and hissed at by his fellow MPs? One of them, Geoffrey Dickens, was one of the first MPs to openly discuss SRA in the House of Commons in the 1980’s. No other MP has done much to expose it. He died in the 1990’s. His dossier that named those involved, even MPs, went missing. Imagine that. It has been alleged that many in positions of authority are involved and they suppress any evidence and actually have those that try to report or expose it harassed by the police. MPs were intimidated by other MPs to not expose MPs involvement in SRA. Check it out.

Let’s jump over the pond to Utah. In July 1990, LDS church leader Elder Glenn L. Pace’s memorandum surfaced where he had interviewed some 60 victims of SRA and said it went all the way up to the Tabernacle Choir. (I didn’t know the choir was a high position.) The State of Utah then conducted a 30 month investigation and found zero evidence. Is that like asking the MPs to check it out?

Below are some of the people we have met the first few years after publishing our first book, My Peace I Give Unto You back in 2001:

The first one we called “Boise Boy” because that is where he was from. He described the horrible things his grandma and step-grandpa did to him. This was our first exposure to SRA. He was quite messed up mentally and emotionally.

We have written about the woman whose mother would call her on the phone and say a “trigger” phrase. She would then find herself on an airplane flying back east for more SRA programming. She said she could never forgive her mother for the horrible things done to her and her children. She weighed less than 100 pounds. The trigger phrase was “How is your weight?” Pretty interesting.

A woman lived in a SE town in Idaho. She described SRA done to her by her family. She was pretty messed up over it.

There are others. The most intense one was when we moved to where we now live. Someone called and gave me the number of a woman that had been in training to become a high priestess in a SRA cult. When she turned 13 or so and was able to bear children she became a breeder. A breeder is a young women they get pregnant and then deliver the baby at about 8 months and use it for satanic sacrifice. At sixteen-years-of-age she they delivered another one of her babies and made her sacrifice it and other things I won’t mention. After she got into her twenties she told her mother she was going to leave the cult. Her mother said they would kill her. She told them that would be okay, she deserved it because of all the horrible things she had done.

She told me about their satanic temple up near Heber City and all that went on there. Yes it is more depraved than you can possibly imagine. It was extremely hard for her to describe these things. It took several long visits.

Several years ago I wrote about going to AZ to meet a family counselor that treats victims of SRA. His association told him to never consult with more than three of these victims at a time. If I remember right he told them he had about 12 at that point. I remember talking to several sighted people about it and they mentioned that some of it is done in the spirit while they sleep. Of course there is much also done in the flesh.

In the UK if you try to expose this you are harassed and ridiculed. In Utah, Elder Pace was sent away overseas by the LDS church for some ten years after his SRA research memo became public. I wonder if the LDS church breathed a sigh of relief when he passed away.

I met a woman that lived in Sandy. She wrote a book about her experiences being abused in SRA. There is another book called Paperdolls, Healing from Sexual Abuse in Mormon Neighborhoods that is pretty sad and just might hit close to home. A hard one to read is Hell Minus One, My Story of Deliverance From Satanic Ritual Abuse and My Journey to Freedom.

This last one is also from an LDS woman and is particularly amazing. Remember, the State of Utah investigated some sixty cases and found there was nothing there. From the back of her book cover:

“Detectives from the Utah Attorney General’s Office were astounded when Anne’s parent confessed their atrocities in detail.”

Oops. Maybe they should revisit those 60 cases. I wonder if Elder Pace’s notes have gone amissin’?

How come I know about a neighborhood in the south end of Salt Lake Valley that had a man and woman take Primary children home during the 2 hour Primary block and did rituals on them. Over ten children have come forward about it and all are quite messed up mentally and emotionally. Right there in a very well-to-do neighborhood, so well to do they live behind a gate. Nooo, you say. Not in that neighborhood. Guess that gate can’t keep Satan’s minions out. Since Primary will be reduced to 50 minutes the first of the year does that mean your children and grandchildren will be safe?

