Chocolate Tootsie Pop

I just wanted to share more of this wacky world we live in.

A while ago I shared about taking some of the diabetes from a young girl. It was beginning diabetes, but I still experienced some of the symptoms. I didn’t enjoy it.

Two weeks ago my sweetheart and I went to see our sighted daughter in another state. We were able to spend two wonderful days with her and her children.

The next day I started to experience extreme thirst. Then I broke out in a rash and itched. All symptoms of diabetes and reactions to insulin. Oh no, I thought, I must have taken our daughters diabetes. The strange part was having insulin reactions.

There was no way I wanted what a brittle diabetic experiences. The thirst was horrible, constant drinking and you know what goes with that….what goes in one end, well you know the rest.

I called her the next day to get a witness that, indeed, I had done this again.

“Thanks, Dad,” she answered, “my blood sugars have been incredible.”

My sighted friend told me that I was not born an empath, that I have developed that ability over time. But luckily, I’m not a full blow empath. I don’t know how those people deal with life, I really don’t.

Several days later my sighted friend suggested I send that diabetic stuff down to hell. I did. But it still took two weeks for the rash to go away. Strange stuff. I remember her going through the same thing twenty years ago when she started using insulin. It took her two years for the itching and rashes to stop.

In fact, Nov. 5 was what we call “Coma Day” in our home. It was twenty years ago she went into a diabetic coma. Life has never been the same since.


The other day I woke up and told my wife I wanted a chocolate Tootsie Pop. I could see it and even better, taste it. I asked if she had one hidden somewhere and she said that she didn’t, she doesn’t like them. What’s not to like about a chocolate Tootsie Pop I wondered?

I went to the bank and on the floor in front of the teller was one of those small chocolate Tootsie Pops they hand out but never have. I grabbed it and the teller said that was strange, it just lying there on the floor. Besides, she said, they never have chocolate ones left.

Had the Tootsie Pop been manifested? Coincidence? God playing with me? Some angel having fun because he/she was bored? Do angels get bored? I don’t know the answer, but I sure loved the taste of that chocolate Tootsie Pop. Thank you Lord Jesus.


The other experience was when our neighbor had her sewer line get “messed” up. Pun intended.

A friend was digging down to find it with a backhoe to replace it. He’d had a man from the city come out and blue stake the water and sewer lines. What was interesting about that is he didn’t use any electronic equipment to find the lines. He used divining rods. Said he’d been using them for a long time. I believe they were made of copper and were well used.

He did pretty good but forgot to find all of the water lines. My friend was having a hard time with the backhoe finding it.

Along came my sighted friend and we explained the problem. She looked, felt with her hands and said, “You’re two feet short. Dig out to here,” showing him with her hand how far out to dig.

He found the line two feet further out where she had said it was. Ha, isn’t life great!

Some days this wacky world is pretty fun, other days it is just itchy and thirsty with a lot of trips to the john.


Happy Hedonism/Sadism Day

Today is the day! It’s the day we invite hell into our house and lives. It’s the day we celebrate sadistic, hedonistic values and act them out. I remember when I lived in the Salt Lake City area and little girls would come up to the house dress as street walkers, I mean whores. Let’s call it what it is. What does that scripture say about training a child in its youth?

Though many people have been celebrating for the past month, haven’t they. Heck, we’ve done this in our communities and churches for many decades. I was in the young men’s program at my local LDS ward years ago and we had a Hedonistic party every year. Oops, I mean Halloween party. You see, we weren’t racist and didn’t shun others. We believed in celebrating one of Satan’s high holy sacrificial holiday’s right alongside them celebrating it. Does that invite them in? Just wondering.

“Oh no, we only celebrate the good and fun side of Halloween!”

There is no good and fun side of evil, is there? If there is, please tell me about it. I’m not talking about harvest festivals, where the harvest is celebrated either.

