Can of Worms?

We have learned and taught that both Light and dark can raise themselves in frequency. So if there are translated beings of Light, there are also translated beings of evil. The Natural Law of Polarity clarifies this—all things have their opposites, or there is opposition in all things as taught by Lehi in the Book of Mormon. (2 Nephi 2:11)

In order for a person to translate in Light, they will need to raise their frequency along with their spirituality in the Lord Jesus Christ. An evil person raises their frequency along with their “dark spirituality” under their dark god or lord. We have written about this.

So let’s look for that can of worms and open it. Hopefully it will expand our minds, though a few may need to pick up pieces of their brain matter along the way.

We have done many hundreds of clearings on people. Some have had spiders in and on them. There have been spiders above people’s heads. When we found them they were taken away and destroyed by the Savior.

Several of these have been tarantulas. Yes, those big, hairy spiders.

There are many people that have tarantulas as pets, as they are trainable.

A while ago there was a tarantula above a woman’s head. We asked that it be sent back to hell where it came from. One of the warrior guardians took it in the palm of his hand and sent it down a portal to hell. It scurried off. It never had choice since it was born, it was basically a slave. Now it had a choice what to do. (Even spiders have agency.)

Later, Z told us that this particular tarantula was actually “mortal.” It had been born as a mortal spider and taken to hell and trained in what to do to people.

We shook our heads and said, “Huh?”

I know, quite the astute question, huh?

Then questions flooded into our minds. Why would they do this? If it’s mortal or physical, why can’t we see it? Etc.

She simply stated that in hell they had raised the spider’s frequency so the normal mortal would not be able to see it. It was still a “mortal” spider, but became invisible to the normal human eye because it’s frequency had been increased. You would be able to see it if you had spiritual sight.

Can Hell really take mortal things and raise their frequency so as not to be visible to the normal mortal eye? If they have done it to something like a tarantula, what else have they conjured up? How is your “can” doing? Did the worms get out?

I believe I will stop for now and let you contemplate this idea for a while. There are many places to go with this concept.

Happy fishing now that can is open.

Dimes from Heaven?

“Actually, my first dime turned up on my car seat. I was a bit surprised, because I never put it there. Later that day, I found another! This time on the kitchen floor, right after I had swept! This was getting weird, especially since I could tell nothing was wrong.

“Then they began to appear on baskets of neatly folded laundry, under the sheets, and in the washcloths. They appeared in my bed which I had just made. One was inside of my great Aunt Laura’s antique cup in the China cabinet.

“As the months went by, dimes continued to appear. I was SO convinced they were from my dear departed relatives, that I began putting them in my grandmother’s empty golden jewelry box which she had left for me, each time, placing it back under my bed. That was so I could BE SURE this was no trick. My husband is such a skeptic that he believed the entire event to be a figment of my imagination.

“This continued for three years. I began finding dimes in the dryer, under the dryer, behind the dryer, and in my children’s rooms. Funny, I never thought to pray and ask what was going on…

“I did notice after about the second year, the spirit doing this changed because he/she/they became more aggressive and malicious toward me. I found myself waking up with unexplained bites or scratches on myself. I also found a hand-print that my Rheumatologist took pictures of. To me, the most frightening or chilling feelings of these dime experiences were when my discernment caught up with my curiosity. Especially when I had vacuumed my children’s room and walked out, then would turn around to return for something and as I would walk back in, there would be a dime sitting on the floor.

“Now I started to feel as if I was being ‘watched’ all the time. Literally being watched, but I didn’t understand.”

Dimes from Heaven. Look it up on the internet, it is huge with many receiving dimes. This woman eventually received over 500 dimes, over $50 worth. Do Angels or Heaven really place dimes for people to find? Are they that bored? Who would then place the dimes? Interesting question.

This woman finally asked the Lord Jesus Christ and was told to go home and remove all the dimes from her property. She could feel how “harmful this bag of dimes was and how much damage would come from it,” and could “feel the toxicity seething from it.” Do you understand that? As the number of dimes grew, they became more spiritually toxic. She was going to throw the bag in the dumpster down the street when her husband found out and wanted it. The Lord told her she was in danger but allowed the dimes to be converted into paper currency. She handed the bag to her husband and he agreed to exchange it for currency the next day. He went and put it in his car. While doing so she noticed his voice had changed. She felt to tell him he had “ONE day to convert the currency. If you choose not to, something awful will happen to you. Please be obedient.”

He left the next morning and when he came home, she asked if he had exchanged the dimes. He had not done so, they were still in his car. She said nothing but worried about what consequences he would experience.

The next morning, she received an urgent phone call. Apparently, while driving on the freeway 30 miles from their home, both of his front tires simultaneously blew out. He had to pay for a tow truck to haul him home and buy new tires. She made no comment to him. It cost him about ten times the amount of dimes he had to have the car towed home and to get two new tires, over $500.

My neighbor heard part of this story and asked to hear the rest. After I told her about it, she mentioned that since moving into this small cabin she had been finding dimes. She would clean a room and afterward find a dime on the just cleaned floor. She had accumulated 36 of them. After being there several months she came over and asked if I would come and cast out whatever was in the home. She felt a presence there. After the casting out the dimes didn’t appear again, however, she still had the dimes. I suggested she might want to exchange them. I later found out that the local Maverick store became the recipient of 36 dimes from heaven, well hell actually.

