“But behold, Satan did stir up the hearts of the more part of the Nephites, insomuch that they did unite with those bands of robbers, and did enter into their covenants and their oaths, that they would protect and preserve one another in whatsoever difficult circumstances they should be placed, that they should not suffer for their murders, and their plunderings, and their stealings.” (Helaman 6:21)

Several years ago two people went undercover and video recorded people at Planned Parenthood and others that procure aborted baby parts. What they exposed was horrific and in many cases against the law. Were these procurers of baby parts prosecuted? No way. The attorney general of California’s predecessor, Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat of California, initiated the investigation of these two people that exposed what Planned Parenthood was doing. She then collaborated with Planned Parenthood officials to craft a new state law that seems explicitly targeted against these people’s undercover operations and would have a dampening effect on all such efforts. (

Where was the outrage over what Planned Parenthood and others were doing? There were forty-two million (42,000,000) abortions worldwide last year. I know in these liberal leftist eyes these are not children and therefore they have no rights. I wonder what God feels about that? Is that one of the many reasons He is done with this nation? We have surely done it unto ourselves.

We are living Nephite times all over again with the Gadiantons in all levels of our society and they are helping to preserve their evil counterparts.

“And it came to pass that they did have their signs, yea, their secret signs, and their secret words; and this that they might distinguish a brother who had entered into the covenant, that whatsoever wickedness his brother should do he should not be injured by his brother, nor by those who did belong to his band, who had taken this covenant. And thus they might murder, and plunder, and steal, and commit whoredoms and all manner or wickedness, contrary to the laws of their country and also the laws of their God.” (Helaman 6:22-23)

During the 2016 election I happened to be in Arkansas helping my friend drive. We had stopped at diner out in the middle of nowhere to get some lunch. After lunch was over I asked our server what she thought of Hillary, who was running for president. I don’t remember seeing actual fear in an adult like she expressed. She then mumbled something about how they don’t talk about that woman there. I was blown away. Then I thought that if anyone knows how evil that woman is, those in Arkansas ought to.

There is a reason we have the term “Arkancide” in our vocabulary. From the website

“Arkancide is the unfortunate habit of potential witnesses to the Clinton’s dirty dealings in Arkansas suddenly deciding to shoot themselves twice in the back of the head. Police and Coroners in Arkansas, notably Fahmy Malak who answered to Governor Bill Clinton, automatically described these shootings as ‘suicides.’

After Bill Clinton became President the phenomenon spilt over to Washington D.C. when Hillary Clinton’s ex-lover Vincent Foster was ‘Arkancided.'”

There are sites that keep track of what they call the Clinton body count. Isn’t it interesting how she can do whatever she wants, like destroying evidence, Benghazi and so much more, and yet is never prosecuted?

And yes, we do have a two-tiered judicial system at the minimum. These modern Satanic Gadiantons operate by the same laws as those ancient Gadiantons:

“And whatsoever of those who belonged to their band should reveal unto the world of their wickedness and their abominations, should be tried, not according to the laws of their country, but according to the laws of their wickedness, which has been given by Gadianton and Kishkumen.” (Ibid, vs. 24)

You’ve watched this played out before your eyes. This develops until we acquire what is called in our time the “Deep State” who really run the government:

“And thus they did obtain the sole management of the government, insomuch that they did trample under their feet and smite and rend and turn their backs upon the poor and the meek, and the humble followers of God. And thus we see that they were in an awful state, and ripening for an everlasting destruction.” (Ibid, vs. 39-40)

These modern Gadiantons now run our government and most governments in the world. This happens because of our wickedness, we can only blame ourselves, the people. How many of the people we have elected to local and national offices individuals that have been caught in adultery, stealing, graft, corruption, drugs, murder gun running, selling our technology to enemies, and so much more? These things were also described anciently:

“And seeing the people in a state of such awful wickedness, and those Gadianton robbers filling the judgment-seats –having usurped the power and authority of the land; laying aside the commandments of God, and not in the least aright before him; doing no justice unto the children of men. Condemning the righteous because of their righteousness; letting the guilty and the wicked go unpunished because of their money; and moreover to be held in office at the head of government, to rule and do according to their wills, that they might get gain and glory of the world, and, moreover, that they might the more easily commit adultery, and steal, and kill, and do according to their own wills.” (Helaman 7:4-5)

I have examples of politicians and church leaders that have done according to their wills, that have done wrongs and they are not brought to justice. In fact, things continued the same way as they were before they were found out. From a stake president that was accused of sexual assault where the venue was immediately changed to another county, where he made a plea in abeyance, and it was all gone. Just like that. He still continued in his church calling. It is amazing what money will do for an individual. In another place the wife of the police chief embezzled about fifty-thousand dollars. She was let go from her job, but nothing was ever done to her. Read the above scriptures to find out why.

