The workshop that is being held this Friday and Saturday was full, until now.

Several have had family issues come up and so we have three seats available. It starts Friday at 5:30 PM and again Saturday at 9 AM and is in the SLC area. We are keeping it to 20 individuals because we wanted a small group. We ask if you have attended a jedi workshop in the past that you not come to this one. We wanted to give new people a chance to come.

I can’t help but do a “bedtime” story.

A few weeks ago my friend was going to drop by for a chat. I wanted to get outside before she showed up to get the “cedar needles” off of the chairs under the awning. The awning sits below two Cedar trees and the wind makes sure there are always plenty of needles and such in the chairs.

My friend got here quicker than I thought and was already outside when I went out there to take care of the chairs.

“I’m sorry for not getting out here to clean the chairs off,” I told her.

“That’s okay,” she responded, “I asked the angels to take care of it.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but suddenly I was very curious to get a good look at that chair. It is made of fabric and it is hard to get all of the needles out of it.

We chatted for quite a while. Finally she stood up to leave. After she had walked ten feet or so away from the chair I casually walked over and took a look at it.

It was clean! And I do mean clean. As clean as when it was new.

“Okay,” I turned and said to her, “how did you do it? Or rather, how did the angels do it?”

I wanted to know how the spiritual realm was brought into our realm to accomplish a physical objective. I postulated an answer. She nodded her head yes, and confirmed that was how it was done.

“Well,” she answered………….

Because Permission Was Given

My daughter gave permission to share some of her recent visions/dreams. I wish all of us good luck.

Over a decade ago we received a call from a reporter for Seventeen Magazine. They wanted to do a story about a teenager that had a Near Death Experience (NDE) to publish in their magazine. They interviewed her over the phone several times and the woman wrote the story. The woman was quite excited about the story she had written and about having it published. Her excitement was equal to our apprehension about having it go national. It was one thing to go around doing private book reviews to a small corridor of LDS who were open to such things, and quite another to be “exposed” to the world in a teen magazine with millions of readers.

Then one day the reporter called and said her editors killed the story. Seems what was written about frightened them. I figured there was probably too much “Jesus” talk for the editors. Nevertheless, we were actually relieved it didn’t go to press. We were tired of all the “locals” beating a path to our door and weren’t excited for the rest of the nation to know about her, you know the crazies come out along with the rest. That being said, my daughter has agreed to open herself up once again, though I told her there were just three or four readers here. This seems to open her and us up to much criticism, like I mentioned in a previous post about the woman that didn’t want to hear of the coming winds and extreme heat.

If you are familiar with prophecy and others’ visions of the near future, you probably already know what I am going to briefly discuss. The following are just a few of the things she has been taught and seen.

First, let’s mention the current President of the United States, also known as President Trump. When he announced in June 2015 that he was running, Z was told by the Savior he would become the next president. She was also shown he is a warrior. If you have attended the jedi workshops, you will remember that there are two lines of priesthood we discuss, the Prophetic Teacher line and the Warrior line. Snuffer is of the former and Trump is of the latter. How do you think he has been able to withstand all the satanic things thrown at him, and especially all of the satanic hatred he and his family endures daily? Sorry, folks, the kind of hate being expressed only comes from one place.

Both Z and my daughter were told he’d be in for one term only. The reason is to give us more time to prepare. The other side was set to win the election in November 2016, but the many millions of prayers were heard and the time of destruction was delayed which the radical left and extreme right neocons will bring upon this nation. Yes, it will come once Trump is out of office.

My daughter saw it happening in three years. She called to ask me how much more time the president has in office. I told her 2 ½ years. But it will take about six months after the liberals get in to really start the destruction of this country along with the Grahams and McCains of this world. She was shown that eventually, like many others have seen, China and Russian along with another country will invade this country and take it over. The only safe place will be in the Rocky Mountains. I know, this lines up with what many others have seen.

Another thing my daughter mentioned she was taught, and I will not explain the “whys”, was to not use credit cards or debit cards, but rather use cash.

