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Trained in the Ministry

It will be 17 years this November 5th that my life changed somewhat. Our youngest daughter had a diabetic coma, stroked the left side of her brain destroying it, was declared she would die but never did, and… Read More

Belief and Energy

I remember hearing about the woman who would cut off the ends of the pot roast. Her young daughter asked her why she did this and she had no idea except her mother had also done the same… Read More

“It’s okay, I asked your spirit.”

Several years ago a good friend called and asked if I would be willing to come to a woman’s home and cast out what was there. I have written about this in one of our books. But I… Read More

God’s Blessings

I’m sure there have been people directed to this “thing” that really don’t understand what we do, don’t like what we do, or don’t agree with what we do.  Awesome and welcome.  Maybe you will learn something while… Read More

Organic and Inorganic Curses?

A few weeks ago I found myself at a home with my hands on a person’s head casting out demonic entities, and all the associated “junk” that people seem to be afflicted with. This time it was with… Read More


In one of our books I wrote about a woman that had the gift of looking into the future.  She was diagnosed with cancer and “looked” into the future to find a cure. She found one, brought it… Read More

“Shields Up, Scotty”

Yes, my friend Bob came over and through the Lord Jesus Christ cast the entity out that was the dark ball of energy. Z was here and kind of grimaced as she looked on making the comment it… Read More

The saga continues…

The “rash” had gone away within a few days of the blessing. But something just didn’t feel right. It seemed to me that the entity was still in me, but there was no sign of the rash so… Read More

Since this is my first post…

Since this is my first post I need to explain a few things.  First, most of these posts will come as a result of us going out and helping people.  “Us” meaning a woman friend of mine, and… Read More