The Lord God has declared:

For behold, this is a land which is choice above all other lands; wherefore he that doth possess it shall serve God or shall be swept off; for it is the everlasting decree of God. And it is not until the fullness of iniquity among the children of the land, that they are swept off.” (Ether 2:10)

“And thus the Lord did pour out his blessings upon this land, which was choice above all other lands; and he commanded that whoso should possess the land should possess it unto the Lord, or they should be destroyed when they were ripened in iniquity; for upon such, saith the Lord; I will pour out the fullness of my wrath.” (Ether 9:20)

Does any of this apply to us in Utah and surrounding states? Wow, it sure makes me wonder when we travel up north and the dark evil domes just keep growing over those valleys. They will continue to grow and become stronger unless repentance is applied, hard hearts are softened and the people turn to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and not flesh. Otherwise, those dark domes over you and those building them will assuredly bring your destruction. God allows this to happen with floods, lightening, thundering, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, tempest, flame of devouring fire, and much more.

Isn’t it amazing to read the Book of Mormon and realize you are reading your own future and it is playing out right before your eyes? What we have described is truly evil.

Two evil brothers

I have a question.

The Royal pedophile, Prince Andrew is friends with Jeffery Epstein and is found to have been on the Lolita express to Epstein’s Pedophile Island. He was photographed with an underage girl that he most likely had sex with and says he never met her and doesn’t know her. It goes on and on.

This comes out in the main stream media and he is thrown under the bus, kicked out of the palace by the Queen reptilian and who knows what will happen next.

His brother, Prince Charles was best friends with Jimmy Savile, a known and confirmed pedophile. He was always hanging out with the “Royalty.” Especially with Charles. This man, Savile, was vile and evil. He was a procurer of children for the British elite. He procured many for himself. After he died, they found graves of young boys on his property.

Nothing is said or written about Charles and his relationship with Savile. Savile was a disc jockey on the radio in his twenties and had the highest security clearance to the royal palace. What for you ask? I’ll let you figure out that based on what reptilians have a taste for.

Why was one brother thrown under the bus and Charley gets off?

Oh, because he is untouchable and the next in line to the throne. This is all strange to me anyway. The so called British Royal family is from Germany, they are of German blood, not British. They changed their name around the time of WWI when the Brits were at war with the Germans to Windsor. What’s up with that? Not so good to be in England with a German name when Germany is trying to destroy the British Empire?

Anyway, two sets of rules. Do we do the same?

Are you kidding? We have one set of rules for the little people and another for the so called elites. They seem to get off doing whatever they desire. This is exactly like the Gadianton robbers in the Book of Mormon. Want to read about our day and what the government, the so called leaders, judges, and lawyers are like. Then read about what the Gadiantons did anciently. It is the same murder and intrigue today as then.

Some day we will see them for what they are, especially the cold blooded ones like Hillary and Obama. And I do mean cold blooded. Pun intended.

Evil is growing exponentially on this planet. I wonder how much long mother earth will allow this human infection to stay on her surface. If the earth quakes and fires are any indication, she is tired of the human condition or is it human vermin?

The ONLY chance we have is to find our Lord Jesus Christ and put Him into our lives, become like Him and do God’s will in all things like He did while mortal on this planet.


We went north to help some people the other day and my sighted friend made the comment that that the dark evil dome being created over the Salt Lake Valley and Utah county valley is sure growing fast. It is getting wider, darker and stronger. I wonder what happens when it is finished. It sure is hard to go up there these days, the darkness is palpable.

I was chatting with my sighted daughter the other day. She is still being shown what is coming and not liking it or wanting to see it. The Savior requires it of her. I wonder why? To be a witness beforehand?

She did tell me that one of the first things we get to experience will be the riots, especially in the larger cities.

That is why my new theme song is from the television show “Green Acres.”

“Farm livin’ is the life for me.”

Have a great week.

And do me a favor. Please don’t believe anything on this site. Pray always to our Father and our Savior and ask if it is true. Don’t ever follow flesh, doing so just brings curses. Those tendrils are a bugger to get rid of.

Are there reptilians in the Utah elite? Just wondering.

Party anyone?

How were the Holidays for you seven? I hope all of it found you well.

Did you attend a Christmas party? Was it with your family, friends, your church or your company/business? Were you required to attend more than one of these events? My condolences.

Please recognize this comes from a partial empath that prefers to stay home and avoid all crowds and gatherings.

Some of us that attempt to do His work decided to have a get together, enjoy food, each other’s company, and sing Christmas hymns to celebrate His birth.

It was a wonderful time, until it wasn’t.

The interesting thing is I don’t believe many of us knew it wasn’t or that it had turned.

Turned to what and why you ask?

In attendance were some dozen or more children. After eating they decided to play games. One ended up being what they called, “Duck, duck, goose.” This involved some running around and between tables where the adults were in conversation. Also some of the stories at the various tables turned worldly it seems.

A while into this my sighted friend came over to where I was seated and said that the shields in the room were coming down and that dark entities had already entered on account of the light mindedness of the children and adults. The adults were not controlling their children’s behavior and it had gotten noisy and kind of out of hand. I know it sure echoed in the facility we’d rented.

I guess you could say we forgot the real reason we were there. We asked that it stop and soon we were singing Christmas hymns and enjoying the talents of the children and adults.

You already know my question. What happened spiritually?

