Psychic Detective Pendulum Workshop

There are 15 seats left for our workshop.

We will be doing a workshop on Saturday, November 3 in the SLC area.  There are 15 seats left for this workshop.  Please do not email your confirmation back to us unless you know you will be going.

I’m very excited for this particular workshop.  We have invited a man that does Psychic Detective work using a pendulum.  His name is Dan Baldwin.  He has helped many law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and many local ones.  He has also helped agencies in many other countries.  Dan has been on national radio talking about his work. He is also an author.  It is all good and well to hear and read what someone does, it is totally different being able to see, do it, and to be able to ask questions. That is why we invited him to come and do a workshop.

Having done psychic detective work for over twenty years, he is well qualified to teach us how to use a pendulum to get answers.  He will only teach about psychic detective work, but the principles can be applied to many other areas of inquiry.  For example, I used my pendulum to find a really bad stink in our garage that we just couldn’t seem to locate.  I’ve used it for second witnessing revelations I’ve received from prayer.  There are many examples where this “tool” can be used.

I know of people that have their spouse hide something in the home and they used their pendulum to find it.  Of course this is done for practice.

Pendulums can be used to determine where portals are located and how strong they are.

We have written about Denise’s medical doctor having me use one on my mother’s leg and how the pain went away.

You will leave this workshop knowing how to use the pendulum as a tool for many things.  You will also know when to not use it, how to prepared yourself for its use, etc.

The workshop will start at 8:30 AM and go until about 4 PM.

You will need to bring a pendulum and note taking material.

As stated above there are 15 seats left for this workshop. You must be registered to attend.