Get out of my chair!

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer tells something to get out of his empty chair.

Take a look at the video. You will see Chuck Schumer walk in the senate chamber and talk to someone. He then turns towards his empty chair across the aisle.

When he gets to his chair he tells someone to get out of it. There is no one there.

Except, if you look closely at his chair you will see something “shimmering.” This is a dark entity.

I showed this to my sighted friend and she excitedly stated, “There is someone in his chair!”

Apparently Senator Schumer sees dark spirits. Pretty cool.

I wonder if he is friends with dark spirits. Many people are.

Once Schumer tells it to leave, it will jump up and stand in the aisle.

It really is quite funny to see him tell it to get out of his chair.