When the “world” entered the event the shields started to fail. As Christ was forgotten in the stories of the adults and children playing, the Warrior guardians were released from their assignments of guarding the room and people. They then gathered around my sighted friend. She turned and saw a red-eyed demons standing near her that had come through the failing shields. That is when she was told to come and let me know what was happening.

Wow, who knew? Is sure is hard to get Babylon out of us some days. Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to have “fun” and enjoy ourselves. Only this was an event designed to celebrate our Savior and His birth.

Lesson learned.

The singing and sharing of talents was beyond incredible. There were some extremely talented people there.

How many of us attended similar parties? Or parties where the booze flowed freely along with worldly stories and jokes? You do know that liquor is called “spirits” for a reason, don’t you. That is what is in and on it and goes into you when you drink it – dark spirits. Funny, I don’t think you could get spirits of light to enter into beer and such. The thought of that is just absurd. Too low of a vibration in those drinks anyway. That is one reason evil spirits are attracted to it. Well that, and an easy entry way into your mortal body.

Isn’t it nice we can now get all of this Christ stuff behind us and get back to enjoying Babylon? Is that what some people are thinking? Well, as much Christ stuff as there actually is in the season anyway. I know that many places like schools, local governments and such have taken down their Nativity scenes because the Adversary and his people are “offended.” Don’t worry, in the coming years they won’t be offended as they come for you with what they have in mind for actual Christians.

Hey, someone shared a movie with us. It is called a “Christmas Jar.” It is on BYU TV. Pretty good stuff, well worth your time. And I thought that BYU TV was only good to watch BYU lose football games. My bad as they say. Whatever that means.

I sincerely hope you found time to reflect on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this Christmas season. Some claim He is the reason for the season then some of us get all messed up with parties, the red-suited guy, sugar, and so much more that is just a distraction from Him. I know I have been guilty of this.

Take care and see you next year.

Do the “Dead” Care?

Do the “dead” care about us? Do they try to communicate with us? Are we to contact them to offer help? Are we “allowed” to talk to them?

From all the generational healings we have done the past many years, we have come to realize just how interested the “dead” or immortals are in what we do here in morality.

Many years ago, before I had ever heard the term “generational healing,” we were at a home discussing many spiritual things. I happened to be with three gifted women, so I sat quietly, listening.

During this time the idea came to me to ask one of the women “if it wouldn’t be cool if one of the other women did a generational healing on her.” I mentioned that I didn’t know what that was, but it sounded worthwhile. She and the mentioned woman, who we will call Karol, said they didn’t know what it was either.

The third woman was my sighted friend. She remained silent.

A few minutes later Karol said the same thing, “Wouldn’t it be great if you had a generational healing,” to the same woman I had said it to.

At this point she agreed to have ask for one, with none of us knowing what it was, well, except as I found out later that my sighted friend did know.

As you know, I’m interested how the spiritual side of things work. We discuss this concept in our new, not out yet, book. A little excerpt from it about what happened on the other side of the veil from the observers report:

“After approximately 45 minutes had passed someone, in the crowd (immortal crowd), said they needed to get things moving. That’s when a whole bunch of people (immortals) began staring, very intently, right at [Rose] who was hunkered down on the couch relaxing. There were four to five, standing behind Doug. Doug started to ask some pretty pointed questions about generational healing. There was a small handful of people right behind Karol also and she became, likewise, pretty intense about generational healing and how important it was. I was told to get up off the floor and park my bones into the recliner chair. I was also told to get comfortable. I was looking around periodically to see how many there were but there were far more than I could even hope to count. As far as I could see the entire house was full to overflowing. All I could do was recline back, be comfortable, observe and wonder when [Rose] was finally going to get the message. At last she spoke up asking if Karol would facilitate a healing session. Karol, Doug and I all breathed a sigh of relief and, unbeknownst to them, so did the rest of the crowd. We made the comment that finally, at last she got the message. It was explained to [Rose] that no one (mortal) would approach her to even ask if she wanted to do a generational healing session. I didn’t dare tell them how the people (immortal) had worked on her to get their desire across.”

Rather interesting how the immortals (the dead) would gather around us and pray while intently staring at us with their desires about generational healing and how soon we all reacted. They weren’t just staring, they “speak”‘ telepathically, so they were sending their thoughts to us. So if the dead feel they need our help and actually try to contact us, would it be okay if we talked back to them to find out how we could be of help? It was also interesting that after 45 minutes of hearing us talk about things they were impatient and wanted to “get things moving.” Pretty funny stuff.

Let’s continue with another example from the book:

“This next experience happened when my sighted friend and I went to a home where a couple’s son was possessed with a huge dark general attached to him. The son had become somewhat belligerent and was expressing much anger at us in his native tongue, which is an Asian language. I sat there grateful that I couldn’t understand what he was yelling at us, as I probably wouldn’t have liked it. It was not generational but illustrates the point that our ‘people’ come to help us in times of need.

