Frequency and Spirituality

More than a few people have asked about the difference between raising frequency and spirituality. I know we have covered this concept in the past, but maybe it needs a revisit.

We have taught at many dozens of seminars about how to raise our frequency. Much of it is also covered in our past two books, I See….Awake! and I See….Arise! These two books contain many things that are discounted as naught by many who consider themselves to be spiritual. It is awesome to be of a spiritual nature, but the boat just might sail without you on board. Please note, we are not talking about those of a “religious” nature. Religious people are well worth running away from. The Pharisees in Christ’s time were very “religious.”

For those of you not wanting to “waste” your time figuring all of this out and are wanting a personal guide, there are many to be found on the internet. Just do a search for “Ascension” and you will find many gurus anxiously awaiting your credit card, I mean the opportunity to teach you how to raise your frequency and ascend. One website explains it this way:

“I teach the Christic path of Ascension which leads to embodiment of the Solar Cosmic Christ; a template for the Solar logos in form. Everything from Universes, Galaxies, Solar Systems, Gaia (Earth) and HUman form are based on this model/template/logos of Source (God/Creator) beingness. The Solar Cosmic Christ is not a man, it is a force which reflects pure Source consciousness, and re-unifies the lower consciousness with its multidimensional Self, and ultimately with Source. I have written extensively about the Christ (Krysthl or Crytalline) consciousness on this site. HUman DNA holds the possibility to fully embody the Christed state of beingness; it is my act of Divine Service to teach this path during the dimensional shift upon Gaia.”

I don’t quite know what all of that means, but there are twelve modules and it is yours for only $444 a year. Hugh Nibley was hard to understand for the average person, but at least what he wrote came from Light and if you really study it, it makes sense. Unlike most of what is quoted above—“re-unifies the lower consciousness with its multidimensional Self, and ultimately with Source.”

It is true that our Solar System is approaching the Terrestrial kingdom and so we are feeling a rise in frequency, an increase in time, and changes to our bodies. It is also true that if we do not raise our frequency and spirituality before the Savior comes with Enoch we will fry. So is it good enough to just raise your frequency? And what about this spirituality part? I know that author and researcher David Wilcock, who teaches much about ascension, says on his website that if you are just 51% good you will make it. Does that mean I can flirt with evil the other 49% of the time? What in the world does it mean to be 51% good anyway?

It is possible for anyone to raise their frequency. You can do this with consistent breathing exercises, meditation, doing energy work, chakra meditation, awakening your kundalini, opening your pineal gland, listening to the right musical frequencies or tones, eating the right foods, herbs, essential oils, and other things you can research on your own.

Many people have done these and have had what they call transcendent experiences. In other words they have touched what they believe is a higher plane of existence. But what it really means is that we as mortals have pierced the veil. That is what they are doing and then having what they believe is an experience with God. Some will “float in a sea of love” and declare they have touched God. That could be true is some sense. What they have done as stated, they have pierced the veil. There is much to consider on the other side of the veil—much light and dark. It they continue on this path they can experience what we call translation and most of them call ascension. The only question is will they translate into light or darkness? Yes, Marge, there is opposition in all things. If we have translated beings of light, it stands to reason we also have translated being of evil. Bingo.

There are many that transcend the veil and believe they have touched Light, heaven, angels, or even the Lord Jesus Christ. All of which can be and is mimicked by evil.

Did you catch that? Some of what many believe was light was actually evil pretending to be light. And it works. We have met many that have been fooled into believing they are talking to Jesus the Christ, when in actuality they are talking to a dark being that calls himself “Christ” and my personal favorite, “Source.” Some of these have come for clearings and have told us that Christ told them this or that. When looked at, they are covered with dark entities and do not have any “pipeline” to the Savior. They are hearing and obeying evil and don’t know it. These dark entities are having them teach and give advice to others, all the while thinking it is from Light. We have seen this over and over.