She was told it would be wise to not attend movies or eat out any more. Rather, she is to use that money to get food and others things she will be told she needs. In other words, to become frugal and use the extra money to get ready.

She was reminded to stay off of Facebook and other social media sites. (Interesting that many social media sites took down Alex Jones today and other “conservative” shows. This is a test case to see if they can get away with it. Watch the dominoes fall if nothing is done.)

Remember, the reason our current US President was put in by the Lord Jesus Christ is to give us more time to prepare. Z mentioned that hell is raging mad over this delay in their time to reign with blood and horror. She mentioned that Satan was quite livid, as he had been told it would now be his time. Look at those that lost this election to Trump and the hate that just won’t quit. Now I have never liked the Bushes, Clintons, or Obamas. But I have never felt the kind of anger and hate that is being displayed by those on the left side of the political spectrum. Enough said.

These things are only mentioned so we might be “inspired” to go ask the Savior what we need to do to prepare.

Oh yes, one last thing. My daughter also mentioned that guns will not save you in the last times. They might help for a little while she was told, but it will be those with spiritual gifts that have been nurtured and developed by and with the Lord Jesus Christ that will be saved. I found that insight particularly interesting. As we state in our workshops, please take all of the above to the Savior for verification. Please don’t believe us.

By the way, the class on the 17th and 18th is full, but we added two more seats. If He says you are to come, let me know. I have sent the location to those that have signed up. Hey, we’re going to learn about and work on spiritual gifts! Imagine that.

The Lord’s Advice

Years ago my daughter told me some advice she was given by the Lord Jesus Christ.

She was told people need to get off of social media, especially Facebook.

I wonder why? Surely nothing on those social platforms will come back to bite you in the butt, will it?

And no way we will ever do what China is doing and have our government adopt a “social” score, like a credit score. If your social score gets low enough, according to their criteria and standards you will be not be able to fly, or use public transportation. They will limit many things in your life. I’m sure our benevolent “leaders” would never do such a thing. I’m sure they have OUR best interests at heart as they accept money, skim money, steal money and put as much into their pockets as feasibly possible while in office and after leaving office. They would never want to take away our rights, would they? They wouldn’t “spy” on you through social media or even your computer or TV screens, would they? They don’t want your guns and free speech, do they?

No way. I’m sure the Lord was mistaken when he gave her that advice…..

Wow, I planted that tongue so firmly in my cheek I don’t know if I will ever get it out….

Fire Tornado

Years ago I took my daughter on a little speaking tour where she spoke of what was in the future.

The talk made a few people mad. One woman told me she didn’t want to hear of these things. She only wanted to hear about Denise’s NDE and only the “good” parts. The problem is she was doing what the Savior told her to do and say.

She spoke of winds of several hundred miles per hour or more. She mentioned the extreme heat that was coming, up to 150 degrees. There was more but I don’t remember all of it.

So when I saw the following headline this morning on Drudge it reminded me of these things:

143 mile per hour winds with fire attached. That will roast your marshmallows and a whole lot more.

Funny, she called last week and mentioned that He is showing her visions again of what is and will be coming upon this country. I don’t have permission, so I won’t say anything here for the present. Just get ready. J

We have had so many requests from those that were not around when we did five years’ worth of “jedi” workshops we have been told to offer a few of them again to get those people up to speed.

These will be only for those that HAVE NEVER attended a “jedi” workshop or have only attend ONE of them. If you have attended more than one, please don’t respond. We want to keep the class very small, a maximum of around 15 people. We will hold the first one on Friday evening August 17 and Saturday day August 18. It will be held here at our home in Mt Pleasant, unless someone up north offers their home or location. The cost is donation, whatever He says. Many handouts will be given. If you have never heard of this workshop, that is okay. Just pray and ask if you are to attend and if He says yes, you know you are to come. If He says no, then so be it, you are not to come.


I was discussing with Z a chapter we are working on for the new book this morning.

While I won’t discuss the chapter here, I will say we both agreed that the book Conquering Spiritual Evil (CSE) is foundational to the two books that followed it, I See…Awake! and I See…Arise!.