What happened next comes from the Observer’s report about that day with some changed names:

‘While the others spoke with Chad, I observed quite a few people coming into the apartment and circling around the small group of people. In wonderment, I began to think perhaps this was going to turn in a generational healing for which I was not the least prepared. Eventually, with the exception of the conversation pit, the entire apartment was completely filled with people. I realized they were somewhat ethereal in appearance which signaled these people were of the spirit realm. Every one of them was Oriental. Looking around, I inquired why they were there. All of them bowed in greeting and a beautiful woman informed me that they were the ancestors of the little family we were striving to assist. They were there praying for the young man, Chad, who was in need of extra strength. In deep gratitude, I thanked them for their kindness. It took about 45 minutes before Chad gained enough strength he was able to give permission and accepted the vitally needed high priesthood blessing.”

Our ancestors, the dead as we call them, from the world of spirits, are highly interested in us. This young man’s ancestors came to pray for him. How beautiful is that! God is truly good and our ancestors really desire to help us out.

So is it wrong to speak to them to inquire how we may be of help to them? Just wondering. They evidently come to us from many varied reasons and we haven’t a clue. Well, a few mortals do.

There are many mortals that do seek the dead. They do this through mediums and others that call themselves gifted or sighted. I’m sure some have good intent, others are just curious. Many just miss loved ones.

When doing generational healing it is important to be able to discern, perceive, hear, or see the dead/immortals. Otherwise it is hard to help because you won’t know what they need.

The two examples above do show their keen interest in us mortals and their desire to help. It is important and always a good idea to get the permission of our Savior Jesus Christ before we attempt anything. Especially contact with the world of Spirits. Remember, both sides exist there. Read our other posts about raising your frequency, getting off the elevator, and entering that world. You most likely will encounter both light and dark. It is important to distinguish between the two and not be deceived. Maybe that is why there are so many warnings in the Bible about contacting the other side. Many have been deceived and believe they were in contact with their father or mother or some other person, when in reality they were wrong.

If we stay centered in our Lord Jesus Christ and do it His way, we will be less likely to be deceived. If we do it our way, we will be deceived, no question. Our dead care about us. I’ll let you in on a secret, they aren’t dead. They’re just in a different place working out their own salvation, just as we are here. Yes, they do need our help and are allowed by the Council of the Gods to come and “get things moving.” Praise God for that.

Have a great weekend.

More on Sacrifice

Let’s continue on with this law of sacrifice by sharing another experience. I just love sharing my inadequacies. There is a reason the other side of the veil has called me, “The Boy.” I objected to that and told them so. After my objection they started calling me “The Padawan.”

This morning it was brought to my memory of a time when we were teaching a class in my home. That morning before the class during my studies I had been taught what I thought were some really cool things.

At the end of the class that night I desired to share what I had been taught to those attending.

The Spirit warned me not to share, but it was such a cool subject and I really wanted my friends to know what I had been taught.

So you know what I did, don’t you.

I shared what had been taught to me.

Immediately upon sharing I noticed that my sighted friend’s nose started to bleed, a lot.

Why did I share? Could it be because I really wanted them to know? Or was it because my ego burst forth and I wanted them to know how cool I was because of what had been taught? You know, P R I D E. That old bugaboo that just kills the Spirit and our chances of progression. Yes, it was pride. Don’t worry, it got worse.

After the meeting my sighted friend came up and asked if I knew why her nose had bled so profusely.

“No,” I replied, “I have no idea.”

“Because you were not to share what had been taught to you and to cancel out your condemnation for doing so, He had my nose bleed like it did. Otherwise you would have paid the consequences,” she told me.

What is interesting, is that the Savior had her “pay” for my mistake. This was at the beginning of my Padawan days, so I was quite new at this and didn’t really understand. Did she take on my required suffering for me having shared what ought not to have been shared with others at that time? She also mentioned my sharing would have condemned them also as they were not prepared to receive. Some not being prepared would have most likely rejected the material, thereby effectuating the condemnation. Her suffering also stopped that or paid the price for it.

All of us at the class had reason to be grateful and had no idea any of it had happened.

I am grateful for what she did for me, what the Savior did for me. Wow, one of those pride and ego moments you just want to sweep under a rock, forget about, and hope He doesn’t make you share with anyone. (Sure glad there are only seven of you.)

Several years ago, after having a chat with a friend that has been redeemed, he made the comment that the Lord Jesus Christ has no ego. I think I’ve share that on here before. If not, now you have it. Our Savior has zero ego. This was hard for me to comprehend so when I got in the car I asked my sighted friend if this was a true statement, that our Lord Jesus Christ really has no ego.

“Yes,” she said, “It is a true statement.”

The Lectures on Faith tell and teach many concepts. Here is part of one concept about sacrifice from Lecture Six:

“For a man to lay down his all, his character and reputation, his honor and applause, his good name among men, his houses, his lands, his brothers and sisters, his wife and children, and even his own life also, counting all things but filth and dross for the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ, requires more than mere belief or supposition that he is doing the will of God, but actual knowledge; realizing when these sufferings are ended he will enter into eternal rest, and be a partaker of the glory of God.

For unless a person does know that he is walking according to the will of God, it would be offering an insult to the dignity of the Creator were he to say that he would be a partaker of his glory when he should be done with the things of this life. But when he has this knowledge, and most assuredly knows that he is doing the will of God, his confidence can be equally strong that he will be a partaker of the glory of God.”

