One of the best ways to show someone what you mean is through a story or experience. Since we started this strange journey going on eighteen years now, the Lord Jesus Christ seems to have us experience what we write about. The books are mainly experiential, meaning we lived it.

Last month we found ourselves doing portalcisms in Arizona. While working our way back to paradise (home) we ended up spending the night in St. George. There were several other people with us that had been helping out. One of the couples asked for a clearing for themselves. We decided to do it the next morning before we left our friend’s home.

As I laid hands on his head and looked down at him I was shocked at how bad his lungs were. I looked over at Z and made the statement that his lungs were really bad. As I’ve stated before, I seem to be a partial empath. I felt a whole lot of compassion for him and what he must be going through at that moment, even wondering how he was able to breathe. There were things told to him and the Lord Jesus Christ made him some promises. It was only a partial clearing because of all of the “stuff” on him that came as a result of his work, military experience, and time served as a LDS Bishop. (I joked with Z that the worst stuff must have come from the latter service.) Soon after we all packed up and drove to paradise.

The next day I found it hard to breathe and had some really bad stuff in my lungs. Oh no, I thought, I took my friends lung issues. Z happened to call and I asked her if I had done so.

“One day you will learn to take someone’s problems only when the Savior tells you and then you will let it pass through you to Him and not keep it,” she replied.

Question answered.

The next week was pure hell trying to get oxygen into my lungs and trying to get whatever was in them out. It was down deep and took much effort to get it up. The only consolation was when I texted my friend and asked how his lungs were doing and he said, “Much better, praise the Lord.” Bingo, I got my second witness that this was the real deal.

The lung issue continued to get so bad that when a group of friends came over I asked for a blessing.

They surrounded me and the man I had asked to be the voice began. In the blessing he said, “I send the darkness back from whence it came.”

Immediately I told him to not do that, since it had come from our friend’s lungs to my lungs. He promptly said, “Back to hell from whence it came.” I felt much better and after another two weeks it was pretty much gone.

It would be several weeks later when I was chatting with my friend that had received some “lung relief” I found out that during the Christmas holidays his lungs got so bad he went to the doctor and ended up on medication. I was shocked. He then reminded me that when our friend had said the blessing on me and sent it back from whence it came he felt it return to him. I don’t know if he thought after it was told to go back to hell he felt it had or not. But he ended up quite sick.

After finding out about this I turned to Z who was there listening to the conversation.

“Did you see it leave me and go back to our friend here?” I asked.


Now let’s take a quick pause while I collect my thoughts. A man lays hands on my head and casts out the darkness back from whence it had come. It immediately flies over to the man I had taken it from, because that is where it had come from to me. Did you get that visual? It had been sent back to the man I had taken it from. The man is corrected and then says, with his hands still on my head, for it to go back to hell from whence it came. Cool stuff, huh. The only problem was I didn’t have it anymore. It’s almost like the old game of “button, button, who’s got the button?” He would have needed to lay his hands on our friend’s head, because that is where it INSTANTLY had gone to, and then cast it back to hell.

But wait, wouldn’t God know the intent of our hearts? Wouldn’t He make it right? Doesn’t He love us? Yes, no, and yes. Natural Law or Gods Law obeyed what it was told to do. A man with true priesthood had commanded dark element to go to where it had come from and it did. He then told it to go back to hell while he still had his hands on my head. It couldn’t since he didn’t have his hands on that man’s head and wasn’t blessing him. The element obeyed Natural Law. And there are always consequences or effects, whether or not we feel they are good or bad.

There is another issue. Why in the world didn’t Z say something down in St. George when I first took it? Then why did she not say something when we did the blessing and our friend sent it back to the man I had taken it from? What’s wrong with you Z???

Is there another Universal law in play here? Like agency. We didn’t ask her and so she didn’t say. By keeping quiet she obeyed Natural Law and His will, allowing us to “experience” what the Lord Jesus Christ wanted us to go through. The lesson is imprinted on the three of us friends; well maybe I better say it’s burned into the three of us.

This experience also plainly shows the Sixth Hermetic Law of Cause and Effect. Every effect has its cause and every cause has its effect. There was also agency or free will involved in this experience, which Z didn’t infringe upon since she does the will of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If she had infringed on any of our free will or agency, she would then have consequences to pay. This is why it is so dangerous to go about doing things like seeking to work on other people without them asking first. Are you not infringing on their agency and there will be consequences to pay? Natural Law guarantees it. Yes, I know, you just attended the “best workshop ever” and are so excited to heal the world. You go to church and see all these “sick” people and just know you can heal them. All I’m suggesting is to be careful. These Natural Laws work at all times, whether we want them to or not and sometimes the consequences are quite painful to us personally.

Excuse me, I need to go cough. Sure glad there aren’t any doctors around…..