No Snidely Whiplash Here (“Curses foiled again”)

Is there a spiritual legal system in play here in mortality?

Of course there is. I remember the old Dracula movies showing how the vampire couldn’t enter a house unless the person in the house invited them in. In this case an invitation equaled death. But does this happen in “real life?” No, I’m not talking about vampires, I’m talking about an invitation to evil to enter into our life or our home—our physical bodies.

I know of a very good man with a huge heart of gold. I personally know him and he has blessed my life more than once. They made him a leader in his church where he was in charge of a group of men. One Sunday he stood up after the lesson and testified that the leader of his church is a true prophet and that everyone should follow him. If they trusted in this prophet and did what he said, they would all be fine.

In the past this man and I had many doctrinal discussions. He knew where I came from, where I stood. That is why I wondered why he ended up at my home later that day.

During our discussion that evening the subject of that day’s lesson came up and he asked me about it. Since the invitation was on the counter, I expressed my thoughts. I told him that he had testified falsely, that he had taught false doctrine. I told him the scriptures plainly teach us that to follow flesh or another man condemns us, makes us a candidate for the Telestial kingdom where the liars, thieves, murderers, whoremongers, and such will dwell. I was a little dismayed when he admitted that he knew he had taught false doctrine to this group of men.

Did you get that? He knew better. Did he, as an adult, fall to peer pressure? Has it come to that? We are now willing to condemn ourselves to a hell just to be like the others, or to promote what our “leaders” are spouting, false doctrine included? Have we heard it so much from the pulpit, in lessons and conference talks that we have now become a puppet, willing to stand up there and declare doctrine completely contrary to what our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us through His scriptures? But this is not what this post is about.

This blog is about getting a closer look at how hell afflicts us and what we might do to overcome or be prepared against it.

The burning question is did my friend open himself up to entities from the Adversary by his witnessing and declaration to follow flesh, all the while knowing it was wrong? If so, what then happened? And lastly, are we also susceptible to the same conditions?

It is a hard thing to answer these questions because of my respect and love for this man. His life has blessed mine immensely.

Nevertheless, the answer to the first question is an unequivocal yes. We have discussed Natural Law on this site more than once. If there is a blessing given, it is a result of obeying a commandment. If there is a cursing given, it is a result of disobedience. The minions of the Adversary are always on our doorstep waiting for an invitation to enter our mortal house. When the scriptures declare that we are cursed if we put our trust in the arm of flesh and we see something like this happening, we are being shown the law of cause and effect.

My friend started to get ill a while after this event. Now, several years later, there is so much wrong with him I wouldn’t dare try to explain it all here. If he gets through his surgeries he’s looking at months in a rehab facility and then more surgery after that.

Already knowing the answer, I still brought it up with Z. Let me paraphrase her response, “Yes. He knew what he said was wrong, but testified of it anyway. That allowed the minions of the Adversary to enter in.”

The answer to the second question: Since he had knowingly testified of flesh and following such, the entities came with curses to cause pain and suffering. This is the stage he is in now, extreme pain and suffering. I wish it was different.

In the past we have stated that our Lord Jesus Christ is not playing games in this mortality. What we think, say, and do has eternal consequences. There are many, I was going to say idiots, but we don’t use that language here, that blithely and ignorantly testify of the same thing every week in their church services. Are they also being cursed? If they knowingly do so, yes. But with God’s grace most have no idea what they are saying. Yes, they are damned in their progression, but not cursed in their ignorance.

Yes, we are susceptible to the same conditions. Though we might have a bigger issue, we took the pill that woke us up and now know better. Some of us look at those “ignorant fools” and mock them. Oops, consequences. We may not make this mistake, but how many of us, myself included, are doing things we know will bring negative “effects” or consequences into our lives?

You too, huh.