Did this apply to Him when He walked the earth? I’m sure it did. He knew He was doing the will of His Father, in all things, in everything He sacrificed.

That is my desire in my life. Some days I do okay, others days we won’t talk about……

Do know this, I am grateful for my sighted friend, who desires NO mention on this blog and is a little perturbed when I do so. I am one of the few that see what is sacrificed there to do His work. Read the above from Lectures, she qualifies on all accounts.

A nose bleed may be a small thing in the eternal perspective of all things. Yet again, maybe not. I believe all of our sacrifices are seen by the Gods of Light. I know we secured some firewood for some people that didn’t have the means to get it or pay for it. A few days later I was offered a wonderful blessing of some work driving with my friend. I hadn’t been out in months. I mentioned it to my sighted friend and she said the Gods of Light has seen the sacrifice of getting wood for another and gave me the gift or work. I had no idea. I would have sent a heavenly thank you card, but I don’t know where the mailbox is. Thankful prayer works though.

Sacrifice, what a concept. What a privilege to be like Him, even in a small degree. What would happen if all of us sacrificed our pride and ego and became even closer to being like Him?

Hey, Merry Christmas! It may not be His true birth month, but it is still fun to think of Him and all that went on during that time.

Required Sacrifice

Not one of the seven readers answered the question asked in a previous post if “truth is being negative.” Bummer.

The good news is there is no longer just five of you. Two more have come on board for the ride.

Let’s get on to business.

We did four clearings last night and had a “different” experience that we’ve only had a few times before.

While clearing the last person my sighted friend’s nose started to bleed. We made sure she got some tissue to take care of the problem and continued on with the clearing.

We saw a really nasty entity in the last person being cleared. I felt it was quite evil and powerful. My sighted friend confirmed it was there, was quite evil and of a high level.

The Lord Jesus Christ was asked to remove it from the person and give it to our Warrior guardians to take care of and dispatch. This was done.

While they are “taking care of” the entity it is fun to watch my sighted friend’s expressions. She sees what they are doing to the entities and her face can be quite expressive. She did confirm that this one was really nasty, evil, and of a high level.

After we ended the clearings I asked my sighted friend if her nose bleed had been a “required sacrifice” for the clearing to be efficacious, meaning to get rid of the really nasty entity.

“Yes,” she answered.

With the clearings over, all of us went to our homes. I was glad for our Lord Jesus Christ’s love and grace in clearing these four people of what was attached to and also in them.

I was up early this morning thinking of what had happened last night. The main question that entered my mind was why a blood sacrifice had been required to get rid of that entity? Later in the morning I called my sighted friend to see what the reason was.

My sighted friend told me it was required because proper preparation for the clearings had not been able to happen. What in the world was she talking about?

We had a get together and three of the four asked for a clearing on the spot. We didn’t know they wanted or needed it. The fourth had come prepared, meaning he had fasted for a day. I had three men help me with the clearings, one being the man that had been fasting for his own clearing. None of the rest of us that had laid hands on their heads had been fasting, so the required sacrifice had not happened.

That is why my sighted friend’s nose had bled.

Yes, there are times when a blood sacrifice is required. Though it is not with an animal like in ancient times. I have a friend that bled for forty days in order to have a really nasty family curse removed. Yes, he suffered much, but the curse was ended. I was asked to do something by the Savior and at the end I had my finger crushed and it bled a lot. That was because He made a covenant with me and He wanted it sealed with my blood.

Does God really do and require these things? I had no idea until I experienced them. So when my sighted friend said that had been a requirement to get rid of this high level, nasty entity, I felt the Spirit confirm the truthfulness of what had been declared. She had arrive fasting, but that was not enough to get rid of this high level entity.

I think I will always make it a matter of fasting for all future clearings. We usually fast before, but this one was a spur of the moment event. It might be important for the person being cleared to arrive in a fasting mode as well, if able.

Sacrifice is a true principle and is from the One who gave the ultimate sacrifice for each of us – the Atonement and His life.

When we do our “small” sacrifices, small compared to what He suffered, it satisfies the requirement of sacrifice. It allows us to feel and understand on a much smaller scale what He does.

There seems to be so much more to this life on a spiritual level than we have understood in the past.

On both the Light and dark side of things. I mean who knew evil is building a dark dome over Salt Lake and Utah County?

Exploring them on this blog has been fun and inspiring for me. I am grateful to Him, my Lord and Savior for His kindness towards me, and His unlimited patience in helping me understand things of a spiritual nature.

All honor, praise and glory be given to Him and our Parents.

Dark Domes?

I’ve chatted about this subject with my sighted daughter and sighted friend.

What subject you ask?

You may need to expand your box a little.

We know the war that is going on is spiritual. We have discussed many spiritual devices and weapons on this blog. Everything from implants, devices, cauls, collars, yokes, spiders, devices to cause pain and suffering, and so much more.

We haven’t yet discussed large devices or weapons that evil is constructing. Let’s change that today.

If you have spiritual sight and are in the Salt Lake Valley or the Provo/Orem valley, look up. You will see “bands” that go from one side of the valley to the other. The bands are wider and stronger in the Salt Lake Valley. But hey, Utah County isn’t far behind.