I maintain that this country has reached the point where it celebrates evil on a continual basis. We abort millions of babies and call it good, oh I mean a choice. Thank you Democrats. We keep them alive in order to sell their body parts. You know, the fresher the meat, the better. Thank you Republicans and Democrats. We have convicted child sex offenders, also known as pedophiles, dressing as freakish women going to children’s libraries for Drag Queen story time. The “men” lay on the floor and have the young children lay on top of them. They teach the children how to “twerk.” If you don’t know what that means feel free to look it up. I hope you are offended. This is designed to denigrate women and our Mother. Satan hates women.

A Texas school district has mandated transgender sex education for eight-year-olds. I could go on and on. Okay, one last one. A “drag queen” simulated cutting a baby out of his womb, drinking the blood from the placenta, cutting the baby out, ripping it’s head off and drinking it’s blood. This was a pseudo satanic ritual. You can bet this is done in private, only not with a fake baby. Oh no, I have offended the drag queen by calling the evil piece of demonic crap someone of the male gender. Cool. These freaks/Satanists have admitted they are “training the new generation of children.”

I read years ago about a Satanist that went to abortion clinics and did satanic rituals as they aborted the babies. I maintain all abortions are satanic rituals, the killing of innocence.

We clear land where the killing of innocence has happened and they have the most violent and largest portals on them. Hmm, I wonder what kind of portals are in the many abortion clinics? Is it any wonder these people are dark and evil? The more one accepts evil and “plays” in and accepts that realm, the darker and more degenerate they become.

We did a clearing the other day and afterward the woman was asking about this “holiday” some of you are celebrating. My sighted friend was there and confirmed to her that putting up the decorations brings evil to the home. It is a calling card for evil, whether you believe it or not doesn’t matter. It is what it is. Movies and television that glorifies gore and evil send out that darkness that is associated with it or is being shown. Right into your home. Dress your kid up as anything and evil will go with it. You see, when you dress them up, you become part of the holiday, and the acceptance of evil into and onto your person. My sweetheart and granddaughters love watching certain cooking shows. They were watching one and I was in the same room on the computer. My back was to the screen. The contestants were to make some ghoulish dishes, the more depraved the better. When they were done with one and ready to be judged I turned my chair towards the television screen. I was shocked to feel the energy coming off that screen. It felt like a fire hose of darkness. I turned my back to it and the back of the chair shielded me from it and it went away. I turned back and could feel it again, it was dark. We had invited it into our home.

Put those carved jack-lanterns on your porch tonight. It is a calling card for evil and an invitation to come in. Interesting how as the world has become more evil and dark, this supposed holiday has grown exponentially. I wonder what the connection is?….

It really is hard not to march to hell with Babylon, isn’t it with all that peer pressure? After all, it is so much fun! It is hard to tell your children you’d rather worship the true God and by worshiping the false god bring evil into your lives and secures a place in hell. Strong doctrine? You deal with the almost daily emails we receive of people asking for help.

Anyway, Happy Hedonism day to you all. What has been coming out of hell the past few years is darker, more evil, and more hedonistic than ever before. It has become a battle for the soul. What side are you on? They are out in the open now. In several States it is now lawful to do post-birth abortions, meaning the baby was born alive, the abortion failed. We can now kill those live babies. Satan is truly winning right now.

By the way, if you invite evil in and it starts to have fun times with you, please call your local priesthood leaders, home minister, or Catholic priest for help. Someone told me they know what they are doing and have true priesthood.

Good luck.





Evidence or the fruit is one way to dispel ignorance.

As written in a past post, my daughter’s son had an entity in his cheek with long sharp finger nails that caused him to itch his face until it bled and was scabbed.

Multiple doctor visits had brought zero relief until they admitted there didn’t seem to be a “medical” answer. All of western medicines notions, potions and lotions had not worked.

She was told about encapsulation and asked the Savior to do so for her son until help could get down to her home.

My wife and I arrived there this past Thursday, three days ago. The boy still had some scabs, but she said it was a lot better. Two days previous a bunch of puss and scabs came out of his right ear. Healing was happening, even with the entity still there, though encapsulated so it wasn’t able to cause further damage.