Before she had moved into the home, the property sat empty for several months. A man had dropped by the house that had a dark translated being attached to him. When he left, the entity stayed until it was cast out.

Heaven is a place of order and is structured. For example, after a person has transitioned to the spirit world, they will typically attend classes about how and what they did while mortal. They are not allowed to go to “Zion’s Heavenly Bank” and withdraw their daily allotment of dimes to hand out to mortals. First of all, they would have no idea how to do such a thing, second they are spirit and that would make it extremely hard to pass through the veil from his side to place something “physical” like a dime. Thirdly, it would require permission to do so. In other words, it just doesn’t happen, from the Heavenly side.

Dark translated beings still have the “mortal” aspect to them, they have a body, though of a much higher frequency than the normal mortal being. Both women felt something dark or malicious in their homes. Both had dark translated beings in their homes. When possessed people are levitated or things fly around the room, dark translated beings are usually causing this to happen.

Z mentioned to me a story about a woman who became severely depressed after her husband passed. She prayed mightily from her heart about him. He sought and received permission from those with proper stewardship to authorize the request for a bouquet of flowers to appear on her table. Not only did it require permission, but it required a translated being of Light to accomplish the task for him. This was a single occurrence. There have been others who received a white feather once or twice, but that was all.

Why would dark entities place dimes for people to find? I know in many of the portalcisms we have done, there were portals and entities in the mirrors in the homes. Entities have also been in many objects. What if the dimes have tiny portals attached and this allows the evil side to hear and see what goes on in a home? What would it do when they are all collected and put in one location, as people are wont to do? Would it be like the one woman who could “feel the toxicity seething from it?” The more dimes the stronger the toxicity? What if it collects energy from you?

The many shiny dimes are to catch the person’s attention and entice the keeping thereof. Those dimes (the ones that seem to appear out of nowhere) have attachments. They are a gift from hell which too many decide are great to have. Of course, there will be many instances, where the buildup of a collection of evil dimes, empowers entities to eventually enter and wreak havoc on the unwary.

A good friend sent me the following in regards to this subject. I thought what she wrote was more than interesting and it is quite important in understanding this phenomenon:

“So, if people read these stories about finding dimes and want to feel comforted after the loss of a loved one and ask for the ‘sign of dimes,’ then they openly invite evil into their lives and homes don’t they? This is another one of those things because of our ‘latent idiocy’ that the adversary dupes us into thinking is of heaven or light and since that is what we believe, we are unable to feel and/or understand that it is of darkness. We are so ignorant about things of darkness because we aren’t taught it so we are easily duped – and then there is the attitude that we have been blessed with all the truth because of our religion that we are even less open than others because if our ‘prophets’ haven’t revealed it, it is not important, real or necessary.”

Well said.

I was told of a woman that is receiving pennies from heaven and she just knows that it is from her deceased husband. Besides, she asked her psychic medium and he confirmed it.

Latent Idiocy or Why Christ Spoke in Parables

“The very thought that any one creature (human) should be fortunate enough to secure some particular advantage which others, through their own indolence or indifference, have missed is sufficient to excite the envy of the weak or the anger of the ignorant . . . It is impossible that an outsider should enter into a clear understanding of the mystical spiritual-nature world around him, and it follows that the teachings and tenets of that spiritual-nature world must be more or less a closed book to such a one – a book moreover, which he seldom cares or dares to try and open. For this reason, the sages concealed much of their profound knowledge from the multitude, because they rightly recognized the limitations of narrow minds and prejudiced opinions . . . What the fool cannot learn, he laughs at, thinking that by his laughter he shows superiority instead of latent idiocy.”

From The Life Everlasting by Marie Corelli

Free Will

“Salvation does not come by Christ magically applying ‘fairy dust’ to make us like Him.

If Christ could ‘make’ us like Him that would be Luciferian. It would abrogate free will. It would save without respecting agency. We have the freedom to choose because without that we do not exist.” (Denver Snuffer, Preserving the Restoration, p. 301-302, emphasis added)

All truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence also; otherwise there is no existence. Behold, here in the agency of man, and here is the condemnation of man; because that which was from the beginning is plainly manifest unto them, and they receive not the light. (D&C 93:30-31)

So, if I’m getting this right, Christ does not use fairy dust. If He “makes” us to be like Him that would be Luciferian. Seems a “war” was fought over this principle of agency or free will. Oh yes, with Lucifer at the head of it. If Christ made us obey it would abrogate (revoke, annul) free will. If free will is revoked then “there is no existence.”

There are those declaring they can send entities or anyone on the other side of the veil to the Light, and they actually try to do so, with some even declaring they have done so. If not even the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can do something like this, taking agency away, why do these people believe they can? The rules or laws allow them to be sent back to where they came from – Hell, but to the Light? That goes against their agency. (Besides dark could never endure or live in the “Light.” They would burn up.)

Maybe these people are the ones with the fairy dust?

Or maybe they are condemned because “agency” was from the beginning and yet some still believe they are above it, even though as the scripture states it was, “plainly manifest unto them and they receive not the light.”

Just some thoughts from a book I was reading and because again, sending demons to the light came up again the other day.

