Pure “Sno-incidence”

It is Sunday morning and I went outside about 7 AM to shovel four plus inches of snow that had fallen overnight. As I was shoveling that beautiful white “stuff” I couldn’t help but smile.

You see, Friday evening I watched the weather forecast on the internet of a local SLC based TV station where the weather guy puts on his white coat when snow is predicted, oops, I mean forecast. During the day he had been saying to expect 8 to 10 inches by Saturday morning. That didn’t sit well with me since I knew several of us had a 2 ½ hour drive on Saturday morning to do a portalcism and another 2 ½ hours back home. Then I realized that Z was coming, so I then wondered what would happen. Well, actually “not”, I knew what would happen.

It was hilarious when Mr. Snowbank, the weather forecaster, showed his new radar map Friday evening. It seems that the storm had gotten to Salt Lake City’s doorstep and then stopped. He got a real look of amazement as he then put the radar into motion and it showed the storm literally backing up to above the Ogden area. Yes, I did laugh at him. My, how does a storm “back up” like that? I wonder if Mr. Snowbank was also curious how it also stops there for a full day.

Z showed up the next morning at 8 AM to blue skies. “Nice weather,” I told her. She just looked away, but I could see the grin.

Then I mentioned the storm must have had help and wondered out loud if it would suddenly be let loose after we were done.

We finished about 3 PM and headed to the car to drive home. “We’d better book it,” I said, “the storm has been released.”

“Yes it has,” Z confirmed.

I also knew that it would be gone by Sunday afternoon. You see, we have some family and friends coming over and I knew that would be taken care of as well.

As I look outside at a partially blue sky, it is being confirmed.

Of course, it is all just a big “sno-incidence”, I mean coincidence.

Isn’t it.

Because, we surely can’t influence, change, or alter weather…….can we?