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We did a clearing/exorcism a while back that taught me quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong, we have done many clearings where the person actually received an exorcism. Not that we really tell the person that. In… Read More

Mini Seminar

We actually don’t want any part of this. Above is a true statement. We have been told to do a mini seminar on July 27. The hope is that everyone will be out of town and unable to… Read More

Do you see?

I received another call with help being requested. This isn’t a problem, because we are always glad to help others. Though sometimes it just won’t work. I have known the caller for nearly 18 years. Most that would… Read More

Worth the Trip

So what was your home built on? I’m not talking about dirt or rock. The Lord Jesus Christ sent a small group to Arizona for emergency clearings and portalcisms. Why an emergency? Because children were involved. Mention children… Read More

Paradigms or “Pair-of-nickels”? Part two

What about the man that volunteered to come here to mortality and violate those who would become family members? First let’s go over a couple of things. I’ve have had both positive and negative feedback with the previous… Read More

What I learned on the farm yesterday and other places

Ha! You thought this was part two. Went north yesterday and learned some things I didn’t know before and was told to share. If you don’t want to be shared with, then exit stage right now. Yes, we… Read More

Paradigms or “Pair-of-nickels”?

Warning: Graphic paradigm changing content below. When finished reading both parts of this blog your paradigm may have changed to a pair-of-nickels or a pair-of-quarters. Mine changed to a pair-of-half-dollars. Let’s all participate in the same vision: In… Read More

Heaven Calling

Our sighted daughter called yesterday. She gave me permission to share her experience. And by the way, it is pretty cool. I have a feeling that many of you have had experiences where you encounter someone that is… Read More

Wir werden dich kontrollieren!

“We will control you, Br. Mendenhall!” To say I was in shock would be an understatement. This comment had come along with his fist pounding on the Stake President’s desk. It was the 2nd counselor that had threatened… Read More

Satan came to visit

You know it’s going to be a good day when Satan shows up. Do I mean Satan? The real guy? No. He seldom comes out of hell. But as Snuffer has written about, if you are an accuser,… Read More