“Yahoo, we’re number two!!!”

Pun intended.

Once these spiritually dark bands are connected on each side of the valley, going all the way across from west to east, then they start to connect the bands together from north to south.

What is evil constructing you ask? A dome, of course. A dark evil dome. What is one thing it is designed to do? To not let spiritual light in.

Boy, can’t you wait until it is finished? I remember as a young man speaking with men in my LDS ward that knew the gospel and prophesy. They would tell me that in the last days SLC would become one of the most evil cities in the world. Now that always was intriguing to me. I know that some of your neighbors up there are working hard to accomplish this.

Is Light working just has hard elsewhere? Years ago I was in Boise, Idaho talking to an older woman. She mentioned a man out of another state that was telling people where places of refuge would be and that she needed to be ready for the “calling out.” Her area was to be near Bear Lake. She kept her car full of fuel and had her bug out stuff ready. Wow, talk about following flesh.

Somehow this didn’t seem to be how the Lord Jesus Christ would do things. Shouldn’t a person be prepared before gathering? Or at least along that path. Shouldn’t a person be connected to Him?

A man once told me that Zion is not where people go to prepare, but rather where the prepared gather. I will let you go to the scriptures to see what being prepared for Zion means.

How would our Savior prepare a place? How would he put up the energy needed for a dome of Light or construct it? Is this real? Have you asked Him? Will you ask Him? Is it necessary to ask Him or will some man tell you what to do? Do you follow men or flesh? If so, how are those tendrils from hell working out for you?

Are there places where He is working on this?

Why don’t you ask Him? Also ask Him how He is doing it.

The Lord Jesus Christ did give us a clue to one thing He is doing. This is found in the D&C 101:55-58 and it just might provide some insight:

“And the lord of the vineyard said unto one of his servants: Go and gather together the residue of my servants, and take all the strength of mine house, which are my warriors, my young men, and they that are of middle age also among all my servants, who are the strength of mine house, save those only whom I have appointed to tarry;

And go ye straightway unto the land of my vineyard, and redeem my vineyard; for it is mine; I have bought it with money.

Therefore, get ye straightway unto my land; break down the walls of mine enemies; throw down their tower, and scatter their watchmen.

And inasmuch as they gather together against you, avenge me of mine enemies, that by and by I may come with the residue of mine house and possess the land.”

Evidently He is going to use servants He calls “warriors.” These are young men and those of middle age. I am sure this includes women too. Though it does sound like a motley crew to me. He has declared He uses the weak to accomplish His designs. He does mention “those whom I have appointed to tarry.” Is he talking about translated beings of light, are they not those who tarry? Translated beings working with mortals to clear his vineyard. Who would have thought?

These are to go into His vineyard and redeem it. How so? By breaking down the walls, throwing down their towers and scattering their watchmen. By doing this He can come with the “residue of mine house and possess the land.” Does this mean the land must be prepared before He will come? You tell me.

This spiritual warfare that is going on all around us sure is interesting. Are you involved? Or are you like those men in the Elders Quorum I taught a few years back? They told me they put in their three hours a week at church and that was good enough. What a blessing they only have to put in two hours now and they are good to go.

Is this real? Dark domes being built above your heads up north. Oh, don’t just believe they are only being built in those two places. The majority of this country has rejected Him. There are many cities that are now dark, especially on both coasts. My sighted daughter mention how dark California is and how many of their cities are dark domed already.

The Lord Jesus Christ doing His work which involves so much more than we ever could have guessed. Just read the scriptures and He will tell you. I will ask again. Are you involved?

Serious Minds

One of my friends commented he loved a post because of the “loving spirit” with it.

Maybe I’d better put out a notice now for this one. Just know, I don’t write unless I’m told the content. That is why sometimes there are weeks between posts. Actually, that is something I quite like. And while the content is true, it doesn’t make it any easier.

My wife and I went to see the movie called, “The Fighting Preacher” when it came out a while back. We really enjoyed and learned from it.

A month later I had to chance to help my friend drive and we found ourselves in Palmyra, New York. I’d never been there, so he allowed me to take the tours. I was able to only do a few because I recognized “marketing” when thrown in my face.

While in the reconstructed home where Joseph Smith lived when he received the first vision, the missionary had a young teenager in our tour group imagine he had just got up. The host swung the back door open and said something like, “Just imagine you are Joseph Smith and you open the door on that beautiful spring morning and head out to the sacred grove.” We all looked out the door towards the soon to be sacred grove. I believe most were quite moved and impressed.

My only thought was, if I had just got up, I wouldn’t head to the forest, I’d head to the cranny. I don’t know about you, but nature and I like to get together every morning, first thing. Nevertheless, I kept my thoughts to myself so as not to destroy the moment.

There was a bunch of other things the host told us, then he had that same teenager put his forearm up on the fireplace mantel in that contemplative pose we’ve all seen in the painting and pretend to be exhausted after coming in from the first vision. “Hey, mom, come over here and take a picture of your son. I’m sure Joseph stood there and talked to his mother.”