It has been amazing how many times we have referenced those two books while working on the new one. Yes, CSE is foundational to them, but what they contain still thrills me. We take no credit for the material, it was what He wanted written down.

If I had my way, I’d make it mandatory reading for the workshop we have coming up, but I’d rather people READ it than just skim it for a workshop.

Just as CSE was foundational material for the two books that followed, they are in turn foundational material for the one that is coming. There are some concepts we were only allowed to mention and not “fill out” in the Awake and Arise books. They will be taken to the next level in the new one. Concepts like Natural Law are key to further under some things. As is the “A Parable” chapter in Arise.

I have never even listed the chapter headings or what is contained in Awake and Arise, so I am going to do that now.

I See…Awake!


Natural Law = God’s Law

Unconscious Competence

Principles of Natural Law

Law of Sacrifice and Covenants

The Conscious Mind

Mind Control



Christ Focused

Thoughts – Mental and Emotional Power

Card and Weather Manipulation

Combining Spiritual with Physical

Baptism of Fire

Spirits and Physicality

Animals from Across the Veil

Earthbound Spirits

Denise’s NDE to Hell

More Understanding from Denise’s NDE


Healing and Not

Not Really There – Frequency

Musical Frequencies

Energy Healing


I See…Arise!


Heaven Took Notice

Another Chance


Spoon Bending?

Energy Work

Energy, Chakras and Meditation


Awakening the Third Eye

One Whole

Scientific Approach to the Gifts of the Spirit

Photons, Will and DNA


A Parable

Possessed In & Out & Cursed Besides

Ancestral Healing

Holy Ghost

Trauma Based Mind Control

Hearing, Obeying & the “Stone”

“Courts of Love”


Know the Truth of Portals

Celestial Mechanics


Can of Worms?

We have learned and taught that both Light and dark can raise themselves in frequency. So if there are translated beings of Light, there are also translated beings of evil. The Natural Law of Polarity clarifies this—all things have their opposites, or there is opposition in all things as taught by Lehi in the Book of Mormon. (2 Nephi 2:11)

In order for a person to translate in Light, they will need to raise their frequency along with their spirituality in the Lord Jesus Christ. An evil person raises their frequency along with their “dark spirituality” under their dark god or lord. We have written about this.

So let’s look for that can of worms and open it. Hopefully it will expand our minds, though a few may need to pick up pieces of their brain matter along the way.

We have done many hundreds of clearings on people. Some have had spiders in and on them. There have been spiders above people’s heads. When we found them they were taken away and destroyed by the Savior.

Several of these have been tarantulas. Yes, those big, hairy spiders.

There are many people that have tarantulas as pets, as they are trainable.

A while ago there was a tarantula above a woman’s head. We asked that it be sent back to hell where it came from. One of the warrior guardians took it in the palm of his hand and sent it down a portal to hell. It scurried off. It never had choice since it was born, it was basically a slave. Now it had a choice what to do. (Even spiders have agency.)

Later, Z told us that this particular tarantula was actually “mortal.” It had been born as a mortal spider and taken to hell and trained in what to do to people.

We shook our heads and said, “Huh?”

I know, quite the astute question, huh?

Then questions flooded into our minds. Why would they do this? If it’s mortal or physical, why can’t we see it? Etc.

She simply stated that in hell they had raised the spider’s frequency so the normal mortal would not be able to see it. It was still a “mortal” spider, but became invisible to the normal human eye because it’s frequency had been increased. You would be able to see it if you had spiritual sight.

Can Hell really take mortal things and raise their frequency so as not to be visible to the normal mortal eye? If they have done it to something like a tarantula, what else have they conjured up? How is your “can” doing? Did the worms get out?

I believe I will stop for now and let you contemplate this idea for a while. There are many places to go with this concept.

Happy fishing now that can is open.

Dimes from Heaven?

“Actually, my first dime turned up on my car seat. I was a bit surprised, because I never put it there. Later that day, I found another! This time on the kitchen floor, right after I had swept! This was getting weird, especially since I could tell nothing was wrong.

