I was Nuts, Once

What most of us perceive as reality is a result of our experiences. We seem to perceive reality in many different ways and if someone hasn’t had the same experiences as you, many times they will immediately judge and feel you must be crazy.

Other times it’s a conscious decision. Decades ago a friend helped start the “wilderness experience” programs where they’d take you out into the desert or some wilderness area for a week or two. For many people it was a life changing experience. Because of that these programs still exist today. My friend, Fred, took a group of sociologists, psychologists, and psychiatrists on a wilderness experience. Nearly all of them were, you guessed it, Ph.D.’s. While out there Fred’s dog came upon what we call Big Foot and interacted with it for a while. When Fred noticed what his dog had found he notified the group and all of them watched this extremely large “Being” for some twenty minutes. They all saw, watched, and acknowledged it, every one of them.

Later that night, around the campfire, they decided with total unity, that they had not seen Big Foot. They also decided in order to protect themselves and their careers they would never talk about this experience again since professionals, like they were, would not see something like Big Foot.

Can we all say real slowly, Cognitive Dissonance? From the internet: “According to cognitive dissonance theory, there is a tendency for individuals to seek consistency among their cognitions (i.e., beliefs, opinions). When there is an inconsistency between attitudes or behaviors (dissonance), something must change to eliminate the dissonance.” (Yes, like we all now agree we didn’t see what we saw. Makes sense to me!) And from everyone’s favorite, Wikipedia: “In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values.”

Reminds me of my Bishop after Denise came out of the hospital and our first book, My Peace I Give Unto You, was written. He stated to my face, “I believe your daughter had some experiences, which you then embellished and gave them to Rob. Rob then embellished them some more and wrote the book.”

“So you’re calling me a liar?” I asked.

His response: “Yes. After all you are just an Elder. I’m a Bishop, have been on the High Council, taught seminary, work for the Church and I’m a High Priest. I’ve never had any experiences like you claim to have had. Why would an Elder have these and not someone like me?”

I believe my former bishop wanted to believe the things that were written, but only if he had experienced them, just not a lowly Elder. A little over eighteen months ago my current bishop came to my home to inform me that my “belief that (my) daughter sees through the veil is Satanic.” I asked him if that meant such people as Joseph Smith, Heber C. Kimball, Moses, Abraham, and others were Satanic as they also saw through the veil. Though I did wonder if it was okay for these people to see through the veil because they are of the male species. His only answer was that he’d fasted and been to the temple and that idea is Satanic. I thought that was interesting. Isn’t the LDS temple teaching a person how to pierce the veil? Shouldn’t we all be seeking to be true and faithful in all things, thereby being able to enter His presence? And this is Satanic?

Would either of these men accept my experience where the Lord Jesus Christ healed my back by having me bring in a different reality? Good thing I’ve never shared the really good stuff with them….. Or how about when I was on my mission and we laid hands on a man that had not walked in 6 years. After the blessing he got up off his bed and shadow boxed, running up the street proclaiming to all of his neighbors that he could walk!

Or how about my friend Fred that I mentioned previously. He talked years ago at our Ezekiel seminars about his experiences in Central and South America. He mentioned a Stake President down there that wouldn’t say anything when you came in for an interview. He’d just look you in the eye and see your soul. After a while he’d tell you if you were worthy of a temple recommend or not. Or the other man that was given a Book of Mormon is Spanish, a language he couldn’t read. The missionary told him to look at it and what was in it would come to him. He stared at that book for two weeks. The Elder came back and the man said he did as instructed and still had no idea what was in it. The Elder told him he ought to pray. The man didn’t know what that meant, so the Elder taught him how to pray.

The Elder came back two weeks later and the man said he knew the book, forwards and backwards. He proceeded to teach the young missionaries about the Book of Mormon. After a while they asked him how he knew all of it. He said that he had prayed as instructed and heard a voice telling him what was in the book. Soon he realized when he heard the voice there was a man standing next to him, floating off the floor, dressed in white. The man taught him all about the book and then some things that were not in the book. The Elder asked if he knew who the man was and he said yes, he called himself Moroni. This man had a lifelong relationship with Moroni. Does that “bite” your belief system?

Another group of “Natives” had joined the LDS church, but had no materials to know what to teach on Sundays; there were no manuals. The Spirit told Fred’s buddy to go check on them. No one knew he was coming since it was way up the mountain and there was no communication. As he arrived in the village he noticed huge banners welcoming him. They told him the “angels” had told them he was coming. He stayed for Sunday meetings and was amazed at what was taught, as they had no materials. So he asked them how they knew what to teach. They told him that beings of light would come on Thursdays and share with them what to teach on Sunday. The beings would work with them until they understood the material.

So how’s your spiritual life? Do experiences like these cause a little cognitive dissonance in your mind? Have you pierced the veil and communed with beings of light? Have you pierced the veil and are able to hear beings of light? Have you worked with any consistency on piercing the veil, or do you want to just get a navel piercing and call it good? Are you a “burning in the bosom” kind of person? My point is, what are you doing to pierce the veil? How will you be able to help your ancestors with any kind of generational healing if you can’t at least feel?

What about the opposite end of the spectrum? Have you had enough experience with darkness that you know when it is near? Have you ever been deceived? If you answered no to that one, you need to find a mirror and ask some hard questions of yourself. We all get deceived. We all fall off the bike, take a spill while skiing, get a fish hook stuck in our finger, or any thousands of other “dumb” things we’ve done. Do you just quit at that point? No, you get back up and keep going. Evil will deceive us. Learn from it and get back into the game. Repent, learn, and follow the true Christ, not some fake lord declaring himself to be the One.

I will ask it again, “What are you doing to progress seeing, feeling, or even sensing through the veil?” Or are you like the “professional mind controllers” Fred took out in the wilderness and want to be part of the group declaring that these things aren’t real, these experiences aren’t real. Preferring instead to stay spiritually retarded, stumped, stupefied, and overall damned?

As we all progress in our knowledge of light and dark, we will fail at times. Good. We have then learned something. What we can’t do is sit back and say things aren’t really like they appear to be, especially when it’s something outside of our box of experiences. If we judge, we are condemned. Yeah, tell me all about “righteous judgment” and I’ll ask which one of us is righteous. If someone comes to you with an experience, sit back and listen with no judgment. After the telling, then ask Father or the Lord Jesus Christ what they think about it. Pray and ask if it was of light or darkness pretending to be light. Before doing so, make sure you are of light and do not judge it. Learn the laws the Gods operate from. What are the Natural or Gods Laws? How do they affect you and others? Does evil know them and use them against us? I’m not talking commandments here, but laws. Commandments can change, Natural Law doesn’t change.

For the benefit of your ancestors, seek to pierce the veil. Whether it is a “nudging” or full blown visions. It is all piercing the veil. Understand you will be deceived and that’s okay. Repent and return to the Light of Christ. Practice. If you meet someone that claims they have never been deceived or can’t be deceived, RUN. They are not worth dealing with. Their “experiences” and claims will most likely overwhelm you and suck you into their dark abyss. Though, if you feel you can handle it, you might learn some lessons from them. By all means, keep pride out of all equations. The “P” word can cause complete failure. We need to be aware, feel, ask, learn, use wisdom and knowledge, thereby gaining understanding of all of these things, of both Light and dark.

It is okay if others think you are nuts. If they hear about your travels and experiences with the Beings of Light from across the veil, they for sure will think so. There might be times you think even you are nuts! If you hang with Moroni for a few days you may feel like you’re nuts, but I guarantee you will have a huge paradigm shift. Hang in there, God will bless you because you are trying.

Take care and God bless.








Flesh and blood

We will get back to generational healing, I promise.

Ever since Conquering Spiritual Evil was published some of the pushback has been the statement that by “acknowledging, thinking about, focusing on spiritual evil you are inviting it into your life. Otherwise it doesn’t bother you.” I have been told more than once that “If you don’t think about them or talk about them they can’t bother you.” I’m not really big on emoji’s, but if I was I’d put several dozen of the laughing ones at this point.