No Snidely Whiplash Here (“Curses foiled again”)

Is there a spiritual legal system in play here in mortality?

Of course there is. I remember the old Dracula movies showing how the vampire couldn’t enter a house unless the person in the house invited them in. In this case an invitation equaled death. But does this happen in “real life?” No, I’m not talking about vampires, I’m talking about an invitation to evil to enter into our life or our home—our physical bodies.

I know of a very good man with a huge heart of gold. I personally know him and he has blessed my life more than once. They made him a leader in his church where he was in charge of a group of men. One Sunday he stood up after the lesson and testified that the leader of his church is a true prophet and that everyone should follow him. If they trusted in this prophet and did what he said, they would all be fine.

In the past this man and I had many doctrinal discussions. He knew where I came from, where I stood. That is why I wondered why he ended up at my home later that day.

During our discussion that evening the subject of that day’s lesson came up and he asked me about it. Since the invitation was on the counter, I expressed my thoughts. I told him that he had testified falsely, that he had taught false doctrine. I told him the scriptures plainly teach us that to follow flesh or another man condemns us, makes us a candidate for the Telestial kingdom where the liars, thieves, murderers, whoremongers, and such will dwell. I was a little dismayed when he admitted that he knew he had taught false doctrine to this group of men.

Did you get that? He knew better. Did he, as an adult, fall to peer pressure? Has it come to that? We are now willing to condemn ourselves to a hell just to be like the others, or to promote what our “leaders” are spouting, false doctrine included? Have we heard it so much from the pulpit, in lessons and conference talks that we have now become a puppet, willing to stand up there and declare doctrine completely contrary to what our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us through His scriptures? But this is not what this post is about.

This blog is about getting a closer look at how hell afflicts us and what we might do to overcome or be prepared against it.

The burning question is did my friend open himself up to entities from the Adversary by his witnessing and declaration to follow flesh, all the while knowing it was wrong? If so, what then happened? And lastly, are we also susceptible to the same conditions?

It is a hard thing to answer these questions because of my respect and love for this man. His life has blessed mine immensely.

Nevertheless, the answer to the first question is an unequivocal yes. We have discussed Natural Law on this site more than once. If there is a blessing given, it is a result of obeying a commandment. If there is a cursing given, it is a result of disobedience. The minions of the Adversary are always on our doorstep waiting for an invitation to enter our mortal house. When the scriptures declare that we are cursed if we put our trust in the arm of flesh and we see something like this happening, we are being shown the law of cause and effect.

My friend started to get ill a while after this event. Now, several years later, there is so much wrong with him I wouldn’t dare try to explain it all here. If he gets through his surgeries he’s looking at months in a rehab facility and then more surgery after that.

Already knowing the answer, I still brought it up with Z. Let me paraphrase her response, “Yes. He knew what he said was wrong, but testified of it anyway. That allowed the minions of the Adversary to enter in.”

The answer to the second question: Since he had knowingly testified of flesh and following such, the entities came with curses to cause pain and suffering. This is the stage he is in now, extreme pain and suffering. I wish it was different.

In the past we have stated that our Lord Jesus Christ is not playing games in this mortality. What we think, say, and do has eternal consequences. There are many, I was going to say idiots, but we don’t use that language here, that blithely and ignorantly testify of the same thing every week in their church services. Are they also being cursed? If they knowingly do so, yes. But with God’s grace most have no idea what they are saying. Yes, they are damned in their progression, but not cursed in their ignorance.

Yes, we are susceptible to the same conditions. Though we might have a bigger issue, we took the pill that woke us up and now know better. Some of us look at those “ignorant fools” and mock them. Oops, consequences. We may not make this mistake, but how many of us, myself included, are doing things we know will bring negative “effects” or consequences into our lives?

You too, huh.






Spirituality has nothing to do with frequency.

We increase our spirituality by doing things that are spiritual like studying the scriptures is one example or fasting. I didn’t say “reading” the scriptures, I said studying them. There is a difference.

When our mind and heart connect, become one, or coherent, then we are able to connect to the mind of God or the Fathers, and can then be taught. This is spirituality. It’s not about frequency, it’s about a connection with the Gods of Light, our Parents, our Savior Jesus the Christ and whomever else of Light the Savior sends to teach us.

In the third Lecture on Faith it talks about coming to know that “He actually exists.” We must become acquainted with the “correct idea of his character, perfections, and attributes.” And lastly, we must have “an actual knowledge that the course of life which he (or she) is pursuing is according to His will.” Do you not think it is hard to “connect” with someone unless you know them; I mean really know them? This is not frequency, this is bringing hour mind and heart together and then connecting to Them, the Fathers and Mothers. By doing so we come to know They exist, can learn of Their character, perfections, attributes and come to know we are doing Their will, not our own. They can teach us about Themselves, about the heavens, and about the glorious things of eternal beauty. This is spirituality.

We can use the elevator analogy if you choose. Pray to the Gods of Light to learn about the elevator. Have them teach you what materials it is made from? Where did they mine the ore and how did they turn it into metal to create the box? How is electricity created and harnessed? We can learn about the frequencies of light or electricity, how it travels through wires, and runs motors. How do the motors work? How do they turn oil into plastic and then make the plastic parts for the elevator?