I picked up my grandson and we semi-danced around the living room as the offending entity in the name of Jesus Christ was cast out, cut up into bits and sent to hell. (Man, I love Warrior Angels and what they can do.) I did wonder at the time if it was okay to kind of dance while doing an ordinance? I know I was praising God the entire time. What a blessing for mortals to be allowed to help in His work.

My daughter, who is sighted, commented, “Thanks, Dad.”

That is the way it ought to be, praising our Heavenly Dad, or Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yes, it required a mortal to drive nine hours each way and voice the casting out. But it is our Lord Jesus Christ that is the real power behind everything, especially things like this. All praise, honor and glory be His.

Several thoughts come to mind as a result of this event.

How many people, especially children, suffer because of some entity that attached to them? Western medicine comes along and offers some relief of the symptoms, but doesn’t address the cause, only the effects. What would happen if western medicine opened their minds and hearts and really wanted to help in healing, and not just worry about how much money they can make by letting people suffer. This I know from personal experience.

I have written of a man that did his residency for family therapy in a mental hospital. He soon realized that many of the residents had possession issues. He started casting out the entities and soon his patients were healing and going home. He was fired for this. He was told it was their job to keep the beds full and they didn’t want someone there actually healing. Pretty sad.

The other thought has been expressed before, about what a privilege it is to be part of His work. It is work and some days can be hard. We were doing a casting out once where the entity hit me in the back. It put out three ribs, four vertebrae, and both hips among other things. I knew when it hit, that the result was going to hurt. I was right. But it was worth it to offer relief and to be doing the will of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We may have a basic desire to do good, but if we don’t care enough to put that into action, what we feel into action, we are accomplishing nothing.

You do realize that the dark occultists say what they are going to do, they hold that intention in their minds and they care enough about it to get it done. Then they actually work to do it. They have the combination of intelligence, dark care and will power. Putting these together, dark occultists become a non-dual being as they think, so they feel and so they act. That is why they are so successful and are kicking our rear ends.

How many of us declare we have the desire to do the Saviors work, but are unwilling to put in the time and effort? We are not single minded in doing His will. Is that why the dark side is kicking our butts? They are single minded in doing their gods will?

When are we going to declare what we are going to do, hold that intention in our minds and care enough about it to get it done, actually doing the necessary work?

A case in point. We went several weeks ago to a home that had been having problems for several decades. After clearing the property, home and its occupants, the father wrote me this on October 6:

“Thank you so much for your help. We have a new home. [My wife] slept very well. We have a different feeling here in our home, peaceful and good.”

I received a call from him two days ago saying the problems were coming back. So I reminded him that we discussed how important shielding was. He was reminded about the book I gave him, Conquering Spiritual Evil, and how the biggest chapter was on shielding. I asked if he had shielded his family, home and property.

He informed me that they had started the book but got real busy with life. This is a good man with a wonderful family. But it is not my job to protect them, is it? That is his stewardship and always will be as long as he is mortal. It takes work, hard work. You has better believe that evil is working their hardest against light. Just take a look at the world, they are kicking our rear ends. So the answer was no, he had not worked at shielding anything.

We need to come to a place of enlightenment through combining understanding with wisdom so we can receive knowledge and truth. The unification of our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions is essential. Time to actually see how things really are so we can awake and arise to what God is doing and how we fit into that alignment.

Where is the evidence in our lives?

Just a Band-Aid

I received the following witness to the Encapsulation posts.

“After reading your recent posts about encapsulation, I thought I would share my experience with that concept.

When I came to you this past summer for a clearing, one of the many things that had to be taken care of was a little nasty entity that was trying to mess with the baby growing inside me.

What I didn’t mention was that I had been aware of this entity since very early in the pregnancy, but was unable to get rid of it.

Due to the distance and family circumstances, I wasn’t going to be able to get to you for months. The Lord was merciful and allowed me to encapsulate it for that period of time until I would be able to get there.

Once the entity was removed, I was so relieved to no longer have to continuously put up defenses in my own body to protect the baby. Being able to encapsulate the bugger for such a long period of time was a huge blessing, but it was still just a Band-Aid until it could really be addressed and having to reestablish the capsule every time I put shields up reminded me of that.

You just can’t encapsulate and call it good, because it’s not.