Now I am not sure what planet these people live on, but can I please get a pass to go there? What in the world was Paul thinking when he stated in Ephesians 6:12:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

I’ve never claimed to be the brightest candle in the room, but Paul is talking about a “wrestle” or a fight going on. And he is not talking about a fight against mortals or flesh and blood. The fight he is talking about is spiritual and it is against the rulers of darkness in this world. Wow, I wonder who that would be. Could it be the rulers of darkness are Satan, Lucifer, and Cain along with their minions? This is a spiritual battle. Does it spill over into the flesh? Of course it does. But it starts in the dimension of what we call spirits or the spirit world.

Joseph Smith was a real bright bulb in the room and we quote him in the front of Conquering Spirit Evil for a reason, he knew his stuff:

“The things of God are of deep import and time and experience and careful and ponderous and solemn thought can only find them out. Thy mind O man if thou wilt lead a soul into salvation must search into and contemplate the darkest abyss and the broad expanse of eternity, thou must commune with God.” (DHC 3:295)

Joseph, what if the soul I want to lead into salvation is my own, or my spouse and children? Do I still have to search into and contemplate the darkest abyss? Do you even know what you are talking about? Joseph, I just need to never talk or think about the darkest abyss and what is there and then they can’t bother me!!! You say you know because of experience, that you’ve been there, endured the ride and bought the souvenirs? But what about all these “gospel scholars” that keep telling me otherwise? Aren’t they educated, some even have PhD’s. You say that means their crud is Piled High and Deep? Hmm.

Once again from Joseph Smith, the dispensation head and prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ, who from experience did know what he was talking about:

“…A man is saved no faster than he gets knowledge, for if he does not get knowledge, he will be brought into captivity by some evil power in the other world, as evil spirits will have more knowledge and consequently more power than many men who are on earth. Hence it needs revelation to assist us, and give us knowledge of the things of God.” (DHC 4:588)

Hey everyone, it’s okay to ignore how darkness works here in this world, you can wait until you confront it in the next!!! Oh wait, they will have more knowledge than you there, so they will have more power than you. Well, that ought to work out well for you and provide them with some fun. Maybe you can get someone that “searched into and contemplated the darkest abyss” to come and help you out. I’m sure they’d be willing. But then again, they probably won’t be where you are. It is this fairy tale that after we transition we will all be “fine?” That all of our problems magically go away. Is there a shower at the veil and as you pass through the veil this magic shower washes all of your junk off you were not willing to work on while in mortality? Why did you even come to mortality? How can you become like our Mother, Father, and Lord Jesus Christ if you aren’t like them by going through what they have gone through? Do they know how to handle evil? Are they afraid of it? Do they cower at the thought of an evil entity? Heavens no! I almost said “Hell no” since it is so appropriate, but I promised my sweetheart I wouldn’t say “Hell no” on here.

From nearly day one since my daughter came home from the hospital with spiritual gifts this fight with evil started. We didn’t “think” about it. We didn’t “dwell” on it. We didn’t “talk” about it. It showed up on it’s own since it is already here all around us. If you have the belief that evil can’t get to you, it already has. If you have the belief it can’t harm you, it already has and is continuing to do so. Sadly, too many are completely blind to how much evil is effecting and damaging us. Are so many of us so intellectually brilliant (in our own minds) that we have become spiritually retarded?

I quoted in Conquering Spiritual Evil from Ron Pouton’s paper on Spiritual Evil about the LDS family therapists that told him:

“At the time the scriptures were written, the people mistook mental disease and biologically based defects for possession by evil spirits.”

Yes, people do have mental disorders and bodily defects. But to make a statement like this shows just how ignorant many are of the spiritual realms, of BOTH light and dark. Most well, worldly, educated degree possessive individuals do not believe there actually is a God. Those who have some belief of a God, or higher power, have the firm belief they (the well-educated) have far better knowledge than Jesus ever did. It is impossible for the Ph.D.’s or various other degree holders to understand beings of evil are inducing the mental diseases and biologically based defects. Such people cannot be taught the ways of the light of Christ since they are much more knowledgeable than Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.

I met a man who has several degrees, has traveled the world doing marvelous things, and has held important callings in his Church. He would most likely scoff at what I am writing today as the wild imaginations of a High School graduate. Z was with me when we met him and afterward made the comment, “Wow, does that guy have one hummer of a ‘pride demon’ on him.” This is part of what I’m talking about. As “good” as this man is, in his own eyes, in the eyes of the world, his church, and family, the Adversary already has him in his fold. Do you not get this? Are many so educated, so full of pride, that they don’t get it? If not, that is okay, one day they will. Sadly, then it will be too late. The “P” word. I can’t tell you how many times I have laid hands on someone’s head and cast out a demon of pride, amongst dozens or hundreds of other entities.

If you choose to do generational healing you will need to have some understanding of how the “dark side” works. Because many of your ancestors are dealing with it, you already are if you are here and mortal, and it needs to be addressed and taken care of. If you don’t know, what are you going to teach them? If you don’t know, how are you going to help your immediate family for what they come and ask you for help with? Some of you don’t think this is real. Want to read some emails? It is very real for those people that are being tormented by hell. Most of them didn’t ask for it, didn’t think about it, and didn’t talk about them. Yet young children are being taken to hell nearly every night in their household. You tell the poor child or family member it was only a night mare and to stop whining about it. You are stupid enough to tell them it cannot hurt them. Your ignorance is harming your whole family for those “night mares” are not dreams. They are literally being taken into hell and tortured! Then you wonder why your children or loved one turns to drugs, becomes mentally unstable, does things to help them stay on the physical plain such as cutting or other forms of self-harm, becomes depressed and an emotional wreck, etc. How are you going to stop it? Oh, you are going to take them to even more ignorant doctors to fill your family member up with Satanic drugs which puts them even farther into hellish life. Sometimes there is a medication that will help if taken according to what Jesus Christ guides. (It is interesting to me that whenever medical doctors go on strike, a most interesting phenomenon occurs – death rates go down! In 1976 in Bogota, Columbia medical doctors went on strike for 52 days, with only emergency care available for the public. Guess what, the death rate dropped by 35%. In 1976 in Los Angeles County a doctors’ strike had similar results and there was an 18% drop in mortality. As soon as the strike was over, the death rate went back to normal. A 50% decrease in mortality occurred in Israel in 1973 when there was a one month doctor’s strike!)

We fight against spiritual darkness, daily. It needs to be understood in order to help others and keep yourself free from it. Most of you have ancestors in hell that would like to get out but require help to do so. What are you doing about that? These things are real, very real.

A few quotes from that Snuffer dude:

“Light and knowledge are not gained in abstract reflection, but gained in battle in the trenches.”

“You cannot simply learn. If mysteries are given to you, you are going to have to fight in the war.”

“Because of these things the path to heaven runs through hell. You don’t get the epiphany without confronting Satan. There is always a balance, because agency and the right (or obligation) to choose is part of God’s plan.”

I sure hope we all seek understanding from our Lord Jesus Christ, gain wisdom, and choose well.

It’s Your Choice

On April 2 I did a post titled “God’s Blessings.” In it there was a woman mentioned that had suffered severe headaches, migraines. They hit her nearly every day. She didn’t like us much or what we were about, but she got to the point of having tried everything she could think of, all to no avail. So she agreed to come and see Z and her sidekick, me.

As stated in that post, after casting everything off of her, the migraines cleared up. She was quite elated, surprised, and extremely happy about it. After all she had been through, it was a miracle.

I checked about her today and was told it has pretty much all come back. She has discounted what happened with the Lord Jesus Christ with her healing and for some reason we are heading back to the “don’t like” list. I chatted with her husband about it and it was determined that she had not changed her thoughts, habits, way of life or pretty much anything from the way she lived before all the dark entities and negative baggage was cast off of her. So guess what, it is all coming back. The really cool thing is we will be the “bad guys” in this, it will be our fault. That is usually what happens when the adversary gets hold of a person, their way of thinking, and their way of being. They can’t seem to find a mirror to see the real problem.

Years ago after my daughter came home from her coma and we found she was now sighted, I asked her about the Lord Jesus Christ’s life which she had witnessed during her coma. My question was if most of the miracles He did “stuck” or did the problems the people had come back. She was actually here today visiting and I revisited the question with her. She remembered and we chatted about how if the people truly repented and “followed” Him, it didn’t come back. But if they kept their old negative habits, negative patterns, and ways of thinking it most definitely came back. We are seeing this in our day in real time with this person and others.