If we don’t raise our spirituality in Light while simultaneously raising our frequency, we might be raising our spirituality in darkness or evil. Hey, then you can translate into evil and work fulltime for the Adversary. I’m sure he will tell you all about the kingdoms and power he will lavish on you along with 72 virgins….

A person raises their spirituality in the Light by reading scriptures, doing required ordinances, singing hymns of praise, partaking of legitimate sacrament, obtaining true priesthood and keeping true priesthood (even women), wearing out your knees in prayer to your Father in Heaven, fasting, service for the right reasons with the right heart, being centered in Jesus the Christ in all things, laying your will on His altar, getting rid of pride and ego, and anything else of true Light that comes from the Gods of Light.

It requires translated beings to bring back the Lord Jesus Christ, Enoch, and the city of Zion. I know of hardly anyone who teaches Ascension that talks or even knows about this aspect of the Savior’s true gospel. They don’t speak of Zion, or if they do, they don’t know what they are talking about. Have they been there? You can pay $444 to men and women all year long and not get anywhere. Have they accomplished what they are teaching? No? Then why are people paying them? Why not read and study those in the scriptures that have done it? Or why not study someone in mortality that has done it? In fact, let’s read some of the words about Zion from someone that actually has done it in Preserving the Restoration.

Zion requires people with understanding of heaven. Christ will return to the earth in glory. But before His return, there must be people prepared to greet Him. The people need to have a sound understanding to live in His glory.” (P. 239) “If we do not comprehend the foundation, we will not understand the subject. We are not going to walk in and take up residency in Zion. We must have the glory of God, or intelligence, to be comfortable there. God’s glory must be in you.” (P. 240)

In this section of his book, Denver Snuffer then shares the experience Moses had with the people of Israel refusing to go up the mount to see Christ face to face, to enter His rest, and to be in His Glory. (It is called the provocation and is mentioned in most of our scriptures.) After this they would have been on the road to translation, since they would have received the Second Comforter, been personally taught by Jesus the Christ, and then been part of the Church of the Firstborn. They would have been a “people prepared to meet Him.” They would have been taught in the heavens and therefore had an “understanding of heaven.” Or you can be taught about “Ascension” from someone’s website for the small sum of $444 a year! I have this sneaking feeling that if you do the latter, you will NOT be in Zion, at least the Zion that the Lord Jesus Christ will visit. If He, the Savior, becomes your teacher, you will learn of Him and have His glory and will “be comfortable there.” As Snuffer said, “God’s glory must be in you.”

This is the reason we might want to consider and actually do those things that increase our frequency AND those things that increase our spirituality in His Light. Doing this will bring a person into compliance with the necessary requirements to receive the Savior and remember, “Zion requires people with understanding of heaven.” To truly understand heaven requires one to experience it, to have been there and bought the tee-shirt. Otherwise it will be as Snuffer wrote:

“When He returns, the wicked will again be destroyed. However, before His return, Zion will be established and anyone living a Telestial law will be destroyed if they attempt to enter Zion without repentance.” “When Zion is built, if the unworthy enter they will encounter conditions they cannot endure.” (Ibid. p. 245) “Zion will require a covenant. It will require authority from God for that covenant because only He can establish it. He will not make this covenant with many people, but He will make the people one by this covenant. Then the people will need to keep the covenant and live in a Terrestrial (Zion) society. Any who refuse the greater light will be in peril.” (Ibid. p. 243)

Who should we be most willing to listen to? A man that actually lived the true Gospel of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and received the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Comforter, who now receives light and direction in the heavens as a member of the Church of the Firstborn, has seen and been to Zion, or a seemingly wonderful, yet deceived person, from the internet or anywhere else for that matter that will introduce us to the god Source and all he encompasses? Do you want to translate or ascend? The Savior’s “act of Divine Service” is free and teaches translation, while others are wrong, teaching ascension and charging $444. Might the former person have important concepts to teach, such as a knowledge of how to actually accomplish these things?

Tough choice, eh?