It’s the blessing of time to do things right.”

She is right, it is a Band-Aid, but an important one as you can see.

All praise be to our Lord and God, Jesus the Christ for His mercy and grace. What a blessing it was for this woman to understand a concept like this and use it to bless and protect her unborn child. How blessed that child is to have a mother like this woman.

Have a great weekend. Its deer hunt time. I’m praying for them. The deer, not the hunters.

Encapsulation part two

After hearing about the encapsulation principle and how well it worked for my sighted daughter on her son, I couldn’t wait to apply it in my life.

The principle about waiting on the Lord Jesus Christ never occurred to me, nor even asking Him. Oh well, never mind, I’m a big boy and so I pulled up my big boy pants and did what I wanted to do. My will be done.

Soon I found myself with a friend who had in the past asked me to help him whenever I saw something amiss. I have decided that this may not be a good idea.

When I see or know something is on someone, I won’t say anything because I don’t want to step on stewardship. But I knew he had asked so I went ahead and silently “helped” him.

He had an entity that in the past he has allowed me to put a containment shield around. This entity is of a powerful nature.

I know, you’ve already guessed what I did. Yes, I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to encapsulate this entity, thinking that would make for even greater protection.

Not so, “Grasshopper.” (Yes, I watched Kung Fu as a child.)

First off, I had not asked permission of my Savior to do this. If I had, I’d probably been told it wouldn’t work. Then I would have asked Him why it worked on the small, little, tiny, entity in my Grandson’s face.

Can’t I encapsulate a huge one?

The answer would be no.

As we’ve stated before when talking about Natural Law, there are always consequences to our actions, whether we understand the law or just choose to ignore it. I’m lucky, the Lord Jesus Christ lets me show my consequences to just the five who read this blog, I’d hate to show the world what a fool I am at times. I am so grateful there are only five of you.

One night later I found myself fighting an entity, though it was more like a wrestling match. I had to use my arms and legs against this thing. It was like it had multiple arms. I woke up in a sweat and hurt all over my body like I had the flu from the exertion from the fight. It was a three Ibuprofen moment. Many of you five know the drill. Twenty minutes later I was feeling much better and went back to sleep.

The next night my sighted friend was over and I recounted what I had done and the consequences. She told me indeed the use of an encapsulation should only be done when the Savior says to use it. And the biggie, it doesn’t work on higher level entities so well.

She looked at my wrestling match and confirmed that it had been such.

“Only, what you were wrestling was like a Medusa,” she added.

It not only had multiple heads, but also arms and legs. It made sense that is why I saw myself fighting against multiple arms and also legs.

I immediately looked over to a good friend that I knew had real priesthood that was sitting next to me and asked him for a clearing. I wanted that thing gone. Immediately.

Oh, that felt good. It sure is nice to have a merciful Savior willing to cancel out our mistakes once we repent.

Encapsulation is a great thing, when used within the bounds the Lord Jesus Christ has set.

What are those bounds?

Ask Him.


Encapsulation: the action of enclosing something in or as if in a capsule.

Our sighted daughter called to ask a question. This is something she does quite often, and since it is usually what I would call a “woman” question I will hand the phone to my sweetheart.

Only this time it was to talk to Dad.

“Dad, my baby keeps scratching his face in the same spot. It looks like he has a skin problem there. We’ve tried everything we can think of and it won’t go away. Even the doctor is stumped,” she told me.

“Wow,” I responded, offering the only expert analysis I could think of.

“What do you think it could be?” she asked.

As I’ve said here before, I tend to look toward the spiritual side of things for a problem.

I asked her if she had used her gift of sight and looked into the skin problem, on the spiritual level.

“Yes, I did.”

Well,” I responded, “what did you see?”

“There was a demon in there that goes deep into the muscle.”

She had asked her husband to help, which he did, and it didn’t. Help that is.

It was then she asked if I could do something. These things require a laying on of hands, it isn’t something that can be done long distance. I told her I’d call her back.

Since my sighted friend was only seven digits away I called. After I had explained what was going on she confirmed that, indeed, there was an entity in the boy’s cheek causing him considerable consternation, along with the associated physical problems.