Last year we did a portalcism for a family of two. Afterwards I laid hands on the woman of the house to cast off what was on her. As I cut the cords I heard a huge swoosh sound. I looked at my sighted friend and asked what in the world that “great flush” had been. “You heard all of the entities being sent to hell once the cords were cut,” she responded. I asked how many had been on her and the answer was 40,000. Now, I don’t type that well, but that is not a typo. She had been on medication for many years and had never heard of blessing her meds and casting off any dark entities that might be attached. Apparently there have been many. Afterwards many other things of a dark nature were also cast off this woman. She was warned and taught that she needed to change her very thoughts, her habits and negative patterns and become Christ centered in all her ways. I guess she didn’t listen as she is back to the way she was before the blessing/casting off. Actually she is probably worse off since the Lord God declared in Matthew that when the house is swept clean and the entities are invited back they come with friends. Usually what happens is stronger entities come back the second time and yes, they do bring friends. Dark, evil friends.

This is why in the last post and again in this one we are addressing the changes needed in ourselves before and after having work done on us. If we don’t “repent” and change our thought patterns, create new neural networks that are of a positive Christ-like nature, our negative habits and such, then what was cleared, changed, or even healed will in all probability come back. We have discussed previously why the Lord Jesus Christ didn’t heal in His own town due lack of faith and belief in Him. He most likely knew them and knew they wouldn’t change even if they saw a miracle. Miracles don’t convert, seeing angels doesn’t convert. Just ask Laman and Lemuel among others.

When the Lord Jesus Christ healed my L-4 in my lower back it required a changed mindset, a new set of beliefs that wouldn’t let in any negative thoughts about it not working or not being healed. The several times those thoughts started to come in I could actually feel that spot start to revert back to the injured status. I consciously stopped my thought process, accepted and believed what the Lord Jesus Christ had done and it stayed healed. It is still healed to this day.

If we go back to the way we were before a generational healing, will what was done stay that way? If we keep associating with those of a negative nature will that “rub off” on us. If you wallow in the pigs muck will you get any on you? Will your frequency naturally adjust itself to those that you “hang out with”, high or low? We have asked these questions before. Do you believe any of this? Or do you feel that you have the ability to keep those dark negative entities on you and you’ll do just fine. Or if they do get cast off, along with all those devices, curses, hexes, implants, etc. etc. etc. and you don’t change your very self, do you believe you won’t revert back to the way you were? Is this why we are told to cleanse the inner vessel? Is it about what is on the inside of us? In our minds and hearts? Why has the Lord Jesus Christ said that a broken heart and a contrite spirit is what He requires? Will that help us to look to Him only for our “cures” or to develop a new way of life?

I can’t tell you how many people call and want to come here to be “cleansed” from their junk. If that was done and you left with the same mindset, habits and beliefs will it most likely come back? Yes. What do the two examples above show? We have a wonderful friend that came here wanting a real dark entity removed. He had brought this entity on himself through things he had done. We told him there was work required by him before the Lord Jesus Christ would allow us to lay hands on him to relieve him from his newfound friend. During this time he attended a preparedness meeting several times a month. He was told he could come but that he would have to just sit there and not say a word. He had to show his humility before the Lord Jesus Christ and others. How many of us would get our pride up and would never do such a thing? Good heavens, what would others think? He attended quietly for several months. He changed, his heart changed, he was humbled, and he had a broken heart and had become contrite in his spirit. The evil entity was then cast off. If it had been cast off with him still in his pride, he would have just invited his friend back and it would have been worse than before. He is becoming a man of God with this change, because he changed on the inside, in his heart and mind. He did a lot of work to accomplish this. It was awesome to watch!

The reason for generational healing is to help ourselves and our ancestors. We actually become Saviors on Mt Zion. There is work that must be done before and after the healing process in order for it to be the most effective possible. This is about changing ourselves, becoming what Christ would have us be. It takes work on our part. This is so important I asked Z to chime in:

The major problem with so many the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ healed, they simply were too lazy to grow up and be actual adults. It is so much easier to be childish and let others take care of us. Goodness, look at all the attention we get by being lazy brats who do nothing to assist with our own healing!  “For heaven’s sake, my god says he will take care of me no matter what. That is why Christ died on the cross, to take care of me.  We have been taught all we have to do is believe there is a God and that is all there is too it. No effort on our part at all.”  HOG WASH!  That is pure evil to even think in such a way.  That is what the devil wants of everyone.  That way he can slip you right into hell!  The scriptures are full of why we MUST change our habits, ways of thinking, and stop being lazy adult children.  If all you expect is to have a healing with nothing at all done on your part then stay away from anything or anyone who is working for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  You will be not only damned in your progression, you will eventually experience far greater pain than what you began with.  In other words you will land in the actual hell. Whether you believe it or not, will make no difference.

If you know someone that is complaining about how they were once healed, but it all came back, perhaps a smack up the side of the head is in order (to get their attention, a two by four does wonders) then nail them with the fact they had to make mental, emotional and physical changes (better food, no alcohol, etc.) in order for the healing to stick.  Those who are the most lazy will cry, whine, complain and do their best to blame anyone and everyone except the one they see in the mirror:  themselves.  If you have all the evil entities plus more back it is your own fault, not someone else’s.   Enjoy the company for you not only put out the welcome mat, you turned on the neon lights with arrows pointing to your house (body) to come on in.  Apparently being a minion of evil is much more enjoyable.

Of course, if you actually make the honest effort to change and find it pretty tough, that is understood and there are others around who will support you in those efforts. Look to Christ in all of it, thank Him for the lessons for they help a lot to cause all to mature into honest adults.  We were not sent to live on this planet for a life of ease. We came to perform missions, mature and become much better than what we were before.  Being a servant of Christ is far kinder and much more enjoyable.

The Choice Is Yours!

We will eventually get to the rest of the generational healing part of this blog. But like I said, there needs to be some foundation laid. I like what Z said. This work is meant to be tough and hard in order to make us become like Them. It is not for the lazy. Like she said, if it didn’t work, look in the mirror and you will see the real problem. You agreed to come here, it was your choice. There are a few more things to discuss before we get to the meat of the work. It takes preparation. Though I must admit that I am to the point of not doing this for people if they don’t understand how serious all of this is. We tell them and figure they understand. But apparently not. If you come to get cleared of what is on you, especially a really nasty entity, and it is done by the Lord Jesus Christ and then you invite all of it back through doing the same things that brought it in the first place, that will condemn you, damn you, prevent your progression. Then you are doing the bidding of the other god, little “g.” And will spend time with him in his kingdom when you transition. I don’t care either if you don’t believe this, go read your scriptures. We have seen it with others. When you transition, you go to that god that gave you life. If it was a dark god, that is where you will go, if a God of Light, you will go there. Which God do we serve?

See you in a few days.

Unconsciously what? “Competent”

We will continue with empathic generational healing in a bit. First there are some things that need to be covered and understood.

Becoming unconsciously competent is a concept we covered in I See…Awake! Since very few of you have read that book and fewer probably understand the concept we need to go over it here. Many of us are incredibly unconsciously competent in ways that may be harmful for us in becoming an enlightened person, becoming healed, or even progressing.

I shared one in the post about habits where I decided to get sympathy from my wife instead of a healing from the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you know someone that milks their “illness” or problems for all they are worth? Have they become unconsciously competent in that ability? I told my daughter years ago that the Lord Jesus Christ couldn’t heal her from her diabetes because she gets too much traction out of it and has become unconsciously competent in that ability. When someone presents you with a new concept what do some of you automatically say? Does something like “no way” or some similar statement roll off of your tongue? Just the other day we were discussing the concept of dissolving clouds and many in the room declared how easy that is to do. Then my sighted friend told them to then practice making clouds or bringing them together. A good friend declared, “Impossible!” Will he ever be able to create them? Not unless he rids himself of something that he really appears to be unconsciously competent in, the lack of belief in creating clouds.

We have found one of the single greatest setbacks to healing or anything of a spiritual nature are our habits. We cleaned out the really bad portals in a home where the teenage son had Japanese Anime posters on his bedroom wall. The posters had pictures of little demons from some Japanese Anime cartoon. Each one had a portal attached to it. So if you clean up a house and yet still leave a “sewer line” from hell there, what still comes into the home, a lot of …….sewage. What habits do we have that are similar and allow sewage into our homes or our temple, the human body and mind?

