In our books we have mentioned SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and that it is real and is very wide spread. In the last post several of the satanic holy days were mentioned.

Do you know that in Britain a MP (Member of Parliament) decades ago brought this subject up and was mocked and hissed at by his fellow MPs? One of them, Geoffrey Dickens, was one of the first MPs to openly discuss SRA in the House of Commons in the 1980’s. No other MP has done much to expose it. He died in the 1990’s. His dossier that named those involved, even MPs, went missing. Imagine that. It has been alleged that many in positions of authority are involved and they suppress any evidence and actually have those that try to report or expose it harassed by the police. MPs were intimidated by other MPs to not expose MPs involvement in SRA. Check it out.

Let’s jump over the pond to Utah. In July 1990, LDS church leader Elder Glenn L. Pace’s memorandum surfaced where he had interviewed some 60 victims of SRA and said it went all the way up to the Tabernacle Choir. (I didn’t know the choir was a high position.) The State of Utah then conducted a 30 month investigation and found zero evidence. Is that like asking the MPs to check it out?

Below are some of the people we have met the first few years after publishing our first book, My Peace I Give Unto You back in 2001:

The first one we called “Boise Boy” because that is where he was from. He described the horrible things his grandma and step-grandpa did to him. This was our first exposure to SRA. He was quite messed up mentally and emotionally.

We have written about the woman whose mother would call her on the phone and say a “trigger” phrase. She would then find herself on an airplane flying back east for more SRA programming. She said she could never forgive her mother for the horrible things done to her and her children. She weighed less than 100 pounds. The trigger phrase was “How is your weight?” Pretty interesting.

A woman lived in a SE town in Idaho. She described SRA done to her by her family. She was pretty messed up over it.

There are others. The most intense one was when we moved to where we now live. Someone called and gave me the number of a woman that had been in training to become a high priestess in a SRA cult. When she turned 13 or so and was able to bear children she became a breeder. A breeder is a young women they get pregnant and then deliver the baby at about 8 months and use it for satanic sacrifice. At sixteen-years-of-age she they delivered another one of her babies and made her sacrifice it and other things I won’t mention. After she got into her twenties she told her mother she was going to leave the cult. Her mother said they would kill her. She told them that would be okay, she deserved it because of all the horrible things she had done.

She told me about their satanic temple up near Heber City and all that went on there. Yes it is more depraved than you can possibly imagine. It was extremely hard for her to describe these things. It took several long visits.

Several years ago I wrote about going to AZ to meet a family counselor that treats victims of SRA. His association told him to never consult with more than three of these victims at a time. If I remember right he told them he had about 12 at that point. I remember talking to several sighted people about it and they mentioned that some of it is done in the spirit while they sleep. Of course there is much also done in the flesh.

In the UK if you try to expose this you are harassed and ridiculed. In Utah, Elder Pace was sent away overseas by the LDS church for some ten years after his SRA research memo became public. I wonder if the LDS church breathed a sigh of relief when he passed away.

I met a woman that lived in Sandy. She wrote a book about her experiences being abused in SRA. There is another book called Paperdolls, Healing from Sexual Abuse in Mormon Neighborhoods that is pretty sad and just might hit close to home. A hard one to read is Hell Minus One, My Story of Deliverance From Satanic Ritual Abuse and My Journey to Freedom.

This last one is also from an LDS woman and is particularly amazing. Remember, the State of Utah investigated some sixty cases and found there was nothing there. From the back of her book cover:

“Detectives from the Utah Attorney General’s Office were astounded when Anne’s parent confessed their atrocities in detail.”

Oops. Maybe they should revisit those 60 cases. I wonder if Elder Pace’s notes have gone amissin’?

How come I know about a neighborhood in the south end of Salt Lake Valley that had a man and woman take Primary children home during the 2 hour Primary block and did rituals on them. Over ten children have come forward about it and all are quite messed up mentally and emotionally. Right there in a very well-to-do neighborhood, so well to do they live behind a gate. Nooo, you say. Not in that neighborhood. Guess that gate can’t keep Satan’s minions out. Since Primary will be reduced to 50 minutes the first of the year does that mean your children and grandchildren will be safe?

I’ve met a man from back in the Midwest that has fought this stuff for over 30 years. No Attorney General’s office will be able to tell him it doesn’t exist. He has come upon rituals in progress, helped save many victims. Want to know how bad this gets? I won’t tell you.

Just recently did you read about the 4 and 6 year old that bit a 2 year old some fifteen times all over her body? The 4 year old took a chunk out of the 2 year olds cheek. They said he stood there with a smile on his face with blood dribbling down his chin. Or the 11 and 12 year old girls they caught in their elementary schools bathroom with the knives, a goblet, and such. They were there to satanically kill some smaller children they could overpower and drink their blood. Where are these young children learning this stuff?

Why even mention these things? Hell is raging with blood and horror on us all. These things affect all of us. The fact many of us like to keep our heads in the sand and declare evil doesn’t exist on this level doesn’t make it so. It does and will continue to get worse. The main reason to bring it up is because we all need to wake up to what is around us, in our neighborhoods, churches, and schools.

Hey, I’m still looking for that Halloween candy…….