Required Sacrifice

Not one of the seven readers answered the question asked in a previous post if “truth is being negative.” Bummer.

The good news is there is no longer just five of you. Two more have come on board for the ride.

Let’s get on to business.

We did four clearings last night and had a “different” experience that we’ve only had a few times before.

While clearing the last person my sighted friend’s nose started to bleed. We made sure she got some tissue to take care of the problem and continued on with the clearing.

We saw a really nasty entity in the last person being cleared. I felt it was quite evil and powerful. My sighted friend confirmed it was there, was quite evil and of a high level.

The Lord Jesus Christ was asked to remove it from the person and give it to our Warrior guardians to take care of and dispatch. This was done.

While they are “taking care of” the entity it is fun to watch my sighted friend’s expressions. She sees what they are doing to the entities and her face can be quite expressive. She did confirm that this one was really nasty, evil, and of a high level.

After we ended the clearings I asked my sighted friend if her nose bleed had been a “required sacrifice” for the clearing to be efficacious, meaning to get rid of the really nasty entity.

“Yes,” she answered.

With the clearings over, all of us went to our homes. I was glad for our Lord Jesus Christ’s love and grace in clearing these four people of what was attached to and also in them.

I was up early this morning thinking of what had happened last night. The main question that entered my mind was why a blood sacrifice had been required to get rid of that entity? Later in the morning I called my sighted friend to see what the reason was.

My sighted friend told me it was required because proper preparation for the clearings had not been able to happen. What in the world was she talking about?

We had a get together and three of the four asked for a clearing on the spot. We didn’t know they wanted or needed it. The fourth had come prepared, meaning he had fasted for a day. I had three men help me with the clearings, one being the man that had been fasting for his own clearing. None of the rest of us that had laid hands on their heads had been fasting, so the required sacrifice had not happened.

That is why my sighted friend’s nose had bled.

Yes, there are times when a blood sacrifice is required. Though it is not with an animal like in ancient times. I have a friend that bled for forty days in order to have a really nasty family curse removed. Yes, he suffered much, but the curse was ended. I was asked to do something by the Savior and at the end I had my finger crushed and it bled a lot. That was because He made a covenant with me and He wanted it sealed with my blood.

Does God really do and require these things? I had no idea until I experienced them. So when my sighted friend said that had been a requirement to get rid of this high level, nasty entity, I felt the Spirit confirm the truthfulness of what had been declared. She had arrive fasting, but that was not enough to get rid of this high level entity.

I think I will always make it a matter of fasting for all future clearings. We usually fast before, but this one was a spur of the moment event. It might be important for the person being cleared to arrive in a fasting mode as well, if able.

Sacrifice is a true principle and is from the One who gave the ultimate sacrifice for each of us – the Atonement and His life.

When we do our “small” sacrifices, small compared to what He suffered, it satisfies the requirement of sacrifice. It allows us to feel and understand on a much smaller scale what He does.

There seems to be so much more to this life on a spiritual level than we have understood in the past.

On both the Light and dark side of things. I mean who knew evil is building a dark dome over Salt Lake and Utah County?

Exploring them on this blog has been fun and inspiring for me. I am grateful to Him, my Lord and Savior for His kindness towards me, and His unlimited patience in helping me understand things of a spiritual nature.

All honor, praise and glory be given to Him and our Parents.