Or how about our voiced thoughts? Remember in the post about bending spoons or forks and the people that said, “We can’t do things like this.” Are you unconsciously competent in negative declarations? Do they roll off your tongue with ease? Does doing so dam or stop your progression in Light? At the jedi workshops we gave out things to help people learn to focus and use energy. I can’t tell you how many times I heard different people tell me they “Just can’t do it.” I’d tell them they are right, because they declared it to be so, they can’t. And as long as they remain unconsciously competent in their incompetence they will never be able to do it. It requires a new mindset, a change, something akin to repentance.

Remember the levels are:

Unconsciously Incompetent – Don’t know you don’t know. Like a two year old not knowing about tying shoe laces.

Consciously Incompetent – Know you don’t know. The three year old finds out about shoe laces but has no idea how to tie them.

Consciously Competent – Know that you know. The four year old has learned to tie them through example, practice, practice, and more practice.

Unconsciously Competent – You know and it happens automatically. Your shoe is untied, you reach down and tie it without much thought as to how to do it. It has become automatic.

We become unconsciously competent either in a good way or a bad way by doing the same things:

  1. Practice at the Consciously Competent level over and over until it becomes Unconsciously Competent. You can do so where you remain open and teachable or you can close yourself off, damn yourself by stopping the flow of what is possible. You can declare “I can’t do things like this.” Or, “I haven’t quite got it yet, but I’m getting there and will be able to do it.” Either way creates energy pathways in our brain and is how we develop new habits. What kind of energy pathway are you developing? (Neural pathways) Also we must remember that imperfect practice can never make you perfect. If the practice is imperfect, or the pattern is not correct, then practicing it will make the outcome wrong.
  2. It helps to observe someone who has achieved the goal. Associate with those who know; read their material, listen to them. We can make great strides in observing them and learning to do it right. It makes great sense to follow what the Spirit tells us in this regard also. Learning new things, developing new habits creates neural pathways in the brain.

There are reasons that people don’t become unconsciously competent in a good way:

  1. They don’t listen to the right people or get the right information. They repeat and follow the wrong trail. This usually means you are the “maverick.” You typically will not be following the crowd and therefore it might be important to not listen to their negative chatter, and maybe to not even be around them if that is the way they are. Can you afford to do that?
  2. They have a low teach-ability index. Many refuse to give up things, like television, or they are not focused on learning. Some have a low willingness to accept change or ideas not thought of before. And the biggie of just doing the same old patterns over and over again. This creates very strong neural pathways which must be overcome with new ones to change. We need to change our habits!
  3. People spend too much time in the how – techniques and skills. We have discussed this before in the book. We need to focus on the why. If we do, the how will take care of itself. People have too many excuses like, “I have no idea how to do this!” They associate with people of gospel “inaction” or negativity. Your vibrational frequency has a natural tendency to lower itself to match those you associate with. Think about a time when you learned some amazing things or concepts and started to share them with other people. As you share, you see them close down, stop listening and actually becoming afraid of you or for you. Do you soon feel deflated? That is because the adversary has worked his magic and brought you down to their level. Do you think the opposite might also be true? If you associate with those of a higher frequency, will yours increase? Might be something to consider.
  4. This is the biggest of them all. Most don’t spend enough time on the Conscious Competent level to develop new neural pathways at the Unconscious Competent level. It requires time to reach this level. And heaven forbid, it takes work! New habits are pathways in which new behavior becomes automatic and happens instantaneously, effortlessly, easily, thus creating results as if by magic and as if by doing nothing.

Why are we discussing these things? Because of the amount of people who have felt that if they can get some generational healing work done it will heal them and then they are done. Granted it will help, but if we don’t change ourselves, the issues might come back. As we increase in frequency and spirituality there will be many new things the Lord Jesus Christ will present to us. If we still have the habit of rejecting any new concept, He will not give us many new concepts to consider since our rejection will just condemn us. This was illustrated recently in a workshop we were doing. My sighted friend was presenting some new concepts and we could tell there was some pushback in the room. In fact the room got so “heavy” I felt the workshop would be shut down. At the minimum we’d be done by 2:30 PM instead of 4:30 PM. Suddenly a man made a comment, rolled his eyes, and scoffed at the presented material. The Spirit instantly dropped, it was palpable. My sighted friend and I started to tell him to stay open, if it is a new concept to put it on the shelf and as we tell them about everything presented, go ask Father about it later. A short while later this man got up and left the workshop. It was amazing to see the Spirit rapidly rise again. We went past 4:30 PM and there were concepts presented that have never been presented at any of our workshops. It as an incredible example of how being closed minded can stop or damn progression. I hope he comes back some day, he is a good man.

It is important we change our negative habits and expressions. Promised results are always linked to requirements. Do you desire positive or negative results? It is to our advantage to know these foundational concepts. We can only go as high as the foundation is deep. We must prepare the soil first, before we do things like a generational healing. When we “think we know it” we have stopped being teachable. “I get it” has just damned us if we think that’s all there is. So in other words it has stopped the possibility of us progressing, like the man at the workshop. There is always more to “get” no matter where we are, and since we are here in mortality we really don’t know much of anything anyway.

The man, Denver Snuffer, had this to say in his book The Second Comforter:

“To go where the Second Comforter is you have to do it the way the scriptures teach. There is a specific way to get there. It makes no sense to think the promised results are not linked to the requirements to get them. These foundational things need to done or accepted.” (P. 25)

Is it important that we prepare ourselves before we try to do any generational healing work? Might we need to change our negative habits and thoughts, especially those that we have become unconsciously competent in? Will that take work and practice? Do bears….oh never mind. Do you think you can get promised results without doing any requirements, making any changes? Is it important to become unconsciously competent in the Lord Jesus Christ? Meaning we become one with Him, as He is with the Father, and do what He tells us to do? How many of us are to the point that we do His will instead of our own?

I was watching a video where a man was talking about meeting a wonderful woman. During their conversation the woman declared over and over that she will never get married. He opined that the “Universe” will fulfill her declarative statement and make sure she never gets married. Thought precedes action. We will be judged for our very thoughts along with our words. Will they both damn us? Meaning stop our progression? Could do so.

So before doing any kind of healing work it might be important to do a self-assessment and see where we stand with the Lord Jesus Christ, to make the necessary changes or at least be working on them before you start the healing process. If not, the efficacy of the work could be mightily hindered as you return to old habits and patterns of disbelief, doubt, and negativity.

Might be time to work on getting a new brain. Literally. You know, neurons, the stuff habits, both good and bad, are made of.

Empathic Healing part two

“There is a third. It is rarely performed and is known to an extremely few mortals of Christ’s way. This one requires a mortal proxy the Savior would use to correct weaknesses, difficulties, or detriments of an immortal ancestor or, with specified permission, another non-ancestral mortal. There are ancestors who require additional mortal assistance to enable their progression.”

Quite the mouthful, don’t you think? It would probably require a book to explain this completely with all the nuances, variations, requirements, conditions, and such. Unfortunately, all you get is this blog, at least for now. My desire would be to publish the many generational healings we’ve recorded. But those belong to the individuals they were done for. Just so you understand, we have never charged for these things. I know others that have and still do. That is their business and is between them and the Lord Jesus Christ. My sighted friend and I have traveled to about thirty homes to clear out high end portals, cast out dark entities from the home and the people there. Some have required travel time of four hours each way. We have never charged anything for our time, expense, or service.

There are some out there who bad mouth us because we charge for books. Fine, you pay the cost of producing the book (pay the printer) and we will give them away. As they say, put your money where your mouth is, and, well, you know the rest. When we produced our first book My Peace I Give Unto You the Spirit would not let us sell it. That was sixteen years ago. Back then if we ordered a minimum of 200 copies we could get them for about four dollars each. The Lord Jesus Christ tested our faith and had us give away 7,000 copies. You do the math. We were so destitute back then that we drove our eighteen-year-old daughter’s beater car as a family car. We didn’t have one. We did nearly 400 book reviews where we gave the book away and had to borrow a car and sometimes gas money to get there. All the while, Deseret Book carried the book and sold it. After we did our second book we were told to charge for them. Though most of those were sold through two book stores and so we “make” a small amount per book. Seems Deseret Book paid us seventy cents a book back then, though they only sold about 200 copies. Unless your write some Harry Potter novel, there is no money in books that I have seen. Enough said. Let’s get back to the subject at hand.

