“Mamma Bear”

I had a visit to the most amazing chiropractor yesterday. He has attended some of our seminars and workshops, so he is familiar with our “goofiness.” Wow, what a good man, what a great chiropractor. Why? Because he listens to the Spirit. I won’t tell you his name here because his peers, and probably his licensing board wouldn’t like the fact that he is in tune with the Lord Jesus Christ. I suppose that wasn’t taught in chiropractic school. My back was out from top to bottom. After he was done with me, he said that like what we have written about here about when people have spiritual things removed and done to them, sometimes they will experience pain. He warned me that I would be in physical pain and to take care of myself. He was quite right about that one. Boy, those cold packs feel real good. I’m tired, but feel better for the experience and having my back straightened, toned, and adjusted in a way I have only experienced once before. He also did some other kinds of clearing on me, all of which have made me very tired.

In the last post titled, “This recovery hurts so bad it could kill me!” we talked about this very thing and shared the experience a gifted woman that had come here for a clearing and what happened to her on the way home. She cracked me up with her story.

We have experienced this on many occasions, as I feel most that do energy clearings have. I have learned to have a box of tissues handy when we do generational healings. Emotions will come up and clear quite often. What a great thing. Changes happen in the soul of the person, real changes made because of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let me share more of what our gifted friend has experienced in her own psyche or self since we wrote about her in that last post.

“Anyway, I’m writing to give you an update on a partial clearing. (40% of what was on her was removed.) I dunno if it’s different for ‘gifted’ people? BECAUSE….I’m a bit of a whack job!!!…..

In everyday living I’ve experienced love for my children… the compassion, sensitive, patient, educational kind, as opposed to my ‘mamma bear’ kind before.”

Let me interrupt her story to express here the importance of what she is saying! She went from a “mamma bear” love for her children to expressing her love with compassion, sensitivity, and patience. I bet her children wondered for a moment or two who stole their mother and gave them this replacement. But then, what wonderment they must have felt with this kind of Christ like love being given to them.

If you remember in the last book the Lord Jesus Christ had us do we talked about a woman that had experienced similar things after having many dark evil entities removed from her. She is my friend and even to this day when I see her I have to resist hugging the stuffing out of her. I admire her so because she went through and still goes through so much. On page 231-231 “I See….Arise!” she explained how her life changed after a clearing at her home:

“Let me just say, on my first day of being able to choose to be ‘me’ again, that it’s so nice to be able to love my kids. To see them playing and not hate them. It’s nice to see their lego house on the counter and love what they have created instead of feeling like I want to ‘beat the crap out of them’ because they left it there. It’s new and nice to be able to touch my son without feeling like I have to smash through a concrete wall to even reach my hand out. It’s nice to be able to play with them and joke with them instead of fighting thoughts about how to get them away from me and force them to do this or that. It’s nice to have them hug me and me not cringe and try to hide that it’s causing me horrible pain to have them touch me. It’s nice to be able to say, ‘I love you,’ to my husband, or apologize to someone for something. It’s nice to be able to ‘reprimand’ my children calmly without any hint of anger or having to keep back awful impulses. Thank you Lord! (I don’t hate the dog anymore either.)

“Today when I woke up, I laid there for a long time while smiling and smiling and laughing—which I haven’t done in a super long time. Maybe years and years. I felt so much better and joy inside—much more light! I felt so happy inside that my face doesn’t even have the capacity to express it…and I’m pretty sure it looks really weird.”

Isn’t the Savior incredible with what He can do for us if we will repent and turn to Him, allowing Him to take our problems, pains, and demons away? Thereby allowing us to become a new person in Him.

This past Sunday we did a portalcism and clearing where a twenty-year-old young man told us these things may exist but they can’t exert any influence or power of us. He laughed and mocked us for quite a while. All the while he was full of evil entities and had a high level General on his back completely controlling him. We knew it wasn’t him laughing and mocking, it was what was on and in him. It took about 45 minutes of conversation with this young man before he gained enough strength and asked to have them removed. He was so full of entities it took Z’s guardian, mine and the Savior to remove them all. From Z:

“The instant the command the cords be cut whereby any and all evil was attached to **** was voiced, my guardian sliced through so fast I couldn’t even see it. He had the evil General sliced and diced so quickly all I saw was a blur of activity. My guardian was a tad angry and took it all out on the general’s body. Every last dark entity was removed from ****’s body including the tiny one that was trying to hide within the heart. There were quite a few implements that were, also, removed and destroyed. Our Lord and Savior, Yeshua the Christ, was there to assist with the rapid clearing and cleansing of the young man’s body from the intense evil. Although He did not touch the evil beings, He did flash into white dust the implements then promptly healed the wounds. Between the two guardians and our Lord and Savior, the work was done quite rapidly. When everything was complete it was observed **** was very tired and near exhaustion.”

As stated before, this work will tire out the physical body. Plus this young man’s mother reported that later he gave her a hug, something he just didn’t do.

Anyway, let’s get back to our first story and her comments:

“I don’t generally hate people anymore. That’s new. I have feelings of kindness but I’m not altogether familiar with what to do with them so I find myself staring at people instead as I draw a blank, wishing I knew what to say or do. Thank heavens I’m not awkward about it.

Being able to do cleaning or paperwork without feeling like a total failure is new. I definitely appreciate that one!

But when I do anything spiritual, like study the gospel or have ANY degree of a spiritual discussion, I have to work hard to decipher what’s normal, or good vs evil, and end up just shutting down and zoning out. I’d say it’s a nice vacation but it’s hardly luxurious.

It’s certainly difficult living in limbo.”

It is my belief we are seeing in these people a new woman or man being born as a child of Christ. It is important to get that which is evil off of us. Though I feel many are so integrated with the entities on them, they think that the hatred they feel, the intolerance, resentment, the impatience with others, and other negative feelings and emotions are just part of this life. Many are proud of their great wisdom and feel it is all justified, while not knowing their internal standards of good and evil, what is real and not, and how evil operates, have been skewed by those entities. Once that is cleared by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we can emerge as new beings, bathed in His light and goodness, becoming like Him in how we feel and treat others, and ourselves. It does require we change our old habits and create new ones. Suffering is also a requirement, as the Lord submitted and suffered to all things required by the Father. But hey, that is another story.

I hope as we work to become clear of evil, we all can experience this mighty change of heart. Can the process be painful? Absolutely. Is it worth the price? Yes, when done in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Take care all.