I’ve met a man from back in the Midwest that has fought this stuff for over 30 years. No Attorney General’s office will be able to tell him it doesn’t exist. He has come upon rituals in progress, helped save many victims. Want to know how bad this gets? I won’t tell you.

Just recently did you read about the 4 and 6 year old that bit a 2 year old some fifteen times all over her body? The 4 year old took a chunk out of the 2 year olds cheek. They said he stood there with a smile on his face with blood dribbling down his chin. Or the 11 and 12 year old girls they caught in their elementary schools bathroom with the knives, a goblet, and such. They were there to satanically kill some smaller children they could overpower and drink their blood. Where are these young children learning this stuff?

Why even mention these things? Hell is raging with blood and horror on us all. These things affect all of us. The fact many of us like to keep our heads in the sand and declare evil doesn’t exist on this level doesn’t make it so. It does and will continue to get worse. The main reason to bring it up is because we all need to wake up to what is around us, in our neighborhoods, churches, and schools.

Hey, I’m still looking for that Halloween candy…….

This is not about Halloween

Some may think this post is about Halloween. It isn’t.

I know that the Devil’s night out is celebrated in many places and is really huge here in Utah. It is also called Halloween.

I went outside several days ago and walked through our yard. Near our apricot tree I was pushed and fell to the ground. I know I was pushed because I felt it and there was nothing to trip over.

Laying on the ground I was kind of irritated that there were dark entities on our property. We consciously shield daily and hardly ever have this problem. I wanted to write that I jumped up, but that ability ended a decade or more ago. I slowly got up off the ground, made sure nothing was broken (You twenty-year-olds don’t understand that one, but you will) and went over under the awning, raised my arms to the square and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to get rid of all the offending dark entities on our property and in our home. After that I reestablished the shielding around our home and yard.

A while later I was contemplating the “incident” and started asking questions about it. I know that many love this holiday, it seems to have become the second largest one that is celebrated yearly with movies, haunted homes, parties, begging for candy, causing mischief and so much more fun.

I was told that putting up decorations or the Satanic symbols death and evil in the house and on the property is an open invitation for entities to come. Would this be like putting up a neon sign? Is this why many people I know of with spiritual sight hide during this time? Or if my “intent” is to just have fun those entities will not come my way? I know, we can ask Jesus to keep them away so we can celebrate Satan’s holiday!

In the next book we are doing there is a chapter on rites and rituals. Would carving a dark or evil looking face on a pumpkin and then putting a candle in it be a ritual? If not, why not? Does putting light into the carved pumpkin symbolic in any degree? Why does evil use candles so much?

Does having children and adults dress up in dark characters invite those entities to be on them? Do they stay on your property after you have allowed the mortals to come across or through your shielding? Assuming that you actually shield your home and property?

Do you actually know what sigils are and why they have power? What does it mean that a sigil refers to a symbolic representation of a magician’s desired outcome? In regards to Halloween’s sigils, who is the magician? Who is behind all of this? The Gods of Light surely have symbols, everywhere. Does the Adversary mock our God and make use of symbols and sigils? Of course he does.

“Aren’t we just having fun? Good heavens, Doug, you are party pooper.” (I would replace “heavens” with its opposite—hell.)

“Our children dress up as princesses and fairies and such. They wear nice costumes.” In the Heavens when a person rises up in understanding and light they are given new clothing to wear and it becomes whiter. This is not fake and is based on merit. Since all has an opposite, would hell do the same thing? Does it mean the darker you personally get then what you wear becomes more evil looking and darker? Are we mimicking evil or just pretending to be like it for a few weeks, hoping it won’t “rub off” on us?

Just had a thought. My little granddaughters are extra cute dressed up as princesses. We tell them how cute they are and fawn all over them. Will they later become little prissy self-absorbed teenagers only wanting to get the latest selfie so they can publish it on social media to show the world the fake life they pretend to have and then fall off a cliff while taking that selfie? What I’m asking is if we are part of the cause. Remember all causes produce effects, it is Natural Law.