I plan on explaining this third kind of generational healing so you can do it yourself at your home. Most want to come here and have my sighted friend give them a play by play. I admit that is pretty fun and can be quit informative, educational, and extremely beneficial to the proxy and her/his ancestors in many ways. However, due to my sighted friends health issues that is not a possibility. Her health and family responsibilities preclude her from doing more than a couple of these per month and that will most likely soon end. Unless you’ve experienced looking through the veil for an extended period of time, you have no idea the amount of physical energy that kind of spiritual work requires. Her recovery time between helping people keeps getting longer and longer.

Let’s take a look at Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon receiving a vision that later became D&C 76:

“Joseph would, at intervals, say: ‘What do I see?’ as one might say while looking out the window and beholding what all in the room could not see. Then he would relate what he had seen or what he was looking at. Then Sidney replied, ‘I see the same.’ Presently Sidney would say ‘what do I see?’ and would repeat what he had seen or was seeing, and Joseph would reply, ‘I see the same.’

“This manner of conversation was reported at short intervals to the end of the vision, and during the whole time not a word was spoken by any other person. Not a sound nor motion made by anyone but Joseph and Sidney, and it seemed to me that they never moved a joint or limb during the time I was there, which I think was over an hour, and to the end of the vision.

“Joseph sat firmly and calmly all the time in the midst of a magnificent glory, but Sidney sat limp and pale, apparently as limber as a rag, observing which, Joseph remarked, smilingly, ‘Sidney is not used to it as I am.’ (Juvenile Instructor, May 1892, pp. 303–4.)

Joseph Smith after the First Vision found himself laying on the ground. It is physically taxing to see in the spirit. Or to do things like voice blessings. A now transitioned LDS stake patriarch was told when they set him apart not to overdo the amount of blessings given each week or it could cost him his physical health. They were out of patriarch manuals when they set him apart so he had to “wing it” meaning to follow the Spirit. We’ve written about him in our books. A month ago we had eleven people come to our home for casting off/blessings. It lasted over four hours with all the education and such that also went on. At the end of it I was physically sick. (It really hit me that it is time to get this fat body back into shape.) I was already low energy from the required fasting, but seeing in the Spirit and hearing what to say takes physical energy. So know that if you are going to embark on this venture please know it will take physical energy to feel or see through the veil and help your ancestors, at least until you become like Joseph and are used to it. Though we haven’t even really started on our journey yet of what will be required of you.

First I will take you on a journey of someone who calls asking for help and what we do for them. Then we will discuss how you can do this yourself or with another family member or close friend.

What has happened most of the time is a person has come for a blessing and it is found that some of what is going on causing them problems is a generational issue. Can you see how beneficial it would be to be able to use what God taught you in the temple and pierce the veil and have a chat with your ancestor about her/his life or even a specific problem that keeps recurring in your life, the life of your father/mother and so on back generations? We’ve discussed in Conquering Spiritual Evil how generational issues can be events, curses, demons, and all kinds of other things that happen during a lifetime and then afflicts the master gene helix. And now it’s your turn to experience what your 10th great grandfather “blessed” you with. Most likely, he is “stuck” in his progression as a result of said problem and really would like to hear from you, a mortal with a flesh and blood body.

We will mention the individual might want to consider a generational healing to get rid of the problem that is afflicting them. As in all cases they must get permission from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ before they do anything. Then, if they ask, we can proceed. If they don’t ask, it is dropped. If asked a date is set up for the session.

It is usually suggested that the person coming, the proxy, ask the Lord Jesus Christ if he/she should fast or not. Nearly in all cases fasting has been required. It has also been required of myself and my sighted friend. Usually one day of fasting is all that has been required, but they need to ask Him. I will usually tell them what to expect and to wear comfortable clothing as they will be laying down for most of the session. They are told that nothing “flashy” will be going on. We have found out the Lord Jesus Christ doesn’t do flashy. People have asked to come and watch us close and destroy portals. They are told no because it isn’t a show and they would be bored to death. We don’t say anything or do anything except stand near each portal as it is destroyed and the associated dark entities are also destroyed. I jokingly tell them that they would be so bored they’d probably slit their wrists. Other Lords, dark ones, seem to do a show. Our Lord Jesus Christ takes care of the problem and there is no show where these things are concerned. Well, except if you could see through the veil, you’d see a show of sliced up dark entities being thrown down to hell and such. At their session there will be no loud noises, clapping of hands, touching them (except for a casting off before if necessary and a blessing at the end), no waving of crystals or other stones, and no reciting of rote prayers placed on the belly button. It is all pretty simple and beautiful what the Lord Jesus Christ does. He is the one in charge of all of this and if He isn’t, what in the heck are you doing? Repent and come back to Him. He is the ONLY healer. There may be many pretenders and claimants, but He is the only one. If you aren’t doing this through Him and by Him what the heck are you doing!? And His name is not Source. That is the name of a dark Lord and you are free to call upon him all you want. But know this, he will answer you.

Next time we will discuss what happens during the generational healing session itself.

Addendum: Last night as I was praying I was discussing this post with the Lord Jesus Christ and I saw a huge dark being a ways off in the distance. He was glaring at me with such hatred and animosity I was somewhat taken back. Then I got curious as to why he was a ways off and couldn’t come at me. It was then I realized it was outside of the shielding we have around our property and couldn’t get in. (Though it might have been interesting to see our guardians take care of it.) This thing was large and ugly with several horns coming out of its head. This morning as I was preparing to post this it was given to me that I had seen the dark lord that calls itself Source. Right after, I happened to talk to my sighted friend and she “looked” and laughed out loud telling me that indeed, the dark lord Source had come calling. For those of you that pray to Source and ask for his help, may the true God of Israel, the Lord Jesus Christ bless you, you will need it.

Empathic healing

Some of this may be a repeat from previous posts written about Empaths, but so be it. There is always the delete button or the option of not coming back.

Years ago I was visiting with several friends when the Spirit told me to tell one of them, “Wouldn’t it be great if Marge (name changed) did a generational healing on you.” She just looked at me and I believe I mentioned that I had no idea what a generational healing was. About five minutes later my sighted friend said the same thing to this woman. I then told her that since two of us had just witnessed to her it might be a huge hint that the Lord Jesus Christ wanted her to experience a generational healing. So “Marge” did a generational healing, something none of us had experienced or done before. It was really fascinating because our sighted friend was doing a play by play of the entire process, plus none of us had been “trained in the ministry” of doing such a thing. Therefore it was imperative that we follow the Spirit. It was a great experience.

Over the next while I attended some fifty or more of these, laying on the floor and going to sleep for more than a few of them. Nevertheless, I learned much from being around them and while reading the “report” my sighted friend sent me afterwards was always enlightening. While none were exactly the same we soon learned that there were some common generalities.

As a result of doing these my sighted friend, Z, learned there are basically three kinds of generational healing processes. She explained in our book I See….Arise!

The first one, which is the most commonly used, “is being a proxy for many ancestors and progeny as a generalized whole.”

If this sounds a lot like LDS temple work that would be because it is. Except we don’t seem to connect to our ancestors. In the aforementioned book I wrote this:

“All of this has made me wonder about something. Years ago (my sighted friend) and I were discussing the LDS temple and the endowment. She made the comment that one of the main purposes of the endowment was to teach us how to pierce the veil. In relation to what I experienced and what (she) experienced with her ancestor this makes complete sense to me.

After learning how to pierce the veil, it would be nice to be able to enter a room with an altar so people could practice what they were just taught. At least they could connect with their ancestors like I did with my father and work on healing them of a known problem. With an ancestor like (my sighted friend) experienced, it would require going through the veil at a much greater level and seeing in vision what our ancestors’ issues were, if that were required. At the very least we should learn how to hear across the veil in order to help heal our past generations and becoming what the scriptures call ‘Saviors on Mount Zion.’ If they need us to do other work by proxy, why would this be any different?”

