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Spirituality has nothing to do with frequency. We increase our spirituality by doing things that are spiritual like studying the scriptures is one example or fasting. I didn’t say “reading” the scriptures, I said studying them. There is… Read More


Frequency is not spiritual. Let’s use an elevator as a metaphor for frequency. As a small child I was able to ride in elevators with my parents. It was a real “cool” experience for me. The door would… Read More

Frequency and Spirituality

More than a few people have asked about the difference between raising frequency and spirituality. I know we have covered this concept in the past, but maybe it needs a revisit. We have taught at many dozens of… Read More

Once Again

This keeps coming up, so once again we will visit it. We have now started on our long waiting list of clearings and the same thing seems to keep coming up, not with everyone, but enough that it… Read More


I was listening to a man talk about what he calls “magic.” What he calls magic we might call spiritual gifts and natural law. While listening to his conversation what struck a chord with me was when he… Read More

A Little Fun

We’ve had author and researcher, Stephan Schwartz, come to Utah twice in the past decade. Once for the seminar about Zion that we put on and again for a healing seminar that Stephan helped us with. He is… Read More

A “Z” Quote

“Being gifted has nothing to do with spirituality.” We have met and experienced many gifted people that have come and gone over the years. We have not met many that have been spiritually gifted. The difference is real…. Read More

Part Timer

Are you a part timer? I don’t remember who was asked this question, but it came out of Z’s mouth to a person we were chatting with. It was a very powerful question. Z was asking the person… Read More

Pure “Sno-incidence”

It is Sunday morning and I went outside about 7 AM to shovel four plus inches of snow that had fallen overnight. As I was shoveling that beautiful white “stuff” I couldn’t help but smile. You see, Friday… Read More

Taking a break

“Thus will I bless thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in thy name.” (Ps. 63:4) Some days the subject matter here gets a little bit heavy. I wanted to take a small break and… Read More