Part Timer

Are you a part timer?

I don’t remember who was asked this question, but it came out of Z’s mouth to a person we were chatting with. It was a very powerful question.

Z was asking the person if they were a part timer with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The other day a couple of men came over to chat and I asked one of them this same question. He had talked about becoming prepared for the eventualities of where our nation is headed. We had chatted about where to live, food, armament, and other resources that might be a necessity. That was when I realized there had been no mention of our Savior or any kind of Spiritual preparation from this man, so I asked him the question.

“Are you a part timer with the Lord Jesus Christ?”

“Yes,” he answered.

I recommended that he might want to consider becoming a “full-timer” with the Savior. He actually agreed that it was probably true.

We then chatted about how the Savior said we should be hot or cold, not lukewarm, or what Z called a “part timer.”

“I know thy works, that thou are neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” (Rev. 3:15-16)

This is a concept I have discussed with Z for a while now. As this world polarizes more and more, the two sides will grow further apart. One side is cold and the other side is hot. If a person is in the middle they would be considered to be “lukewarm” and the Lord Jesus Christ will spue them out of His mouth. Does this make sense?

It would look like this right now: ||

One side in cold and one side is hot. (One side in shadow, one side in light)







As we further polarize and the civil war we are in increases, it will start to look like this: | |






Both sides will continue to slide further apart and the gulf between them will become much greater: | |

Original size of a few inches wide fissure before becoming mile + wide huge gulf. Center sections are always destroyed, long before the main sides are.





At this point it will be impossible to go from one side to the other. One side will be evil and of Satan. Their hatred and anger will be incomprehensible to those on the other side. If you think it’s bad now, just wait. That other side will be righteous and of the Lord Jesus Christ. He wants us to be cold or hot, there will be NO middle ground. It is time to choose sides. When you know what hits the fan, it might be too late to make a choice at that point simply because we are a part timer with Him. Will He know us? Will we know Him? Do we really or is it just lip service we give to Him. Are we pretenders, attending a church or fellowship once a week or twice a month thinking that makes us part of Him? Are we part of the “in” group and saved? Do we think our group has the “keys” or we follow a man with “keys?” Will that group or that man get you into Zion? And I don’t mean the National Park.

Even in nature, the middle ground always collapses long before the firm sides do. Satan knows his own, Christ knows His own. Those in the middle? Neither side will protect. Natural law will destroy that which could not (couldn’t make up their mind) nor will not (refused to make up their mind) adhere to the firm sides.

What if it really is an individual thing between us and the Savior? Will we be able to tell him, “I didn’t know!”? Probably not. Will we be able to declare, “You didn’t tell us“? Probably not. We have been given plenty of scriptures, haven’t we? Do we sup from them? He has always sent prophets in the past to warn the people, hasn’t He? I mean He has sent some pretty weird dudes that have come in disguise, stand on walls, can’t get hit with arrows, hang around surrounded “as if by fire”, and so on. Does He send similar “strange dudes and dudettes” here today?

Are we going to tell Him, “What was that about? Sending a guy that wears cargo pants, tennis shoes, and plaid shirts? He didn’t fit the part!”

“I want my profits to look like a businessman or like he just came out of GQ magazine. (No, that was not a typo.) That cargo pants guy looks pasty white to me, where’s his tan?”

“And what about that woman. Yes Lord, a woman!!! Pleeaase. She can be mean and blunt and sometimes she doesn’t say nice things to us! We’re not sure about her fruits……you know, surely You wouldn’t be that blunt Lord, would You?”

Don’t you just miss the good old days when the Savior had less “quirky” prophets? Though running around naked for three years like Isaiah might make for some interesting online chatter. I’m pretty sure they ripped him apart back then for doing the Lord’s work naked. “Surely God wouldn’t do that!”

“Please, Br. Isaiah, don’t stand up.”

I will guarantee you one thing. People like Isaiah, the “Woman”, and “pasty white guy” were not and are not part timers with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Are you? And if so, how’s that going to work out for you?