Isn’t it a given that by doing baptisms and the other ordinance work we are doing proxy work for our ancestors? And by helping them we help ourselves and our progeny. Why would Joseph Smith put together an endowment that teaches a person how to pierce the veil? Though now days the control placed over members doesn’t allow the mere thought of such a thing as using things taught in the Lord’s House and putting them to use. I do believe if you tried it and were caught you might not be a member of the club any longer. So why learn it? Just wondering. I was told by my current bishop in the LDS church that my belief that my daughter or anyone can see through the veil is satanic. My sometimes belligerent personality took over at that moment and I asked him if Joseph Smith was satanic? He certainly saw through the veil. How about Heber C. Kimball? Brigham Young called Heber his personal prophet because he could see so well through the veil. Not to mention all of the other prophets and prophetesses. I don’t believe my bishop left a happy camper.

It made me wonder about the experience of Joseph F. Smith in section 138 of the current LDS scriptures where he stated: “And as I wondered, my eyes were opened, and my understanding quickened.” He saw through the veil and saw the Lord and what went on in organizing the missionary efforts in the spirit world after His crucifixion. Is President Smith satanic, as well as that section? I don’t believe so. I believe if we are truly humble and seek, the Lord Jesus Christ will show us many things. He said He would. One of the greatest things we would be able to see or hear is from our ancestors who are stuck and need the help of mortal progeny to get them moving. Baptisms for the dead are awesome, when done with proper authority and in the right place, as well as other work for the transitioned.

Back to what my sighted friend had to say in our book:

“The second is a generalized or specific healing of the proxy wherein either the physical body and/or the helix is repaired by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, which does, somewhat, affect both sides of the veil, but is mainly for the benefit of the mortal proxy.

We have written about this in our books but I will recount part of it here. I was at my sighted friend’s home and had desired a generational healing so we did it. Another friend acted as a helper. The main part I want to discuss is when my sighted friend told me to lay perfectly still and not move. She said the Lord had come and was going to work on my heart. Now at the time I didn’t know if I believed this or not, but I did lay quite still. I kept trying to look down at my chest as she was describing what He was doing. She kept telling me this was a literal repair of my heart that He was doing and that I’d feel some pain in my chest for a few days after. Was she ever right! My chest killed for about three days. It was amazing. This is the second kind of healing the Lord will do. We have had more than a few people here for a generational healing and they are told to lay perfectly still, as something needed to be worked on for their benefit. Much of that has been a repair of the Master DNA helix. I would guess that nearly all of us could use this kind of healing work done for us. Due to generational issues, our own issues and problems most of us have a master gene helix that is in definite need of repair.

(Addendum from Z: The Master Gene Helix is the first DNA gene of the body formed at the instant of conception. It is from that gene all copies are made for all cells of any organism. The Master Gene Helix contains all the codes for the forming of the entire body. It is contained in the center of the physical heart. If the Master Helix is damaged in any way, the body will be deformed in some way, visible or not, which will affect the performance and life of the being. Such conditions are inheritable.)

I have read much on the internet concerning generational healing. Most agree that “problems” from our ancestors can come down to us. They will give you examples of prayers and such to say to release your ancestors of their problems. Many claim great relief from doing this. Praise God! Some thirteen or fourteen years ago a LDS couple came to our town and gave us a “prayer” to recite. They (I’m not making this up) told us to put the prayer on our navel and to then recite it. If we did this, ALL of our generations would be healed all the way back to Adam. I was somewhat disconcerted because they only gave me one copy. I didn’t know how to place it on my belly button and still be able to read it. Needless to say, I somehow doubt this really worked.

There are other individuals that talk about your family tree and healing it. Once again with prayer. Some that do energy release work will do that for your ancestor. Though on that particular video it wasn’t explained very well. I think you might need to attend her workshop to get the full enchilada. Starts at about $297. I’m not trying to disrespect anyone’s modality, training, or workshop. If it works, it is probably worth it.

Well, on to more things from my sighted friend:

“There is a third. It is rarely performed and is known to an extremely few mortals of Christ’s way. This one requires a mortal proxy the Savior would use to correct weaknesses, difficulties, or detriments of an immortal ancestor or, with specified permission, another non-ancestral mortal. There are ancestors who require additional mortal assistance to enable their progression.”

We will discuss this one next time and how it relates to Empaths.

Choices and Habits

We will continue with Empaths later. There are a few things I wanted to write about while they have been freshly stepped in…..

A young couple lived across the street from us and the wife developed cancer. It came to the point that it looked like there was no way she could make it. I had gone over and shoveled their driveway on many occasions so I had a pretty good friendship with the husband, he being grateful for the help. One night I was praying about them and asked if she was appointed unto death. “No, she is not,” was the reply. After many discussions with the Lord about them, getting second and third witnesses that I wasn’t too crazy, I girded up the old loin cloth and headed across the street. After talking to the husband and wife for a while they told me that the Spirit had told them to accept any offers of help that came their way. Holy cow! An opening I thought. So I synched the cloth again and in a higher pitched voice offered to help them. (My voice was high because of stress, not the loin cloth…)

I told them that I had prayed and had received a witness that she, the wife, was not appointed unto death. So in reality she didn’t have to die, but it was her choice. They knew the story of our daughter Denise so I told them about my friend in Arizona whose veil had dropped at the age of 16. She too, had been through some health issues. I told them that this young woman volunteered at a camp for children that had cancer. She had volunteered at this camp for several years so she had history with many of the attendees. She noticed that ALL of the kids with cancer had demons or devils attached to them in the area where their cancers were. She also noticed that when the children were so ill that they were near death, most of the evil entities went away left the child alone. Then the child would go into remission and start to get healthy again. Once they got healthier the evil entities came back and started to suck the life out of them again and then they would usually pass away.

This was an amazing experience she had witnessed. I sought understanding in prayer and then talked to several that see through the veil and they said they had seen the same thing, evil entities attaching to cancer victims where they had the disease. This was such an exciting concept that is why I shared it with my neighbors.

They were told that I’d bring back some sighted people and then I’d voice a blessing to cast off the offending entities attached to the wife. If she ate healthy, changed habits, ways of thinking, probably belief patterns then she could make it back to good health. But at least the entities would be gone. The husband said they would call me so we could come over because as previously mentioned the Spirit told them to accept any and all help.

A call never came. The family moved to where their parents lived so as to be closer to family so when she passed he would have help with the kids. It worked just as they had planned it, two months later they buried the mother.

I guess some things and people with synched up loin cloths are just too weird at times. I know there are many in and out of my church and in fellowships that are the same way, closed hearts and minds. That makes it hard for the Lord Jesus Christ to work in our lives. I have been called weird or strange by more than a few “educated” people. They tend to stay away from what we are about. That is awesome! Makes it easier to live life and choose the Lord Jesus Christ when the closed minded and hearted people aren’t around.

We have seen more than a few people heal when the dark entities are removed and the person is able to get proper care without having to struggle against having their very life sucked out of them. But it is always about choices, isn’t it.


This winter as I was getting some wood out of the shed I slipped on the snow and ice. While trying to keep the wood from falling out of the container, it flipped and a piece of wood carved a nice gash into the knuckle of the middle finger on my right hand. Blood flowed instantly and continued all the way back to the house where I ran it under cold water. The cut was a half inch (I measured it) in length and quite deep. I grabbed some tissue to apply pressure to see if I could get the bleeding to slow down.

As I sat on the couch I proceeded to have a conversation with the Lord Jesus Christ. I reminded Him of the time in Oklahoma City when Dave and I were staying at his daughter’s home and my back was so bad I could hardly walk, let alone help Dave do the job he was paying me to do. I had asked the Lord Jesus Christ if He would heal me form the slipped disc that happened over thirty years previous and continually caused me pain and the inability to do much of a physical nature. He said He would and asked what I wanted Him to do. I had been reading a book about healing and the idea came to me to bring the past into the present. Not to change the past, but to alter or change my present reality. (Cue the Twilight Zone music.)

