Heaven Calling

Our sighted daughter called yesterday.

She gave me permission to share her experience. And by the way, it is pretty cool.

I have a feeling that many of you have had experiences where you encounter someone that is “different” and they say or do something that is a little odd. We have recounted more than a few of these in our books. Some are tests, others are just wonderful encounters. Though I do have a feeling they always have intent or an objective associated with them.

Our daughter and her husband went shopping for food at the local grocery store. While in the store they kept running into the same woman. She was about fifty years of age.

They even encountered her at the checkout. She was always very gracious to them.

Once they got to their car and had put the groceries inside, our daughter’s husband left to take the cart back.

She noticed that this same woman came out and their cars were parked next to each other.

While her husband was gone, the woman came up to our daughter and told her that God wanted her to know that He loves her. He knows what she is doing and she is okay and on track. Then she told her that God is aware of their struggles and then gave her a hundred dollar gift card.

The she got in her car and drove away.

After our daughter told me this experience, I asked her if the woman was mortal or not.

“No, Dad,” she answered, “she wasn’t mortal.”

I told her it is pretty cool that Heaven would take the time to send a translated being to give her the message that God is aware of her and loves her. She agreed that, indeed, it was pretty cool.

Heaven just doesn’t do this kind of thing at the whim of an angel or really anyone.

If this kind of event happens, there is planning involved. It must be passed before the Council of the Gods of Light and approved. Of course, our Father and Mother would know about it, as would the Savior. All of which would put their stamp of approval on such an experience.

She, the immortal, would have to lower her frequency to become mortal so we not so sighted mortals could see her. She had to choose the age she will appear as, and take care of many other things before she accomplished her assignment.

How cool, Heaven does notice us. Sometimes enough that when life gets tough, they will stop by and say hello, that God loves you and give you something.

It is my witness that God and Heaven does notice us and our trials. I would dare to say that many of you six readers have had similar experiences from heaven. Many probably didn’t know it.

As I think about our sighted daughter and how life has changed for her with a husband and three children, I wonder if she misses being in the middle of His work? Her work for the time being is her family, which as you women understand, is more than a full time job. I do believe it was nice for her to know she is where she should be at this time. Even nicer to receive a witness from Heaven.

Have a great week rest of the week.