We need to realize far more by looking to the Gods of Light to teach us. This is spirituality. We feel gratitude in our heart for being taught. When we develop gratitude, kindness and love from their teaching us, then we can share that with others and teach them.

Raising spiritually means our heart and mind are connected to the Gods of Light. It is from Them that we learn of their character, perfections, and attributes. This comes personally from them and also from a deep study of Their scriptures.

If our mind is turned to Satan, he’ll give to us. He can show us the fast track to gaining dark power and how we can use it for our own aggrandizement, after all it is about me, isn’t it? He is greedy. His followers are the same, doing “what they will”, it’s all about them, seeking their own pleasure and will. Their heart and mind are also connected, but are not connected to the will of the Gods of Light. There is nothing of spiritual light here. Do not be deceived and believe that the “power” shown to you is of light. The Gods of Light give profound peace and love.

In a privately published manuscript, when Satan came through a high level portal to imbue the evil mortal King of this realm, it was always about the “show.” Extreme power would be shown forth or exhibited using an extremely loud voice, along with a display of lights. Hey, it’s the visual effects! This is what Hollywood and others have copied and use to seduce those who are of a lower or darker spiritual nature and deceive all they can. After all, isn’t it about the big screen, lights, dark auditorium, hunky male lead, voluptuous female lead (though nowadays it’s about a kick-butt female lead) and heading off into a virtual world of make believe? Yes, evil can and will give you power. But when they come to collect, there is one hell of a price to pay—pun intended.

All of this would be of a dark spiritual nature.

Yes, we can use frequency to pierce the veil and get off on whatever floor we are able. But the act of getting there does not mean we will understand or encounter nothing but light Beings in that realm. It requires true spiritual light to be taught by the Gods of Light.

We can raise our frequency, be of a dark heart or intent and receive the most incredible and amazing experiences.

Yes, we can raise our frequency, be deceived and have the most incredible experiences with evil imaginable. In the above referenced manuscript, that mortal being was considered to be a god because of all the abilities his evil god endowed him with. He had raised his frequency to a very high level and connected himself with Satan and his hosts. If we are not careful, we will do the same. If we are not very careful, we will do the same and not even be aware of it, thinking all along we are of Light and are doing the Savior’s work. This is one of the highest desires of Satan, to make us think we are doing the Savior’s work, while all the time we are in his employ and are not aware of it.

Spirituality – connecting our heart and mind together and then connecting to the God’s of Light to be taught.

Pretty simple? Maybe, but it sure takes a lot of work and discernment.


Frequency is not spiritual.

Let’s use an elevator as a metaphor for frequency.

As a small child I was able to ride in elevators with my parents. It was a real “cool” experience for me. The door would open and we’d enter what I would later find out was basically a metal box. My parents would push the button to the floor they desired and the door closed. I could feel the vibrations when the motor kicked in and the pulley system engaged. The “box” took off upward. My favorite part was when it would slow to a stop and my stomach caught up with the rest of my body. What a rush for a little child! Then the door opens again and I entered a new world. This world is at a higher level than I was at before and has people I’ve never met before or engaged with.

My parents raised me mainly by example. I watched as I grew up and could now reach the buttons in the elevator. Now I would be able to go from the bottom floor to one at a higher level by myself.

The act of riding in an elevator and raising myself to a higher floor in the building involved vibration or frequency. The electricity is frequency, as is the motor when it is engaged. The wiring vibrates, as does the entire “box” I’m riding in. Even the plastic buttons which determine which floor I will arrive at are vibrating or have frequency. There is a counterweight that helps the box (car) go up and down, it vibrates, as does the pulley system which the steel cables are attached to. There are guiderails to which both the car and counterweight are attached; they are vibrating. There is a governor with flyweights inside of it that prevent a freefall if the cable system snaps or breaks. All of this vibrates or has frequency. Heck, even the lights in the car have frequency.

When I engage all of these “tools” together I am able to rise up to a higher floor or level.

None of these tools are “good” or “evil.” They are just tools. When we use them we can rise to a higher level in the building. The doors open and we are then able to see what is there in that world on that particular floor. We “enter a new world” and are able to engage in conversation and many other kinds of interaction with those people that work or dwell there. Pretty cool, huh.

We have been given many tools that are designed to raise our own frequency. We have shared many of these tools in our workshops, seminars, and books. A small sampling of them are:



Solfeggio music and tones

Cloud busting

Spinning the pinwheel

Number reduction

Energy work

Spoon bending

Sacred geometry


Prayer circles

And many others

When these tools are used, they raise our frequency. Just as when the tools from the elevator are used and we raise ourselves to a higher level. These tools are neither “good” nor “evil.” They are just tools and will raise our own vibrations or frequency.

As we do so, we can then enter a new world that is of a higher frequency than where we currently “vibrate” at. After entering that world we can then engage with whatever is there. This is where many people kind of mess up. We can then engage with ALL that dwells there at that higher frequency; we have pierced the veil and have entered a new world we are not familiar with.