He told me to do my breathing and get into a meditative state. I did. I could feel my frequency rise up, it felt real good. There was a connection established between my heart and my brain. I was then told to “see” in my mind’s eye my back the way it was forty years ago, before I had fallen down my in-laws stairs, twice. I focused on what it was like to have a back that worked, that had no pain and then I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to bring that reality into my present time. My back pain went away instantly. I had a new back in that particular spot. He told me that if I brought the former reality into this new one it would change back and be injured again. I had to get rid of my old habits, the pain I was used to experiencing and change my thought patterns. If I expected it to hurt like it had for thirty years when I walked, sat, or did anything physical, I could bring it back. Yea, I know, how in the world do you change thirty years of habits? Let alone how I had felt the previous 7 days on the road in very severe pain.

Before this change I had to literally grab a piece of furniture or use a walking stick to even stand up, and even then the pain was so intense I was bent over. Now the Lord Jesus Christ was telling me that I had to erase those memories from my mind and just stand up. That was a leap of faith. I put my hand on the wall and stood up – no pain. I walked out into the living room where Dave was and he asked what I’d done. It was hard to explain but I tried. It was strange to have no pain in that spot.

There were times when as I stood up I’d hesitate and start to grab something because I was so conditioned to the pain. At those times I could “feel” the reality start to change back and I’d consciously cancel it out, declaring that I choose this new reality, that my back is healed and I can function normally. As I declared this, I could feel the new reality “kick back in.”

Then He reminded me of something we have written about in previous books. When I was at a friend’s home and his son came in showing us he had cut his palm quite severely while cutting up some vegetables. He came back some fifteen minutes later and showed us his palm. There wasn’t as much as a scratch on it. We asked what he had done and he calmly told us that he had decided that he’d already experienced cutting his hand and decided not to have this experience right now and it went away. He had changed his reality.

Two days later I accidently burned my finger while cooking (proof that I should never cook). I watched as a large blister grew and it started to really hurt. Thinking of my friend’s son, I said that I already knew what it was like to feel the pain from a burn and I didn’t want to experience it again right now. The pain went away. The blister stayed, but no pain from a second degree burn.

So let’s get back to my cut finger. I started to bring in the reality of my finger before the cut, telling myself that I also didn’t need the pain; I had experienced both already and I choose the reality of a healthy finger. I could feel it start to change when I heard my wife walk in the back door.

Oh, I thought, I need to show her this deep cut and all the bleeding, that way I can get some….and then I heard the Lord say, “You have made your choice.”

At that moment I knew that I had chosen to receive pity or sympathy from my sweetheart instead of a healing from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Habits. Dang.




People of the Heart – Part 2

If there is a problem for Empaths, it is they take on others people’s “junk” without getting permission from the Lord Jesus Christ to do so. When they do get His permission it can be a transcendent experience for them, letting them feel a small part of what He does for us through His Atonement.

“It wasn’t until I was into my forty’s that I learned that the gift which I have even had a name and that the subject matter was very old and well documented. I knew that I wasn’t alone but never had any idea how prevalent it was. I was so overjoyed to learn this. To define what was really going on in my life and help things make more sense is treasure indeed.

“An Empath has the ability to walk into a room and immediately ‘feel’ what emotions exist. If there is sadness, anger, pain, fear, sorrow, guilt, etc., they can take on these emotions, pull them into themselves as if these were their own and begin to ‘work’ on them.

“In a nut shell, to work on them means that they begin by Coming to the Lord in the sincerity of their whole heart. They ask His blessing on the struggle of emotions that they feel and express great sorrow for any loss that may have occurred. They humbly ask if the Savior’s suffering and sacrifice might be used to take away this stain, with the assurance that it has made a place in our memory so as not to repeat the offense to the best of our ability. As we plead the cause, we ask Him if these emotions can be taken and cleared away. You can begin to feel if they will be granted or if greater repentance, more work is required. If it is granted and this begins to take place, you can feel it happening. It begins to lift and grow lighter; gravitationally, energetically, and spiritually. The sincerest gratitude is offered for the opportunity to experience these and for the new wisdom and knowledge acquired. A tremendous feeling of Love and Peace is what gets restored as you humbly recognize the debtor who so graciously came to your aid. Sometimes you can feel Him turn it around or flip it upside down, so to speak, which releases these and you can watch them disintegrate into a fine mist and just float away which makes it possible for the Love and Light of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to fill a whole physical area. This is always the goal. Empaths are given the ability to take what is there and offer it up to the Savior which is what the use of His atoning sacrifice was meant to do.

“Charity, for some is a bestowed Gift from God, it can and should be exercised by all. Charity is a choice. Described by Paul as a more excellent Way, Charity is not only a noun but also an action word. Charity is the Pure Love of Christ. It is the love He has for the children of men and that which His children are seeking for one another. It is the strongest, highest, noblest love that defines God Himself and the most joyous to the soul. (1 Nephi 11:23). Charity is the desire to lift your fellow man. In this thought you open your Heart, and that is where the use of the Atonement comes into use. You can act as a savior, take things into yourself, and let them quickly pass through as you then offer it up to the Savior of all. You can let them affect as it passes through your spiritual being and sometimes learn from the lessons contained therein. It can greatly increase, not only your knowledge, but grant you pieces of the wisdom from the experiences. The rewards that are received from the Lord make this a joy to participate in. For one, you feel the heavens open and smile upon you as you are showered with blessing and helped in times of need. Your mind and Heart are greatly expanded for the doing.

“The Lord taught me how to pray. He was very specific. He put me into school, as it were, and taught me about what things ‘pleased Him’ and what things, ‘did not please Him.’ These were the terms used. In the Masters’ School, He taught me a process of clearing that I have used throughout my life. Not only for myself, but for the ‘work’ that came to me. It involved deep prayer and often all-encompassing meditation, and all of the Love energy that I could muster which, of course, was not my own in the first place. It came from the Master. All life comes from the Master. It is all His work. He is the author and finisher of it all; which work is us! I was learning how to use His atonement and work in a sort of partnership with Him. Of course, He does what only He knows how to do. But firstly, it always seemed that He wanted me to give my all, or be pushed to my limits before He took it. In doing such things, I felt I was expanding the love in my Heart, increasing my awareness on different levels and gaining different kinds of knowledge of the world around me, seen and unseen; comprehended or not. And that is worth it all right there. He was showing me His world.

“An Empath’s physical body acts as a barometer, if you will. It becomes a tool which helps them to ‘feel’ in their body for the answers that they are seeking to find. It has only been the last year that I have been made aware of how this works in men and have known others who learned this in their youth. I began to notice certain habits that I had formed that would happen only in certain circumstances or when I was thinking certain thoughts. I began to see that my body was acting out the clue or answer. ‘Oh, I see that it is pointing me to know that….’ These were big aha moments and I made it a point to pay attention to my ‘whole’ self and amazing new insights have come.

“When our Savior was in the Garden of Gethsemane, we read that He suffered for the sins of the world and that so great was His pain that He bled from every pore. (Mosiah 2:7, D&C 19:18-19) Can you imagine! He took upon Himself, Empathically, not only the conditions of our mortality, our sins and iniquities, but our transgressions which defined is our actions of evil wrongdoing. And every sorrow and sadness of everyone involved in our lives, because for everything which we do surely effects our loved ones as well, He took. The aches and pains we physically feel when we suffer from sickness and infirmities, He took and takes! His suffering was certainly equal and exceeded any of the depths of our guilt, our grief, all of these negative attributes that keep us from experiencing peace.

“Acting as an Empath used to take place without my knowing from whence any of these emotions came. They can be very subtle and for all I know they might have come from Italy! Not knowing if it was someone present, or at a great distance away. Perhaps it was someone already passed on from this life. I have never even considered ‘who’ or concerned myself with those details in the slightest. It simply hasn’t mattered. For many years, the reality for me had been that I thought these emotions were my own and no matter how much Heart I gave to them, they kept coming back. I thought that my own ‘repentances’ were not being somehow complete and so I prayed all the more earnestly.

“If an Empath is helping to take their neighbors burdens as their own and exercises what they are given to do, at the Saviors request, one must give pause to wonder at the tremendous way and means that He has provided for mankind to be blessed anew and we hardly knew it. What a strange act! I think there is so much more to our existence here and His Atoning Sacrifice than we can scratch off the surface.