Or are we taught to mimic evil and are taught to dress up like the adults in Stanley Kubrick’s film, Eyes Wide Shut? It shows how the elites or the controllers in our world dress up in pretty and not so pretty costumes with masks to party and to perform their satanic rituals and sexual orgies. (Though, if you actually watch it, don’t blame me, it is R rated for a reason.) Do we have our children dress up to perform satanic rituals? Oh, you say, these are not satanic rituals associated with Halloween?

Why according to the Satanic calendar is October 13th to the 30th preparation for all Hallows Eve (Halloween) and has to do with abduction of people, holding them, and ceremonial preparation of the person for human sacrifice. October 28th to the 30th is the Satanist High Holy day with the sacrifice of any male or female each day, any age. October 30th and 31st are all Hallows Eve and Halloween night. This involves sexual climax, association with demons, animal or human sacrifice, any age male or female. And finally we have Nov. 1st which is also a Satanist High Holy day and involves the sacrifice of any human of any age.

If we participate in the Devil’s night out, are we part of the whole? If it brings dark entities into our home or on our property, are we part of the problem? Just wondering.

Also, I was wondering if they celebrate death and evil, I mean Halloween, in Zion? Do the residents put symbols of evil on their doorsteps, put sigils on their walls and vegetables? Though on the opposite side, the God of Israel did have them put a symbol over their door so the angel of death would pass over them. And Satan mimics. In Zion I wonder if they do rituals involving darkness, while hoping it is fun for the children, kind of like we participated in the other night.

As I stated in the beginning of this post, this is not about Halloween. It is about what we do to take ourselves further away from Light and our Lord Jesus Christ. It really is hard to get Babylon out of us, isn’t it? And we wonder why there are problems with our children and ourselves?

Maybe I am just an old fool and see things where there is nothing to see. I’m probably just imagining all of this and there is nothing to be concerned with here folks, so just keep moving along.

Just wondering out loud. Now where has my granddaughter’s bag of candy gone…

Empathic Workshop

On Saturday, December 1, 2018 we will be holding a seminar about and for empaths.  No, you don’t need to be an empath to attend.  But if you have a child, spouse or know an empath it might be helpful and give you some valuable information.


When I was told to do this seminar, I wanted to ask the Savior if He really wanted a room full of empathic individuals together.  Then I figured it would be fun seeing them take each other’s stuff… long as I keep myself incredibly shielded.


All kidding aside, this is a really important topic.  There are many who have children that are empathic and have no idea.  Em-paths don’t fit into the normal mold and usually how you have disciplined all the rest of your children usually will NOT work with an empathic child or teenager.  They have the ability to take to themselves all the emotions of your household, those they have just met, friends and relatives.  Some will turn to drugs and alcohol to “turn off” the “curse.”  Or to at least dampen the gift. I have shared in books and what not those times I have taken people’s illness or diseases.  That is a form of empathy.


It usually takes an empathic person to do generational healing, at least the way we have been taught to do so. We will discuss this.


Empathy is actually a gift, though some empathic people will not agree with that statement.


We have 90 seats and I am not going to move this one like we did with the last seminar.  If you have a child that is empathic or suspect might be, you might want to bring her or him.  It will go from 8:30 AM to 4 PM.  We will have presenters that have lived with empathic children and others who are empathic themselves.


And yes, the cost is donation.


You will need to rsvp a seat.  Also, please only do so if you know you will be there come hell or high water.


Doug Mendenhall

I never thought to ask

“Hey Doug, do you want to go up Emigration Canyon to the house of a translated being and get a blessing?” my friend asked me.

It was the summer of 1999 and our daughter Denise was getting ready to do the coma thing a few months later. My friend had been up to this man’s home and declared he was legit, he was a translated being and gave great blessings. Since I had determined to be “open to other things” I told him I’d love to go to this man’s home.

I was amazed that this man drove old cars, not classics, just old. Upon meeting him I was told he was an attorney and knew all the Brethren. He left the room and I picked up a book where others that had come for blessings had signed their names. Much to my surprise I recognized more than a few of the names in the book.