We can engage with light and dark, since both dwell at that particular frequency. Let’s say we raised ourselves to the 8th floor and the door (our veil) opens. As we walk out of the “box”, at that frequency there is both light and dark. This is a concept that most fail to recognize or understand. Then a being of evil might come up and “entertain” us. Massive power might come forth from them. Being inexperienced in this new realm, we may be overwhelmed by this wonderful new power we have never felt before and think that something this wonderful must be from the Gods of Light. This is called deception and many fall for it. We now have “communication” from the other side of the veil, albeit with evil, and can receive instructions from them to do our healing or energy work. We can tell others their future and past experiences, and so much more. Wow, life is good, we connected to God and we are now gifted and awesome!

The only problem is where all of this new supposed light came from. Have you now been told that you were King Solomon in a past life? Did you see in vision that the young man you are working on was once a child of the mortal Christ and tell him how special he is? Or that you were Emma Smith? Or that the person in front of you is full of evil and you are to announce it to the world in order to save them? Or that you don’t understand that the being feeding you your power, guidance, and gifts is of an evil nature? I know, it can’t be, you pierce the veil by raising your frequency! “I just know that I’m going to have Christ’s child. He told me!”

The emissaries of the Gods of Light come with love and peace. Feel your heart, pray for guidance, and listen. Evil can mimic much of what those of Light bring, but they can’t mimic the profound peace and tangible love. “Peace” is an emotion, not the absence thereof. Evil loves to massage our ego. We then let pride in and it’s all downhill from there.

When we use the necessary tools we raise our frequency, we can enter a new, strange world. Nevertheless, we have entered a new level of being where duality still exists, where beings of both light and evil dwell and can interact with us. It may be at a higher frequency, we may have pierced the veil, but it is still in this realm of existence. People say “I’ve come up closer to God.” It’s not spiritual, so is it true?
Rising up in frequency means we have pierced the veil in some manner and now can “play” at a new level. Light and evil exist on this level. “Who you gonna play with?”

Oh, by the way, did any of this involve spirituality?

No, it did not. Not in the least.


Frequency and Spirituality

More than a few people have asked about the difference between raising frequency and spirituality. I know we have covered this concept in the past, but maybe it needs a revisit.

We have taught at many dozens of seminars about how to raise our frequency. Much of it is also covered in our past two books, I See….Awake! and I See….Arise! These two books contain many things that are discounted as naught by many who consider themselves to be spiritual. It is awesome to be of a spiritual nature, but the boat just might sail without you on board. Please note, we are not talking about those of a “religious” nature. Religious people are well worth running away from. The Pharisees in Christ’s time were very “religious.”

For those of you not wanting to “waste” your time figuring all of this out and are wanting a personal guide, there are many to be found on the internet. Just do a search for “Ascension” and you will find many gurus anxiously awaiting your credit card, I mean the opportunity to teach you how to raise your frequency and ascend. One website explains it this way:

“I teach the Christic path of Ascension which leads to embodiment of the Solar Cosmic Christ; a template for the Solar logos in form. Everything from Universes, Galaxies, Solar Systems, Gaia (Earth) and HUman form are based on this model/template/logos of Source (God/Creator) beingness. The Solar Cosmic Christ is not a man, it is a force which reflects pure Source consciousness, and re-unifies the lower consciousness with its multidimensional Self, and ultimately with Source. I have written extensively about the Christ (Krysthl or Crytalline) consciousness on this site. HUman DNA holds the possibility to fully embody the Christed state of beingness; it is my act of Divine Service to teach this path during the dimensional shift upon Gaia.”

I don’t quite know what all of that means, but there are twelve modules and it is yours for only $444 a year. Hugh Nibley was hard to understand for the average person, but at least what he wrote came from Light and if you really study it, it makes sense. Unlike most of what is quoted above—“re-unifies the lower consciousness with its multidimensional Self, and ultimately with Source.”

It is true that our Solar System is approaching the Terrestrial kingdom and so we are feeling a rise in frequency, an increase in time, and changes to our bodies. It is also true that if we do not raise our frequency and spirituality before the Savior comes with Enoch we will fry. So is it good enough to just raise your frequency? And what about this spirituality part? I know that author and researcher David Wilcock, who teaches much about ascension, says on his website that if you are just 51% good you will make it. Does that mean I can flirt with evil the other 49% of the time? What in the world does it mean to be 51% good anyway?

It is possible for anyone to raise their frequency. You can do this with consistent breathing exercises, meditation, doing energy work, chakra meditation, awakening your kundalini, opening your pineal gland, listening to the right musical frequencies or tones, eating the right foods, herbs, essential oils, and other things you can research on your own.

Many people have done these and have had what they call transcendent experiences. In other words they have touched what they believe is a higher plane of existence. But what it really means is that we as mortals have pierced the veil. That is what they are doing and then having what they believe is an experience with God. Some will “float in a sea of love” and declare they have touched God. That could be true is some sense. What they have done as stated, they have pierced the veil. There is much to consider on the other side of the veil—much light and dark. It they continue on this path they can experience what we call translation and most of them call ascension. The only question is will they translate into light or darkness? Yes, Marge, there is opposition in all things. If we have translated beings of light, it stands to reason we also have translated being of evil. Bingo.

There are many that transcend the veil and believe they have touched Light, heaven, angels, or even the Lord Jesus Christ. All of which can be and is mimicked by evil.