“Then they began to appear on baskets of neatly folded laundry, under the sheets, and in the washcloths. They appeared in my bed which I had just made. One was inside of my great Aunt Laura’s antique cup in the China cabinet.

“As the months went by, dimes continued to appear. I was SO convinced they were from my dear departed relatives, that I began putting them in my grandmother’s empty golden jewelry box which she had left for me, each time, placing it back under my bed. That was so I could BE SURE this was no trick. My husband is such a skeptic that he believed the entire event to be a figment of my imagination.

“This continued for three years. I began finding dimes in the dryer, under the dryer, behind the dryer, and in my children’s rooms. Funny, I never thought to pray and ask what was going on…

“I did notice after about the second year, the spirit doing this changed because he/she/they became more aggressive and malicious toward me. I found myself waking up with unexplained bites or scratches on myself. I also found a hand-print that my Rheumatologist took pictures of. To me, the most frightening or chilling feelings of these dime experiences were when my discernment caught up with my curiosity. Especially when I had vacuumed my children’s room and walked out, then would turn around to return for something and as I would walk back in, there would be a dime sitting on the floor.

“Now I started to feel as if I was being ‘watched’ all the time. Literally being watched, but I didn’t understand.”

Dimes from Heaven. Look it up on the internet, it is huge with many receiving dimes. This woman eventually received over 500 dimes, over $50 worth. Do Angels or Heaven really place dimes for people to find? Are they that bored? Who would then place the dimes? Interesting question.

This woman finally asked the Lord Jesus Christ and was told to go home and remove all the dimes from her property. She could feel how “harmful this bag of dimes was and how much damage would come from it,” and could “feel the toxicity seething from it.” Do you understand that? As the number of dimes grew, they became more spiritually toxic. She was going to throw the bag in the dumpster down the street when her husband found out and wanted it. The Lord told her she was in danger but allowed the dimes to be converted into paper currency. She handed the bag to her husband and he agreed to exchange it for currency the next day. He went and put it in his car. While doing so she noticed his voice had changed. She felt to tell him he had “ONE day to convert the currency. If you choose not to, something awful will happen to you. Please be obedient.”

He left the next morning and when he came home, she asked if he had exchanged the dimes. He had not done so, they were still in his car. She said nothing but worried about what consequences he would experience.

The next morning, she received an urgent phone call. Apparently, while driving on the freeway 30 miles from their home, both of his front tires simultaneously blew out. He had to pay for a tow truck to haul him home and buy new tires. She made no comment to him. It cost him about ten times the amount of dimes he had to have the car towed home and to get two new tires, over $500.

My neighbor heard part of this story and asked to hear the rest. After I told her about it, she mentioned that since moving into this small cabin she had been finding dimes. She would clean a room and afterward find a dime on the just cleaned floor. She had accumulated 36 of them. After being there several months she came over and asked if I would come and cast out whatever was in the home. She felt a presence there. After the casting out the dimes didn’t appear again, however, she still had the dimes. I suggested she might want to exchange them. I later found out that the local Maverick store became the recipient of 36 dimes from heaven, well hell actually.

Before she had moved into the home, the property sat empty for several months. A man had dropped by the house that had a dark translated being attached to him. When he left, the entity stayed until it was cast out.

Heaven is a place of order and is structured. For example, after a person has transitioned to the spirit world, they will typically attend classes about how and what they did while mortal. They are not allowed to go to “Zion’s Heavenly Bank” and withdraw their daily allotment of dimes to hand out to mortals. First of all, they would have no idea how to do such a thing, second they are spirit and that would make it extremely hard to pass through the veil from his side to place something “physical” like a dime. Thirdly, it would require permission to do so. In other words, it just doesn’t happen, from the Heavenly side.

Dark translated beings still have the “mortal” aspect to them, they have a body, though of a much higher frequency than the normal mortal being. Both women felt something dark or malicious in their homes. Both had dark translated beings in their homes. When possessed people are levitated or things fly around the room, dark translated beings are usually causing this to happen.