Wow, I thought, if they came here this must be legit, or why else would they come? Maybe this guy really was what my friend claimed. As I think about it now, was I using those that I was familiar with as validation for my own desires and curiosities? Or had I just joined the herd and was now part of “group think” or the herd mentality? Should I have started “mooing” like a cow? Though I must admit that after seeing those familiar names I was a little excited to have this “translated being” lay his hands on my head.

He came in and talked to us for long while. He mentioned all the right names and his back ground. He was a little strange, just as I assumed a translated would be. I got my treasured blessing and went home happy. We all talked about the size of his hands, they were huge for such a small man. Surely another evidence of his translated state for sure.

I kept in contact with this man. A few months later Denise went into the coma. Later that evening I called and called his home to ask him to come to Primary Children’s Hospital to give Denise a blessing. The neurologists had pronounced that she wouldn’t last 24 hours and I thought a translated being could help. Wouldn’t you? I had already forgotten the blessing given on the way to the hospital by a man with true Priesthood.

After much effort I made contact with him and he immediately came up to PCMC. I took him into the NICU to where Denise was. I watched as the nurses parted like the Red Sea when he walked in. Some obviously knew him. I was highly impressed, just as I was when I was a young man and read how the crowd parted at the airport for President Kimball. Wow. He pulled the curtain around her bed and asked me stand outside while he did the blessing. I complied. He came out all red faced. Nevertheless I was very pleased to have had a translated being voice a blessing on our daughter.

Denise didn’t die, she woke up on day four as a ten-year-old baby and learned everything again – crawling, walking, eating, and talking, reading and such. Everything. I don’t remember crediting the translated being and his blessing on our daughter for her recovery, though maybe I did. You just don’t talk about these things to “church people”, do you?

We ended up interacting with this man on several more occasions and it became quite weird in my mind and with his actions. Finally I realized he was a fraud, was not a translated being, and had done much evil.

Upon realizing this I went to our daughter and told her he was an evil man and we were going to stay away from him from now on. What was her response?

“Boy Dad, it’s about time you understood that. I got tired of dealing with him waiting for you to get it. Did you know that blessing he gave me in the hospital was to kill me?”

You see, you can read our books and know firsthand all the dumb things I did as I became educated on how to live in a world where your daughter has no veil and all the strangeness that comes with that, all that is good so willing to help when allowed and even the evil that is assigned to help you depart mortality. I have always been grateful to the Savior that we hardly ever had to mention this man, who since has passed away. Praise God.

I have been grateful that I didn’t have to show how I looked to others for validation or how I responded to events and people, how I was so quick to join the herd. I remember my church saying to “stay in the middle, where it is safe.” Did they mean the middle of the herd? Is it “safe” there? If you stay there will you ever really learn?

Do you know the one person that I NEVER consulted with about this man and what or who he was? I know, you’ve already guessed. I never asked my Father or His Son about it. And because of that I brought in a man that tried to give a blessing to destroy my daughter.

So now when I see people go from one gifted person to the next and then next, I feel for them. I don’t say anything because it is their experience, like our daughter never said a word about my idiocy until I figured it out, even though she wanted to. How many of us have become infatuated with the gifted person that our close friend told us about or we heard about from Mary’s sister’s cousin’s son-in-law while riding down the elevator and how she/he did this and that and it was simply incredible. Incredible for whom? Why do we turn to mortals and not God? Because He is harder to talk to, to hear or communicate with? Or because there are so many gifted that are very willing to tell you all about it and what to do?

Many have told me about a modality they have heard about and how great it is. Some have learned healing modalities. I sit back and wonder if they went to the Savior about it and if not how long their “experience” will last or if they will ever figure it out?

What does your Father in Heaven have to say about it? What does the Savior say about it? Are we enamored with the new person because of the hype of others, their gifts, or the herd mentality? Or because it is so much easier to go to an “oracle” to learn what God wants or to be healed? I watched this for nearly a decade with our daughter. Do you know how many people told us they’d give us a home or they’d give us money if she would just confirm that their “ship was going to come in soon.” Or, “Denise, should I divorce my husband?” kind of questions. Things you should take to God and maybe never ask another mortal let alone a ten or eleven-year-old young woman. I always wanted to tell them to go elsewhere to screw up their lives, rather than come to our home to see the “oracle” and do it.