Did you catch that? Some of what many believe was light was actually evil pretending to be light. And it works. We have met many that have been fooled into believing they are talking to Jesus the Christ, when in actuality they are talking to a dark being that calls himself “Christ” and my personal favorite, “Source.” Some of these have come for clearings and have told us that Christ told them this or that. When looked at, they are covered with dark entities and do not have any “pipeline” to the Savior. They are hearing and obeying evil and don’t know it. These dark entities are having them teach and give advice to others, all the while thinking it is from Light. We have seen this over and over.

If we don’t raise our spirituality in Light while simultaneously raising our frequency, we might be raising our spirituality in darkness or evil. Hey, then you can translate into evil and work fulltime for the Adversary. I’m sure he will tell you all about the kingdoms and power he will lavish on you along with 72 virgins….

A person raises their spirituality in the Light by reading scriptures, doing required ordinances, singing hymns of praise, partaking of legitimate sacrament, obtaining true priesthood and keeping true priesthood (even women), wearing out your knees in prayer to your Father in Heaven, fasting, service for the right reasons with the right heart, being centered in Jesus the Christ in all things, laying your will on His altar, getting rid of pride and ego, and anything else of true Light that comes from the Gods of Light.

It requires translated beings to bring back the Lord Jesus Christ, Enoch, and the city of Zion. I know of hardly anyone who teaches Ascension that talks or even knows about this aspect of the Savior’s true gospel. They don’t speak of Zion, or if they do, they don’t know what they are talking about. Have they been there? You can pay $444 to men and women all year long and not get anywhere. Have they accomplished what they are teaching? No? Then why are people paying them? Why not read and study those in the scriptures that have done it? Or why not study someone in mortality that has done it? In fact, let’s read some of the words about Zion from someone that actually has done it in Preserving the Restoration.

Zion requires people with understanding of heaven. Christ will return to the earth in glory. But before His return, there must be people prepared to greet Him. The people need to have a sound understanding to live in His glory.” (P. 239) “If we do not comprehend the foundation, we will not understand the subject. We are not going to walk in and take up residency in Zion. We must have the glory of God, or intelligence, to be comfortable there. God’s glory must be in you.” (P. 240)

In this section of his book, Denver Snuffer then shares the experience Moses had with the people of Israel refusing to go up the mount to see Christ face to face, to enter His rest, and to be in His Glory. (It is called the provocation and is mentioned in most of our scriptures.) After this they would have been on the road to translation, since they would have received the Second Comforter, been personally taught by Jesus the Christ, and then been part of the Church of the Firstborn. They would have been a “people prepared to meet Him.” They would have been taught in the heavens and therefore had an “understanding of heaven.” Or you can be taught about “Ascension” from someone’s website for the small sum of $444 a year! I have this sneaking feeling that if you do the latter, you will NOT be in Zion, at least the Zion that the Lord Jesus Christ will visit. If He, the Savior, becomes your teacher, you will learn of Him and have His glory and will “be comfortable there.” As Snuffer said, “God’s glory must be in you.”

This is the reason we might want to consider and actually do those things that increase our frequency AND those things that increase our spirituality in His Light. Doing this will bring a person into compliance with the necessary requirements to receive the Savior and remember, “Zion requires people with understanding of heaven.” To truly understand heaven requires one to experience it, to have been there and bought the tee-shirt. Otherwise it will be as Snuffer wrote:

“When He returns, the wicked will again be destroyed. However, before His return, Zion will be established and anyone living a Telestial law will be destroyed if they attempt to enter Zion without repentance.” “When Zion is built, if the unworthy enter they will encounter conditions they cannot endure.” (Ibid. p. 245) “Zion will require a covenant. It will require authority from God for that covenant because only He can establish it. He will not make this covenant with many people, but He will make the people one by this covenant. Then the people will need to keep the covenant and live in a Terrestrial (Zion) society. Any who refuse the greater light will be in peril.” (Ibid. p. 243)

Who should we be most willing to listen to? A man that actually lived the true Gospel of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and received the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Comforter, who now receives light and direction in the heavens as a member of the Church of the Firstborn, has seen and been to Zion, or a seemingly wonderful, yet deceived person, from the internet or anywhere else for that matter that will introduce us to the god Source and all he encompasses? Do you want to translate or ascend? The Savior’s “act of Divine Service” is free and teaches translation, while others are wrong, teaching ascension and charging $444. Might the former person have important concepts to teach, such as a knowledge of how to actually accomplish these things?

Tough choice, eh?

Once Again

This keeps coming up, so once again we will visit it.

We have now started on our long waiting list of clearings and the same thing seems to keep coming up, not with everyone, but enough that it is a real concern.

Habits seem to be the bane of clearings. Some will come and get cleared from head to toe, or have a partial clearing, they leave only to have what was cleared come back. The reason? They fail to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and they go back to old habits. Once that happens the problems will return.

I also feel there are some that believe if they can get their “junk” off of them, then their problems will go away permanently. This will never happen if they fail to turn to their Savior and their habits aren’t changed.

This goes back to cause and effect. If someone judges and get entities on themselves as a result, will casting the entities off clear the problem? No. The problem or cause is internal, inside of themselves. The entities are the effect, not the cause. A person needs to look deep inside with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ and find out what the cause was. Is there a physical problem? Or was it a habit? Was it the habit of judgment? Self-deprecation? Then change that part of you and work with the Savior to not allow it to come back. Where there is no cause there is no effect.