“The entity has long claw like nails which it is using to cause the boy pain and suffering by scratching and cutting him inside his skin,” she told me.

I asked what could be done for him until we were able to go help.

She then shared another gift from our Lord Jesus Christ.

“She could ask the Lord Jesus Christ to encapsulate the demon until you can get there. That way it would not be able to cause the boy any more harm,” she told me.

I relayed the information about encapsulation to my sighted daughter.

She asked the Savior to come and encapsulate the evil entity. This is not a shield! It puts the entity in a capsule until help can come.

The itching went away and the boy stopped scratching.

We plan on being there within a week.

Praise God for the gifted, sighted folk.

Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for looking out for even the smallest of us.

It wasn’t a drawn sword

It seems like years ago that we did what were called Jedi workshops.

They were typically one day long and covered a variety of subjects. They must have been worthwhile because many of the same people came back over and over. It was a time when we were being taught many things and were told to share them. So even though the overall level one workshop was the same, it always had new material. One of the sections my sighted friend taught was, “Angels are not diplomats.”

That was one of my favorite sections of the entire workshop. Angels come to deliver a message from God. They aren’t here to play a game of ping pong or horse shoes with you. They will deliver the message and leave.

Do some come with drawn swords? Could be. Do they come in a serious mood? Could. They all have different personalities.

I have been having a hard time getting the next book, “Conquering Spiritual Evil – Volume Two”, finished and was praying quite hard asking for Heavens help.

Somehow the prayers got through the ceiling of my bedroom and were heard.

In the early morning hours I was given several concepts in a dream, including the scriptures and stories to use in a new chapter. Wow, I thought, this is great stuff Lord Jesus, thank You!

After the concepts were given I was then told to get up and write them down so they would not be forgotten.

“I’m quite tired from the long trip and work we just finished. I’ll write it down when I get up,” I said in my thoughts.

“No, you need to get up now and write down what was given or you will forget it,” someone said to me.

I was reminded that I had asked the Heavens for help and it had now been given. I was again told to get up and write it down.

“Man, I’m tired,” I reiterated to the voice.

Just then I was given a real quick dream or better, a vision.

I was shown a bladder bomb going off on top of my bladder and it emptying, right there in my bed.

The voice, or should I say angel, then informed me that was going to happen unless I got out of bed right then. For some reason I had a real strong urge to head to the bathroom.

I know that angels can and do carry swords. But I had no idea they have bladder bombs in their arsenal of weapons.

Remember, angels are not diplomats. Some come with drawn swords, visions, advice, and God’s word.

Others come with bladder bombs. Whatever it take for us to get the message I guess.

In Denver Snuffer’s talk last Sunday in Boise he said the following:

“The way you relate to God is unique to you.”

Makes me wonder if the inverse isn’t also true.

The way God relates to you is unique to you.

Bladder bombs and all. I got the message.

Have a great Sabbath.

Not my fault

A good friend called and said he needed a blog post, so this is his fault.

Last Friday in a court in San Francisco there were some incredible admissions by a company that sells aborted baby parts. The StemExpress CEO admitted in court to selling beating baby hearts, and intact baby heads. They also admitted they sell the beating baby hearts to places like Stanford University.

So I have a question, the same question the judge had in the trial. How does one get “beating baby hearts” to Stanford and its other clients? Well, that was easy to answer. They get them from full term abortions where they drug the mother and don’t abort the baby. They deliver a live baby, which is then put into a sound proof box and taken away. This has been going on for a long time and not just with StemExpress. Other places like “Planned Parenthood” also procure and sell baby parts. Some of these babies are kept alive for up to two weeks before they are killed for their body parts. Do you get that?

It seems that this is a huge and very lucrative business. Did you not all see the governor of Virginia on a talk radio show explaining how when he and others do abortions, if “the baby survives the abortion they put it into another room and make it comfortable?” Then the doctor and the mother decide what to do with it. Many times they just tell the mother nothing. So do you think they just dispose of the baby? No, the parts are worth too much money. This is big business!

