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The Lord’s Advice

Years ago my daughter told me some advice she was given by the Lord Jesus Christ. She was told people need to get off of social media, especially Facebook. I wonder why? Surely nothing on those social platforms… Read More

Fire Tornado

Years ago I took my daughter on a little speaking tour where she spoke of what was in the future. The talk made a few people mad. One woman told me she didn’t want to hear of these… Read More


I was discussing with Z a chapter we are working on for the new book this morning. While I won’t discuss the chapter here, I will say we both agreed that the book Conquering Spiritual Evil (CSE) is… Read More

Can of Worms?

We have learned and taught that both Light and dark can raise themselves in frequency. So if there are translated beings of Light, there are also translated beings of evil. The Natural Law of Polarity clarifies this—all things… Read More

Dimes from Heaven?

“Actually, my first dime turned up on my car seat. I was a bit surprised, because I never put it there. Later that day, I found another! This time on the kitchen floor, right after I had swept!… Read More

Latent Idiocy or Why Christ Spoke in Parables

“The very thought that any one creature (human) should be fortunate enough to secure some particular advantage which others, through their own indolence or indifference, have missed is sufficient to excite the envy of the weak or the… Read More

Free Will

“Salvation does not come by Christ magically applying ‘fairy dust’ to make us like Him. “If Christ could ‘make’ us like Him that would be Luciferian. It would abrogate free will. It would save without respecting agency. We… Read More

No Snidely Whiplash Here (“Curses foiled again”)

Is there a spiritual legal system in play here in mortality? Of course there is. I remember the old Dracula movies showing how the vampire couldn’t enter a house unless the person in the house invited them in…. Read More


Spirituality has nothing to do with frequency. We increase our spirituality by doing things that are spiritual like studying the scriptures is one example or fasting. I didn’t say “reading” the scriptures, I said studying them. There is… Read More


Frequency is not spiritual. Let’s use an elevator as a metaphor for frequency. As a small child I was able to ride in elevators with my parents. It was a real “cool” experience for me. The door would… Read More