I can’t emphasize this enough, we have seen it over and over. That is the one huge reason I’m not sure about doing clearings right now unless the individual is prepared and actually understands this issue. Knowledge is one of the main keys to keeping off what has been cast off. Again, the effect is not the real problem, the cause is. This is one of God’s natural laws – the law of cause and effect. Figure out the cause and take care of it, repentance is also key in this process. After that is done, then get cleared. A clearing will not take away the cause, just the effects.

A clearing will get rid of the entities, curses, hexes, weapons, and all the other junk that plagues all of us. But, once again, all of these things are effects and not the cause. The cause starts with another natural law – thought. If someone robs a bank, if a man steps out on his wife, if a woman steps out on her husband, and the other millions of things that we could do wrong is a result of poor thinking, combined with poor feelings, which then causes wrong choices in behavior. All of this results in a screwed up consciousness, which is our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

When we make these poor choices there are behavioral consequences. Yes, we have free will (agency) to choose poorly, but we do not have the ability to insulate ourselves or completely escape the consequences of the poor choices/ behaviors that we choose to enact. The laws of consequence are binding and immutable unless we turn around, repent, and make the Saviors atonement efficacious in our lives. Only our repentance and His blood can stop what otherwise is an immutable law of God. I have seen many people that seem to believe they are immune from consequences. Maybe they were coddled during their formative years and are now “snowflakes” not knowing how to exist in a world of truth where there are consequences. They, the consequences of bad behavior and actions, will come to each of us, whether it happens sooner or later. The law of karma that Snuffer mentioned in his blog is the real deal. Some consequences may not happen in this eternal round, but they will happen, the price must be paid.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ declared that there is a law which if we obey we will receive a blessing. Every blessing we receive is based on a law we have obeyed. This also falls under the law of consequence, only on the more positive side of the scale. (D&C 130:20-21)

Some people come to our home, get cleared, and go home and judge. After which they then can have another party with all their friends, and friends of their friends that have just come back. All those dark entities would love to join with them again, and again, and again. Then they are worse off than before. This is why we harp constantly on habits and repenting.

If for some reason you have ended up on our list of people wanting a clearing, please work on yourself first before showing up. If it is found that you are not ready we will just have a good talk and then you will go back to the bottom of that long list. Spiritual currency is required – time and attention, which includes much study and repenting.

At a class we had last night one of the women mentioned how since she had memorized the 7 Natural Laws she can see them all over the place, especially when reading Snuffer’s writings and the scriptures. I have noticed the same thing since I have become familiar with them. Why are we not all familiar with them? Oh yes, it takes time and work to learn and memorize them. We all have plenty of that, even if we think we don’t. That will not be an excuse.

I want to share two more laws with you. If you don’t know something because the knowledge was absent or unattainable, then there is no blame. This is called “nescience.”

If you don’t know something and the necessary information was present or attainable, and you just willfully refused or disregarded it, that carries blame. This is called “ignorance.”

There are causes and effects.

One last review about the master key that will unlock doors:

  1. Recognize there is a problem. This requires introspective work – hard work – which might include the destruction of belief systems and breaking of barriers.
  2. Recognize that symptoms are merely the effect of underlying causes. Instead of simply treating symptoms, make an accurate diagnosis of the causes of the problems. Solve problems by way of knowledge, learn. Knowledge requires work and time, spiritual currency. Immediate gratification keeps people in their ignorance. It takes time to learn.
  3. Through the knowledge acquired via accurate diagnosis, take the required action necessary to rectify the causal factors which led to the manifestation of the problem.
  4. And the biggie: ALWAYS include the Lord Jesus Christ in all of this.

For those that don’t know the 7 Natural Laws. They are in the book I See…Awake! And also listed below:

  1. The principle of Mentalism. The Universe is Mental; thought.
  2. The principle of Correspondence. As above, so below; as below, so above.
  3. The principle of Vibration. Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.
  4. The principle of Polarity. Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same.
  5. The principle of Gender. Gender is everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.
  6. The principle of Rhythm. Everything flows out and in; everything has it tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum manifests in everything; rhythm compensates.
  7. The principle of Cause and Effect. Every cause has its Effect; every Effect has its cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation but nothing escapes the Law.


I was listening to a man talk about what he calls “magic.” What he calls magic we might call spiritual gifts and natural law.

While listening to his conversation what struck a chord with me was when he said that some people will do what is suggested with “magic” to bring about something, it happens, and afterwards they begin to feel they are “special.” Special because they now can do something that many others can’t or don’t know how to do. He cautioned those who have such experiences, telling them to make sure they stay humble. These experiences really don’t make you “special.” He suggested caution because he has seen others who begin to feel they are special that turn dark and get into what he called “black magic.”

The chord it struck was how this same phenomenon also happens to some who experience a spiritual gift or have a spiritual event in their life. Said event might frighten them at first, but soon they become accustomed to having the gift and start feeling they are the gift. After that a little shard of ego might enter the equation and it can go south real quickly. We might call it using spiritual gifts for evil, self-aggrandizement, obtain a following, or to control others.

What am I talking about, you ask?