Do you think this is spiritual evil? Is it in your face? Probably not. You see, the court trial in San Francisco was against two men that had filmed these procurers and sellers of live babies and aborted baby parts undercover and had shared what these worshipers of Satan really do. The State of California went after the two men that did the undercover filming, not after these people for what they were doing, which is illegal and against Federal law. That doesn’t seem to matter, only that they got caught. So let’s go after those that exposed what they do.

Are things turned upside down? How come what was considered evil is now good? Seven States have now passed laws allowing post-delivery abortions. You deliver the baby and then kill it. Many of them just put the baby into water and drown it. Makes selling the baby parts easier when you have a live baby to sell or a drowned baby with fresh parts you’ve just cut out. Stanford University needed live, beating baby hearts for their research, so they were delivered live babies. Oh, but it was okay, it was for medical research. Whatever, it is still evil and very wrong.

Does it make it okay if you wear a white lab coat? Or are a “Doctor” with a degree and need this live baby for research. Seems a guy from Germany named Joseph Mengele did similar research with live children. There are some that claim our government brought him here with thousands of other Nazi scientists so he could continue his “valuable” work with children. Actually our Government did bring in over 1,600 Nazi scientists after the war. It was called “Operation Paperclip.” It has been declassified, look it up.

A fresh beating baby heart is worth a lot of money in the organ donation industry, as is a liver, a kidney, the baby fat they take out so women can have collagen put into their lips or other places, and much more. Wow, that baby can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars! Full, intact heads are worth so much more than the ones they just rip off the body. Normally they insert a suction tube and suck out the brains before the baby comes out. That is what the law requires them to do in that type of abortion. But a complete head with a full intact brain is worth so much more than a baby whose head had been flattened out and ripped off its body because they sucked the brains out.

Is this bothering you? Apparently not enough, it is still going on all over America. Did you see the video of the two abortions doctors that took just aborted, nearly full term babies and played with them in a medical pan? They were cracking up pretending the two aborted babies were fighting each other, you know, like “Rockem Sockem Robots” we had as children. Then they threw them down into the medical pan and walked away laughing.

If you have the money, and there are many that do, you can have your transplant information sent to China and they will find a match for you in their gulag system. You fly to Japan and get your little self into a hospital. The Chinese will then take the prisoner to an airport and take out the organ you need and have paid a lot of money for. Within thirty minutes it arrives at the hospital in Japan and is put into your body. Wow, what a system! Fresh parts for the ultra-rich. A very wealthy man that just passed away at 100 years of age had received seven heart transplants. I wonder how many of those hearts spoke Chinese.

I don’t belong to either of the two national political parties. One of them has abortion in its platform. Oh, I forgot, it’s called “Women’s rights” to kill their babies or choice to kill. Where did this right come from? Not from God. We have no “right” to make a law that harms another person.

The so called man running for president that is married to his husband, made the statement that life begins when the baby takes its first breath. You know that they can deliver a baby and have it live outside the womb for a while because it can live off the placenta, getting oxygen from the mother that way. The doctor will spank the baby causing its heart valves to open and allowing the start of getting its first breath. But with post-birth abortions legal, they can prepare to harvest the organs while the baby lives outside the womb. The organs are fresher that way, you know.

I’m not trying to be flippant. It is the way I have to deal with this, it makes me so angry. The political abortion party makes me angry. They are evil and quite satanic. The so called medical people are even worse. Natural law will take care of them all. I wonder what karma has in mind for them, the abortionists, nurses, administrators, and all else involved in this industry.

Will anything be done? I don’t believe so. After all, our “authorities” are going after those that are exposing those doing it. Now if that’s not “backasswards”, I don’t know what is.

I don’t have to hope the Lord Jesus Christ has a “special” place in hell for those involved in this, from those professing a woman’s right to kill, to those that actually doing it, to those that are making money off of it. One of the women in the videos made the claim she hopes to eventually get a Lamborghini car from selling baby parts. I wonder how many babies she needs to kill and sell for that to happen. These people have no souls, no hearts, and zero empathy.