Z mentioned to me a story about a woman who became severely depressed after her husband passed. She prayed mightily from her heart about him. He sought and received permission from those with proper stewardship to authorize the request for a bouquet of flowers to appear on her table. Not only did it require permission, but it required a translated being of Light to accomplish the task for him. This was a single occurrence. There have been others who received a white feather once or twice, but that was all.

Why would dark entities place dimes for people to find? I know in many of the portalcisms we have done, there were portals and entities in the mirrors in the homes. Entities have also been in many objects. What if the dimes have tiny portals attached and this allows the evil side to hear and see what goes on in a home? What would it do when they are all collected and put in one location, as people are wont to do? Would it be like the one woman who could “feel the toxicity seething from it?” The more dimes the stronger the toxicity? What if it collects energy from you?

The many shiny dimes are to catch the person’s attention and entice the keeping thereof. Those dimes (the ones that seem to appear out of nowhere) have attachments. They are a gift from hell which too many decide are great to have. Of course, there will be many instances, where the buildup of a collection of evil dimes, empowers entities to eventually enter and wreak havoc on the unwary.

A good friend sent me the following in regards to this subject. I thought what she wrote was more than interesting and it is quite important in understanding this phenomenon:

“So, if people read these stories about finding dimes and want to feel comforted after the loss of a loved one and ask for the ‘sign of dimes,’ then they openly invite evil into their lives and homes don’t they? This is another one of those things because of our ‘latent idiocy’ that the adversary dupes us into thinking is of heaven or light and since that is what we believe, we are unable to feel and/or understand that it is of darkness. We are so ignorant about things of darkness because we aren’t taught it so we are easily duped – and then there is the attitude that we have been blessed with all the truth because of our religion that we are even less open than others because if our ‘prophets’ haven’t revealed it, it is not important, real or necessary.”

Well said.

I was told of a woman that is receiving pennies from heaven and she just knows that it is from her deceased husband. Besides, she asked her psychic medium and he confirmed it.

Latent Idiocy or Why Christ Spoke in Parables

“The very thought that any one creature (human) should be fortunate enough to secure some particular advantage which others, through their own indolence or indifference, have missed is sufficient to excite the envy of the weak or the anger of the ignorant . . . It is impossible that an outsider should enter into a clear understanding of the mystical spiritual-nature world around him, and it follows that the teachings and tenets of that spiritual-nature world must be more or less a closed book to such a one – a book moreover, which he seldom cares or dares to try and open. For this reason, the sages concealed much of their profound knowledge from the multitude, because they rightly recognized the limitations of narrow minds and prejudiced opinions . . . What the fool cannot learn, he laughs at, thinking that by his laughter he shows superiority instead of latent idiocy.”

From The Life Everlasting by Marie Corelli

Free Will

“Salvation does not come by Christ magically applying ‘fairy dust’ to make us like Him.

If Christ could ‘make’ us like Him that would be Luciferian. It would abrogate free will. It would save without respecting agency. We have the freedom to choose because without that we do not exist.” (Denver Snuffer, Preserving the Restoration, p. 301-302, emphasis added)

All truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence also; otherwise there is no existence. Behold, here in the agency of man, and here is the condemnation of man; because that which was from the beginning is plainly manifest unto them, and they receive not the light. (D&C 93:30-31)

So, if I’m getting this right, Christ does not use fairy dust. If He “makes” us to be like Him that would be Luciferian. Seems a “war” was fought over this principle of agency or free will. Oh yes, with Lucifer at the head of it. If Christ made us obey it would abrogate (revoke, annul) free will. If free will is revoked then “there is no existence.”

There are those declaring they can send entities or anyone on the other side of the veil to the Light, and they actually try to do so, with some even declaring they have done so. If not even the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can do something like this, taking agency away, why do these people believe they can? The rules or laws allow them to be sent back to where they came from – Hell, but to the Light? That goes against their agency. (Besides dark could never endure or live in the “Light.” They would burn up.)

Maybe these people are the ones with the fairy dust?

