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It’s just for fun

My sweetheart and I were invited to go with our middle daughter, her hubby, and children to Arizona for a family vacation several weeks ago. It was a lot of fun and full of activities. We two “old”… Read More

They wouldn’t do subliminal mind control, would they?

I wonder how many will see the not so subtle efforts at mind control in the following that came to my email box.         “Come, Follow Me” Is Not Just about Curriculum. It’s an Invitation… Read More

Data Points

I’m told that scientists collect or produce data points to prove their theories. Once a theory has enough data points attached to it, it then becomes a scientific “fact.” So what if that same concept was applied to… Read More

By the scruff of its neck

I had the most amazing opportunity to travel this past week and help some people. Now not all of what was done will turn out for the best. Remember, people have agency and choice. Some choose wisely and… Read More

That is the beauty of it!

Had a wonderful friend send me the following: “Just finished sitting through an Institute class where the instructor, a temple sealer, was explaining to us how somehow, even though the doctrine is pre-mortal to mortal to post-mortal to… Read More

Spiritual Currency – Time and Attention

I have been working on Conquering Spiritual Evil, volume 2 for a while now. The part that is being written about now is generational healing. In the past I have mentioned how years ago two people came to… Read More


The past several weeks we have been quite busy with clearings, blessings, portalcisms, and generational healings. One thing has come up over and over while discussing with others what we do and that is exactly what a clearing… Read More


Had quite the interesting conversation the other day with a very close “sighted” relative. We were discussing the “anti-vax” rhetoric on the news the past week or so. I know where I’m at on this supposed issue and… Read More

Belief and Protection

Simply believing you are protected and actually BEING protected are two entirely different things. What? My belief won’t protect me? There is more to it? When we go out and do portalcisms, those that help us are taught… Read More

I need more water

The following story is true. How do I know that? Because I lived it. Around four months ago we went to a home and cleared it of all the portals. The family had asked for clearings so we… Read More