I’d had enough and exited stage right. I’d much preferred, “Here is a replica of the Smith family cabin. The Sacred Grove is out there. Go out there and pray to your Father in Heaven as Joseph did. See you in two hours.”

We also went by the location where the actual fighting preacher had lived for some twenty plus years as a missionary. If you saw the movie or know of the history, the town’s people would not sell to him. He’d have to go to the next town over to get parts for his wagons or farm. They portrayed this on multiple occasions in the movie. Was that meant to help us feel sorry for them because those mean non-Mormons wouldn’t play nice? It also showed how awful they were to his wife and children. This all changed over the several decades and they became beloved members of the community.

I don’t know if that last part was the truth or just script writing, designed to bring up your emotions.

Well, at least we don’t do such things to our neighbors in this day of enlightenment, do we? We wouldn’t do the awful things done to us, would we?

Let’s take a look. Over a decade ago, here in our small town made up of mostly Mormons, I mean Latter-day Saints, I had a woman I know ask if I’d help her bring a LDS woman down from the Logan area that did Preparation Seminars. She had done many dozens all over Utah, mainly for Relief Society meetings. I agreed to help. After all, I had set up many meetings the past two decades before moving here.

I went to a place on State Street that had a large meeting room and chairs and asked to rent it out. I’d previously called his secretary and asked if there were any open dates for the room. She had told me there were no scheduled dates at all, the calendar was completely wide open.

Upon meeting the owner I asked about several dates to hold this meeting for the friend. I informed him what it was and who it was for. I was not involved except to set it up. He told me the dates were taken. I offered several other dates and he said they were also taken.

Being a “bottom line” person I asked him if there were any open dates. He informed me that if I was asking, there were no open dates.

We had a long discussion, all of which I recorded. Here was his bottom line, as I recorded it:

“If I rent to you and the local Mormon community finds out, they will black list me. They will not do business with me if I do business with you.”

Wow, there you go. Just the facts Ma’am. Do I know what the fighting preacher/LDS missionary felt like?

Absolutely. Would my wife and family get to experience similar negativity like what his wife and family experienced? Absolutely.

Only this came from the Mormons.

This isn’t the only time. Local LDS leaders told the missionaries and others to not eat at a restaurant we owned. How do we know? They told us. We actually hired a returned missionary that came up to me after working for three shifts. He told me, “You’re not such a bad guy.” I asked him what he meant. “Well, the local missionaries told me not to work here because you were so evil,” he responded.

These are two of dozens of instances where I felt what the fighting preacher, his wife, and children were shown to feel in the movie.

Times do indeed change. Sometimes not for the better, especially when the persecuted become the persecutors.

Now for the love that people want. I hold no animosity towards these people. That’s it.

Will I do business with them? Not if I can help it. I prefer the ex or Jack Mormons. They seem to be a bit nicer and are not hypocritical, in other words, they seem to be more like true Christians.

Ouch. Does truth sting? People don’t believe this stuff. That is why I recorded so much of it.

A young teenage reader of this blog asked for a clearing. I told him that since he was not considered an adult, he’d need his parents’ permission. They told him “no.” Seems I have been negative towards a certain church we both belong to, so they won’t allow it.

So my question is this: Is telling the truth negative?

Serious minds want to know. I’ve asked my active LDS wife if she has enjoyed how she and the children have been treated. She kind of tears up and doesn’t say much. She is kind, loving and beautiful. Of course there are nice Mormons, I mean Latter-day Saints. They were extremely nice to her while she served as Primary President for nearly five years.

So I will ask you to explain this to me and tell me if truth is being negative?

Swimming in the cesspool of life?

If you attended a swimming meet, what would you see or experience?

Water, Moms and Dads, swimmers, brothers, sisters, and coaches? The thrill of victory for your child or the agony of defeat?

If you were an empath what would you see or experience?

All of the above? What if you were an eleven-year-old empath? Would you just be swimming in the water, or would you also be swimming in everyone’s emotions? Would you then have two swim meets going on simultaneously?

Two of our granddaughters competed in a swim meet yesterday. The eleven-year-old is an empath. We have written about her before on this blog.

I asked both of them if they had a good time and they excitedly said that yes, they did. I was excited for them, they are grand kids. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself with that one.)

Today I noticed the empath was “expressing” herself. A lot. The noise and back and forth finally escalated with her six-year-old sister that I went and shut the door. The volume finally got to the point that I went outside my room and told her that the energy was way off and they needed to cool it.

Then I mentioned that she might want to ask her Dad for help getting cleared. Her look told me that she really didn’t know she was covered with the emotions of the many that had attended the swim event the day before. I reminded her that she had gone to a swim meet where there were all kinds of emotions. Being an empath she had taken on a lot of them and was now “messed up.”

The light went on in her head and she agreed. Imagine being able to feel all the emotions of an event like that. Swimmers feeling fright, anxiety and whatever you feel before a race. Moms and Dads wanting their child to “win” and yelling constantly. Coaches yelling continually every time a swimmer comes up for air. I’ve attended these events and all of this and more is present. She really was in two different swim meets. The emotional one was by far harder than the physical race. It ends and you are done. The empath keeps the emotions she takes on unless she shielded beforehand or gets helps clearing all of it off afterward.