What if we went to our Father first, in humble prayer, while fasting and begging for an answer to our questions. How might life turn out? Might it be according to His will and not some psycho, oh I’m sorry, I mean psychic oracle, like some guy that had been declared to be a translated being.

Now you might understand why when people call for help I am so slow to answer. Not because I don’t want to help, but because I need to first get my Savior’s permission and then see what He wants done. That can take time. Might it be important to get His permission before we even make a call for help? And then you won’t have to declare, “I never thought to ask.”

Don’t worry, I have plenty of other mistakes you haven’t heard about. Yet. I’ve worked hard at making all I can so you won’t have to so much.

Strange work indeed…

A good friend pointed this scripture out to me.

“And the lord of the vineyard said unto one of his servants: Go and gather together the residue of my servants, and take all the strength of mine house, which are my warriors, my young men, and they that are of middle age also among all my servants, who are the strength of mine house, save those only whom I have appointed to tarry;

And go ye straightway unto the land of my vineyard, and redeem my vineyard; for it is mine; I have bought it with money.

Therefore, get ye straightway unto my land; break down the walls of mine enemies; throw down their tower, and scatter their watchmen.

And inasmuch as they gather together against you, avenge me of mine enemies, that by and by I may come with the residue of mine house and possess the land.” (D&C 101:55-58, T&C 101:12))

This sure is a strange troupe the Lord gathered: warriors (I suppose they are immortal), young men (for the PC group – young women too), those of middle age among His servants. This is the strength of His house, except for those that tarry. Are those that tarry translated beings? So are translated beings part of this work He is describing?

Then this strange troupe is told to go to the land of His vineyard and then redeem it? What is that all about? How would they, mortals and immortals, redeem the land for the Lord of the vineyard?

The troupe is then told to “get” to His land. Is this a command? They are then to break down the walls of His enemies. Who are His enemies? Could it be the Adversary and his evil guild? Then they are to throw down their tower. What tower? Who has towers and what would their purpose be? Don’t towers usually broadcast? Or are they just towers to watch for their enemies? Why would these towers have watchmen with them? Are they that important? How do you “scatter” watchmen?

It then states that the watchmen are going to gather against the troupe. The Lord then tells them to avenge Him of His enemies. Does this mean to destroy them? How do you avenge an evil (immortal?) army that has apparently gathered to welcome you to their towers, walls, and the land they have taken over?

All this is done so He can come with the residue of His house and possess the land. This is a strange work the Savior is describing, isn’t it.

It also sounds to me like this is a lot of work. There are many “action” words in the Saviors statement: Go, gather, take, get, break, throw, scatter, and avenge. This is no small task He has assigned to His warriors, young men, and those of middle age. I’d sure like to get a look at this “motley” group. I bet they would be considered strange by many others not doing or understanding this assignment. Do you think they would also look strange while doing said work?

If you find them, let me know. I’d like to take a look at this motley crew.

What a strange scripture.

The Savior’s work is strange work indeed.

More room at the Inn

Because of demand we secured a much larger room for the Pendulum workshop.

It is still on November 3 and starts at 8:30 AM and goes until about 4 PM.

The cost is still donation.

The “Psychic pendulum detective” will be here to teach and I can’t wait. It’s one thing to teach when you’ve worked with something for a short time, and a whole different story when like this guy, you’ve worked the program for over twenty years.

This workshop is to prepare us for next Spring when we bring in the man that has used pendulums for health reasons. His father was quite gifted and learned it use over many years. Can’t wait for Spring to come now.

We have plenty of seats. Those that register will be given the rest of the details.

Workshop is Full

The workshop is full.

I may try to get a slightly bigger room, if so I will have more spaces.

If you still desire to attend, I will put you on the waiting list and let you know. There are usually five or six that also drop off that have reserved a space. So let me know.