I almost said that I’d pray for these people. But I doubt that prayers will help them. They can’t believe in a God, can they? Well, not one of Light and Love anyway. One day when they meet Them, and are then taken to hell to meet the god they worshipped, they might change their minds. But then it is too late, isn’t it?

This is spiritual evil at its worst. Like all spiritual evil, it will not go away if it is just ignored. Today, I chose not to ignore it, you have received some facts about it and what they do. What are you going to do about it?

I will pray for those millions of murdered children though.

Pig what?

So many of us have friends and family that we love. Some of us have friends and family that come to visit or that we go to visit. But what do they come with?

I received an email from a young woman that went to the other side of the country and visited family. She said, “I went against my better judgment and visited my family in _______ (who I am certain are secretly Satanists).”

What happened from the visit? “I feel like I’ve been gradually getting….fuzzier? Like all my senses have been dulled and I feel confused often in addition to feeling quite negative. Visiting them made it progressively worse.”

Yes, we will be seeing them soon. But what the heck?

Another friend contacted us to say when she goes to visit a good friend in another city, she gets really slimed with all kinds of negative stuff. She knows the friend’s ex is Satanic and does things to them.

Then yesterday a good friend of my sweethearts from church saw our oldest daughter at her work and asked if our daughter would call to see if she could come visit her, my sweetheart. My wife said yes. She came and stayed for about an hour, hugged my wife and then left. We did get a jar of apricot jam out of the event though.

Last night my middle daughter was holding her baby and got shoved by something and twisted her ankle quite bad. It really swelled up. One of her children had several meltdowns at a back to school night, something she hardly ever does.

This morning after my shower I was putting on my underwear and a squeegee went flying off the ledge in the shower. A minute later a razor when flying off the same ledge in the shower. I looked over my shoulder and almost said, “Is that all you got?” That is NOT a good thing to say. They love to be challenged and will take you up on it. I knew instinctively that this was a very powerful dark translated being. I have been abused enough by the dark side of things to appreciate the power they have to cause us problems and so not to egg this one on. I also knew it wasn’t happy about what I was wearing.

Side question: In what they call the restoration movement, many have been kicked out of or have left the LDS church. I have understood that many of those have quit wearing what was once considered sacred and a protection. I have always wondered why? Was not the covenant between them and God? Does not God honor His covenants? Was the covenant between them and a Church? Or men? Just wondering.

Back to business. I prayed and asked about the entity. Yes, it was a dark translated being. How did it get past our containment shielding and not be contained? My containment shield was not of a high enough frequency to keep it contained. “Dang,” I responded. How did it get on the property in the first place? It came with my wife’s friend. Once my wife invited her friend, she also invited all that came with her. It’s like they show in the movies about vampires. They can knock on your door, but they will just stand there unless you invite them in. Once invited, they have free reign to do with you what they want.

So what about family, friends, and even good church friends. I just asked and the woman’s heart is dark. My sighted friend confirmed that it is and said it’s because of the witch spirit that is in her. And this is a “nice” church woman, my wife and I really like her. She has had a hard life.

What does the Lord say about this? In 2 Timothy 3:1-5 we find some interesting ideas:

“This know also, that in the last days, perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.”

Paul couldn’t have nailed it any better. How many of our friends, family, or church members do we find in this list? Please keep reading down to verse nine. Just today, a NFL quarterback endorsed “Bring a bible to school” day, quoting his favorite scripture and the political left of this country went nuts. He was called all kinds of names and such – despisers of those that are good. It couldn’t be any more plain.

So after we do these things, and hang around those that Paul was talking about will be in our day, will call and want to be cleared. That will happen, but what about next time and the next time? I read a quote from a farmer today, “If you roll around in pig shit, you’re going to get some on you.” Don’t you just love farmers and their wisdom? We should expect it to be so, we should count on it.

If the Lord Jesus Christ has told us to go into a situation where these kinds of people are around, then we must go. But we should do ALL we can to be shielded and prepared for the encounter, doing only His will. Oh, and it might be a good idea to ask what His will is before going or letting someone come over.

