Party anyone?

How were the Holidays for you seven? I hope all of it found you well.

Did you attend a Christmas party? Was it with your family, friends, your church or your company/business? Were you required to attend more than one of these events? My condolences.

Please recognize this comes from a partial empath that prefers to stay home and avoid all crowds and gatherings.

Some of us that attempt to do His work decided to have a get together, enjoy food, each other’s company, and sing Christmas hymns to celebrate His birth.

It was a wonderful time, until it wasn’t.

The interesting thing is I don’t believe many of us knew it wasn’t or that it had turned.

Turned to what and why you ask?

In attendance were some dozen or more children. After eating they decided to play games. One ended up being what they called, “Duck, duck, goose.” This involved some running around and between tables where the adults were in conversation. Also some of the stories at the various tables turned worldly it seems.

A while into this my sighted friend came over to where I was seated and said that the shields in the room were coming down and that dark entities had already entered on account of the light mindedness of the children and adults. The adults were not controlling their children’s behavior and it had gotten noisy and kind of out of hand. I know it sure echoed in the facility we’d rented.

I guess you could say we forgot the real reason we were there. We asked that it stop and soon we were singing Christmas hymns and enjoying the talents of the children and adults.

You already know my question. What happened spiritually?

When the “world” entered the event the shields started to fail. As Christ was forgotten in the stories of the adults and children playing, the Warrior guardians were released from their assignments of guarding the room and people. They then gathered around my sighted friend. She turned and saw a red-eyed demons standing near her that had come through the failing shields. That is when she was told to come and let me know what was happening.

Wow, who knew? Is sure is hard to get Babylon out of us some days. Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to have “fun” and enjoy ourselves. Only this was an event designed to celebrate our Savior and His birth.

Lesson learned.

The singing and sharing of talents was beyond incredible. There were some extremely talented people there.

How many of us attended similar parties? Or parties where the booze flowed freely along with worldly stories and jokes? You do know that liquor is called “spirits” for a reason, don’t you. That is what is in and on it and goes into you when you drink it – dark spirits. Funny, I don’t think you could get spirits of light to enter into beer and such. The thought of that is just absurd. Too low of a vibration in those drinks anyway. That is one reason evil spirits are attracted to it. Well that, and an easy entry way into your mortal body.

Isn’t it nice we can now get all of this Christ stuff behind us and get back to enjoying Babylon? Is that what some people are thinking? Well, as much Christ stuff as there actually is in the season anyway. I know that many places like schools, local governments and such have taken down their Nativity scenes because the Adversary and his people are “offended.” Don’t worry, in the coming years they won’t be offended as they come for you with what they have in mind for actual Christians.

Hey, someone shared a movie with us. It is called a “Christmas Jar.” It is on BYU TV. Pretty good stuff, well worth your time. And I thought that BYU TV was only good to watch BYU lose football games. My bad as they say. Whatever that means.

I sincerely hope you found time to reflect on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this Christmas season. Some claim He is the reason for the season then some of us get all messed up with parties, the red-suited guy, sugar, and so much more that is just a distraction from Him. I know I have been guilty of this.

Take care and see you next year.