Years ago I had invited one of the two redeemed people I have talked about to come and speak at our restaurant. We’d have about 15 people come and eat dinner with a speaker and then listen to them share whatever they felt to share. He was an invited guest. After dinner we had a wonderful time with him and he did a question and answer session for those there.

Later, after the event was over, a real good friend who had wonderful spiritual gifts came up to me and said, “He’s intimidated by me.”

What?” I responded, somewhat stunned by what she had said.

“I intimidate him. That’s why he didn’t answer some of my questions,” she answered back. My friend went on to tell me that she knew it was her spiritual gifts that had intimidated him.

I told her that he is a practicing attorney and has argued law in front of many courts, some at a very high level, so I don’t see how he would be intimidated by a “gifted person.” Even more wonderful, he had received the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Comforter, and therefore had been in His physical presence, so I doubted her spiritual gifts and her presence had intimidated him.

She shook her head, laughed, and said again how he was intimidated by her.

Sometimes our egos explode and we really do think we are important, don’t we. As you well know from our past writings, I’ve been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt.

As I thought about this today, I was reminded of other individuals that seem to have done the same thing. One man I interacted with on many occasions whose veil had dropped while on his mission has started his own church where he is the head “guru.” Another man I interacted with on several occasions and was quite gifted also started his own church, where he declared himself to be the head Apostle. One of the most gifted women I have met, who has since passed on, saw how her gifts intimated those around her. She started a business with a group of people. If anyone disagreed with what she was doing she would loudly declare, “Thus sayeth the Lord,” and then declare the message God was giving her. Her followers cowered and obeyed her declarations. After all, she spoke with God!

I call what this woman did, “Using the God card.” It is when someone uses their gifts to intimidate in order to be obeyed. Many are so intimidated or “impressed” by the gifted they immediately believe and obey. That is what I have loved about one woman. In all our workshops she has always told the attendees to never believe her. They are asked to go home and ask God the Father about every concept taught, reminded that she is human and makes mistakes. If you try to follow or worship her, you will not be treated very nice, which is one way of getting rid of you and what you are doing. Her main desire is to do His will. Another woman I know used the “God card” on me once and I told her quite forcefully to never use that on me. From that moment she decided we are not friends. Her choice, not mine.

I’ve been around more than a few people that are self-declared “channelers”, meaning they go into a trance state and make contact with a being on the other side of the veil. That being then teaches you through them. I had one such person who channels tell me what Enoch wanted me to know about establishing Zion. The person gave me a paper with a list of ten or twelve “Business Principles of Zion” on it that had been channeled. I gave it to a gifted one and all she said was, “They don’t do business in Zion. Where did this come from?” Meaning, what source did it come from, light or dark? There is actually an evil being named “Source.” Well, if they don’t do business in the real Zion, where would it have come from? You tell me. Did the biblical Enoch really channel this through that person? Should I spend my time listening to such individuals? I have heard that some people that channel have large followings and exude quite a bit of influence over them. How sad. Maybe we should follow the Lord Jesus Christ instead, learn to “channel” (hear) Him, and let Him exude His influence over us. Just a thought.

How come some people when they receive spiritual gifts suddenly feel so special? Why do we make them gurus? I watched this phenomenon for years with people making my daughter a guru. They would come to the house and ask her to tell them what they should do with their life. Why do some gifted make themselves gurus? I believe therein lies the danger. When we begin to think we are someone special, then the ego kicks in. We can become prideful. Is that why some gifted seek others to work on? What is inside the person whose gift of sight comes in and now wants to walk up to others telling them what is on them, or wrong with them? “You don’t look so well, can I work on you?” I lived with a sighted person and she would never tell me much. If I asked, she would tell me to go ask Christ. You’ve read the stories in the books. She would let me live through my experiences and just observe, not stepping on my agency. Many times she laughed and laughed about the dumb things I did. “Denise, why didn’t you tell me I had demons on me? You’re my daughter! Why did you allow me to suffer?” I’d ask her. “I’m not supposed to tell you, that would go against your agency and ruin the lesson Christ wanted you to learn,” she’d answer back.

What I’m saying is we might want to be cautious. Cautious with ourselves when our gifts come in and extremely cautious with others that are gifted. Making them our personal guru, or following them only makes us a candidate for the Telestial kingdom. All praise and honor goes to our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, not to one of these mortals roaming this planet with us, no matter how gifted they are. We are here to learn about and become like our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and no one else. What is amazing is that He has no ego. None. Yes, those with gifts are here to help others, but only when He so states and only in His way. If we step outside those bounds, we can then become “special” to another being, one of a very dark nature.

Though I did meet a “special” person once that was quite gifted and of much light. I was having lunch with my redeemed friend when a young man with Downs Syndrome came up to us. He gave my friend a hug and then looked at me. He smiled and came to my side of the table and gave me a hug. My friend told me the young man is in his ward and sees spiritually. He has watched this young man enter the chapel in their church, look at some individuals and walk around to the other side of the building to get back into the chapel. Those individuals were spiritually dark and this young man wouldn’t go near them. He wasn’t judging them, he just didn’t want to get near them. My friend laughed and said I must be okay because this young man hugged me.

Now that young man is what I’d call special. Spiritually sighted, no ego, seeks no following, with only love to share.