Spirituality has nothing to do with frequency.

We increase our spirituality by doing things that are spiritual like studying the scriptures is one example or fasting. I didn’t say “reading” the scriptures, I said studying them. There is a difference.

When our mind and heart connect, become one, or coherent, then we are able to connect to the mind of God or the Fathers, and can then be taught. This is spirituality. It’s not about frequency, it’s about a connection with the Gods of Light, our Parents, our Savior Jesus the Christ and whomever else of Light the Savior sends to teach us.

In the third Lecture on Faith it talks about coming to know that “He actually exists.” We must become acquainted with the “correct idea of his character, perfections, and attributes.” And lastly, we must have “an actual knowledge that the course of life which he (or she) is pursuing is according to His will.” Do you not think it is hard to “connect” with someone unless you know them; I mean really know them? This is not frequency, this is bringing hour mind and heart together and then connecting to Them, the Fathers and Mothers. By doing so we come to know They exist, can learn of Their character, perfections, attributes and come to know we are doing Their will, not our own. They can teach us about Themselves, about the heavens, and about the glorious things of eternal beauty. This is spirituality.

We can use the elevator analogy if you choose. Pray to the Gods of Light to learn about the elevator. Have them teach you what materials it is made from? Where did they mine the ore and how did they turn it into metal to create the box? How is electricity created and harnessed? We can learn about the frequencies of light or electricity, how it travels through wires, and runs motors. How do the motors work? How do they turn oil into plastic and then make the plastic parts for the elevator?

We need to realize far more by looking to the Gods of Light to teach us. This is spirituality. We feel gratitude in our heart for being taught. When we develop gratitude, kindness and love from their teaching us, then we can share that with others and teach them.

Raising spiritually means our heart and mind are connected to the Gods of Light. It is from Them that we learn of their character, perfections, and attributes. This comes personally from them and also from a deep study of Their scriptures.

If our mind is turned to Satan, he’ll give to us. He can show us the fast track to gaining dark power and how we can use it for our own aggrandizement, after all it is about me, isn’t it? He is greedy. His followers are the same, doing “what they will”, it’s all about them, seeking their own pleasure and will. Their heart and mind are also connected, but are not connected to the will of the Gods of Light. There is nothing of spiritual light here. Do not be deceived and believe that the “power” shown to you is of light. The Gods of Light give profound peace and love.

In a privately published manuscript, when Satan came through a high level portal to imbue the evil mortal King of this realm, it was always about the “show.” Extreme power would be shown forth or exhibited using an extremely loud voice, along with a display of lights. Hey, it’s the visual effects! This is what Hollywood and others have copied and use to seduce those who are of a lower or darker spiritual nature and deceive all they can. After all, isn’t it about the big screen, lights, dark auditorium, hunky male lead, voluptuous female lead (though nowadays it’s about a kick-butt female lead) and heading off into a virtual world of make believe? Yes, evil can and will give you power. But when they come to collect, there is one hell of a price to pay—pun intended.

All of this would be of a dark spiritual nature.

Yes, we can use frequency to pierce the veil and get off on whatever floor we are able. But the act of getting there does not mean we will understand or encounter nothing but light Beings in that realm. It requires true spiritual light to be taught by the Gods of Light.

We can raise our frequency, be of a dark heart or intent and receive the most incredible and amazing experiences.

Yes, we can raise our frequency, be deceived and have the most incredible experiences with evil imaginable. In the above referenced manuscript, that mortal being was considered to be a god because of all the abilities his evil god endowed him with. He had raised his frequency to a very high level and connected himself with Satan and his hosts. If we are not careful, we will do the same. If we are not very careful, we will do the same and not even be aware of it, thinking all along we are of Light and are doing the Savior’s work. This is one of the highest desires of Satan, to make us think we are doing the Savior’s work, while all the time we are in his employ and are not aware of it.

Spirituality – connecting our heart and mind together and then connecting to the God’s of Light to be taught.

Pretty simple? Maybe, but it sure takes a lot of work and discernment.