I do believe my friend is right, there is so much more to our existence here than we are aware of. Next we will take a look at how the Savior’s atoning sacrifice combined with the gifts of an empath can be a tremendous blessing to our ancestors that have passed on and are stuck where they are, unable to progress.

People of the Heart – Part One – from a 50+ yr. old empath

“I am an Empath – Which basically means I feel everything! If I choose, and more than most people believe I should.”

“Since I was a small child I could feel life at such a deep level of my being that it would cause me to weep; oft times, uncontrollably. I would cry for the gratitude I felt at the beauty of a flower and the sunset, of seeing my Maker’s hand who caused the winds to blow through the trees, or the Son that would give His great Life Giving Bounty. I felt such an oneness to Our Mother, The Earth and felt it a duty to give myself to tasks that would honor her. I would weep for everything. I would weep for the sorrow that I felt from the world. I would weep for someone’s anger, for someone’s pain and for things that were amiss.

“It was not only an emotionally deep feeling, it was very often physically painful as well. If I was too invested in what came, it would hurt my ‘core’ physically, which pain runs deep and I found, could only be relieved by crying out for the help of that Being much greater than myself. When I became a teenager and became more awakened to life’s physical journey, I was blossoming into a young lady and noticed that I was the only one crying! At that point, I asked the Lord if He would please take some of these tears away, which He did; for a time.

“An Empath belongs to a group of people who are highly sensitive and by definition can be quite opposite in extremes. These is no ‘one shoe fits all’ and they are often misjudged and prone to being given certain labels. Some individuals are as bold as the lightning and thunder storm, while others may be as gentle as a light summer rain that you hardly notice as they may need to know that it is safe to share. They can be either male or female, but are generally female as the feminine principles are more active in an Empath. Nurturing, compassionate, intuitive wisdom flows through their beings rather than the stark opposite principles; decisive, independent, dominating aggression that are so common in the world. The feminine principles exist in males and females, controlled by the right side of the brain which is the visionary, creative, feeling side in all humanity. Children are usually empathic but as they grow and embrace the world they live in, they often lose their sensitivities as they adopt other focuses. Some Empaths often appear to be preoccupied, very serious minded or even sad. They can appear to be overly burdened and feeling as though they are carrying the ‘weight of the world’ upon their shoulders and seriously, maybe that is what they have come to do in your life and with your family. An Empath has tremendous capacity to love with a great desire to serve their fellowman and would be willing to lay down their all for the betterment of humanity. The truest Empath is innocent, tender, without guile and pure of heart. I will call them the People of the Heart.

“All people are empathic to a certain degree and can develop a greater ability to open their Hearts to the feelings of others. What most people do not do is draw these emotions into themselves and absorb them. Most people may not even be aware that the possibility of such a thing exists. An Empath can actually take the energy of an emotion from you, thus making your feel better, lighter, and free from the burden of your thoughts and actions, all the way up to and including the taking of your physical maladies. An Empath may do it on a non-voluntary level. They do it automatically; like it has a magnetic pulling force. It feels natural to them as breathing in and out. And much of the time they can be quite ignorant of the fact that this is what is happening and may think that these thoughts and emotions are their own. They may be experiencing your highest highs and your lowest lows and not quite understand what in the world they are feeling and why.

“An Empath has the ability to walk into a room and immediately ‘feel’ what emotions exist. If there is sadness, anger, pain, fear, sorrow, guilt, etc. they can take on these emotions, pull them into themselves as if these were their own and begin to ‘work’ on them.

“I have had to keep myself very sheltered and clean to be at my best. City vibrations, actions that do not uplift, hard music or sometimes, even music at all. Negative words and ideas, the violence in movies, wifi that intrudes into our sacred spaces of life, etc., affect me very much. They effect all living things whether it is realized or not.

“Needless to say, it can sometimes be very difficult to be in large crowds. If the group is not of a more positive nature, it can be almost overwhelming. The room can begin talking to my soul. I will start to have all of these ‘things’ flying at me. I can start to feel sick to my stomach. My heart can begin hurting, I can get headaches or feel pain in a specific place on my body. I can feel extreme anguish to my soul. I can also feel the awfulness of unrepentant sin and feel so dark and weighed down that it sickens me and all I can think of is to just find solitude. Therein, I can pray in sincerity of my whole heart, asking for whatever help the Lord would offer upon the matter. I now see this as a way to help lift those burdens from mankind for at least a short time, so that greater things can be restored. But only with His permission.”

We will continue this next time.

From a 17 yr. old empath

Below is from a 17 year old empath that we had the incredible opportunity to work with. She is quite the young woman and is learning how to use her gifts. Enjoy. She said I could edit whatever I wanted, but what she shares is important, all of it.


Learning I was an Empath changed my life. When you’ve wandered in the dark for so long, not knowing what on earth was wrong with you, it’s amazing when you have a breakthrough. All my life, I have had the sense that I was different from others. It was something that I could never fully explain, and felt different from the normal stage everyone goes through. Even as a child, I was already quite empathetic and just didn’t realize it.  As I got older, I would continue to focus on loving and caring for my family and others, rather than go out and play outside like most kids.


When I started school, it was difficult and confusing at times. I would wake up some days feeling awful, not knowing I had been absorbing other’s energies. Due to my caring nature I was often taken advantage of or not treated with respect. I didn’t understand at the time that it’s good to have healthy boundaries and be able to say no. Sometimes I did understand that, but was too afraid of how people would react to me if I tried to do that.


One of the problems of being an Empath is that because we are naturally very caring and loving, we automatically assume everyone else is as well. However, I would find out during school that this is not often the case. Especially when I was younger, I could never understand why most people wouldn’t want to help those who were considered the outcasts. In my mind, I felt that you should always try to keep an eye out for a service opportunity. Often during lunchtime, I would volunteer to help wash the lunch tables for the lunch ladies. I remember how much they appreciated my efforts and rewarded me with candy!


As I grew older, I was still trying to be very kind and loving, which would get me into trouble sometimes. I would try to be friends with people so I could “fix” them, not realizing how unhealthy that was. I had simply wanted to be of service to others and support them. I have more experience now, but I admit that it still took my awhile to accept the idea that not everyone needs fixing, and not everyone is kind and loving.


When I look back on my life, I can see where the Lord has tried to protect me, and I am always grateful for that. All throughout my school years He made sure to have a nice female teacher in every grade, there to guide me and help me when I felt hurt by my peers. I would have safe spaces where I could go to during lunch so that I could calm down and not have to deal with toxic people. I never realized I was getting so overwhelmed because I was taking in energy that wasn’t mine. I now know to shield and give toxic energies to the Lord.


While being an Empath can be hard at times, it definitely has its perks too. I am naturally observant, picking up on energetic clues and information that most don’t see. When I meet new people, I can have a general idea of what type of person they are, and if they might be toxic to me. You can naturally understand people better because it’s easier to see through a facade. I also have the ability to “feel” the energy of words. If someone is texting me, I can usually tell if they’re sincere or trying to deceive me. If someone has written a post or article, I can tell what kind of mood the author was in, and what they might be trying to saying in between the lines. When you take this ability and apply it to the scriptures, the results are amazing!


I have had many times where I was able to use my gifts for the benefit of others. One time I was at school, and a girl I barely knew was upset and crying. (By this time I was a bit older and knew I had to be cautious when it came to helping people. In fact, I now know to ask the Lord before you go off doing stuff like that) Prompted to talk to her, I asked what was wrong. She said nothing was, she was fine. I knew that wasn’t true. Because I am empathetic, I sensed that what she needed right now was simply someone to hug her and let her cry her tears. And so, I did. She accepted my hug and seemed very grateful to me. It was wonderful to have the Lord put her in my path.


I used to think that it was rare to find sensitive people my age. But that’s not true at all! I have been friends with many people who are sensitive, but I didn’t realize it at the time. I think there has been an increase in these types of people so that they can soften the hearts of the people through their love and turn them to God. That way we can bring about the events of the last days. Because I know that I’m an Empath, I am more able to empathize with those sensitive people out there who don’t know who they are. It can be tough when you’re an Empath, but even more so when you don’t know about your sensitivities and how to protect them. I believe that Empaths can be of great value to our communities and families because of our natural healing abilities. Everyone has many different gifts, and I feel it’s important that we nurture them and use them to bring about the Lord’s work.