I saw Mom and Dad a few minutes later and mentioned it to them. Apparently she had not shielded or been reminded to shield properly for the event. People get caught up in the minutia of life and forget. You get six girls ready early in the morning for a 90 minute drive to a swim meet and tell me how your morning went.

Mom said, “So in addition to swimming in the meet she went swimming in a sea of emotions.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

There are probably several of you five readers that have children or grandchildren that are empaths and have no idea. Might be a good idea to figure it out and if so, educate them and if you are the parent, especially yourself.

They need the help. They need the protection of their parents, especially you, Dad.

She seems better now. Dad must have laid hands on and cast the emotional baggage she picked up off.

It’s not “Hurrah for Zion.” It’s “Hurrah for Jesus Christ!” He was the ultimate empath.

Empaths are needed in this world. I believe what they offer is vital and much needed. Not because so many of them are messed up because they don’t understand who and what they are and can do. But because this ability is vital to the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. If it wasn’t, why would He, the Giver of gifts, have given so many this gift?

Wow, figure that one out why don’t you?

Have a great rest of the Sabbath. I know I am.

Sticks and stones…..

There are times when you get another assignment and then He gives you the right saying or has someone send you the right quote. Those times are sure interesting.

I received this quote in part of an email this morning from some good friends. Someone had said this to them:

“If she wasn’t aware of these things, then she wouldn’t be held accountable for the knowledge.”

You might be amazed how many people have told me that if you don’t know about evil and how it works it can’t bother you because you aren’t accountable. This comes from adults! Well, they may be adults in body, but maybe not so much in the mind. Wow, it doesn’t exist in my mind, so it can’t bother me. What a beautiful concept! Let me know when you find a world that has that program on it and I will ask for a transfer.

My sweetheart and I have the blessing of having six beautiful granddaughters and their parents living with us. The other day a son and his family came to visit. It does get noisy with all those children playing together. After they had gone home the five year old went up to her mother and asked for permission to “say a bad word.”

“Why do you want to say a bad word,” her mother asked.

She informed her mother that her little three-year-old cousin had called her a bad word. So mom asked her what it was.

She told her mother that her three year old cousin had told her she was “stupid.”

Yes, I know, some of you five readers will tell me they are just being children. My mind questioned where does a three year old learn such things? From older brothers, daycare, or church? Nevertheless, her mother told her that her cousin didn’t understand what she was saying and she should just forget about it.

She did ask her daughter if it had made her sad when her cousin said that to her. When she had approached her mother to ask the question her body language indicated that she was quite sad.

“Yes,” she said and ran off to play some more.

The next two days she was not herself and was quite a handful. She was contrary and mean, which was not like her.

Her mother mentioned it to me and I suggested she might want to cast off the entities that had attached to her.

“What?” she asked. Then she told me about the encounter between the cousins and said that it made sense.

Since I had my sighted friend captive yesterday heading north to help some people out, I asked her about what happened spiritually in the encounter. Below is a paraphrase of what she said:

“When the three-year-old told her cousin she was stupid, the countenance of the cousin fell as she believed what had been said. That allowed the entity that was on the three-year-old to slide over to her. It has been helping her be mean the past few days. A good cleansing would help.”

Her mother discussed all of this with her. The five-year-old came into my room last night and asked for a “blessing.”

As I write this it is wonderful to hear her play out in the living room with her younger sister. She is back to normal.

She knows her letters and such, but can’t really read. She is not aware of evil and how it works, yet she experienced what it can do, even to a child.

I guess I look at it the other way. If you don’t know your enemy, how will you ever be able to defeat him? I’m sure if we had just ignored Hitler when he was reigning with blood and horror he would not have been able to hurt the USA or any of us. We would not have been affected in any way by him, if we would have just kept ignoring him. I’m sure he would have left us alone, wouldn’t he? Kind of like he left Poland, England, France and numerous other counties alone.

Evil attacks and destroys. If you are of any kind of light, you are on its list, no matter the age.

What could have happened would have been the instant my daughter saw her daughter was behaving differently, was to go ask in prayer what was up. Ask Father what was wrong with her daughter. Ask if the adversary was involved in what was going on and when informed, take care of it.

The Savior allows our agency here, even with little ones. I wonder what happens to many of your children and grandchildren when they go to school, play with other children at home and church? Do words affect them? How about social media. What is it like when dozens of other children or teenagers put their sights on one of your children and crucify them on social media? Do you think it affects them?

I wonder who came up with the saying about stick and stones. They do hurt, and so do words. Words not only hurt, they can destroy.

Might be important to understand what evil can do and how it does it. Our children are our stewardship until they leave the nest. The young ones need protection and help. My five-year-old granddaughter is really smart, but she does not have wisdom yet. So what was said to her hurt her. One day she will get wisdom and not allow a cousins words to affect her in that way. Until then, it requires parents with wisdom and understanding to help her out. I got the best part of the deal. I was able to hold my sweet granddaughter while I did a casting out. She gave me a big hug in return. Now that is real “payment.”

It is interesting that even a child can be affected by evil.

We need to be looking to Him, our Lord Jesus Christ more now than ever before.