Or maybe they are condemned because “agency” was from the beginning and yet some still believe they are above it, even though as the scripture states it was, “plainly manifest unto them and they receive not the light.”

Just some thoughts from a book I was reading and because again, sending demons to the light came up again the other day.

No Snidely Whiplash Here (“Curses foiled again”)

Is there a spiritual legal system in play here in mortality?

Of course there is. I remember the old Dracula movies showing how the vampire couldn’t enter a house unless the person in the house invited them in. In this case an invitation equaled death. But does this happen in “real life?” No, I’m not talking about vampires, I’m talking about an invitation to evil to enter into our life or our home—our physical bodies.

I know of a very good man with a huge heart of gold. I personally know him and he has blessed my life more than once. They made him a leader in his church where he was in charge of a group of men. One Sunday he stood up after the lesson and testified that the leader of his church is a true prophet and that everyone should follow him. If they trusted in this prophet and did what he said, they would all be fine.

In the past this man and I had many doctrinal discussions. He knew where I came from, where I stood. That is why I wondered why he ended up at my home later that day.

During our discussion that evening the subject of that day’s lesson came up and he asked me about it. Since the invitation was on the counter, I expressed my thoughts. I told him that he had testified falsely, that he had taught false doctrine. I told him the scriptures plainly teach us that to follow flesh or another man condemns us, makes us a candidate for the Telestial kingdom where the liars, thieves, murderers, whoremongers, and such will dwell. I was a little dismayed when he admitted that he knew he had taught false doctrine to this group of men.

Did you get that? He knew better. Did he, as an adult, fall to peer pressure? Has it come to that? We are now willing to condemn ourselves to a hell just to be like the others, or to promote what our “leaders” are spouting, false doctrine included? Have we heard it so much from the pulpit, in lessons and conference talks that we have now become a puppet, willing to stand up there and declare doctrine completely contrary to what our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us through His scriptures? But this is not what this post is about.

This blog is about getting a closer look at how hell afflicts us and what we might do to overcome or be prepared against it.

The burning question is did my friend open himself up to entities from the Adversary by his witnessing and declaration to follow flesh, all the while knowing it was wrong? If so, what then happened? And lastly, are we also susceptible to the same conditions?

It is a hard thing to answer these questions because of my respect and love for this man. His life has blessed mine immensely.

Nevertheless, the answer to the first question is an unequivocal yes. We have discussed Natural Law on this site more than once. If there is a blessing given, it is a result of obeying a commandment. If there is a cursing given, it is a result of disobedience. The minions of the Adversary are always on our doorstep waiting for an invitation to enter our mortal house. When the scriptures declare that we are cursed if we put our trust in the arm of flesh and we see something like this happening, we are being shown the law of cause and effect.

My friend started to get ill a while after this event. Now, several years later, there is so much wrong with him I wouldn’t dare try to explain it all here. If he gets through his surgeries he’s looking at months in a rehab facility and then more surgery after that.

Already knowing the answer, I still brought it up with Z. Let me paraphrase her response, “Yes. He knew what he said was wrong, but testified of it anyway. That allowed the minions of the Adversary to enter in.”

The answer to the second question: Since he had knowingly testified of flesh and following such, the entities came with curses to cause pain and suffering. This is the stage he is in now, extreme pain and suffering. I wish it was different.

In the past we have stated that our Lord Jesus Christ is not playing games in this mortality. What we think, say, and do has eternal consequences. There are many, I was going to say idiots, but we don’t use that language here, that blithely and ignorantly testify of the same thing every week in their church services. Are they also being cursed? If they knowingly do so, yes. But with God’s grace most have no idea what they are saying. Yes, they are damned in their progression, but not cursed in their ignorance.

Yes, we are susceptible to the same conditions. Though we might have a bigger issue, we took the pill that woke us up and now know better. Some of us look at those “ignorant fools” and mock them. Oops, consequences. We may not make this mistake, but how many of us, myself included, are doing things we know will bring negative “effects” or consequences into our lives?

You too, huh.