Can of Worms?

We have learned and taught that both Light and dark can raise themselves in frequency. So if there are translated beings of Light, there are also translated beings of evil. The Natural Law of Polarity clarifies this—all things have their opposites, or there is opposition in all things as taught by Lehi in the Book of Mormon. (2 Nephi 2:11)

In order for a person to translate in Light, they will need to raise their frequency along with their spirituality in the Lord Jesus Christ. An evil person raises their frequency along with their “dark spirituality” under their dark god or lord. We have written about this.

So let’s look for that can of worms and open it. Hopefully it will expand our minds, though a few may need to pick up pieces of their brain matter along the way.

We have done many hundreds of clearings on people. Some have had spiders in and on them. There have been spiders above people’s heads. When we found them they were taken away and destroyed by the Savior.

Several of these have been tarantulas. Yes, those big, hairy spiders.

There are many people that have tarantulas as pets, as they are trainable.

A while ago there was a tarantula above a woman’s head. We asked that it be sent back to hell where it came from. One of the warrior guardians took it in the palm of his hand and sent it down a portal to hell. It scurried off. It never had choice since it was born, it was basically a slave. Now it had a choice what to do. (Even spiders have agency.)

Later, Z told us that this particular tarantula was actually “mortal.” It had been born as a mortal spider and taken to hell and trained in what to do to people.

We shook our heads and said, “Huh?”

I know, quite the astute question, huh?

Then questions flooded into our minds. Why would they do this? If it’s mortal or physical, why can’t we see it? Etc.

She simply stated that in hell they had raised the spider’s frequency so the normal mortal would not be able to see it. It was still a “mortal” spider, but became invisible to the normal human eye because it’s frequency had been increased. You would be able to see it if you had spiritual sight.

Can Hell really take mortal things and raise their frequency so as not to be visible to the normal mortal eye? If they have done it to something like a tarantula, what else have they conjured up? How is your “can” doing? Did the worms get out?

I believe I will stop for now and let you contemplate this idea for a while. There are many places to go with this concept.

Happy fishing now that can is open.