Oh, I forgot, Paul did have some advice for dealing with these people that I forgot to put down. Here is what he advised us to do at the end of verse five:

“…from such turn away.”

Combating Evil

In his farewell speech in 1961, President Eisenhower warned us that “we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

We all know how that has worked out as the military-industrial complex has grown quite large and extremely powerful. Especially with the admission from the Pentagon that they can’t account for over 21 trillion dollars in spending. ( Yes, that is with a “T”. Is that part of what Eisenhower knew and warned us about? That amount of money will fund many black projects.

He also stated, “The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded. Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

So what about this? Are they also involved in the technocracy of this country? Who is really behind big tech?

Back in 2001, my sighted daughter and I were doing book reviews all over Utah and surrounding States. We did one west of Axtell, Utah. It was at a dairy farm with just one family.

That place will always be remembered for two reasons. The first being the amount of flies in the home because of being across the street from a dairy. We had never experienced a place where there were thousands of flies. Seeing that was strange, but not as strange as what happened during our book review and after.

A neighbor showed up about half-way through the book review. He was quite cordial and friendly.

Near the end, for some reason the father of the family asked if we wanted to know what the neighbor did for a living. We said we’d love to know.

The neighbor told us that he worked on the television transmission towers from central Utah down into Arizona.

Okay, we said, that was different, but unique? Not really.

Then he told us he was also an inventor. His best invention he had finished over ten years previous. He asked if we wanted to know what it was. We said yes, and waited for the big reveal.

“I invented a camera in your television set. It can see and hear everything you do in the room it is in,” he told us.

Okay, I admit, I thought he had been around the dairy for much too long and all that cow methane had eroded his brain cells.

He then explained how it worked and asked if we wanted to go to this lab and see it. We were in a rush and declined. The father of the house suggested we might want to, as he testified it was real. We still declined and left. Though we never doubted him or his story. He told us that when he had invented it, cable TV was required. But since he knew they had improved the technology to accomplish it without having the cable attached.

The inventor had told us that he had invented the television camera over ten years previously. That would put it in the late eighties when this technology came about.

Then he told us how when he filed his patent, the federal government showed up and took the invention away from him.

After reading this, you tell me if President Eisenhower was right or not about government and the scientific-technological elite. Especially when it has been revealed that Google, Amazon and others have been watching, hearing and recording us for many years now. We have long been profiled. Is that why the Savior told my sighted daughter a long time ago to get off of Facebook and other social media? Even now they have admitted to putting microphones and cameras in your appliances. Siri and Alexa are recording everything going on in your home. Have you said something negative about the government? Well, it’s recorded and you are being profiled.

I mentioned last year about the “Social Credit Score” they have started using in China and that it would be coming here. Well, it is here now. There are certain conservative media that if you mention in a positive light, you will find yourself “de-platformed.” These tech giants are evil and you will see in the near future just how evil they really are. Especially when they are used to hunt down those of us that declare to be believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. I will say it again, your social media electronics and devices in your home are allowing you to be profiled. I’m hoping mine has a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ next to me. I always want to be associated with Him.

So how is your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ doing? Still believing that government is going to take care of you? Or your church? Or some community program? Fat chance.

It is between you and the Lord Jesus Christ and what He would have you do. The elites that run this country hate your guts, they are of Satan, and they are of dark evil. If you profess Christ, they will want you dead. Haven’t we all heard these prophecies for years now? I know I have. Well guess what, it’s here. When those that profess abortion and glory in it get back in power, it will escalate beyond anything any of us could imagine. Your ONLY hope will be Him, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Civil war is erupting all over the country. That will escalate. As said before in previous posts, the divide between light and dark will grow ever wider. A choice WILL have to be made, you will not be able to jump back and forth. Will it be our Savior and light or the Adversary and dark. I have a feeling we will be extremely shocked how many will choose poorly.

Eisenhower warned us back in 1961. As a nation we have chosen poorly and will now realize the effects of those causes.

Not trying to be a “bummer”, just relating the facts.

The last thing the inventor told us was, “Make sure you don’t have a TV in your bedroom.” Now I wonder what he meant by that?